Mixed or average reviews - based on 43 Critic Reviews

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 15 out of 43
  2. Negative: 2 out of 43
  1. Aug 30, 2022
    Thymesia is a short adventure – Soulsborne pros might complete it in under eight hours, but with its deep combat and constant sense of progression, it never outstays its welcome and remains consistently engaging. It’s a bite-sized entry into the genre that doesn’t try to redefine its parameters, but instead hones in on a few core aspects and maximizes their potential.
  2. Aug 22, 2022
    Thymesia is a Soulslike that rewards aggression and precision; more methodical or sword and board players might want to look elsewhere.
  3. Aug 18, 2022
    Behind its souls-like mask, Thymesia hides a gameplay surprisingly dynamic, engaging and full of fun challenges. Even if it cannot really punch above its weight and reach the high levels of some of the greatest (due in large part to a story that doesn’t really shine), this OverBorder Studio game shouldn’t be overlooked, especially by the fans of the genre.
  4. Aug 16, 2022
    Thymesia is a game that I expected to flop so hard given my initial impressions of the demo. But I am happy to say that the full release is much more polished and fleshed out thanks to OverBorder Studio diligently taking in the feedback of the players. Out of a sea of Soulsborne clones, it exudes just enough flavor to stand out thanks to the aggressive combat loop, robust plague weapon system, and dual health mechanic. Still, the two parry options, which require near perfect timing yet give little to no reward, need a complete rework. But hey, it’s a janky and clunky love letter to its big brother Bloodborne.
  5. Aug 16, 2022
    Even with these blemishes and moments where the admiration for what’s come before gets in the way of basic consistency and much-needed fluidity, OverBorder Studio have at least landed in a much better position with a foundation that’s challenging and entertainingly so.
  6. Aug 16, 2022
    Still, at 10 hours, Thymesia is short enough that it doesn't overstay its welcome. You wind up feeling more like a general badass than a vastly overpowered killing machine for the most part, and the game's great ideas culminate in some intense, memorable boss fights. While a few elements of the overall experience don't gel, Thymesia understands what matters most about its inspirations, while adding a few spins of its own to create a small, smart, and rewarding Souls-like experience.
  7. Aug 16, 2022
    Thymesia is one of the best Souls-likes to enter the genre in years and is worth your time, attention, and occasional rage moment. If you played too much Elden Ring and are looking for something to provide a relatively bite-sized but tightly packed Souls experience, this is the game for you.
  8. Aug 16, 2022
    Thymesia is a confident, good-looking Soulslike that arguably ranks among the best of the non-From Software titles in the genre.
  9. Aug 16, 2022
    Thymesia is an amazing and interesting game, it can be considered as an introduction for all Soulslike beginners because it lacks some of the elements that characterize these games.
  10. Sep 26, 2022
    Plague infested Thymesia is a moody soulslike title, filled with only the most aggressive of moves and relentlessly badass playstyle. If you master the quick pace of sword slashes, parries, claw attacks and dodge without panic in your fingers, you won’t be able to take a break from the satisfaction every successful duel gives you. Occasionally the game stumbles, but the epidemic atmosphere, badass protagonist and most importantly the visceral combat, will suck you back in right away.
  11. Sep 1, 2022
    Thymesia reminds me the feeling of playing sekiro and bloodborne, its unique combat system have brought me 10 hours of refreshing and exciting experience. However in the meanwhile, the game's plot, map design and other parts are rough. if you are a souls-like game fan, this is a game worth your time.
  12. Aug 16, 2022
    A soulsborne that lacks refinement, but manages to entertain thanks to an interesting combat system - even if the challenge is certainly not the most difficult ever to appear in this subgenre.
  13. Aug 16, 2022
    Thymesia falls into that bracket of indie souls-like games that fail to fully convince. It knows how to entertain and, fortunately, the combat system has its own distinct identity, more original than many other experiments released in recent years. At the same time it is a game with few areas, few enemy types, and a difficulty level that should be slightly refined. The visual presentation is also far from refined. Fans of the genre might give it a chance, without too much of a rush.
  14. Aug 16, 2022
    By now we’re definitely starting to feel the effects of genre fatigue amongst soulslikes. And Thymesia certainly reaches a point where it can’t separate itself from the games that came before. However, there is still a lot of originality in its combat systems and world design so that the game doesn’t feel too derivative. It’s just a shame that clunky controls and awkward bugs hold it back.
  15. Aug 16, 2022
    A satisfying soulslike action game that delivers quick and rewarding combat that is held back only by its attempts of trying a little too hard to be like other games. Though a relatively short experience, definitely one to try for any fans of the genre.
  16. Sep 1, 2022
    Thymesia will be a good choice if you are looking for a souls-like game with an interesting combat system. The game tries to differentiate itself with unique combat, which is nearly impossible to take a rest for a moment. And the execution system also feels great in your hands. Except for battles, however, You are going to need patience for its lack of stories and the overall volumes.
  17. Aug 16, 2022
    Thymesia offers a fantastic combat system, which, however, can hardly unfold due to the short play time.
  18. Aug 16, 2022
    Thymesia is for anyone who believes that a game like Elden Ring is too accessible or that FromSoftware has lost its edge. It distills the Soulslike formula down to challenge and difficulty, adding a few new mechanics to the familiar staples. Yes, Thymesia is grueling and can be fun for hardcore fans of the genre, but it's also pretty highly derivative. Unless they're absolutely brilliant, copycat games almost always make you wish you were playing the original.
  19. Although Thymesia was a well-thought-out game, budget constraints and technical problems prevented it from fulfilling its potential.
  20. Aug 26, 2022
    Thymesia may be short, with repetitive levels and it’s not really great in terms of level design, but it more than makes up for it by including a combat system that follow in the best possible way the excellent one from Sekiro. That is no small feat, especially for such an only 7-member team.
  21. Aug 24, 2022
    Thymesia embodies the ever-rising popularity of the Soulslike genre incredibly well. As an indie Soulslike, it knows it can’t necessarily be as big and as bold as its source material, but it also doesn’t want to simply be written off as a sub-par copy of something that’s already been done. And the end result is something kinda-sorta in-between of those two things. I can appreciate Thymesia for what it does well—namely, its hauntingly beautiful visuals and fine-tuned combat basics—but its more creative endeavors felt more like the game trying to be different just for the sake of being different. I’m not sure that Thymesia is going to be at the forefront of its given genre, but it’s still a pestilence-ridden egg worth cracking open for those hungry for some new Soulslike action.
