Generally favorable reviews - based on 5 Critic Reviews

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 5 out of 5
  2. Mixed: 0 out of 5
  3. Negative: 0 out of 5
  1. Sep 29, 2021
    The Last Friend is truly a gem. Polished gameplay, tight controls, superb, charming art, and just that wow factor that makes you want to play for hours on end. It’s one of those games that I hesitate to call perfect, but honestly, I can find so few flaws, I’m awfully tempted to. I’m already counting down the days until it comes out on the Switch so I can download it and have it on the go as well.
  2. Sep 30, 2021
    The Last Friend is a likeable, charming little game with some funny dialogue, and a big pile of lovely fluffy doggoes to fall in love with.
  3. Sep 29, 2021
    The Last Friend is a hell of a fun time, combining action-packed combat and flashy tower defense into a killer package. It's a bit short and too easy, but these dogs will have their day.
  4. Oct 1, 2021
    The pacing is more akin to a mobile title than a night long raid, but that’s all part of this game’s overwhelming charm. If you have a few hours to spare then, whether it’s collecting all the canine cohorts or bashing end of stage bosses, you’ll find The Last Friend puts a smile on your face.
  5. Sep 29, 2021
    A lovely game with even lovelier four-legged protagonists. A simple game, but also a very fun one.
User Score

Mixed or average reviews- based on 5 Ratings

User score distribution:
  1. Positive: 3 out of 5
  2. Negative: 1 out of 5
  1. Apr 20, 2022
    Very solid and charming game, just wish it was a bit more difficult. A good buy especially when on sale.