Mixed or average reviews - based on 48 Critic Reviews

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 25 out of 48
  2. Negative: 0 out of 48
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  1. Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2 doesn't try to reinvent the wheel, it just tightens a few of the lug nuts.
  2. Most of the time when I see a developer change between products, it spells inevitable doom or a watered down shadow of the previous title. In this case, I think Vicarious Visions has taken what Raven started and managed to not only match it but improve upon it.
  3. Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2 is certainly the most refined game in its series (including its prequel and the X-Men Legends game before it).
  4. A solid follow-up to the 2006 release, with great new characters and fusion powers. The game looks very nice and plays well.
  5. Ultimate Alliance 2 does have some good improvements from the first game, but its pending technical problems hinder the game’s true potential.
  6. In just three years, Vicarious Visions has taken a well adapted formula and created an enjoyable, polished and all-around better sequel. Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 will give fans a reason to enjoy playing, and with the dynamic fusion powers, wide cast of characters, and the storyline based around the events of Civil War, there is surely something here to please anyone.
  7. If you never played the original and the particulars of this title likely suit your gaming tastes, especially if you have friends who'll play along through the missions, by all means strap on your alter ego and get to saving the world.
  8. This is a proper sequel that was certainly worth the three year wait. It's not min[d]-blowing, but at the same time it manages to capture everything that a videogame should be: fun. And it captures it well.
  9. Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 may play pretty much the same as Marvel Ultimate Alliance, but it represents huge steps forward in presentation and technical fidelity.
  10. Same great fun with some good tweaks.
  11. Even though Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 may seem like more of the same, dig a little deeper and you'll reap its rewards. A great storyline, satisfying beat-em-up action, nifty Fusion attacks and a cornucopia of familiar and new characters make this a very friendly Alliance.
  12. It's hard not to let the experience of the first MUA color the expectations for MUA2. By those standards, MUA2 isn't as exciting a game, largely due to the choices it makes with the fiction. On its own, though, this is still an enjoyable action RPG romp that makes good use of the Marvel Universe in its own way.
  13. Play Magazine
    With less focus on micromanagement and a solid, cohesive story, there's a lot more action this time around for Marvel's action-RPG franchise.
  14. MUA fans may bemoan the lack of change, and they'd have a point. Bar the Fusion Powers there's little new going on here. But it's still a fun, albeit brainless romp that's sure to please Marvel fanboys.
  15. A solid game. Nothing groundbreaking or extremely impressive, but very fun and entertaining.
  16. Vicarious Visions has made some tweaks to Raven’s little darling and it helps make the game feel more complete, however its nothing staggering enough to win over any new fans.
  17. 78
    Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 is a solid successor to the original game, but not one that feels like it was three years in the making. Anyone who enjoyed the original will find enough content and fan service to keep them busy for quite some time, but anyone who grew tired of the original will likely call it quits long before the credits roll.
  18. 77
    In the end, Marvel: Ultimate Alliance is fun at times, but it's nothing impressive overall.
  19. For me, the game didn’t really take off until the whole Pro-Reg, Anti-Reg debate kicked in, but even then I kept lapsing into these daydreaming ruts of gaming.
  20. So while Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2 may not take the series in a big and bold new direction, or benefit from the kind of refinement you would look for in a sequel, it does deliver the button-mashing, power-flinging, over-the-top action fans of the original would expect.
  21. The core action is top-notch, and the roster rocks, but the Fusion attacks and half-hearted story hurt the experience, turning a once great play into a punchless grind.
  22. Marvel Ultimate Alliance is a solid game. We miss some kind of diversity in its proposal and more innovation in its core, but it’s a nice button masher.
  23. Overall, I did enjoy the game, I'm just a little miffed that it seems to be lacking in overall content.
  24. The bottom line here is that this isn’t nearly as good, fun, or as satisfying a game as the original from either an action standpoint, a role-playing standpoint, or just a comic book standpoint.