  22. Aug 23, 2022
    With a higher budget it might have been a game that could make a name for itself, but unfortunately it doesn't go beyond being a snack for Soulsborne veterans. Still, it's not a bad choice if you're a gamer who is keen on meeting this genre.
  23. Aug 21, 2022
    Thymesia is a solid Action RPG game at its core, but it fails to reach its full potential due to the scarcity of content and the application of some of its ideas.
  24. Aug 16, 2022
    Thymesia is a solid debut for OverBorder Studio. It has some rough edges, but it's still a good time thanks to a focus on core combat mechanics, aided by the versatility of its plague weapon system. It may not stand among the best in the genre, but it has enough going for it to see it through to the end.
  25. Aug 16, 2022
    Thymesia is a game plagued by its own potential and how high it could have soared. Even then, what we have left is a respectable Souls-like that, while not too difficult, provides an innovative spin on combat that captures a few flickers from games like Bloodborne and Sekiro. If you can tolerate the lack of enemy variety and samey level design, Thymesia may make you a little lovesick.
  26. Aug 16, 2022
    Thymesia sports fast 3D action combat that's engaging and unique to the subgenre, where flashy combos with multiple weapons lead to meaningful progression for skilled players. Unfortunately, the game does little else to separate itself from the soulslike pack.
  27. Aug 16, 2022
    Thymesia is an interesting action-RPG with good ideas. Unfortunately not all of them are developed properly. As the first game of Overborder Studio, it turns out to be a good debut, hoping that this experience will serve to smooth out all the edges on the narrative and game balance in the future.
  28. Oct 22, 2022
    OverBorder Studio is probably capable of creating a rival to Sekiro, but their first game is just an experimental try.
  29. Aug 19, 2022
    All in all, Thymesia is a mixed bag, but it scores where it counts. The tactical combat is a fun mix of BloodBorne and Sekiro that stumbles in several places. It's not distinct in its appearance, and it doesn't do as well in level and boss designs compared to other games of its genre. If you can look past that, Thymesia provides about 10 hours of content that won't shake up the genre but can entertain the right players.
  30. Aug 16, 2022
    Thymesia is not one of the best soulslike games, neither a very compelling one: it tries to overcome its technical limits with a good combat system, but it's not enough to encourage even the die-hard fan of the genre.
  31. Aug 16, 2022
    Thymesia proposes a soulslike formula with different ideas of value, but ultimately clearly shows the inexperience of a team at the beginning, which struggles to bear the weight of its ambitions. Although it has solid foundations, the formula developed by Overborder shows some lightness too much, in the frame of a product that fails to manifest a truly convincing stylistic identity. Although not particularly generous in terms of content, the work of the Taiwanese team still remains a fun title, able to offer fans a handful of hours of fighting fun.
  32. Aug 16, 2022
    Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, but when the imitation does little to add its own twists and ideas to an already established formula, it ends up as little more than a cheap copy of the original. For those desperate for Sony to finally port Bloodborne over to the PC, Thymesia might be a good stopover. Still, for anyone looking for a genuinely good Soulslike experience, your time is better spent elsewhere.
  33. Aug 16, 2022
    Thymesia is unlikely to blow anyone’s socks off, especially if they are a Souls veteran. A snappy, fluid, and visually striking experience doesn’t quite make up for the lack of character and purpose the game unfortunately suffers from. You’ll likely enjoy your time playing the game and fighting through the different locations and bosses, but Thymesia still fails somewhat to leave a lasting impression.
  34. Aug 16, 2022
    Thymesia understands the core of what makes the action genre so satisfying but fails to meaningfully execute on its ideas and world.
  35. Oct 24, 2022
    Thymesia is a nice diversion - something that can keep you occupied until the next great soulsborne game gets released. That is its curse. It's a good game, with fast and enjoyable action, but lacks the immersive story and atmosphere, as well as the quality of level design and combat finesse that is expected from such titles.
  36. Sep 15, 2022
    Thymesia is for people who cut their teeth on the soulslike genre, have a dozen free hours, and really want to see what it’s all about.
  37. Aug 17, 2022
    Thymesia’s aggressive combat can be enjoyable, but it's an adventure that's easily forgettable otherwise.
  38. Aug 16, 2022
    You can see the make-up of a good game at the heart of Thymesia, but it seems the team was only capable of delivering a prototype; the building blocks of something greater, before it tapped out. You can easily spend ten-ish hours with the game, and potentially longer if you decide to experiment with builds, but at $25 (or $22.49 with the launch week discount), it might be a hard sell.
  39. Aug 16, 2022
    Thymesia certainly isn't the worst indie Souls-like money can buy. Especially for its reasonable price point, players get a handful of really fun and challenging boss battles, but I wish the levels in between didn't come across as filler. Thymesia ends up feeling like Bloodborne's younger, less-gifted cousin -- he may not be all that great, but he still has some redeeming qualities.
  40. Aug 16, 2022
    Thymesia is perfectly serviceable for existing soulslike fans, but the many faults add up. Combat can feel like a clunky bore in one moment, a captivating dance of death in the next; and the game's close resemblance to Bloodborne invites comparisons it can't live up to.
  41. Aug 17, 2022
    Thymesia has some refreshing ideas to set it apart among a packed field of Souls-like games. Sadly, many of these mechanics don't mesh well with the action or are completely useless. Exploration also feels generally unrewarding.
  42. Sep 6, 2022
    Overall there is not enough here to recommend to most players. Souls veterans will be left wanting more, and most likely frustrated by the limited options available to approaching combat encounters. Newcomers to the Souls-like games will most likely be put off by the initial difficulty, as well as the massive skill check that the first boss poses. A forgettable story, relatively bland world, and overly simplistic combat leave quite a lot to be desired after the initial hour or two with Thymesia.
  43. Aug 16, 2022
    Certain sections of Thymesia contain the spark of something greater, the hint at the unrealized potential which was sorely missed with this release.
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  1. Aug 23, 2022
    Thymesia is a good Soulslike, fun and enjoyable.
User Score

