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  1. LEVEL (Czech Republic)
    Jan 4, 2016
    Great add-on brings a fantastic campaign, has the courage to conclude a very long story and bring many new features in multiplayer. [Issue #259]
  2. Nov 16, 2015
    Blizzard has created one of the best space-operas and one of the best strategy games we've ever played. Great story, great gameplay and great production values make it the perfect closure for Starcraft II.
  3. Dec 11, 2015
    Finally, Blizzard delivers a story that reminds us of the good old times, full of intrigue, pain and intergalactic conflict, wrapped up in Starcraft’s greatest gameplay iteration to date.
  4. Nov 20, 2015
    Legacy of the Void is a grandiose Space Opera of the highest order, a stunning conclusion to not only StarCraft II but the entire StarCraft epic that began a decade and a half ago. That’s only part of the story though: Blizzard has also managed to embrace new players with a more forgiving entry point, while also providing more depth and increased skill ceiling for the long time devotee. That might be the real legacy of this game.
  5. Nov 17, 2015
    Superb strategy game, the best Starcraft ever created from Blizzard. Sound, Graphics and a intense history are the main features of this epic game. Is the best ending for Blizzard´s trilogy.
  6. Nov 12, 2015
    Legacy of the Void is an extraordinary finale for the Starcraft II trilogy. The best Starcraft II episode yet.
  7. Jan 26, 2016
    Overall, I can easily recommend Legacy of the Void to any current StarCraft II player, and if you're new to StarCraft II then now is the perfect time to jump in and experience the full story arc. Blizzard has once again managed to add to an already great existing game, making it better and more complete without breaking anything that made the game great in the first place.
  8. Legacy of the Void offers impressive storytelling with memorable music. Every story has to end like Legacy of the Void. En Taro Raynor! En Taro Kerrigan! En Taro Artanis!
  9. Nov 19, 2015
    Its mere existence proves that the RTS genre, despite the flood of MOBAs in recent years, is very much alive and well. It’s clear that Blizzard have poured every resource at their disposal into making the definitive StarCraft II experience. The result is something truly special. Legacy of the Void should not be missed.
  10. Nov 18, 2015
    StarCraft II: Legacy of the Void is a fitting conclusion to the story that began sixteen years ago. It lays a solid foundation for multiplayer which we expect to be tweaked and balanced for years to come. It offers multiple ways for new players to learn in a less intimidating environment, and the emphasis on micro-managing individual units keeps experienced players on their toes. Whether or not this is truly the end for the series, StarCraft II doesn’t leave you wondering what could have been, but establishes a legacy that will be worthy of honor for years to come.
  11. Nov 18, 2015
    An incredible conclusion to the Starcraft II saga: the new coop works great, and the game has equal appeal for veterans and newcomers alike. If you're even slightly into RTS, this is one you shouldn't really miss.
  12. Nov 17, 2015
    StarCraft II: Legacy of the Void is the epic conclusion to the Blizzard trilogy. This release represents a captivating breath of fresh air for a new generation. Legacy of the Void is the best in the series, with strong storytelling and deep mechanics challenging enough for rookies and experts in the genre.
  13. Nov 17, 2015
    Legacy of the Void is the epic conclusion of StarCraft II as well as the best episode of the trilogy. The perfect mix between deep gameplay and new level mechanics makes the campaign very engaging both for new and veteran players. Moreover, in addition to PvP there are some great new multiplayer modes like the coop campaign and the Archon Mode, which can be very useful to improve skills and to get ready for ladder matches.
  14. Nov 16, 2015
    A brilliant strategy game that manages to be both broad and deep, challenging and accessible.
  15. Dec 8, 2015
    An epic saga has come to the end it deserves. A satisfying and challenging campaign with great storytelling, fresh multiplayer experience with new units and balance changes, and two new game modes. There is enough fun content here to keep RTS fans occupied for a long, long time.
  16. Dec 7, 2015
    The epic conclusion of StarCraft II is a must have game for fans of this diverse and entertaining RTS.
  17. Dec 3, 2015
    Legacy of the Void improves and innovates every part of the game within its boundaries. It is not a revolution that would bring a mass of new players to the StarCraft, but in the same time it offers exactly or even slightly more than the fans expected. Especially for them the last chapter of the series is an absolute must-have.
  18. Dec 2, 2015
    Although its characters aren’t as compelling as Jim Raynor or Tricia Helfer’s Queen of Blades, the story is no less incredible and the gameplay is as fun and rewarding as ever. Legacy of the Void is a fitting end to the Starcraft II trilogy and proves that splitting it into three games was definitely the correct decision.
  19. Dec 1, 2015
    Starcraft II shows that even in the modern era there’s still a place for an isometric RTS.
  20. Nov 25, 2015
    Legacy of the Void has been a long time coming - so long that in some ways it feels like a bit of a throwback. But Blizzard has packed plenty of value into their final expansion, piling co-op missions on top of their solo campaign while tinkering with the multiplayer's pacing and mechanics. The story is ultimately disappointing, but on a mission-to-mission basis, StarCraft II represents the apex of old-school real-time strategy design.
