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  1. Dec 9, 2019
    Life is Strange 2 is one of the best stories in video games. It tackles a lot and handles all of it with grace. It’s emotional, evocative, heartwarming, and heartbreaking. Every choice you make matters not only to you, but also to those around you. The journey of the brothers Diaz is one you absolutely need to take.
  2. Playstation Official Magazine UK
    Jan 9, 2020
    A refined followup with a totally new cast to fall in love with. You should absolutely play Life Is Strange 2. But you might want a box of tissues ready for the ending. [Issue#171, p.85]
  3. Jan 9, 2020
    This is put simply a beautiful poignant game that begs to be played. It is so thoughtful that anyone who does buy Life is Strange 2 is going to feel something when playing it. It is an experience that you will not soon forget after completion. I hope that you take that time like I did to fully go through and savour a game that is truly a joy to play.
  4. Dec 16, 2019
    Living in America as a kid with brown skin has never been harder, or more frightening, and the game is a harsh primer in that fact.
  5. Dec 10, 2019
    Dontnod revisits their universe with a narrative-heavy video game filled with difficult choices and supernatural powers. This time, though, they show courage by distancing themselves from the story of the original game and by discussing complicated themes. Complex, political and with a powerful message, everybody should play Life is Strange 2.
  6. Dec 6, 2019
    Despite a quite disappointing beginning, the story of Life is Strange 2 gets more and more intense and climaxes in the final episode, which concludes an incredible adventure that lasted more than a year.
  7. Dec 22, 2019
    Quotation forthcoming.
  8. Dec 6, 2019
    Life Is Strange 2 isn’t some pleasant walk in the park, but a perilous slog across the country, staring adversity in the face and overcoming it in search of freedom and a fresh start. It’s not always comfortable to watch, but it’s a journey well worth taking for fans of the series, and narrative-driven experiences in general.
  9. Dec 4, 2019
    A good narrative adventure, less impactful than the first Life is Strange, but a great message.
  10. Dec 4, 2019
    While the first Life is Strange was a fantastic story that I felt stumbled to the finish line, Life is Strange 2 feels the opposite. It started rough and gradually grew into a strong tale of sibling's rasing one another. How they go about raising one another is ultimately up to you.
  11. Dec 9, 2019
    Life is Strange 2 is able to tell one of those stories that are hard to forget. It feels like a step back from the original, but if you get emotionally involved with the characters, it will stay with you.
  12. Dec 8, 2019
    Life is Strange 2 takes the familiar formula and delivers it on a grander scale while tackling difficult topics across the USA. If you're playing it for the story, you won't be disappointed but don't expect much from the gameplay.
  13. Jan 6, 2020
    Life is Strange 2 is a worthy sequel to both Life is Strange and Before the Storm. The game can't compete with either of them, but makes for a good third game. The story of Sean and Daniel is compelling and keeps you interested. Although there is a quiet episode in the middle of the story and not everything makes the impact you expect.
  14. Apr 12, 2021
    Anyone that enjoyed the original Life is Strange and opted not to give a chance to this sequel should reconsider right away. The story may not deliver the same impact or suspense, but this is a poignant narrative that many should find a degree of relatability to, with extremely likeable characters in the form of Sean and Daniel. With the full season discounted often and a new game on the horizon, this is a great time to journey south with the Diaz brothers.
  15. Apr 10, 2020
    Different from its predecessor, Life is Strange 2 brings more political themes to the table. Protagonist Sean’s little brother Daniel has supernatural powers, but is too young to distinguish between good and evil, and it is up to the player how you want to guide him. While interesting in theory, this results in a gameplay experience based almost entirely on making decisions, and supernatural elements are not put into use as cleverly as in the original Life is Strange. This makes Life is Strange 2 feel like it lacks focus, because most of its political themes are not fleshed out enough, and the ones that do work don’t really need supernatural elements in the first place.
  16. Dec 4, 2019
    Life Is Strange 2 has a better core relationship at the heart of its game, but it fails them with the episodic adventure's at times boring, formulaic episode structure; something its predecessor did not suffer from. Some of the story beats are preachy and unearned. Where Life Is Strange 2 hits its stride is more a technical feat: in how its core relationship between brothers Sean and Daniel becomes a game mechanic in itself, and how all the choices you make shape Daniel as he grows up.
  17. Dec 9, 2019
    Although Life is Strange 2 offers varied themes and visually exquisite moments, it falters by featuring an unappealing road trip adventure with disconnected episodes that lack character growth. Lethargic pacing and shallow interaction make for a boring sequel about two brothers that should have stayed home.
  18. Dec 23, 2019
    A game with noble intent without the skills to fulfill its potential, showing that sometimes life isn’t strange, but disappointing.
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  1. Dec 6, 2019
    This tale of two brothers marks a more intimate and accomplished return for a studio keen to tackle tough issues with honest characters. [Eurogamer Recommended]
  2. Dec 4, 2019
    By the time I reached the end of Life Is Strange 2’s final episode, I had been on the brink of tears for hours.
  3. Dec 11, 2019
    Yes, it’s a story about a superpowered kid, but the fantastical parts of Life is Strange 2 are just window dressing. What makes the game so good is the way it puts you into situations that will make you wince or squirm, situations you might be fortunate enough to avoid in real life — and then it forces you to discover the choice you’d make in that role.
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  1. Sep 30, 2018
    Weak story with plot twist that doesn't make any sense. Little or none character development and stupid actions that you just have to dealWeak story with plot twist that doesn't make any sense. Little or none character development and stupid actions that you just have to deal with it. Feels like stupid simulator in season 2 and game doesn't have LiS feel in it.

