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  1. Positive: 3 out of 4
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  1. Jul 3, 2014
    A truly engaging story told in a unique visual style... there's really not much wrong with Valiant Hearts, even if its replay value isn't all that valiant.
  2. Jun 25, 2014
    Individual elements of the game are superb, but the juxtaposition of a grim war and puzzles and platforms just doesn’t quite work, and the game as a whole cannot live up to the emotional heft and gameplay of the last twenty minutes.
  3. Jun 24, 2014
    Far from the played-out tales of clean-cut supersoldiers fighting impossible odds, Valiant Hearts: The Great War humanizes the First World War and delivers gameplay that focuses on the psychological toll of the war—not on the killing. While some puzzles and exploration elements succeed more than others, Valiant Hearts is worth seeing through for students of history and fans of classic PC adventure titles.
  4. Edge Magazine
    Aug 20, 2014
    Boss fights aside, Ubosoft's consideration for its subject matter throughout is striking. [Sept 2014, p.104]
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Generally favorable reviews- based on 72 Ratings

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  2. Negative: 7 out of 72
  1. Jul 16, 2014
    When I heard UbiArt announcing this game and what it was about, I felt like they somehow read my mind, as I am a World War I "buff" and loveWhen I heard UbiArt announcing this game and what it was about, I felt like they somehow read my mind, as I am a World War I "buff" and love puzzle games. And I am so very happy that it met up with my expectations entirely.

    While I agree with some reviewers saying that the puzzles seem at times to make the game more child-like, I feel that was a valid choice in that you are trying to show the war in a different light than, say, the thousand FPS call-of-duty clones out there, all trying to make the player into the Rambo-like, unstoppable hero of his own action movie. This actively avoids having you kill anyone, instead knocking them out with a punch upside the head. You throw grenades at times, but the enemy runs before they explode. You may feel like they are babying you, keeping the horrors away, but if you look around your characters, the horror is all around you: you don't need to add to it when the screen fills up with the dead and dying. When your actions are directly responsible for a person's death, it is shown exactly as it should be shown - a horrific act that you would regret, not celebrate; something unforgettable rather than a bloodless body-count racking up on a screen.

    As you play, the puzzles don't change too much in difficulty, but the feeling of helplessness ramps up, as everything you do seems to feel less and less like a victory. That's the point. That's what the war felt like to many. And if that ending doesn't move you to tears, I feel that you really didn't give the attention to the message this game was telling you.

    This is not a game for kids. This is a game showing how a generation lost their innocence to this war.
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  2. Mar 19, 2022
    _слова и описание всех тонкостей игрового процесса связанных с сюжетной составляющей Valiant Hearts: The Great War, я считаю излишне и_слова и описание всех тонкостей игрового процесса связанных с сюжетной составляющей Valiant Hearts: The Great War, я считаю излишне и абсолютно не нужны, по прохождению у каждого в голове, мысли должны сами построить своё собственное личное мнение. Как пазл, квест, видеоигра настроит на непринудительную умственную работу, но не более, это абсолютно не важно когда монументальная история на переднем плане

    "Создано на движке UbiArt Framework", -Valiant Hearts использует максимум возможностей движка UbiArt Framework, полностью соответствуя девизу "Претворяем искусство в жизнь". Этот движок позволяет оживлять в видеоиграх самые удивительные творческие находки. (©2021 Ubisoft Entertainment)

    _Valiant Hearts: The Great War игра из серии - достойный проект для экранизации. Искусство кино очень тесно граничит с видеоиграми, так как история, сюжет игры, достоверные исторические факты подкреплённые настоящими хрониками Первой Мировой Войны, в виде фотографий, писем, открыток, сводок с фронта, представляют готовый полноценный фильм или сериал, где уже как зритель играющий до этого смог просмотреть, прочувствовать ещё раз этот эпос уже в трёхмерном пространстве

    _words and a description of all the intricacies of the gameplay associated with the plot component of Valiant Hearts: The Great War, I think it is unnecessary and absolutely unnecessary, after passing through everyone's head, thoughts should build their own personal opinion. Like a puzzle, a quest, a video game will set you up for non-coercive mental work, but no more, it doesn’t matter at all when a monumental story is in the foreground

    "Powered by the UbiArt Framework" - Valiant Hearts takes full advantage of the UbiArt Framework engine, fully in line with the motto "Bringing art to life". This engine brings some of the most amazing creativity to life in video games. (©2021 Ubisoft Entertainment)

    _Valiant Hearts: The Great War game from the series is a worthy project for a film adaptation. The art of cinema very closely borders on video games, since the story, the plot of the game, reliable historical facts, backed up by real chronicles of the First World War, in the form of photographs, letters, postcards, reports from the front, represent a finished full-fledged film or series, where already as a viewer playing before I was able to view this, feel again this epic already in three-dimensional space
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  3. Mar 11, 2022
    Good game and game have a good story about WW1, when Germany attack French.