  25. Another solid entry into the Marvel Universe, this action-RPG gives us another dose of the tried-and-true four-character slugfest. Nothing overly exciting here, but entertaining all the same.
  26. Ultimate Alliance 2 is not a bad game. It misses some opportunities to capitalize on its great story and wealth of character interactions; it didn't receive the presentation update that next gen gamers expected; and it doesn't make much effort in pushing the dungeon crawling action RPG genre forward.
  27. 73
    A nice sequel of the previous one, but the game got a few issues. The camera is annoying, it has repetitive gameplay and the audio is a little bit on the basic side. On the other side, has the game nice graphics and a lot of playable characters.
  28. Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 is pretty fun to play, but if you played the first installment, you could get disappointed. The game has a lot of heroes, but since you can switch between them whenever you feel like it, you won’t create a personal connection. The story also comes in short compared to the comics. However, it is still really cool to fight against all the different enemies, especially with a friend on the couch!
  29. The game offers a good coop multiplayer mode, but graphics and sound effects are simply disappointing. Fans of the Marvel universe can take a look, but everyone else should keep his or her hands off.
  30. 70
    Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2 certainly builds upon the ideas of the original, but the minor changes make the upgrade seem more status quo than truly super-powered. It's still (mostly) fun to blast and claw through large groups of foes, but it's also much harder to overlook recurring issues when so much time has passed.
  31. But it’s short on new ideas, with a fundamental template that hasn’t changed in the last five years. And in this brave, new, post-Arkham Asylum world, we need a little more than that to be really awed.
  32. Playstation Official Magazine Australia
    MUA 2 is a compelling superhero romp, though the button mashing nature of play needs updating. Still, it’s an absolute hoot and beautiful to look at. [Dec 2009, p.78]
  33. 70
    Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 is a nice superhero game which, despite the flaws in graphics and audio, still get's a good score because of the great gameplay and replay value.
  34. Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 does its best to continue the pattern of marginal advancement in Activision’s line of superhero brawler/RPG titles, but as much as it improves in the process, it fails elsewhere.
  35. 70
    It is an enjoyable game and a good option, specially if you are fan of the characters.
  36. Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 makes you feel almighty when you and your team are together, and the fusion powers make it a blast to experiment with different teams. It's a shame that the lacking RPG-elements and tricky camera bring the experience down. Fans of Marvel and beat 'em up games won't be disappointed though.
  37. Playstation: The Official Magazine (US)
    It just lacks a certain freshness. [Dec 2009, p.78]
  38. Additional gameplay material, such as playing through training simulations, harder difficulties and the ton of unlockables promise lots of replay time for the Marvel fan.
  39. Fans will be drooling over the huge hero ensemble, but others may feel disappointed by the missing overview during the bigger fights.
  40. Lifting an inspiring plot from one of the most popular Marvel graphic novels, Ultimate Alliance 2 just about avoids the pitfall of droll, worn gameplay that can plague most super hero games.
  41. 67
    But ultimately, even though a lot of things about MUA2 aggravate me, the moment-to-moment gameplay of superheroes beating the crap out of robots/mutants/soldiers with fists, mystical hammers, repulsor rays, giant tongues, and what-have-you feels solid and enjoyable.
  42. So the story is so-so and the RPG section watered down with limited development choices, weak voice acting and script writing.
  43. PSM3 Magazine UK
    A passable, if unimaginative brawler with decent co-op. [Dec 2009, p.102]
  44. Facing hordes of henchmen for hours unable to really give a challenge to those who sit in front of the screen is unlikely to find much support.
  45. 60
    For every step the series has taken forward with this game, a step is taken back. The brevity of the game cuts into the enjoyment one may derive from the improved graphics, interface and plot. The mediocre boss characters and fights almost overshadow the interesting changes made to the hero roster.
