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  1. Sep 29, 2017
    My opinion on sports games comes down entirely to two factors: how good is the career mode, and how well does it represent the sport. And on both those counts, FIFA 18 delivers in spades.
  2. 95
    There’s a very human and relatable story to be found in Alex Hunter’s latest chapter, and those who just want polished gameplay will find just that in its many different modes.
  3. Sep 22, 2017
    FIFA 18 perfectly combines amazing graphics with the new motion technology to create an immersive realistic gameplay. EA Sports did a good job with mastering the Frostbite engine.
  4. Oct 13, 2017
    FIFA 18 does enough to better its predecessor thanks to new player animations and improvements to the gameplay. Although repetitive, the revamped transfer system is intriguing and part two of Alex’s story in The Journey: Hunter Returns makes FIFA 18 the best in the series to date.
  5. Playstation Official Magazine UK
    Nov 20, 2017
    No huge changes have been made on the pitch, but thanks to improvements to The Journey and Ultimate Team, this is the most comprehensive and beautiful game of football on PS4. [December 2017, p.84]
  6. Games Master UK
    Nov 2, 2017
    Sharper players, a fab campaign, and FUT's increased value make FIFA 18 a match made in heaven. [Nov 2017, p.66]
  7. Oct 20, 2017
    With FIFA 18 you will have the most fun games of football and the most infuriating; you’ll find plenty to do but perhaps only do one of those things. You’ll enjoy the holistic slickness of it all and the fact pretty much everything is licensed appropriately. You’ll do this until FIFA 19 comes out, too.
  8. Oct 12, 2017
    It is an all-around great new instalment in FIFA series, and Journey mode is a great experience.
  9. Sep 29, 2017
    FIFA 18’s new additions and modes make it the most compelling FIFA experience to date, and the franchise continues to demonstrate why it’s the best football game in the business. Minor complaints aside, FIFA 18 is the biggest and most welcoming football game to date.
  10. Sep 28, 2017
    FIFA 18 is still seductively deep and delivers excitement. It gave me the feeling that there is still so much to learn about what appears to be a rather straightforward sport, and that the game would gladly help me understand. This is always the time of year when I ask myself why I don’t just spend all of my time playing FIFA, and FIFA 18 poses the question more forcefully than ever.
  11. 90
    FIFA has rectified the majority of its shortcomings, providing a confident marriage of fluid, dynamic never-say-die football and just enough content to undoubtedly tie footballing fans over for as long as their free time permits. Simply put, this is best FIFA in years.
  12. Sep 25, 2017
    FIFA continues to show no signs of slowing down its dominance, as this year’s title further enhances the consistently enjoyable gameplay thanks to improvements to the on-field animations and varied, but realistic presentation. The core modes could have been better off with a similar amount of enhancements, particularly FUT and Career’s reliance on an unnecessarily complex menu system, but as a whole, FIFA 18 will once again reign supreme as one of this year’s most accessible and crowd-pleasing titles both in and outside of its genre.
  13. Sep 25, 2017
    FIFA 18 is a huge step forward for the series. Deep gameplay and rich game modes are combined in an excellent package. EA Sports has to give more juice to the defensive part of the pitch.
  14. Sep 25, 2017
    The best footballing package available, with myriad improvements – yet still unlikely to convert fans of the opposition.
  15. Sep 21, 2017
    FIFA 18 reached me faster with its massive stadium atmosphere and the abundant improvements.
  16. Sep 21, 2017
    When all is said and done, FIFA 18 is a game I can get behind. A lot of the small annoyances have been fixed from last year, especially regarding player movements, and there’s nothing like diving full force into The Journey with Alex Hunter. There’s also the gorgeous graphics; it’s truly a work of art when you stop and take it all in. The lack of FUT improvements knock it down a peg, but all in all the title is worth sinking your cash and time into. If anything, you’ll love the way Rolando’s perfect sculpted hair deflects the wind in one of the most beautiful stadiums ever constructed as those rowdy Real Madrid fans engage in a bit of tomfoolery. Just remember to take it all it and enjoy the ride.
