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  1. Mar 19, 2020
    There’s something primal and thrilling to id Software’s further embrace of video-gamey conventions.
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  1. Mar 17, 2020
    An even faster and bloodier but slightly wayward follow-up to a thunderous shooter reboot.
  2. Mar 17, 2020
    There's a lot here...I'm having a good time. [Quick Look]
  3. Mar 24, 2020
    Doom Eternal’s philosophy is simple: make the most intense experience possible. That mostly works out. Combat, while occasionally busy, is sure to satisfy even the most voracious of shooter-mavens. The ripping and tearing is as good as it has ever been. There are a few sticking points— a shaky story that’s hard to engage with, the few moments when style trumps substance, a glitch here and there—but there’s no denying that the highs are among the highest you can experience in any first-person shooter. Crank up the difficulty, throw your elbows around, and embrace the chaos. From the deepest diehards to fresh-faced demon slayers, there’s something for everyone to enjoy. Blood, guts, music, mayhem. You might get the occasional bloody nose or interrupted by an unwanted tutorial pop-up, but there’s nothing else like it.
  4. Mar 17, 2020
    Doom (2016) turns things up to 11 for the beloved demon-mulching shooter series. With Doom Eternal, id Software cranks the volume up to 20. There’s a booming soundtrack, pulse-raising action and stunning hellish landscapes aplenty, but the sequel still isn’t without its flaws. [Campaign score = 80]
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  1. Mar 20, 2020
    Excelente juego y un homenaje tremendo a este legendaria saga, acción y heavy metal a montones.
  2. Mar 20, 2020
    Going to give the game a 0 out of ten because there are some serious issues that should of been addressed before release and because this gameGoing to give the game a 0 out of ten because there are some serious issues that should of been addressed before release and because this game is nothing but a stupid jumping simulator. 90 percent of the game the player is required to jump through this an that an swing around like a damn monkey. Just because you add a new feature to the game doesn't mean you should utilize it to the point of overkill where that is all your players are doing. They dropped the ball massively here. I am playing on a 65" LG HDR tv not a cheap tv with the viewing set at 110 for the FOV on a brand new ps4 pro an I am constantly having stuttering in all of my lateral movements. This issue alone has cause me to lower the difficulty because the harder difficulty the easier you die an when you can't move an you are constantly being frozen for a split second here an there you just get killed because the game has a flaw in the movement. On top of that I cannot stand sh!ty pull this lever an you have a few seconds to get to this challenges more so when the movement of the character is flawed for whatever reason. On top of this their are way to many collectables in the game an I dont feel like being a damn acrobat to collect this crap, I would of preferred a more detailed environment that has objects hidden then trying to make the Doom slayer a circus preformer.

    Don't get me wrong I love the Gun play but then when you have to constantly switch items by taking your thumb off the joy stick in order to tap on a analog this causes you to become dependent upon whatever you have equipped most of the time because you need to keep moving to stay alive. This probably is no issue for mouse an keyboard but on a controller its very flawed an I think had they thought about this when making the game they could of not added so many new items to make you like the predator with shoulder mounted grenades amd kept it simple .

    Also the only things they seem to of done is nerf the doom slayer while boosting the demons by giving them bullet sponge health even after taking out their weak points, the shotgun is nerfed to hardly do any damage so it seems unless its to basic demons. They added a ton of abilities for guns yet on a controller their are to many to try an switch during combat to an effective way unless they greatly increase the slow time effect while choosing the weapon.

    Its becoming rather boring already after about 12 hours in because its pretty much acrobatic BS to find your way around a level an to collect all the collectables so you can collect other collectibles.

    I cannot say that I enjoy this game as much as I did Doom 2016 because they seem to of tried to add so many new things that it ruined it pretty much, had they kept the same gun play without adding in all these extra features to try an wow the players I think they would of done better but all things swinging around like a ape BS has me pretty much thinking the game is a steaming puke compared to the previous iteration. Fan boys will probably want to flame me but I was really looking forward to this game an I feel like it missed the mark because they didn't follow the KISS method of game development an they over thought it all so it doesn't feel like a doom game to me but a knock off of one.

    I would say this is probably not a good game for people who have accessibility issues or arthritis.

    For now I will leave my rating where it is an see if they fix the movement issue an for future iteration I hope they try not to mimic other games or scifi items.

    The longer I play this game the worse it gets, the devs lack any ability to be creative with their enemy AI the best their dumb @sses can come up with it lets give everything a **** shield an make it move real fast an give the players no ammo. Going to to avoid ever bying another doom game again now way to go **** idiots.

    The multiplayer is trash as well you can't use the same abilities as in the game the bfg does no dmg unless you score a direct hit on a player demon, then you start off with hardly any ammo while the player demons can constantly summon demons to attack you an since no one uses a mic even when you play as a demon the **** idiots get killed because they try to solo the slayer. All in all the game is **** all around just like hugo martins idea of being a swinging monkey.
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  3. Mar 20, 2020
    Great game ruined by jumping...DOOM 2016 was better. If i would jump like idiot i would play Mario...