  21. 90
    There's really something for everyone in this title regardless of your experience in RTS games, with a great story, heaps of different ways to experience the game's content for all skill levels and for those who want to be the very best, there's a gauntlet of tough opponents just waiting for you.
  22. Nov 23, 2015
    It’s a damn good real-time strategy game and a damn good StarCraft game.
  23. Nov 18, 2015
    Archon and co-op modes provide a stair step for new players and veterans alike to rejoin the multiplayer ranks, whereas the incredibly strong single player ties up the story arc nicely. While most sequels don’t feel the freedom to innovate, Blizzard has done exactly that, making the venerable series feel fresh and new.
  24. Nov 18, 2015
    Plus, it’s still one of the most intricately designed, fast-paced, and skill-centric multiplayer games ever created. One that can be enjoyed by players of all skill level.
  25. Nov 17, 2015
    A worthy ending for a fantastic saga. Legacy of The Void is a good example of how a story should be ended.
  26. Nov 17, 2015
    A powerful standalone expansion that feels like a last hurrah for Blizzard's seminal RTS franchise.
  27. Nov 16, 2015
    An excellent conclusion to Blizzard’s trilogy. While one can get impatient with the familiar mission structure, it’s impossible to argue with the excellent faction balance and action.
  28. Nov 16, 2015
    The culmination of all the features that Legacy of the Void adds to the StarCraft II ecosystem is the most complete RTS package the world has ever seen.
  29. Nov 16, 2015
    With an amazing campaign, phenomenal multiplayer, numerous gameplay options, satisfying story, nigh-infinite unlockables, and tons of nooks and crannies to explore, Legacy of the Void stands as one of the proudest entries in the Starcraft legacy.
  30. Nov 16, 2015
    Starcraft II: Legacy of the Void concludes the story arc of this saga in an epic way. Great campaign missions with memorable story moments, the addition of two new co-op game modes and interesting new multiplayer units, makes this third installment a must have to every RTS fan.
  31. Nov 16, 2015
    A perfect finale for the Starcraft universe. Legacy of the Void incorporates the the multiplayer aspects very effectively and ends its campaign with awesome missions. The OST is the best of the three episodes.
  32. Nov 13, 2015
    “No compromises” is the road Blizzard has chosen. Legacy of the Void is not a simpler game than its predecessors, it’s just much faster, and even more skill oriented than it was before. When it comes to the RTS genre Blizzard is still the emperor, and this game demonstrates it once again with an amazing and bulky single-player campaign, a lot of great extra content, and some brilliant changes to the competitive multiplayer structure. It’s not easy playing Starcraft II, but it’s worth it.
  33. Nov 12, 2015
    If you're invested in StarCraft II's story already, you likely won't be disappointed by Legacy of the Void's tale. If you haven't played any form of StarCraft II yet and are intrigued by the prospect of another RTS, this is probably the strongest the game has ever been. It's a perfect time to jump in.
  34. Nov 12, 2015
    The single-player and multiplayer are marvelous and stay true to the gameplay features that make StarCraft 2 such a great RTS. A must have for any RTS player or PC gamer.
  35. Nov 11, 2015
    Starcraft: Legacy of the Void lets the curtain fall on a story that has kept millions of players on their toes for years. The single player campaign is well designed, full of videos worthy of the best CG movies and also features an excellent orchestral soundtrack. As for multiplayer, innovation and brave choices mark the path, but only time will tell weather or not they will have a positive impact on the community.
  36. Nov 11, 2015
    Legacy of the Void has one of the most emotive and well-run plots in Blizzard's history.
  37. Nov 20, 2015
    Legacy of the Void offers tons of StarCraft 2 fun for both casual and hardcore RTS players.
  38. Nov 16, 2015
    They saved the best for last. Legacy of the Void is a moment of glory for the RTS genre and a worthy conclusion to StarCraft 2. Where else can you still find lovingly made campaigns, fantastic presentation and ingenious multi-player in one single game?
  39. Dec 11, 2015
    While I’m still not entirely behind the idea of splitting Terran, Zerg and Protoss campaigns into three separate releases, I must admit that Legacy of the Void won me over. It has everything I expected it to have: addictive gameplay, solid plot, great characters, Blizzard’s trademark kick-ass cinematics, exciting campaign missions and a rich multiplayer package.
  40. Nov 22, 2015
    LotV provides a wonderful, well-designed package for a completely lackluster story (not even a slight comparison to SC:BW). However, the re-designed multiplayer is where the game really excels at, playing without competition (pun not intended) in the RTS field. Add the new, brilliant and fun co-op modes (Archon and Co-op missions) to the mixture and you have a title which will occupy you for a long time.
  41. Nov 20, 2015
    This is a worthy end to the StarCraft 2 trilogy and a prime example how to direct a captivating singleplayer campaign – an artform almost forgotten.
  42. Nov 17, 2015
    It’s just Starcraft, with some new additions here and there, but that’s all we were expecting, and it’s great.
  43. Nov 12, 2015