  17. Sep 21, 2017
    FIFA 18 literally launches fireworks into the sky. The game is a real football holiday, and this year it's no less bright than before.
  18. Sep 21, 2017
    Though problems with some of its various modes persist, for my money FIFA 18 is the greatest package the series has offered since EA's last overhaul in the form of FIFA 12.
  19. Sep 20, 2017
    FIFA 18 is the purest matchmaking game in the world.
  20. Sep 20, 2017
    FIFA 18 is a more finished and mature title than last year. The game combining a handful of novelties well-studied with the formula and content package that for years has made it an absolute must for fans.
  21. Sep 20, 2017
    FIFA 18 is a very good football game, probably the best coming out this year, with new gameplay that is more slow-paced and gives more space to players with great technique. The AI is eventually more Human, but the keepers are worse than the previous year. FUT is great as usual, and The Journey two brings the new modes of FIFA to a whole new level.
  22. Sep 20, 2017
    By accentuating its prior positives and offering real and tangible improvements to gameplay, FIFA 18 excels and is slightly better than last year's solid entry.
  23. Sep 28, 2017
    Like in previous years, FIFA 18 it's a game that fans of soccer will appreciate the most. There's different ways that you can enjoy of its contents and when you are through with one of them, you can continue with another one that has several differences. Either that you just like to play with your buddies at parties, compete with thousands of fans online from around the world, or whether you'd like to relish on a good story in The Journey. But we have to admit that the novelties are scarce on comparison with last years entry.
  24. Sep 24, 2017
    It doesn’t bring as many additions as it did last year, but it still is a great football game and continues to tweak its gameplay to get even better.
  25. Sep 22, 2017
    FIFA 18 is one of the most solid, balanced and complete EA game. Excellent in terms of gameplay, full of great modes and stunning visuals.
  26. Sep 21, 2017
    FIFA 18 shows Alex Hunter moving into a wider world of football, and while that story experience is absorbing, it also reveals how much work areas like the career mode – which hasn't meaningfully changed in years – need. It's still worth it to play all the modes the title has to offer, but this is a title that caters to its superstar.
  27. Sep 21, 2017
    FIFA 18 is still at its prime, but this time it comes with fewer enhancements and new mechanics than last year's entry. The Frostbite engine is now under serious work and there are several new game modes, although Ultimate Team is still the king within this game.
  28. Sep 29, 2017
    FIFA 18 improves the previous game in every aspect, with the Frostbite engine which takes animation and physics to a brand new level of quality. The gameplay is fun and lets you play a wonderful offensive football, while the new full manual defense is quite harsh to manage. Overall, the game offers a huge and deep football experience, thanks to a solid single player (with the new Career mode and the awesome second season of The Journey) and endless multiplayer action.
  29. FIFA 18 is best football game we've ever played. But that doesn't EA Sports is doing its best. The progression of the whole series is still not fast enough.
  30. Sep 20, 2017
    FIFA 18 doesn't show a lot of changes to the core gameplay of the series, but it brings a lot of improvements in its various game modes, as well as a better atmosphere to the stadiums and a new chapter in Alex Hunter's journey that has managed to learn from its past mistakes.
  31. Oct 30, 2017
    FIFA 18 is the most gorgeous-looking soccer title to date. This is the second time the Frostbite engine has been used for the FIFA games, so the change may not seem as dramatic, but the development team has been able to achieve what it wanted with the engine. The title features tight and responsive gameplay as well as better visuals. Additionally, the Ultimate Team mode is by far one of the most interesting and encouraging ranking systems I've seen in video games. For those looking to dive head-first into a soccer game, FIFA 18 is your best choice.
