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  1. Hardcore action gamers can expect 12-15 hours of intense combat for the single-player campaign, but once you go online there is no limit to the fun you can have with this game. Much like the games before it, Tribes: Vengeance is a virtual sandbox just waiting for the mod community to get their talented hands on it.
  2. It's as distant from real-world war scenarios as you can get, but as far as high intensity, high speed Sci-Fi shooters go, Vengeance now reigns supreme.
  3. Irrational Games has taken the torch from Dynamix and produced an able successor to the Tribes throne, with the added bonus of a very engaging and well produced single player mode.
  4. If you can make it through the single player game on either medium or hard, you will likely be ready to get online and play.
  5. Fans of the original Tribes games will love to see that newest version delivers the same great gameplay, while those new to the series will find a lot to like with it and a faster and more in-depth shooter than most other games out there.
  6. Easily one of the best first person shooters I've seen in a long time. The last time I had this much fun with a shooter was with "Half-Life" when it first came out. The great controls, involving storyline for the single-player game, good sound track, and the multiplayer options available make for an impressive game.
  7. While there are plenty of changes to how multiplayer works and plenty of new weapons, the overall feel of the game is unmistakably Tribes.
  8. 90
    The controls are tight and crisp and the interface is very user intuitive. With the jetpack and skiing abilities you will experience freedom of movement like no other FPS can offer.
  9. 90
    When you combine the fantastic single player story with the tried and true gameplay design, you get a title that benefits from years of refinement and iterations while also offering up a completely new experience you haven't seen before.
  10. Computer Games Magazine
    A major accomplishment and an excellent game. [Dec 2004, p.75]
  11. Whether or not the single player was necessary (it certainly wasn’t unwelcome), T:V is definitely a highly enjoyable multiplayer experience.
  12. The spirit of the franchise remains intact in Tribes: Vengeance, from the thrilling speed of jetpacking and skiing to the depth of the team-based action in multiplayer. The game's excellent presentation is merely the icing on the cake for a game that excels in just about every aspect.
  13. Squad based action, super online gameplay, and solid controls make Tribes: Vengeance just about a must-have game, especially if you are an FPS fan.
  14. Tribes: Vengeance just feels right. Its fun lies in simple movement - something overlooked in all other high-octane blasters, and it gives you such a feeling of fluidity, control and desire for self-improvement, that on a basic level it's extremely hard to dislike.
  15. It is not without its problems, but it is definitely a member of a dieing breed - in depth single player gameplay with awesome multiplayer to boot.
  16. In the end, if you really like online CTF style play or a good single player FPS then you can’t do much better than Tribes: Vengeance.
  17. Game Informer
    For the hardcore types, Vengeance will no doubt satisfy the need for tactically deep shooting action. [Dec 2004, p.185]
  18. 85
    It's unfortunate that we'll probably never see what was originally intended to evolve out of Tribes 2...Vengeance is still a worthy heir to the throne, though, and it may convert more players to the Tribes style of online action than either of its predecessors managed.
  19. It's ceaseless fun, but it still falls just short of greatness. [Dec 2004, p.98]
  20. From a marketing standpoint, the title so far has been a marketing success: Player conversion, engine improvements, game flow improvements and above all, the fun factor.
  21. It’s got everything the first Tribes game had with none of the lag. You heard me, no lag.
  22. Play Magazine
    The most powerful twist in the real-time narrative involves the travel from past to present and person to person. [Nov 2004, p.82]
  23. A great game. There are some missteps that a later patch or expansion should definitely address, but right out of the box the look, gameplay style and level of depth make this an easy buy for PC action gamers.
  24. While the character animations in the single-player cut scenes detract from the overall product (I guess "Doom 3" spoiled me), Irrational Studios should be applauded for translating the action and intensity of the Tribes multiplayer game into a mostly satisfying, single-player setting.
  25. A short-lived but creative single player game and lengthy but mundane multiplayer one.
  26. The single player campaign starts off incredibly well, evoking thoughts of "Oh my god, they finally made a decent single-player Tribes experience," and then declines to the lowest possible point not five levels into the game.
