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  1. Sep 12, 2017
    Starcraft retains its seat in the high pantheon of genre defining games.
  2. Aug 25, 2017
    It has the perfect blend of balanced gameplay, multiplayer options, incredible story, and nostalgia all rolled into one, and any StarCraft gamer should be drooling at the chance to return to the Koprulu Sector.
  3. Aug 21, 2017
    Sporting upgraded looks and remixed audio, the biggest fact about Starcraft: Remastered is that it plays the same as 20 years ago. Despite some old classic AI issues, it mostly is a very good thing indeed.
  4. Oct 12, 2017
    Legendary RTS and the original Esport enjoys fresh new life with beautiful HD textures and new matchmaking system.
  5. Sep 13, 2017
    We’re currently at a time where remasters of classic games are becoming rather commonplace. Contrary to the practices of developers that make adjustments to the original experience to make it more palatable for the current generation, Blizzard played the role of an art restorer, being careful with their strokes to preserve the original and touching up the masterpiece known as Starcraft: Brood War in a way that is sure to garner the attention and appreciation of new fans all across the world.
  6. Aug 29, 2017
    I can’t understand the point of StarCraft: Remastered. I see that it’s much prettier, and people with high-res displays will be able to run it in all its glory. The problem is that there is no real glory, and the one that’s left exists only in the minds of the people that played the original. It’s not a particularly bad remastering of a cult game, but it’s almost futile.
  7. Aug 24, 2017
    For many people out there, StarCraft represents one of the greatest PC games of all time. StarCraft: Remastered does little to dissuade that line of thought. With the new and impressive visuals and great new lighting effects, it’s an experience that is not only well worth revisiting. It’s recommended.
  8. Aug 18, 2017
    The king that refused to die. StarCraft: Remastered arrives 19 years after its release to challenge nostalgia with a well crafted visual overhaul that doesn't look out of place.
  9. Aug 18, 2017
    StarCraft remains a titan of the genre for a reason. Though its interface lacks some contemporary conveniences, Blizzard has still, to this day, failed to outdo itself in terms of the elegant balance between three highly asymmetrical factions that was achieved in Brood War. Whether you want to revisit the glory days or see a piece of gaming history for the first time, StarCraft Remastered is a trip well worth taking.
  10. Aug 18, 2017
    StarCraft is a game you shouldn't miss if you like strategy, and it still as great as it was 19 years ago.
  11. Aug 16, 2017
    A great return of one of the most beloved PC games of all time.
  12. Starcraft, one of the most played RTS games in video gaming history is back with Full HD support for old school players.
  13. Aug 17, 2017
    StarCraft Remastered is everything you could expect from a remaster. It is hard and challenging, it requires experience and skills but, above all, it is StarCraft, just as you remembered it. The technical improvements bring a breath of fresh air to a game that continues in top form with almost 20 years of life.
  14. Aug 31, 2017
    With StarCraft Remastered, Blizzard adopts an exemplary policy. The selling price is reasonable, the original games become free, the extension is included in the remaster, the key "before / after" for the graphics has not been forgotten and, most importantly, the new graphics do not alter in any way the original work. A true must have for the StarCraft fans.
  15. Aug 30, 2017
    Starcraft Remastered is an ode to the amazing original. Blizzard kept it exactly the same as the old title, which means they both play on the same servers, but it also means old annoyances return. But all in all it's a beautiful update for a true classic.
  16. Aug 21, 2017
    Something precious.
  17. Sep 11, 2017
    StarCraft Remastered is a true test of time and although the original still works well today, the remastered version is a fun experience. Sure, it’s a little clunky here and there but Blizzard have really brought the game into the 21st century, especially with its revamped graphics that look glorious, not to mention multiplayer updates. All in all, it’s a fun trip down memory lane that just highlights the memories again and for those who have never played it before, it will allow them to experience what all the Terran, Zerg and Protoss fuss was all about.
  18. Sep 1, 2017
    StarCraft is a masterpiece, a landmark game that remains as entertaining as it was in 1998. The question is whether Remastered's cosmetic upgrades are worth the $14.99, as the unvarnished original and Brood War expansion are already free from Blizzard. There are fans that would like to see the original game entirely remade with StarCraft 2-quality units, effects, and graphics but until that unlikely event happens, StarCraft Remastered will have to do.
  19. Aug 28, 2017
    Starcraft Remastered reminds to us why the original RTS was the king.
  20. Aug 24, 2017
    If you’re looking to re-experience the original StarCraft in a new super-polished form, then I’d definitely recommend jumping into StarCraft Remastered.
  21. Aug 24, 2017
    StarCraft Remastered is a strange title: it’s the perfectly remastered version of a game that still has a lot of players, especially in the East. The gameplay is still deep, engaging and balanced like the original, for good or worse, with all its flaws still intact.
  22. Aug 22, 2017
    StarCraft: Remastered conforms to the minimal changes, introduces better graphics and online improves, but it's enough to recover successfully one of the best RTS of the all times 19 years after its launch.
  23. Aug 18, 2017
    Age is the worst enemy for this former masterpiece. With the core mechanics unchanged (this is not a remake) the weak points like pathfinding and control issues weigh in a lot. But then again, the strengths like unit and faction balance are still evident as well.
  24. Aug 18, 2017
    ​Starcraft Remastered still works and offers a lot of contents. At the same time gives an anachronistic feeling which will make a lot of players tired pretty fast.​
  25. Aug 17, 2017
    As much as I am pleased with the return of this legendary title, I am so annoyed by the fact that so much remains the same in the steering.
  26. Aug 17, 2017
    StarCraft Remastered is the old StarCraft with a new coat of paint. This is what the fans wanted, this is what Blizzard delivered. The core gameplay remains insanely good, but a lot of mechanics and UI limitations show the age of the game, especially if compared to StarCraft II.
  27. Aug 28, 2017
    Starcraft: Remastered does what many remasters promise to do: relive the old days, without offering the disappointments of and old game. The looks and sounds are much better now and the gameplay is still great.
  28. CD-Action
    Dec 19, 2017
    StarCraft Remastered is a fun blast from the past, but it’s hard not to notice how much games have evolved since 1998. [12/2017, p.53]
  29. Sep 18, 2017
    StarCraft: Remastered admittedly targets to esport. While for professional players it is almost perfect, for ordinary people it is a half-baked remaster of once great game, which is not so good to play today.
  30. Aug 23, 2017
    Starcraft: Remastered is a great but somewhat superfluous upgrade with the original game still being supported and free to play at that. Still it´s hard to fault anyone for wanting to enjoy this versions upgraded sound and graphics since the price point is so low. Starcraft is still fantastic but the remaster it´s more of a thing for pros and nostalgia than for a new set of players.
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  1. Aug 21, 2017
    Buy it if you're still on the Brood War bandwagon. Try the free, old-school version if you're just curious how deep your nostalgia is for the game.
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Generally favorable reviews- based on 100 Ratings