  32. Oct 9, 2017
    FIFA 18 brings back Alex Hunter and makes his story better. With a detailed focus on the protagonist’s many complicated relationships, this new Alex Hunter tale is the best narrative in a sports game. There are some smaller tweaks needed on the pitch that seem to be getting ignored, but FIFA 18 has hints that those issues are slowly being addressed. FIFA continues to be one of the best sports titles on the market.
  33. Oct 6, 2017
    It is the little things added to FIFA that always set the game apart. The stadiums, the feel of the game, even trash blowing across the pitch make you feel like you are in a real match. EA has been on a mission to make all of these elements a strong part of the game to put any fan into the matchday insanity. We had a lot of fun with FIFA 2018 and will continue to play for a while.
  34. Oct 4, 2017
    Strangely enough, it's become easier to score goals and more difficult to avoid them... Which, at times, turns FIFA 18 into an absurd festival of goals. However, if you don't mind an occasional dose of ridiculousness, you'll definitely enjoy this newest iteration in EA's long-running franchise.
  35. Sep 22, 2017
    FIFA 18 has a great tempo and offers good field occupation that make new tactics and actions possible. FIFA 18 is a full package, especially thanks to the addition of female teams, Ultimate Team and The Journey.
  36. Sep 21, 2017
    It might not be the most greatly improved FIFA ever, but FIFA 18 still feels amazing and has a couple of subtle but nice enhancements in its gameplay.
  37. Sep 21, 2017
    The game’s focus on the art of defending and the long-awaited addition of authentic player styles makes the play experience a joy to take part in
  38. Oct 13, 2017
    FIFA 18 is a solid continuation of this authentic and highly polished sports franchise that still manages to make meaningful strides forward.
  39. Oct 19, 2017
    Attacking is more fun and spectacular in FIFA 18 and the game offers a huge package which will definitely water your mouth if you're a football fan. That's why it is such a pity defending is less fun and some new features are somewhat unpolished.
  40. Sep 28, 2017
    FIFA is one of the longest running game franchises, appearing almost every year for 25 years. For die-hard fans, buying every new edition is just a way of life – and with improvements across the board, they won’t be disappointed this year. However for more casual players who purchased last year’s FIFA 17, all you’ll really be missing out on is the new player rosters, strips, and a few extra nice-to-haves.
  41. Oct 18, 2017
    A good soccer experience with loads of spectacular dribblings, speed and a lot of action in the box. But compared to the last years it feels more arcadey.
  42. Sep 28, 2017
    Ultimately, FIFA 18 introduces enough new ideas to suggest it’s not sitting on the laurels of its success. However, it’s a simplified experience, one that fails to embrace the complexity of football at the highest level. Its focus on attack makes for spectacular matches, but they often feel like extravagant offensive training sessions than a proper match with depth and strategy.
  43. CD-Action
    Dec 19, 2017
    By rebuilding the animation system the developers managed to significantly improve footballers’ responsiveness, which results in more fluent gameplay and lets you perform tighter maneuvers. That makes attacking a real joy, but in my opinion turned defense into frustrating chore that requires too much precision. [12/2017, p.42]
  44. Oct 13, 2017
    This is probably the most complete and rich sports game that has ever been created with tons of content and amazing graphics. But that doesn’t mean it is free from flaws like the problematic A.I. and the toned down defense that actually creates many issues with the gameplay.
  45. Oct 6, 2017
    Somehow, EA has managed to refine and hone the modern FIFA formula to an even greater degree with FIFA 18. Last year we questioned what more the developer could possibly do to keep the series from stagnating, and it turns out that making a slew of welcome smaller adjustments across the board can really impact the big picture. Some will roll their eyes, but FIFA 18 is yet another fantastic footie sim -- one that takes the ball from the already great FIFA 17 and runs with it.
  46. Oct 4, 2017
    There is no revolution in the gameplay but modern FIFA never needed one. This year's edition has a slower game pace, improved player positioning and more focus on individual player stats. Thanks to all that FIFA 18 is more tactical but as entertaining as ever.