  46. Play UK
    A poor sequel to an already-poor game, though with far nicer graphics. [Issue#185, p.82]
  47. Playstation Official Magazine UK
    There's nothing substantial here beyond desperate button hammering. [Dec 2009, p.125]
  48. Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 will only entertain players that love Marvel's super heroes and the Civil War storyline. If you don't you'd do better to play a game with better controls and more challenging difficulty.
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Mixed or average reviews- based on 68 Ratings

User score distribution:
  1. Positive: 38 out of 68
  2. Negative: 10 out of 68
  1. May 31, 2013
    This was a really good game and this is coming from a Marvel fan. I love playing as Spider-Man, Gambit, Ms. Marvel and Deadpool. You can playThis was a really good game and this is coming from a Marvel fan. I love playing as Spider-Man, Gambit, Ms. Marvel and Deadpool. You can play as the Avengers, X-Men and Fantastic Four. I just wish there were more characters to play as such as Loki and Doctor Octopus. Full Review »
  2. Aug 7, 2016
    Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2
    Better and Worst at the same time
    Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 is of course the sequel to the original that this
    Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2
    Better and Worst at the same time
    Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 is of course the sequel to the original that this time tells the story of the hero civil war.
    Youll get to a point early in the story where the government wants super humans to be registered and captain America is against this while iron man is for this..
    This creates a rift within the superhero world and you have to make a choice, the choice you make will lock off certain heroes that choose the opposite side and throughout the stories journey youll take on other heroes and villains that have joined the opposing side…
    I did find this story much more interesting and compelling than a simple bad guy trying to take over the world story we got in the original… but it ultimately felt kind of just there as did the rest of the game…
    The graphics and combat are miles better than they were in the original.. this time the game feels more like a hack and slash co op game than a dungeon crawler…
    Leveling up and collecting xp feels worthwhile this time as youll definitely notice a difference when you spend skill points and xp on moves and bonuses that every character earns simultaneously to allow swaps of the 30 possible different characters without worrying about their level or strength of moves…
    Speaking of swaps you can do them at anytime rather than having to wait for a save point…
    The special moves are also much more impactful to the gameplay this time around as I feel everyone will have their own favorite character based on boosts and attacks they have, so much so that my favorite character from the original fell to the wayside as characters felt more customizable and mine with the skill spending depth…
    Theres also a new fusion system which is triggered by filling a bar from simple or special combat where 2 characters team up to do a super powerful move that can reward you with a health drop if you pull off its challenge which can really come in handy during close boss fights… But the better in this game unfortunately ends there…
    This fusion move for starters has a horrible bug where 2 characters will run at eachother face to face completely wasting such a valuable moment…
    And the stars seem like they fill fast until you find yourself actively trying to fill them… it can be a huge bummer to try and pull off a saving grace when your characters are about to die and its wasted because of a game bug…
    The depth the original had is also missing here…
    There is just no charm, feeling more like a cash grab than a love letter…
    There was so much for the fans in the first game, while here everything feels generic, from unlockables to level design…
    Theres nothing special at all…
    The story progression is just atrocious… and the boss battles lack variety completely where they all.. every last single one of them feels exactly the same…
    In fact theyre really just regular enemies with ranged attacks and larger health bars…
    There are no real wow moments here…
    The original felt like a real standalone game, while ultimate alliance 2 felt like just an above average tie in game…
    That’s not to say this game is bad…
    It’s fun, but nowhere near worth your times as much as the first one was…
    Ultimate alliance 2 is half the length, about 8 hours, but due to the lack of charms feels twice as long
    I Give Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2
    a 7/10
    Full Review »
  3. Jul 11, 2015
    This review contains spoilers, click full review link to view. I have to admit this game is not as good as the first, but it's still awesome... I gave 9 out of 10, because this game seemed smaller than the first, had a less interesting story and had less heroes. If you liked the first one, you will like this one. If you love Marvel and the Civil War storyline from the comics, you will play this game over and over again. Full Review »