Mixed or average reviews - based on 33 Critic Reviews

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 15 out of 33
  2. Negative: 4 out of 33
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  1. 100
    This game really shines with its environment models. Every part of the environment seems real, from the grass swaying in the breeze or the ripples on the water as you run through it.
  2. 100
    Easily the most gorgeous and immersive game in the genre. Huge cities, vibrant wildernesses, and highly detailed player character models help nail home the sheer Star-Warsiness of the game, while the Star Wars sound suite does its usual awesome job of grounding you in the world of the films.
  3. GameNow
    One of the great things about this MMORPG is that it's just massive. [Grade = A+]
  4. Game Informer
    The development team has put together a diamond in Galaxies that surpassed my lofty expectations. In short, even if this game had nothing to do with "Star Wars" whatsoever, it would still be amazing. [June 2003, p.115]
  5. A gem in the galaxy of MMORPGs. It has a way to go to work out the kinks, but this is a game with depth of play and will likely have staying power.
  6. Not only are bugs being fixed but extra creatures, vehicles, game play and locations are always being added. I will never have finished exploring the SWG worlds.
  7. It truly makes you feel like you are living in the world that you have come to know and love through the movies and books and that alone has been what makes this MMO stand out from others for me.
  8. Things have definitely moved along since launch... It's still quite a daunting place for a newbie though.
  9. This game has a lot of life in it and am excited to see it expand.
  10. 80
    Fantastic city architecture, lush outdoors environments and some terrifically unique character models make this one of the best-looking MMOs around.
  11. Cheat Code Central
    Skills are easy to pick up but very difficult to master. This frustration may lead a lot of players to just pick up their lasers and start blasting. At least it feels like your doing something. But it all gets incredibly repetitive if you don’t level-up.
  12. The possibilities are not countless but so numerous that I doubt that more than a handful of selected SWG players could really name them all. But this is at the same time the game’s weakest point – the diversity and depth of gameplay you have to master to make any real progress is breathtaking in the beginning and maybe even too much.
  13. PC Gamer
    Galaxies has a few annoying aspects that seem endemic to MMORPGs - with tedious cross-country treks and features that are broken upon initial release - but it still delivers a lot of varied and innovative gameplay. [Oct 2003, p.92]
  14. A short while after the game's release, there's a lot of breadth to Star Wars Galaxies, but there isn't a lot of depth.
  15. 75
    When it came time to score Galaxies, I initially thought of all the bugs and broken areas, the steep subscription fee and poor customer service, the often slow-paced gameplay and as-yet unrealized potential of the game. And yet, even with all these drawbacks, I find myself hooked -- there's fun to be had, if you're willing to dig through the frustrations.
  16. Great graphics and sound. Almost all classes and professions are interesting to play... In all, I have been pleasantly surprised at how enjoyable Star Wars Galaxies is.
  17. Star Wars Galaxies could be a great MMORPG in time, as it has some excellent potential and a solid technology base. But if you want a balanced combination of exciting combat, quick progress, and fun PvP, and you want it right now, then SWG is not the game for you.
  18. 70
    Personally I've had a lot of fun in the game, and I don't want to be starting from scratch when the game is rocking. But that, my friends, is truly up to you. May the Force be with your decision.
  19. GMR Magazine
    The whole game is a bit too complex for its own good - the skill system itself might put off those who have never played an MMORPG. [Oct 2003, p.71]
  20. Sony has done a great job of holding new players by the hand and introducing Star Wars Galaxies in a way that makes you feel part of the action - much more so than before.
  21. Stormtroopers shouldn’t be easier to kill than llamas, and Rodians shouldn’t wear hotpants and start dancing in campsites.
  22. Play Magazine
    While the social aspect is very interesting in Galaxies, the combat is relatively boring and uninspiring. If I have to shoot one more hopping rodent (to gain experience) I'm going to scream! [Sept 2003, p.85]
  23. Though Star Wars Galaxies does have the potential of becoming a better MMORPG, the current version of the game is dull and lacks in quality.
  24. The current lack of content, unbalanced professions and broken quests and missions still in the game will drive you away if you do not have the patience to wait for the next 2 or 3 months of major updates.
  25. The game has gotten a lot better since its initial release, enough to warrant that early players who left in anger should check back in to see the new game. But new players be forewarned - this game is really tough to understand if you've had little experience with real RPG's.
  26. Star Wars Galaxies just doesn't offer anything new to the MMORPG genre and it never really feels much like Star Wars. Watch a group of brawlers running around hitting creatures with axes and sticks and you might never even guess it's a Star Wars game at all, unless you notice that one of them is a Wookiee.
  27. Computer Games Magazine
    This game might be the foundation of a large scale, ultimately satisfying Star Wars universe. But it's not that universe yet. [Oct 2003, p.82]
  28. Edge Magazine
    Star Wars: Galaxies does not offer fans of the franchise any heroics. There is nothing dramatic or cinematic about the MMRPG game model as defined by Everquest, and Galaxies does very little to break that mould. [Oct 2003, p.100]
  29. Yet the experience, for all its addictive qualities, still feels lacking due to its slow pace and the absence of vehicles and space travel.
  30. netjak
    A guy can only sample for minerals, craft Mighty Rods of Fishing + 1, and shoot the same crap for so long before they realize that it's just freaking boring.
  31. 40
    Combat looks patently ridiculous. How many shots from a blaster does it take to kill a fluffy space bunny, anyway?
  32. 40
    Its Star Wars atmosphere is minimal, and its advancement is riddled with repetitive, boring, time-consuming experience-grind busywork... As it stands, Galaxies is little more than a buggy, incomplete time sink.
  33. Computer Gaming World
    What stinks more than anything is SOE's treatment of the game's devoted fans, who find themselves spurned by the developer's hope that a dumbed-down gaming experience will appeal to a wider audience. [Feb 2006, p.76]
User Score