  47. 80
    With its emphasis on attacking play and improved shooting, FIFA 18 will appeal to fans looking for fun rather than just obsessive realism. Add to that heaps of addictive singleplayer gameplay and all the usual Ultimate Team and online modes for the series' core fanbase and this FIFA is not just the best one yet, but probably the most fun too.
  48. Sep 29, 2017
    As usual a new Fifa means an improvement from last year version, this time a small one. The physics and the AI is better, as are the visuals – with leads to a better game overall. Not but a large margin, though.
  49. Sep 27, 2017
    While there perhaps isn’t a huge amount of headline features to shout about in FIFA 18, its nip and tucks make for the most-rounded and compelling FIFA in a good few years. Both on and off the pitch.
  50. Sep 27, 2017
    There’s no question that EA’s behemoth delivers bang for its megabucks.
  51. Sep 27, 2017
    FIFA 18 is a solid entry into the FIFA series, but while there have been some changes over last year’s iteration, they aren’t so big that they make an essential purchase. Personally I found attacking smoother and defending a little harder to get hold of, while The Journey fun, if a bit dragged out. However where it matters FIFA 18 is a very good representation of the beautiful game, and Ultimate Team will have a firm grip on players over the next year again. Does FIFA remain the king of the pitch though? I’d say its pretty even nowadays.
  52. Sep 25, 2017
    FIFA 18 is the best FIFA game in years. There are some obvious flaws — some of which are more frustrating than others — but as a complete package, the series is making progress, once again.
  53. Sep 25, 2017
    The improvements are slight, but this is still the best FIFA has been in several years – in terms of gameplay as well as just presentation.
  54. Sep 22, 2017
    Fifa 18 is a better version of what we have played before, but it also has the same issues we have experienced before. Thankfully those are tiny issues that do not bother us in playing many, many fun soccer matches.
  55. Sep 21, 2017
    FIFA 18 doesn’t feel like as drastic an improvement as its predecessor did over FIFA 16. Its improvements to offensive play certainly allow for some spectacular goals to be scored and help the fluidity of play. Unfortunately, these same improvements result in a fairly one-sided battle between attack and defense.
  56. Sep 21, 2017
    A revamped manager career mode and the second chapter of The Journey are both wonderful experiences, and while some aspects of gameplay have been addressed such as crossing and more tactical runs, there are still some glaring problems that weren't addressed. The game is still enjoyable, but this franchise can't rest on its laurels anymore.
  57. Sep 21, 2017
    FIFA 18 relies a little too much on back-patting and the illusion of choice during its story mode, but it’s still remarkable how well Electronic Arts managed to tell the tale of Alex Hunter and his family. The soccer on the field more than backs up the writing, with rewarding gameplay that can entertain even those who normally hate the sport. Just make sure that you carve out plenty of time and say farewell to your family members for the foreseeable future, because you’re going to need all the extra time you can get.
  58. Sep 20, 2017
    The action on the field is a bit more nuanced; the presentation has been spruced up; and there's a new chapter of the Journey to digest. But at its heart, FIFA 18 is much the same as its always been: the sort of fast and frantic soccer game you play on the couch with your friends. And that makes it plenty fun.
  59. 80
    FIFA 18 plays an attractive and attacking brand of football that champions the pageantry of the game. But the Frostbite engine is the true star, offering up a staggering vision of "The Beautiful Game".
  60. Oct 13, 2017
    FIFA 18 makes some notable and important changes both on and off the pitch, but it’s a formula that still often feels at odds with itself. And while EA is trying to recapture its former glory with the series, it continues to lose ground to the competition. Even if FIFA 18 is the best entry in the series for some time.
  61. games(TM)
    Nov 3, 2017
    If you're looking for a football simulation then grab a copy of PES 2018. If you want a dramatic series of events with every match you play then get FIFA 18. [Issue#194, p.75]
  62. Nov 3, 2017
    Looking at and playing through FIFA 18, you’ll always have mixed feelings about it. The game is still very fun, but there’s almost zero improvements from the last year’s release. FIFA needs new blood, and needs it now, as PES is improving fast.
