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  1. Sep 4, 2019
    At least in the time that I’ve spent with it, I’ve not noticed any significant issues with sound, graphics and so on. It plays, looks, and sounds just like a remember it, with a new coat of paint tossed on top to make the overall look a little more appealing. There’s not a lot else to say about Final Fantasy VIII Remastered, other than you should absolutely pick this up when you have a chance, it’s easily the best version of the game available.
  2. 100
    Obviously Final Fantasy VIII looks technically primitive today in comparison to the newer titles out there. However, all the elements of a truly great JRPG are in there. There’s the incredible, nuanced, and philosophically valuable narrative, the wonderful characters (aside form Zell), a vivid art direction that shines through, even if the technical blocks are basic, and a soundtrack that will never age. Final Fantasy VIII is a masterpiece, and I’m glad that it’s now properly accessible on newer consoles.
  3. 95
    Final Fantasy VIII Remastered is nothing more or less than a must buy. The graphical updates aren’t perfect, but the story, setting, and soundtrack remain as enchanting as ever. More importantly, Final Fantasy VIII Remastered’s watertight combat mechanics and progression system still feel as revolutionary now as they did back in 1999; pushing the limits of the traditional JRPG to produce something that manages to feel wholly unique within an ever crowded genre.
  4. 90
    As long as you can get the hang of the unique and intricate combat system, Final Fantasy VIII Remastered delivers one of the most enthralling narratives in the long running franchise that still holds up 20 years later.
  5. Sep 2, 2019
    Final Fantasy spent a decade constructing idols and Final Fantasy VIII demolished every one of them. Its elaborate, extravagant, and chaotic parade of ideas marched toward an evolutionary dead end and ensured there would never be another game like Final Fantasy VIII. Even by Remastered’s distressing modernization, Final Fantasy VIII’s paradigm shifting idiosyncrasies still showcase one of the most fearless and contemplative models of its medium. Final Fantasy VIII is a classic for people immune to the charms of classics.
  6. Sep 12, 2019
    The return of Final Fantasy VIII is a cause for celebration. The work of DotEmu is worthy of admiration because they have delivered what can easily be the best of the remastering of the Final Fantasy games of that time.
  7. 85
    Final Fantasy VIII Remastered is the definitive version of this game. The core experience is still here, but with some added flourishes, mainly the beautiful character models. But other additions, like the “cheats,” can also add up to make this a much more inviting experience for all fans. Final Fantasy VIII is one of the strangest entries in the Final Fantasy pantheon, but that’s what makes it so special at the end of the day.
  8. Sep 3, 2019
    If you’re a Final Fantasy VIII fanatic like myself, or just simply a Final Fantasy fan, this is a must pick up. If you’re new to the series and never had the pleasure of delving into the classics of the JRPG era, I highly recommend you pick this one up. They don’t make em like this anymore and it’s well worth the time and money to get to play this classic once again.
  9. Sep 2, 2019
    A wonderful story that is now supported by great looking characters and backgrounds, Final Fantasy VIII is worth the pickup twenty years after it's initial launch.
  10. Sep 2, 2019
    Final Fantasy VIII Remastered is the perfect way to revisit this classic or experience it for the first time. Its themes are more relevant than ever, and its battle system, while flawed in some aspects, is weird, fun, and encourages creativity.
  11. Sep 9, 2019
    You can hate or love this specific game, as it is one of the few in the Final Fantasy saga that did not fall well in general. We have loved him, even with the imperfections that remastering has. It is almost just a conversion with a better resolution and a somewhat more "current" modeling. Similarly, this should not matter much, because what stands out in this game, and most of the classic Final Fantasy of the 90s, is its history. If you enjoyed this title in its original version, you will love this remastering.
  12. Oct 23, 2019
    Improved 3D models and an acceleration option make Final Fantasy 8 Remastered the best way to play the original game again - but that requires you have to like this old, somewhat polarizing game.