Mixed or average reviews- based on 37 Ratings

User score distribution:
  1. Positive: 20 out of 37
  2. Negative: 6 out of 37
  1. Aug 19, 2022
    Que no os engañen las criticas compradas, este juego es: corto, lineal y aburrido. Con unas mecanicas de parri obsoletas y sin rejugabilidad.Que no os engañen las criticas compradas, este juego es: corto, lineal y aburrido. Con unas mecanicas de parri obsoletas y sin rejugabilidad.

    Faltan armas, armaduras y cualquier cosa que pueda dar variedad. Los escenarios son horribles y vacios, los enemigos se repiten, en 30 minutos te has aburrido.
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  2. Aug 26, 2022
    im a souls player fan
    & i finished games like elder ring & blood & darksouls
    but game is soo unabalanced on some bossess
  3. Aug 21, 2022
    Well ..... I didn't expect it to be so much fun,
    Whats special about this game is the aggressive play style, i'm sick of fighting dumb
    Well ..... I didn't expect it to be so much fun,
    Whats special about this game is the aggressive play style, i'm sick of fighting dumb enemies in souls-like games lately, and this game kinda fix it for me, tho it gets easier when you play it for a while.

    - Excellent gameplay
    - Good maparea design
    - Unique enemies and bosses
    - Intense adrenaline triggering combat
    - Good leveling and upgrading system
    - Tons of weapons and Talents to choose from
    - It's Cheap ... i mean 10$ for this !! jeez can i buy it again ? lol

    - Poor story
    - Minor bugs
    - Very linear
    - It's sadly short (7 hours)
    yet if you are aiming to finish it with side quest and all you gonna get 20 hours maybe.

    I highly recommend it for """"souls fans"""",
    tho keep your expectation low, its a small project..
    you can't compare it to DS, BB, Sekiro, Nioh etc...
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