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Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 7 out of 28
  2. Negative: 1 out of 28
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  1. 85
    Fun at face-value with significant underlying depth, Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 – The Official Video Game bursts off the blocks at lightning speed and doesn’t break stride, pushing for gold and delivering a fun experience along the way. With clean and crisp visuals and gameplay that’s easy to learn and more intense to master, the only jarring thing about it is seeing crowds of people huddled together in the audience – but that could be the 2020 shellshock speaking.
  2. Jun 28, 2021
    While not every event is a winner in Olympic Games Tokyo 2020, the experience is a fun one that is easy enough to pick up and play for family and friends yet still competitive enough to hook players into upping their skills and going for the gold. If you’re a fan of the genre or the Olympics themselves, certainly consider checking it out.
  3. Jul 14, 2021
    Olympic Games Tokyo 2020: The Official Video Game is a collection of sport games that perfectly capture the essence of the old Track ‘n Field series, mixed with the easygoing sport games from 20 years ago. The game is not perfect by any means, and the lack of depth does make it an ill-fit for lone players. But if you are looking for a fun and competitive yet easy to play sports game for both family and friends – this is it.
  4. 80
    An extremely entertaining handful of sports themed mini games with just a few duffers to be found amongst their number, Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 - The Official Video Game distils the longest running athletic spectacle on the planet into a great party game with charming visuals and immediate accessibility. Right now, Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 - The Official Video Game is one of the better party games of the year.
  5. Sep 29, 2019
    In an era where arcade titles are few and far between, Olympic Games Tokyo 2020: The Official Video Game serves as a reminder that SEGA is still the champion of effervescent sports games. A varied selection of events, each with their own addictive gameplay mechanics, makes for an entertaining package with plenty to see and do. Pair this with a vibrant artstyle and some decent online options, and you’ve got the gold standard in athletics right here.
  6. Jul 12, 2021
    The official game to the biggest sports event in the world offers an interesting variety of events to compete in, both online and offline. The controls are surprisingly varied and easy to pick up. The cartoony style might not be to anyone's taste, but the many customizations and wild outfits are a fun note.
  7. Jun 22, 2021
    Overall, SEGA's multi-event title works and will provide decidedly pleasant afternoons and evenings to enjoy as a family in pursuit of the Olympic dream.
  8. Jun 27, 2021
    As one of the better Olympic Video Games, Tokyo 2020 provides a lot of fun whether you prefer playing solo, with a friend, or with folks online. Also, not all of its events may be gold medal worthy but its charming presentation certainly is.
  9. Jun 28, 2021
    While being a solid experience it is somehow stuck in between arcade and simulation. Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 isn't really one nor the other and thus makes it hard to recommend to either casual and core gamers.
  10. Jun 27, 2021
    SEGA tried to give a fresh spin to the classic multievent Olympics game and mostly did. The mix of arcade vibes and quite unusual choices in terms of disciplines works well and the game is fun, but its structure is pretty lacklustre and multiplayer is too much limited to shine properly.
  11. Jun 22, 2021
    Olympic Game Tokyo 2020 offers all the disciplines of the competitions, of course in arcade mode.
  12. PLAY
    Jul 28, 2021
    There’s an extra layer of complexity behind events such as judo that the quick and clear tutorials don’t let on about. This means it’s a game that welcomes people of all ages and skill levels, and allows them to play together. That’s the hashtag Olympic spirit! [Issue#4, p.77]
  13. Jul 5, 2021
    You can feel Sega's spirit everywhere in this arcade Olympics simulator, and even though the 18 different included sports does not offer much gameplay depth, it's still super fun to play especially if you can hook up with some other players online.
  14. Jun 28, 2021
    Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 – The Official Video Game is fun, especially when played with a friend. While some events aren’t as engaging as others, there’s enough variety here that everyone will find something they can enjoy or excel at. The huge range of outfits available to unlock gives completionists a reason to keep going back, but most players will find this best enjoyed in short bursts.
  15. Jun 25, 2021
    Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 is a great sports game but only a decent Olympics game. Nearly all of the 20 (or is it 16?) events offer an enjoyable enough time and only a few are bogged down by mechanics, but once you’ve played them all a couple of times, you’re done. If you dabble in the two player mode regularly or find a game online, it could be a deeper experience, but it just feels like the trimmings aren’t quite there. I won the boxing gold medal as a bunny rabbit maid with blue hair though, so there’s that.
  16. Jun 23, 2021
    If you have friends to play with regularly, I think this Tokyo 2020 is a great option for you, despite inconsistent event quality. There are enough good ones to have a great time, and you can make your own playlists to avoid the bad. For others, though, this is a more difficult recommendation. The single-player modes can be plenty fun, but there’s a lot of sitting around to get to those bursts of enjoyment, and its simplistic nature likely won’t hold your attention for long. I wish I could be confident the online modes will provide a way to keep the fun going, but early signs aren’t favorable. This is the sort of game I once called a great rental. Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 may not win the gold, but at the right price, it could squeak out a bronze.
  17. Jun 23, 2021
    Taken for what it is, Tokyo 2020 works well enough to carve a niche for itself as a surprisingly fun and easy to pick-up multiplayer game for families and parties.
  18. Jun 23, 2021
    Olympic Games Tokyo 2020: The Official Video Game is fine. It would've been nice to get some of the events from the Mario & Sonic series ported over to make this feel more robust compared to Sega's older Olympics titles, but what's here plays well enough if you don't mind some quirks — especially with the team games. The focus on multiplayer is warranted, since that's how the general public will approach it, but it would've been nice if there were more for the solo player to do. If you're looking for a party game and not a serious multi-discipline sports simulation, this isn't a bad choice.
  19. Jun 23, 2021
    Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 is a good game that features a variety of good-to-decent events and a wonderful ability to play alongside friends. The inconsistency of the game’s design with controls and the difficulty arc that spikes hurt the game but aren’t dealbreakers.
  20. Jun 22, 2021
    I've yet to take the game online so I can't comment on how it performs there, but locally Tokyo 2020 is a blast in co-op or played competitively. Whether it's table tennis or boxing, beach volleyball or the FIFA-lite football mode, controls are mostly well explained and fairly intuitive outside of a handful of select events (swimming, for example, is a test of precise timing and controller dexterity). Whether you're a seasoned gamer or not, you will find something here that you will come to really love, playing alongside someone else in a same-sofa scenario.
  21. Jun 22, 2021
    Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 - The Official Videogame doesn't have many sports, but has enough gameplay variety to keep you entertained with the multiplayer, smashing buttons in athleticism or playing arcade versions of football, basketball or baseball. If you're playing solo, it won't last you long.
  22. Jul 6, 2021
    With its arcade orientation, its cartoonish aspect and most of the 18 events that hold up, the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games - The Official Game does its job quite well, although we would probably have preferred a game more in the vein of London 2012 to name but one. However, it remains a fun game to play with family and locally, the multiplayer being deserted. The game alone will not hold you back for long once all the events have been played two or three times.
  23. Jun 22, 2021
    Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games fails to revive the glories of the multi-event classics of the past. The development team's surprising choice in disciplines didn't pay off, with so many events lacking in appeal and quickly becoming boring. There are definitely successful moments (athletics, swimming) and with friends you can spend some pleasant hours, but in the long run there are no real reasons to keep playing and winning gold medals.
  24. Aug 16, 2021
    The base is solid, so are the minigames, but the resulting experience just isn’t deep enough for you to care about for more than a few hours. There’s no career mode and, what’s even more inexplicable, local multiplayer only supports two players. At least there’s a solid editor.
  25. Jul 12, 2021
    The game, with its flamboyant characters, fast action and simple controls, at times resembles ‘Wii Sports’ - still one of the best-selling sports games - and that's a compliment. It is also touching how enthusiastic the diverse participants are, whether they win a medal or lose hopelessly. Even in the virtual Olympics, taking part is more important than winning.
  26. Jul 9, 2021
    Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 – The Official Video Game gives you interesting, perhaps memorable, moments, but the lack of cohesion, the short duration of each event and the shallow gameplay make the game look more like an arcade compilation than an accurate portrayal of the Olympic Games. The fun is undeniable, but the ephemerality of this title is its biggest downfall.
  27. Jun 22, 2021
    It can be fun with friends, but the lack of depth makes the game feel dull and boring way sooner than it should.
  28. LEVEL (Czech Republic)
    Feb 17, 2022
    Squeezing almost twenty sports into one package so that everyone is lively and functional, turned out to be too difficult for the creators. Unfortunately, the game is a lifeless, unbalanced, and the price is exorbitant.
User Score