  27. The entire game runs on the well-known Unreal Engine, which has been extensively modified, and is now called the Vengeance Engine. Player models sport lots of detail, and the landscapes are both pretty and varied.
  28. 80
    The likes of "Planetside" and "Unreal Tournament 2004" have stolen some of its thunder, but Vengeance is still unique enough to recommend to any multiplayer shooter fan.
  29. Vengeance both upholds the tradition set by Tribes and Tribes 2 in the multiplayer side, and presents a decent single player campaign as well. First person shooters may be a dime a dozen these days, but it's not too often one is released that breaks the mold and offers a truly unique gameplay experience.
  30. 80
    Irrational deserves kudos for recapturing the core "Tribes feel" that fans know and love: the high-flying, jetpack-powered combat is still as much a blast as it ever was.
  31. Forget the bogged realism of "Call of Duty" or "Conflict Vietnam"; Tribes: Vengeance is all about big guns, big mecha suits, and big explosions. If you're after some intense fighting with gung-ho madness, then it’s good to get some Vengeance.
  32. The use of jetpacks in combination with "skiing" creates a different dynamic that you won't find in other shooting games. The weapons are well balanced, and the multiplayer is easy to get into.
  33. I must admit they proved that there were changes that needed to be made as this is clearly the best Tribes game out there.
  34. The single-player campaign is a great addition and will be of benefit in training those who are new to Tribes and in entertaining those who have been around since the beginning.
  35. A shining example of why the Tribes universe is so popular, although fans aren't happy with many of the refinements.
  36. 77
    The graphics are pretty damn good and the single-player is fairly competent for a largely multiplayer game.
  37. An excellent game, a little harder to get into than most FPS due to the amount of options and the fact that half of takes place in the air, but, more rewarding because of that. Once you have mastered flying around its heaps of fun.
  38. 70
    The long load times and pesky bugs, which vexed Tribes 2, are there to once again wreck havoc on our fun, so you need to download the necessary patches.
  39. GMR Magazine
    Offers a more simplified, newbie-friendly version of traditional Tribes gameplay. [Jan 2005, p.92]
  40. The combat is as fluid as ever and there's nothing more satisfying than combining your ski and jetpack abilities to gracefully glide over an enemy's head and launch a grenade that robs him of his last wedge of health, forcing him to watch the rest of the match from the sidelines.
  41. PC Gamer
    The new design focus has created a schizophrenic game in which neither single-play nor multiplay is successful. [Holiday 2004, p.90]
  42. Computer Gaming World
    The multiplayer learning curve is a short, sharp slide into the deep end with the sharks. [Holiday 2004, p.80]
  43. The open levels are fantastic and are complemented by a great storyline with dialogue that's immediately engaging, yet Tribes can feel slightly primitive and the indoor missions are a letdown.
  44. 60
    If the online game had been at least as good as its’ predecessors, this title would have received top marks. Now all Tribes: Vengeance can boast is one of the best single-player story modes currently available on the PC.
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Generally favorable reviews- based on 45 Ratings

User score distribution:
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  2. Negative: 6 out of 45
  1. Mar 6, 2013
    i think the game is great because i have played all of the tribes vengeance. The Beta is great it is also one of the best games i have everi think the game is great because i have played all of the tribes vengeance. The Beta is great it is also one of the best games i have ever played in my life in that case i give Tribes Vengeance a 10 out of 10 Full Review »
  2. [Anonymous]
    Sep 13, 2004
    I think that the beta is great. Its just like T1 in a good way. All the T2 problems have been fixed. Unlike someone else said, i think T:V I think that the beta is great. Its just like T1 in a good way. All the T2 problems have been fixed. Unlike someone else said, i think T:V requires more teamplay and tactics than other Tribes games. And Heavies have been able to solo since Tribes 1. :P As a veteran t1/t2 player i think this game will simply rock. Single-Player is a nice bonus too. Must buy. Full Review »
  3. Dec 18, 2018
    I've played this game many years ago. Fun gameplay & storyline with some interesting characters.