    I loved LiS season one with its dlc BFTS. This season 2 doesn't even feel like LiS game and episode 1 set tone for rest of this season 2.

    Top of that SJW propaganda and seems like dontnod got woke.... I regret that i bought this game and trusted them.
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  2. Oct 10, 2018
    This review is not to criticize the story. The major issue with this game is the lack of characters and the removal of game mechanics. NotThis review is not to criticize the story. The major issue with this game is the lack of characters and the removal of game mechanics. Not only are there much fewer characters, but also your dialog options are reduced so the characters that are there don't get fleshed out. The characters also don't stick around long enough for you to care about them. This game has only one mechanic: looking at things and triggering a cut-scene or dialog. You will do nothing else for the whole game. Full Review »
  3. Oct 24, 2018
    I've been trying to figure out why exactly LiS2 is utter crap in comparison to LiS1, and I think I got it.

    1) The game revolves around the
    I've been trying to figure out why exactly LiS2 is utter crap in comparison to LiS1, and I think I got it.

    1) The game revolves around the plot instead of the characters. In LiS1, it doesn't matter what is happening, since Max and Chloe are so beloved you can cut them out of any plot and paste them into another plot and the game would still be great. In LiS2, the plot IS the game, the two brothers are running for the Mexican border and the entire game revolves around this plot. If you cut out the two brothers and pasted two other generic characters, the game would be no different. That's why it's so bad.

    2) The characters are awful. Instead of Chloe as a sidekick, you get an annoying 9 year old who you have to LITERALLY BABYSIT as you escort him throughout the game. Instead of playing as Max with time traveling abilities, you play as a boring generic high school kid with no powers and who makes the most juvenile irresponsible decisions (to further the plot) that you have no control over.

    3) The plot is awful. Two Mexican Americans running for the Mexican border (because that's a good idea right?) and experiencing racist America along the way. Just garbage and completely lacking in depth, thought, or intelligence. Every character is a 2 dimensional stereotype. In LiS1 characters had depth, their actions weren't black/white they were grey, there was reasoning behind their motives and you had empathy for them, whether it's the controlling step dad or the drug dealer. In LiS2, characters are either 1) Racist or 2) Victims of racism. There's no middleground, every character is either good or evil, and once again all of this is done to further the plot.
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