Mixed or average reviews- based on 105 Ratings

User score distribution:
  1. Positive: 50 out of 105
  2. Negative: 41 out of 105
  1. Dec 20, 2011
    Consider this a eulogy, and a rating of the final product. What a skeleton team of developers did with rebuilding what was honestly a brokenConsider this a eulogy, and a rating of the final product. What a skeleton team of developers did with rebuilding what was honestly a broken and horribly mismanaged product was nothing short of amazing. If you were too busy spending the past six years being upset about the NGE, you really, Really missed out on a lot.

    While it was never a perfect game, at the end it very nearly realized its own endless potential. Unfortunately money and mediocrity won out in the end, and as the unwashed masses head off to play the new "WoW with lightsabers", the rest of us lose another little piece of what used to be good about online gaming.
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  2. J
    May 9, 2005
    Define the word horrible and then use this game as an example. Star Wars galaxies has to be one of the worst user-friendly systems. I had to Define the word horrible and then use this game as an example. Star Wars galaxies has to be one of the worst user-friendly systems. I had to google everything that didnt come naturally. Like because yu cant click on a unit to attack it. I really believe that a 2 1/2 meter wookie can kill a butterfly, if only mine hadnt been killed. It was a very strange and unappealing game. After 5 hours of trying to understand, I took the CD and broke it in half cause I couldnt return it to the store. This game would need a total overhaul before I attempt it again. Full Review »
  3. Zach
    Aug 8, 2005
    I vote zero only because I never got to play this game so I will base my opinion on their CRAPPYservice! I am 12 yrs old and used my B-dayI vote zero only because I never got to play this game so I will base my opinion on their CRAPPYservice! I am 12 yrs old and used my B-day money to purchase this game. I payed 42.00 for this game and 13.00 of this was for 2nd day shipping. I recieved an e-mail a week later saying they "were now shipping it out" then waited another week to finally get it in the mail. Then the added punishment was that I was heart broken to find out i had to cough up more money just to play it! My dad re-imburse me the money and said the company was only good for a adolecent learning experience about " life and the rotten world of scum that is out there, so you see son your money was not wasted. Look at it as a 2week course in the reality of life with con artists and scum thats out there". Full Review »