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  1. Jan 26, 2018
    The speed at which Railway Empire progresses is similar to that of 2003’s Sid Meier’s Railroads! and that moves it decidedly outside of the realm of rail transport simulation titles such as Transport Fever and Railroad Tycoon. I was a bit afraid at first that this would hamper my enjoyment but nothing could be further from the truth. It’s a tremendous amount of fun and sinking 80 hours into the game has left me far from bored. I keep going back for more and I find new strategies to up my game with every playthrough. For an action oriented rail game that was never meant to cater to my train tycoon simulator itch, that’s a deviously masterful trick.
  2. Jan 29, 2018
    Solid railway game in the style of Ascaron's economic simulations. Doesn't reinvent the wheel, but works well.
  3. LEVEL (Czech Republic)
    Apr 24, 2018
    Railway Empire follows the footsteps of Railroad Tycoon and also adds a new content with fresh new ideas –all packed in a comprehensible way and elegant style. [Issue#283]
  4. Jan 31, 2018
    With an incredibly eye for polish and simplification, Gaming Minds Studio has created a magnificently accessible game that unfortunately is not equally complex.
  5. Jan 26, 2018
    Railway Empire is not for every player because it doesn’t know how to introduce them to its complex mechanics but, despite that, it is an amazing strategic game that any fan of the genre will surely like.
  6. Jan 26, 2018
    An awesome way to enjoy the training infrastructure building, to learn how to expand an authentic industrial "empire" and also a good way to learn how the transporting world works. Long, deep and interesting for fans of management.
  7. Feb 7, 2018
    I probably enjoyed Railway Empire more than I should have. I liked laying down tracks and adding switches and figuring out how to move a multitude of trains around without them causing traffic jams and blockages. But the game is a little on the casual side to suit me completely, it only includes early trains in the United States, and it has enough interface and gameplay problems right now that I’m only giving it a minor recommendation. Railway Empire is best suited to people who like trains and simulations, or who played Railroad Tycoon back in the day and have been wishing for it to make a comeback.
  8. Feb 1, 2018
    Railway Empire is a strong but shallow entry into the railway management style of games that has gone long ignored. With a few slight downfalls, primarily as a result of the game only offering limited maps and time periods to operate in, it can go by a little too quick and become repetitive. However, the journey to get to that stage can be enthralling as it offers a high level of tactical thinking as you interlink your network of rails.
  9. Feb 9, 2018
    While the economy model is superficial at times it is a lot of fun to lay tracks, connect the cities and drive as a passenger. A solid logistics sim with model railroad appeal.
  10. Feb 8, 2018
    Railway Empire is a good combination of simulation and managerial that, unfortunately, falls on "important" aspects such as the ability to view the game data in the way most congenial to us.
  11. Apr 24, 2018
    An entertaining tycoon which has a trouble with the confused build-up and, above all, the confusing interface, which come up especially in later stages of the game. But its core is incredibly entertaining and carefully tuned.
  12. Feb 27, 2018
    The economy model in Railway Empire is so simple that it's practically impossible to ruin it. On the other hand, laying tracks and managing trains is the best part of the game.
  13. Feb 5, 2018
    The core of the game is sound, it just needs to be more upfront with the player about what it’s doing. It’s really frustrating for me because I keep booting it up and I keep playing it, but eventually tangled web of systems gets the better of me and I’ve got to close it in a rage. It pains me because with the easily identified issues to the interface this is a game which would comfortably clamber up to 8.5, perhaps even 9 out of 10. Who knows, a few patches down the line, maybe Railway Empire will get there. After all, no train arrives quite on time.
  14. Jan 28, 2018
    This is a very enjoyable and thorough train management simulator, but if you happen to be a Spanish-speaking player, keep in mind the translation is not the best, to the point of making some missions only beatable through trial and error.
  15. Jan 26, 2018
    Despite slightly unintuitive controls, Railway Empire offers just enough depth and detail to make it worth a play. We can't help wishing for a much more encompassing railway management sim though.
  16. Jan 26, 2018
    Railway Empire is a satisfying enough experience for any strategy fan with even the remotest interest in trains -- or train fans with a passing interest in strategy. It offers campaign and scenarios with tasks and objectives alongside a sandbox mode that allows one to build the network of their dreams, catering to most players. While the lack of a single level going from 1830 to 1930 might displease some, the end product is a capable and accessible title in a very scant genre, and Railway Empire comes off as a passionate -- if not exactly flawless -- title.
  17. Jan 26, 2018
    Railway Empire is a good management game, interesting, deep and complex. But it is clearly not for beginners despite its presence on PS4 and Xbox One. The tutorial is too frail and we often end up going around in circles before finding the solution which make a run extremely time-consuming and artificially long. Despite that, this title has many interesting game mechanics, in particular the economy system which is a perfect representation of modern capitalism and what the history of the American railway might have been.
  18. Jan 26, 2018
    The dynamic trading system provides variety and the handling is very comfortable.
  19. Game World Navigator Magazine
    Mar 20, 2018
    It feels like interface was developed by a saboteur, while another one was in charge of the tutorial: it barely covers the basics before dumping you right into a sink or swim situation. And even if you do manage to swim, you’ll face a myriad of annoyances. [Issue#227, p.50]
  20. Apr 7, 2018
    Despite its charms, Railway Empire jumps the tracks with its dull tech trees, dated looks, and hobbled competitive modes.
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  1. Railway Empire should be so much better. There are some extra track types and junctions that I’d like to see, but it’s still one of the best when it comes to the actual creation of a railway line. And on the economic side of things, it boasts a huge list of resources and manufactured items, reactive cities that change their needs as they grow and buy goods. And, of course, there’s the stock market shadiness. On paper it’s my dream railway sim. The reality is considerably more disappointing.
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Mixed or average reviews- based on 34 Ratings

