Mixed or average reviews - based on 18 Critic Reviews

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 9 out of 18
  2. Negative: 2 out of 18
  1. Jul 28, 2017
    The final battle in Archangel is one of the coolest, most epic experiences I’ve had yet in VR. The sense of scale and power you feel makes this a new high watermark for the PlayStation VR platform and for VR in general. If you can overlook the iffy graphics, you’re in for an immersive and moving experience.
  2. Jul 26, 2017
    Archangel fulfills the Pacific Rim mech fantasy we have yet to experience in a VR world. The fluid and engaging combat is a highlight, as is the solid tracking and intuitive controls. While there’s not a lot of replay value, it’s easily one of the most impressive ways to introduce someone to VR. If watching the trailer for Pacific Rim: Uprising makes your palms sweaty with excitement, you need Archangel in your life.
  3. Jul 26, 2017
    Archangel is a great game, but it's overall length and high price tag may put off many players. It's not hard to learn and super fun to blast everything in site like a futuristic Rambo, but I wish there was more to it than what is presented here. Side missions or maybe even some extra challenges would have helped out greatly. You can replay any mission you have completed, but that can only keep you busy for so long. Bottom line, I do highly recommend Archangel, as you will have a kick ass time. If it's length and price don't bother you, well, get it now and start blasting everything in site!
  4. 80
    Enemies and locations are varied enough to keep things from getting stale, a selection of upgrades add a sense of progression and customisation, and though this isn’t a game that could work just as well without VR, it’s implemented well. Really, the gameplay is there to service the story, which is where Archangel shines brightest, and I’m just fine with that.
  5. Jul 31, 2017
    Archangel puts players into the cockpit of the only giant mech capable of resisting a global terrorist threat. It's a great way to spend an afternoon, although the higher price tag might turn off some players. If you want a finely crafted shooting gallery with a compelling story to match, climb aboard and prepare for battle.
  6. Jul 27, 2017
    Archangel is a game that shows a lot of promise from Skydance Interactive. There’s flaws with checkpoints and lip syncing, but the game’s presentation on the whole is great and none of that matters when you’re piloting the mech. You feel incredibly powerful as you easily brush aside smaller tanks and drones, while battling with larger enemies feel like a proper fight.
  7. 80
    Another visually noteworthy PSVR game, Archangel blends immersive storytelling with a complex rail shooter to let players live out their mech fantasies. Very little replay value and a high launch price tag of $40 for a three to five hour game may drive away some, but Skydance Interactive has managed to capture the enveloping magic of virtual reality to tell a personal narrative while at the same time creating a strong VR rail shooter as the vehicle to tell it.
  8. Aug 4, 2017
    Archangel is a highly ambitious game despite the on-rails shooter genre to which it belongs. The mechanics of balancing weapons fire with energy shielding make for an engaging fighting system and its narrative tries to surpass expectation with creative choices, but it ultimately lacks the environmental detail and moments of awe that would have made its adventure a memorable one.
  9. Jul 24, 2017
    Like Mortal Blitz this rail-shooter is a modern take on arcade shooters like Time Crisis. Piloting a mech that could play a starring role in Pacific Rim you’ll enjoy the tight controls, the challenging encounters and the better-than-expected story.
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Mixed or average reviews- based on 22 Ratings

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  1. Positive: 13 out of 22
  2. Negative: 5 out of 22
  1. Aug 9, 2017
    We strike again with the "grading it as a VR game" issue. Let me start off by saying, Archangel in itself is a really good game and is aWe strike again with the "grading it as a VR game" issue. Let me start off by saying, Archangel in itself is a really good game and is a blast. A cockpit-piloting mech game is about as much as you could ask for from the VR and personally the kind of game I was dying for.

    A somewhat rail shooter type of game, the action and activity make for a raging time and immediate adrenaline rush. The level of customization is actually respectable in terms of your mech (upgrade your shields early folks). Best played with the PS Move Controllers, you can use the regular controller but the best feel comes from the Move Controllers as you can aim, shooter and even punch with the items. It really does a great job of making you feel like you are the most dangerous thing on the battle field. The visuals are actually some of the best you will get with the VR thus far which is shocking since this is Skydance's first for into the VR world.

    The game unfortunately comes the same issues that usually plague VR games. The biggest gripe is the game is short, like really short. If you play straight through, you can beat the game in a few hours. For a $40 game, that is not OK. Also, the rail shooting like feel does give it a bit too much linearity as well (though I do understand since it utilizes the PS Move Controllers which are already flawed).

    The second issue is the lack of really any other content. The hope is that this game is just suffering with new content to come, but just grading the game, its bare-bones. This game begs for some type of multiplayer either co-op or mech vs. mech. Yet nothing. It doesn't really help that the game is padded with the different modes to lengthen how long you play the game for more of a challenge. While not a bad idea, its about the most lazy thing you can do.

    Again let me mention again that this is not a bad game and is actually really, really fun. What hurts it most is just a short campaign and a lack of other modes. Given you have to shell out $40 for the game and another $85+ for the PSVR Move Controllers, it just may not be worth it with how little the game has to offer at this point. You can play using a regular controller, but then you won't get the full experience of it all. The game has a lot of potential, it just needs a lot more content and hopefully Skydance is working behind the scenes to add more to it.
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  2. Oct 8, 2017
    Even from graded it as VR game's perspective, I will still rate SO-SO.
    No doubt this is the highest standard robot-pilot game in PSVR so far.
    Even from graded it as VR game's perspective, I will still rate SO-SO.
    No doubt this is the highest standard robot-pilot game in PSVR so far. Great weapon system with two shields. Vivid robot hand control. Exciting ultimate abilities. The first time you sit into the machine, you will feel powerful!
    However, there are also too many things Archangel doesn't perform well. For example:
    1) The sound effect is disaster, it almost ruins the whole game. You feel like battling with sponge and cotton.
    2) The story and mission design is definitely below average, boring and stupid. After the ending, you are guaranteed to feel released that you don't have to suffer this anymore.
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  3. Apr 16, 2018
    this one I find to be very sad as the game itself is really good but the horrible controls just ruin it, your constantly finding yourselfthis one I find to be very sad as the game itself is really good but the horrible controls just ruin it, your constantly finding yourself running out of ammo or shield because there is just too much to keep track of. its not like a typical game where you can use what ever weapons you want its like your brain has to keep track perfectly of your left and right hand controls and each one has to do something completely different. if they had just removed the shield mechanic I think this game would have been a 9/10 for me but it just over complicates the experience and leads to frustration instead of enjoyment. thankfully no motion sickness and the graphics are good but for myself personally the flaw make this one you should skip unless your an expert multitasker .

    Pros - Great story and presentation, with a good amount of content. also no motion sickness

    Cons - overly complicated control scheme and game mechanics leading to frustration and ruining the fun that could be had.

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