    Overall, it’s still an impressive experience with powerful protoss style and flavor, a handful of cool levels that play with the genre in unique ways, and a cache of fun multiplayer components come together to create a solid conclusion to one of the most iconic real-time strategy games of all time.
  44. Pelit (Finland)
    Jan 4, 2016
    Starcraft 2: Legacy of Void is a satisfying end to the trilogy. [Dec 2015]
  45. CD-Action
    Feb 4, 2016
    The StarCraft II finale offers a decent but not breathtaking campaign and some tweaks to the multiplayer which now promotes quick, aggressive expansion. [01/2016, p.66]
  46. Nov 24, 2015
    It isn't perfect, but StarCraft II: Legacy of the Void allows the series to end on a high note, offering a comprehensive experience which should make every type of RTS player happy.
  47. Nov 17, 2015
    And for anyone who’s only after the multiplayer, well, I could say anything I want up top, because all you need to hear is that it’s still StarCraft—but more.
  48. Nov 17, 2015
    Legacy of The Void is as good as Starcraft 2's previous expansions. If fans are going to buy it asap, we recommend that new players should wait for an edition that regroups the whole content in one box.
  49. Nov 16, 2015
    So, that mini-rant aside, Blizzard continues, as they did with Heart of the Swarm, to mix in little elements, throw a few curveballs into the old mission structures, add some new units, and the result, I’ll admit, almost against my better nature, I enjoyed playing it.
  50. Nov 10, 2015
    Starcraft II deserves its place as one of the most influential releases of the past five years, and this Protoss-focused chapter manages to deliver a fitting end to its core narrative while opening up the multiplayer in some interesting ways.
  51. Nov 11, 2015
    StarCraft II: Legacy of the Void is a very solid installment to the already critically-acclaimed series.
  52. Jan 29, 2016
    This generous package will sustain and deepen the competitive side, but Legacy Of The Void also does enough not to scare away the casuals once the closing credits role and multiplayer beckons.
  53. Dec 7, 2015
    Even though Legacy of the Void takes things a bit too far with uninteresting characters and a hint of fantasy, the campaign will still bring you hours of well thought-through missions with a great diversity and presentation.
  54. Nov 26, 2015
    The dull antagonist and the annoying protagonist do not help StarCraft 2: Legacy of the Voids story, but Blizzard does show that it knows strategy games. The campaign is diverse, the co-op is highly entertaining and the visuals and sound are terrific.
  55. Nov 25, 2015
    What looks like pure chaos and confusion from the outset, becomes something that feels great to play.
  56. Nov 20, 2015
    Legacy of the Void doesn't quite manage the brilliance of Wings of Liberty, but it's a worthy note to leave the franchise on.
  57. Nov 19, 2015
    It took patience to enjoy StarCraft II: Legacy of the Void, but we can say that Blizzard reconfirms that the RTS is its chosen field. The campaign is good and if you're not a PvP fan, the addition of a co-op mode is a good alternative. Regarding the online multiplayer, Blizzard brings many changes that will undoubtedly bring new strategies.
  58. Nov 15, 2015
    A solid end to StarCraft II’s five year journey, although beyond the co-op missions it offers no real clue as to the genre’s future.
  59. 80
    Legacy of the Void has something for everyone with changes to multiplayer that shake up the formula, cooperative play, and a satisfying conclusion on the story front.
  60. Nov 16, 2015
    If you want to take a fresh step into an RTS or a Starcraft game, you can add half a point to the score and this would be the perfect moment to get Legacy of the Void. But if you’ve played all the past parts, this feels more like a DLC with a disappointing story and a too-steep price.
  61. Dec 2, 2015
    Heroes of the StarCraft saga deserve a better finale than the one shown in Legacy of the Void. The story isn't very appealing but fortunately the gameplay is. The missions are diverse (though a bit too scripted), new game modes are interesting and the unbeatable multiplayer mode has become even more dynamic. It's all good but you'd want even more.
  62. Nov 30, 2015
    Legacy of the Void is hardly a milestone in the RTS genre, but it is a nice bookend to the trilogy. Blizzard has finally fulfilled its promise to StarCraft fans.
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  1. Dec 9, 2015
    As the conclusion to a more than 17-year-old saga, Legacy of the Void isn’t a great place for newcomers to jump in. For those who want to wrap up the story or see the pinnacle of the series’ multiplayer, this is probably your last best chance to jump on for a good, long time. Try it.
  2. It doesn’t have the cleanness or the slow-burn escalation of your old-school C&Cs or the first Warcrafts and StarCraft, so certainly don’t approach it as a return to the old ways, but if you want a giant sci-fi army bashing buildings and monsters to death while a crazy lightshow rages, Legacy of the Void is hard to argue with on that basis.
  3. Dec 8, 2015
    It closes the door on a story that started 17 years ago but opens new ones of its own with a multiplayer mode that has the promise to live on for years to come.
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  1. Nov 10, 2015
    The single player campaign is very good, lots of variety and how a mission is done. Blizzard is the grandmaster when it comes to how to makeThe single player campaign is very good, lots of variety and how a mission is done. Blizzard is the grandmaster when it comes to how to make single player RTS seem fresh and unique even though it is a RTS. Cinematics is top rate on their cut-scenes as well.