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  2. Negative: 8 out of 34
  1. Jan 27, 2018
    It's a dumbed down version of railroad tycoon 2 with better graphics. The maps are small and progression limited. Fun to play for a coupleIt's a dumbed down version of railroad tycoon 2 with better graphics. The maps are small and progression limited. Fun to play for a couple hours but certainly not worth the asking price. Grab it on steam sale for 10 bucks, never pay more. Full Review »
  2. Jan 27, 2018
    The game is a good game in terms of time that can be wasted playing it. It has many endearing features that you might enjoy, but in the sameThe game is a good game in terms of time that can be wasted playing it. It has many endearing features that you might enjoy, but in the same respect some you may feel lack polish.


    Good track laying system
    Reasonably well polished UI
    Decent difficulty level build from one scenario to the next
    Many scenarios
    Many game modes
    Simple tracks laying for beginners
    Complex track system for the more capable
    Many pre scenario configurations to increase replayability
    Hopefully a Good workshop support ethic (expected first day)
    Lots of maps with some unique challenges
    Weather that affects trains :)
    Good challenging AI (when playing in simple track mode - Also a con)


    Poor UI for mangement of trains
    Poor demand information, can easily be mis-read
    Signalling can be very confusing to begin with
    Trains go to a specific platform
    Trains will not choose empty platforms, you must micro manage
    Trains will use shortest route, even if it's blocked
    Waypoint system, not very well explained or easy to use.
    No cross junctions - building bridges over your own track?
    AI uses simple track even when you choose complex
    Stock exchange is very limited in options
    Buying stock appears to be a huge money sink unless you buyout the competition (no dividends)
    Must use dirty tricks to restrict the AI from expanding way too quickly mid game.

    The game feels and looks really nice at first impressions. The UI looks welcoming and the options for starting scenarios etc are really clean and nice. The team behind the game have taken some advice and requests onboard for the game during the beta, like adding the option to choose a pause function before you start playing.

    The difficulty against the AI can however be a bit of a mixed bag. If you try the game using the simple track system you will find it easy and relatively fun to compete against the AI. The AI is quite adept at using this track mode and ultimately gives you the most balanced game play available in this title.


    If you choose to use the complex track system you will get the highest and frankly best sense of achievement once you have several trains all servicing a couple of cities and several resources. The signalling system once you have the hang of the nuances used within the game will be quite rewarding, although it doesn't jump straight out at you how to use it properly.

    The warehousing system which set this title apart from many others is a nice addition, although it does have the potential to increase your costs considerably. Especially as there is currently only one warehouse size available, which makes it not a viable option for areas with only 1 or 2 resources.

    A Typical Game on Complex track

    You spend a consideral sum of cash developing your stations, tracks which you will have several. Siding to allow your trains to pass eachother, with signalling that can be quite complex to get to work. Upgrades for workshops and water towers added to the track in strategic locations.

    You finally have 10 trains servicing 3 cities and 4 resources. It all running smoothly and you are making a good income. You decide to take a look at your company value and you are 3rd... you take a look at company in first place.

    The AI has 1 track servicing 5 cities and 7 resources, with 19 trains. these trains seem to plough on regardless and stack in stations till they empty and move on. They never seem to break down, they never stop for another train, they all use a single platform.

    BUT that's OK They had to spend more cash building their track, so it's fair. (sarcasm) Essentially the AI is set to cheat it's way through the game, unless you use under handed tactics you potentially will be bought out by them for no reason other than you cant compete with them after they get to a certain critical threshold of trains and stations. The only way to combat them is to gimp them using mechanics of the game. Placing 2 stations in every city instead of one large station. As any area you are able to build a station has a maximum allowance of 2 stations. Buy them out early on, and then play the rest of the game in peace, why bother starting the game with AI in the first place? Which brings us to the stock exchange, what is the point? buy the AI out straight away or dont bother, you can't protect your own interest in your own company. Investing capital in the opposition is like throwing money away, they don't pay dividends or interest, so until you complete the take over, its dead money. Once you do take the AI over, because they were using the simple track mode, their network is pretty much useless, and sometimes trying to follow what they had setup to make it complex compatible is so confusing, it's just easier to delete Con't Steam store page. Critic tries to troll me in comments for not giving a 90% like he did.
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  3. Jan 27, 2018
    Easy, too simplified, small maps, and.. just a big mess. nothing that you would expect from such a game, definitely not worth buying for 50 €.