  13. Playstation Official Magazine UK
    Oct 22, 2019
    The remastering has been handled sloppily, and accessibility additions are flawed, but the game underneath still stands proud. A good jumping-on point for new players. [Issue#168, p.87]
  14. Sep 25, 2019
    Final Fantasy VIII Remastered is a battle against time. Story is surely great, and we love all the characters, and a lot of nostalgia is there for the die hard fans of the series, but on the other side, the visuals and gameplay mechanics are dated and can't be compared with even mediocre 8th gen titles. In the end, FFVIIIR is nothing more than a game built to take full advantage of the hype set by FFVIIR.
  15. Sep 15, 2019
    It's difficult not to be delighted that the most misunderstood Final Fantasy game is finally getting another chance to shine. As we all known, Squall and the rest of the Seed gangs adventures are a bit difficult to keep up with, especially for those who are used to the traditional stories from other games. And we probably would have preferred that all the characters in the game received the same treatment as our main characters regarding models. But we still dare to say that anyone who looks beyond the unusual, and gives part eight a fair chance, can look forward to perhaps the most unique game in the series.
  16. Sep 9, 2019
    Final Fantasy VIII Remastered is lacking a fair bit of polish in some areas, and it isn't the easiest Final Fantasy to recommend to everyone, but it's a piece of history in Square Enix's storied life. This is easily the best and most accessible version of the game you can get today, and I'm so glad it's finally getting a bit more love and attention. FFVIII embraces its weirdness and quirks to full effect, and it's definitely worth giving a shot if you're curious. With this release, I hope a lot more people realise this game is better than many made it out to be back in the day.
  17. Sep 3, 2019
    Released long after the successive reissues of the other two Final Fantasy of the PlayStation, Final Fantasy VIII Remastered does not suffer from the defects found in these different versions (loop music, mobile interface of bad taste ...) and therefore legitimately bears his name. Nothing extraordinary compared to the original game, no additional content offered to fans for example, but a new quality varnish that enhances the original experience and allows you to dive in the best way possible.
  18. Sep 3, 2019
    It's easy to see why Final Fantasy VIII is considered one of the series' most divisive entries, but its story and gameplay systems remain unique 20 years after its original release. Final Fantasy VIII Remastered has its flaws -- the draw system is still a total pain in the arse -- but there's a magic and atmosphere to Squall's often mental adventure that's incredibly endearing. This is a PlayStation classic given a new lease of life, and it's still way more interesting than the majority of Japanese RPGs hitting our consoles today.
  19. Sep 3, 2019
    Final Fantasy VIII Remastered is a nice occasion to revisit Rinoa and Squall's adventure for those who've already played the original, albeit more could have been done to make the game more appealing for modern audiences.
  20. 80
    Nothing new in this remaster of Final Fantasy VIII, but even after twenty years, the title remains a great game, to discover and play again.
  21. Sep 2, 2019
    Final Fantasy VIII Remastered is the best version of the game ever and is fantastic for the gamers with nostalgic feelings, but for newcomers the 20-year-old graphics and design take a while. Fortunately the gameplay is still great.
  22. Sep 2, 2019
    The original FF VIII was a masterpiece full of imperfections, and so is this remaster. There are some “quality of life” additions and minor visual enhancements, but its magic still remains.
  23. Sep 2, 2019
    Final Fantasy 8 Remastered is the definitive way to play the RPG classic. There are no inherent flaws of this port beyond the portions of the original game that have aged poorly. For the most part, the story and gameplay has held up over time and Squall’s adventure is better than most give it credit for being.
  24. Sep 4, 2019
    All in all, Final Fantasy VIII: Remastered is a solid port. The new character models look nice, and the additional features are all welcome. At its core, it's still Final Fantasy 8, and almost nothing has changed about it. If you were a fan of the original, you'll like the remaster, and if you weren't, then it's unlikely this will change your mind. This is likely the definitive version of the game, blurry backgrounds and all, and it's well worth picking up for anyone who's looking to experience FF8 for the first time.