  63. Oct 24, 2017
    FIFA 18 is certainly an upgrade on FIFA 17 and undoubtedly the franchise is going in the right direction, but with the same flaws still remaining it is hard to solely focus on the positives. The game needs balancing out as far too much of the game is focused on attacking, rather than the grittier and more tactical side of football. FIFA 18 is superb to look at with the slick menus, pre-match changes, vast licences, wonderfully represented stadiums, and player images, but changes to its gameplay are a necessity for me. Having played PES 2018 and FIFA 18 this year, I can comfortably say PES takes the award for being the best football game, but FIFA still has the greater depth to it, and is the more sociable game of the two.
  64. 70
    FIFA 18 is not the video game manifestation of the beautiful game I would have liked it to be, but as general entertainment, it is still pretty good. It is the equivalent of watching a silly comedy: anyone can do it for hours and hours, and although they won’t come out better people for it they will not feel like they completely wasted their time. Yours truly likes FIFA 18’s tactical leanings in particular, but I don’t think real life football needs to worry about the virtual outdoing the real yet. At least not till FIFA’s 2018 World Cup edition.
  65. Sep 29, 2017
    FIFA 18 might be the best FIFA ever made, but you can hardly tell, as changes and improvements are becoming increasingly harder to spot. The result is yet another FIFA that is solid, well made and sort of boring.
  66. Sep 25, 2017
    FIFA 18 is by no means a perfect game, the lack of customization and emotionless animations from players puts the game back a few steps, but this is not a bad game. Whether you have been on a FIFA hiatus or you are a long-time veteran, you should come back to this series — if only for the single-player content.
  67. Sep 21, 2017
    It's off the pitch that EA excels. From the variety of game modes on offer and how everything's presented, to the constant updates in FUT's Team of the Week, Daily Objectives, and discussion of real-world happenings in commentary, FIFA 18 captures the world of football and confidently translates it into a video game. On the pitch, however, EA's soccer series is still lagging far behind PES 2018's more fluid, satisfying football.
  68. Sep 20, 2017
    Definitely solid in terms of presentation and game modes, even though The Journey is still far from perfect, FIFA 18 sadly feels like a FIFA 17.5 with a lot of emphasis on attack - which can please a lot of players but not those who are looking for something fresh and some football games with a realistic pace.
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  1. Sep 25, 2017
    High-scoring fun from EA Sports, but FIFA 18 is an unspectacular upgrade. [Recommended]
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  1. Sep 26, 2017
    EA sports you're like an ex girlfriend. I only remember the good times, but once we're back together all the bad memories come back. EveryEA sports you're like an ex girlfriend. I only remember the good times, but once we're back together all the bad memories come back. Every time I hope you've changed, yet now I realise it's not you, but me. I need to move on and let go, you will never be what I look for in a video game... Full Review »
  2. Sep 30, 2017
    Same BS as last year but just slightly different graphics. SCRIPTING is still here like who doesn't love to lose 1-2 with 10 shots against 2?Same BS as last year but just slightly different graphics. SCRIPTING is still here like who doesn't love to lose 1-2 with 10 shots against 2? Who doesn't love it that you suddenly can't pass from 60th - 90th minute? In the meanwhile your opponent can pass from one side of the field to the other side with sokratis. Who doesn't like to lose whilst being better? In this game, you can! Skill games are boring af and can be annoying.

    It's no wonder the reviewgrades are going down each year.
    Full Review »
  3. Oct 2, 2017
    84 Score? Its all about the money, money, money. Game is like every year, same engine, laggy, non fluid, poor gameplay, no joy at all. PES 1884 Score? Its all about the money, money, money. Game is like every year, same engine, laggy, non fluid, poor gameplay, no joy at all. PES 18 is smooth like butter vs this. Boooooring. Full Review »