    But we know what is going to keep players playing this for a long time is the multiplayer and boy has blizzard revamped the multiplayer options like the new co-op missions, archon mod and the daily tournaments every 2 hours or so. I was very impressed they made it a point to update the multiplayer aspect of the game because it was getting stale by the end of Heart of the Storm. I give it a 10 because basically the culmination of years and years of testing that finally blizzard nailed it on the head the multiplayer aspect of game. The single player is worth the admission itself but the multiplayer is worth a lot more then what the price tag is because you will be playing this game for a very long time and that is what is going to give SC2 the longevity that some games lack.
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  2. Nov 21, 2015
    TL&DR: If you loved the story and lore from the original Starcraft, you're gonna hate this game.

    The good: Excellent gameplay, very fun to
    TL&DR: If you loved the story and lore from the original Starcraft, you're gonna hate this game.

    The good:
    Excellent gameplay, very fun to play.

    The bad:
    Awful story ruins the lore, it's pretty much a ripoff of Warcraft 3 and mass effect.
    Poor writing
    Cringe worthy dialogs

    Unbalanced multiplayer preceded by months of lies by the development team that in the end didn't change anything to core design flaws.
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  3. Nov 27, 2015
    As a Strategy game, Legacy is absolutely breathtaking. I love every aspect of it.

    But I didn't come to Starcraft 2 for the game, I came for
    As a Strategy game, Legacy is absolutely breathtaking. I love every aspect of it.

    But I didn't come to Starcraft 2 for the game, I came for the plot, and oh boy is this an absolutely hideous end to one of my most beloved games.

    I am pretty sure that you agree with me if you loved the first Starcraft's plot, and you don't if you didn't so there's not much else to say.
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