  25. Sep 3, 2019
    Final Fantasy VIII Remastered is at the same time the joy of all the old fans and a lazy job.
  26. Sep 3, 2019
    Final Fantasy VIII Remastered reintroduces this iconic RPG from the 90's to the present, accompanied by beautiful graphics that will stand the test of time. However, the original problems with the gameplay continued in this version.
  27. Sep 3, 2019
    The 20-year-old Final Fantasy VIII has been resurected by this Remastered with several really useful cheats. We appreciate the new 3D models but, once again, the 4/3 ratio, and some missing features that are standard on Zodiac Age, for example, feels a bit sad.
  28. Sep 2, 2019
    The essence of Final Fantasy VIII is all there is, and every element of the game is there in its place like two decades ago, but the aspect with which it presents itself highlights the little care dedicated to the graphics sector.
  29. Oct 28, 2019
    Overall, it's not a bad remaster, it's mediocre. The game itself, however, is great. Pick it up.
  30. Oct 1, 2019
    Final Fantasy VIII Remastered showcases the definitive version of a game that has withstood the test of time. The story and characters are still engaging, the score sounds as beautiful as ever, and the art-design looks impressive. The game is much more enjoyable with the remaster’s new features, which help alleviate the issues with the archaic controls and the experimental Junction system. Players who had once despised the PlayStation edition due to its sluggish nature may be enticed to give Final Fantasy VIII a second chance with the remastered edition. I surely enjoyed this adventure more on the second go-round.
  31. 70
    Final Fantasy VIII Remastered takes a 20-year-old game and polishes it to HD standards -- sort of. While the core gameplay remains intact, as does the epic story, this half-hearted remaster leaves fans wanting more.
  32. Sep 23, 2019
    Final Fantasy VIII remastered looks better than the original in a lot of ways. While the game deserved much more love than it got, The story is great and the there are options for newcomers to make things easier. Worth it to check out.
  33. Sep 10, 2019
    On the overall spectrum of FF titles, while not the worst, FF8 is neatly placed in the middle — some great ideas, but at the cost of a confusing tale.
  34. Sep 2, 2019
    Final Fantasy VIII Remastered is a prime example of how to do a remaster well. Improved graphics modernize the experience, and modifiers help alleviate the grind issues. That said, I’ve always felt FFVIII needed real gameplay changes. It won’t get that in a remaster, and as such, those who didn’t like the game before won’t like it now. If what you disliked in the original was the grind, put your eyes on this remaster. And if you loved FFVIII in the past or are a curious newcomer, this is the best version of the game by far.
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  1. Sep 2, 2019
    Squall and his gang are welcome in my home anytime.
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  1. Sep 3, 2019
    FF 8 censured in the west, dont buy
    **** Square Enix
  2. Sep 3, 2019
    Arguably the best version of a already great game, Final Fantasy VIII Remastered updated visuals hit right in the nostalgia, showing the gameArguably the best version of a already great game, Final Fantasy VIII Remastered updated visuals hit right in the nostalgia, showing the game precisely as we fond remembered it from being, not actually as it was.

    The new perks are useful for people who have been playing this for the last 20 years, but if we play as it meant to be, it's gold.

    Although it has its flaws, with some rendering problems, showing old models sometimes, it has nothing to criticize. A huge amount of work has been done, problems like the long unstoppable tutorials are away. The songs hit hard in the nostalgia.

    It's impossible to not recommend to anyone who love or at least has interest in JRPG. nothing to be criticize
    Full Review »
  3. Sep 3, 2019
    Honestly it is the game you originally loved or hated but with a new cote of paint. I'm happy to see 8 get a remake but if you loved or hatedHonestly it is the game you originally loved or hated but with a new cote of paint. I'm happy to see 8 get a remake but if you loved or hated it previously this will not change your mind. Full Review »