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  2. Negative: 17 out of 100
  1. Aug 15, 2017
    I am not reviewing sc1, that game was great. This score is for the remastered edition.

    Ladder and profiles stats don't work on battlement
    I am not reviewing sc1, that game was great. This score is for the remastered edition.

    Ladder and profiles stats don't work on battlement EU.
    HD graphics are nice, but sc1 had much darker color pallet. The new version is too shiny for me.
    People are finding bugs and performance issues.
    Blizzard could have done much better job with this one.
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  2. Aug 15, 2017
    Does this game have a great legacy?

    Yes. Is it great today? Mechanic-wise, it's been greatly surpassed by SC2. So what does a
    Does this game have a great legacy?


    Is it great today?

    Mechanic-wise, it's been greatly surpassed by SC2.

    So what does a remaster have to offer?

    A lesser version of SC2 (SC1), now with HD visuals. That aren't even "good", just "HD". Online matchmaking is for 1v1 only, the custom game finder is a mess. There will be feature creep in time to iron out some of the feature issues I'm sure, but at the core, this is just an older version of SC2. Which is like putting your smartphone on the shelf to try a rotary that just got a fresh coat of paint. It's still old tech you've already consumed before moving onto bigger and better things.
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  3. Aug 15, 2017
    I'm pretty disappointed to say the least. While it might have "HD" graphics, they are very underwhelming HD graphics. StarCraft II IMO hasI'm pretty disappointed to say the least. While it might have "HD" graphics, they are very underwhelming HD graphics. StarCraft II IMO has legitimate HD graphics. This remastered version does not compare. They are not smooth, crisp, or more detailed than before, as one would expect them to be when advertising 4K HD. While it might support 4K and be in HD, they are not up to par for modern day 4K HD visuals. Blizzard could have gone the extra mile and really done a nice job with skin overlays that stepped up the visuals game for a remastered version. Try switching between legacy graphics and HD graphics quickly to see the comparison by tapping F5 to see what I mean. Look specifically at the units health bars, and the edges of each unit, while zoomed in.

    Launch was a mess, with a whole herd of bugs. Some have already been ironed out with a patch update shortly after launch. I wasn't able to play the intros, for example, which was resolved. My game still doesn't save the HD settings, so sometimes it launches in legacy mode, and other times in HD mode.

    The only reason I give this 5 stars is because I can't bring myself to rate StarCraft any lower than. It deserves that much respect.
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