Generally unfavorable reviews- based on 28 Ratings

User score distribution:
  1. Positive: 9 out of 28
  2. Negative: 13 out of 28
  1. Jan 9, 2023
    Crappy game. Cartoony and with hundreds of sports that nobody cares about. We already have many futbol, baseball, tennis games, we want moreCrappy game. Cartoony and with hundreds of sports that nobody cares about. We already have many futbol, baseball, tennis games, we want more athletism

    I hope someday somebody make good olympic games again, like ESPN sports, Hyperolympic, Atlanta 96, and many others.

    Stop the crappy cartoony and Marios and Sonics make out in the olympic games
    Full Review »
  2. Aug 3, 2022
    Very bad. Just some mini games thrown into an Olympic Games arcade game. Gameplay is obnoxious. OBNOXIOUS. Why wouldn't you put some effort inVery bad. Just some mini games thrown into an Olympic Games arcade game. Gameplay is obnoxious. OBNOXIOUS. Why wouldn't you put some effort in this kind of games and create a simulation with good gameplay? Was done before on 90s console, could be done again Don't spend money for this. Full Review »
  3. Nov 5, 2021
    Overall, Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 is an above-average game that is plagued by some flaws, but it also excels in the pros thanks to its lowOverall, Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 is an above-average game that is plagued by some flaws, but it also excels in the pros thanks to its low genre competition, quality of craftsmanship, some fun and a nice price. The full review is on my gaming site here: Full Review »