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  1. LEVEL (Czech Republic)
    May 15, 2017
    The brilliant Japanese RPG, which nails you to your chair for a hundred hours, and you still feel it's not enough. Finally, the whole world will learn about the exceptionality of this series. [Issue#274]
  2. Playstation Official Magazine Australia
    May 2, 2017
    Is there a more accomplished, accessible, brilliantly precocious example of the modern JRPG? Can’t think of one. [May 2017, p62]
  3. Apr 21, 2017
    It’s the sort of game that only comes around once every few years. It’s a game that is so unique in every aspect that it’d be impossible to mistake a single moment of it for anything else. It’s also a game about real life, despite the wacky hijinks you’ll often find yourself in. It’s about the moments you have with your friends, laughing around a hot pot as you make jokes only those there would understand. It’s within those moments that Persona 5 enters a league of its own, untouched by its contemporaries in every respect.
  4. Apr 20, 2017
    With Persona 5, Atlus has once again proven that it is the master of the modern JRPG. With terrific style, addictive gameplay, and an engaging, thought-provoking story, Persona 5 not only matches, but often exceeds its predecessors, one of which RPGamer even declared its RPG of the Decade back in 2010. It is an exceptionally long game, with most players likely to expect over one hundred hours for a single playthrough, but the investment is well worth it. Persona 5 is a remarkable game that shouldn't be missed.
  5. Apr 18, 2017
    I’m absolutely in love with this game, and if you haven’t given it a shot yet, I think you’ll find a lot to love about Persona 5 too. It’s not a huge departure from Persona 3 or 4, but there’s been some noticeable changes and improvements made that do make a difference, all of which are for the better. The dungeon variations, the stealth mechanics, and even the ease with which you can navigate the overworld map are noticeably better than before. So even if you’ve felt a little lukewarm about the series up until now, I’d still urge you to give Persona 5 a try.
  6. Apr 16, 2017
    While it’s easy to rattle off the merits of the various gameplay systems and gush about the presentation, those aren’t the things that make Persona 5 stick with you. It’s a game that’s willing to comment on the issues of today both in a broader sense and on a personal level. It doesn’t just have typical characters but rather people that you come to know by investing serious time in them. Persona 5 honors the now decades-old Shin Megami Tensei legacy without feeling content to stay within its limits, serving as a prime example of what a modern JRPG should be.
  7. Apr 14, 2017
    Persona 5 isn't just a rank and file member of Japan's streak of game of the year contenders in 2017, it's a blistering RPG masterpiece that cements itself among the all-time greats. Tagging along with the Phantom Thieves of Hearts on their psychedelic capers triggers a contact high of dazzling sights and sounds, with enough thematic depth to match its relentless swagger. It's a game that'll try to steal your own heart, and you'll willingly oblige.
  8. Apr 5, 2017
    Persona 5 is a JRPG that deserves to be played, period. There are few other games that understand their genre as well as Persona 5 does. It knows exactly what Persona fans, JRPG fans, and gamers in general want to see. It’s not just a game, it’s an addiction, and if you give it a shot you too will find yourself playing and replaying Persona 5 for the better part of 2017.
  9. 100
    Persona 5 is a massive game. Dozens upon dozens of hours, even on the critical path, are eaten alive before you even notice it. It achieves this with a level of production that rivals even a Final Fantasy game, albeit on a wildly different plane. There are some hiccups, such as fuzzy textures (this is also on PS3, mind) and some awkward camera/movement, but as soon as the next eye-catching visual effect pops up or the next exciting cutscene with legitimately upsetting villains unravels, it’s like nothing else in your surroundings matters. Persona 5 is special, even more so for people who have been paying attention to this series for the past few decades. Just, you know, clear your calendar for a while.
  10. Apr 4, 2017
    A brilliant way forward for the most traditional side of the JRPG, an example for the genre that should be taking into account for the future.
  11. 100
    Persona 5 may not pull up many trees in terms of innovation, but it refines and refreshes the things that make a great RPG work. The real star of the show however, is the world this RPG inhabits, and the people in it that you come to adore. Persona 5 is something to sink your entire self into, and end up feeling utterly despondent about when you finally have to leave its stylish embrace.
  12. Mar 29, 2017
    At its core this is a spectacular work of contemporary young adult fiction, one with a strong moral core, angled yet never didactic, expansive yet always focused.
  13. Mar 29, 2017
    Girls and boys, Persona 5 is simply the new king of Japanese role playing games, and it may even be 2016's game of the year. The story is so deep, the battle system is so well-executed, the art direction is so amazing and the music is so groovy! I instantly felt in love with this game and I am pretty sure you will too.
  14. Mar 29, 2017
    Atlus has spent the last decade trying to make this niche JPRG franchise more prominent in the west, and Persona 5 deserves to be the game that finally takes the series from obscure to mainstream. Not only is it true to the series’ roots as well as a great starting point for the series, it’s a fantastic game, period. A hundred hours might not even feel like enough time; my first thought upon seeing the credits roll was “Is it too soon for New Game Plus?” Persona 5 is something very special, so never fear, JRPG fans: it was worth the wait.
  15. Mar 29, 2017
    With the most bewitching tale the series has ever told and an incredibly likable cast that rises above their typical archetypes, Persona 5 sings a song of rebellion. Not just against the norm of JRPGs, but of society's oppressive grasp, inspiring its players to rise up as the Phantom Thieves would. In the end, in spite of its minor missteps, Persona 5 has the power to steal the hearts of longterm fans of the series and newcomers alike.
  16. Mar 29, 2017
    Persona 5 is the pinnacle of the JRPG genre, showcasing for one of the few times in history what it's like when a beautiful story is assisted by great gameplay. This is a game with a wonderful personality, and one with more content than just about any other single-player game you can name...Persona 5 might have arrived with subtlety like a cool breeze, but its tailwinds will leave behind a confident and meaningful reminder that JRPGs are alive and well.
  17. Mar 29, 2017
    The voice acting is outstanding, the music is genius, the art style is so slick it'll raise your personal coolness level just from being in close proximity to it. Playing Persona 5 will make your hair glossier, increase your vocal range by an octave and add 7.32 years to your overall life expectancy. Play it enough times and you'll likely not only be able to levitate but also make a perfect omelette while in midair. It's THAT good.
  18. Mar 29, 2017
    Persona 5 sets the benchmark for modern Japanese RPGs: it oozes style, charisma, and polish quite unlike anything we've played. With this fifth entry, the series' trademark formula of dungeon delving and socialising has been perfected. Addictive, engaging gameplay, incredibly endearing characters, and a consistently rewarding narrative loop combine to create a spectacularly cohesive whole – whether or not you're already a fan of Persona. A masterpiece from top to bottom.
  19. Mar 29, 2017
    You'll struggle to find a more complete, self-assured, forward-thinking, and simply joyous example of the modern JRPG than this. Persona 5 knows what it is and is unashamed about it. The result is a game that, for all its themes about imprisonment and societal slavery, is free of shackles itself. That freedom makes it series-defining, genre-defining, and a must-play.
  20. Mar 29, 2017
    Persona 5 stole my heart. It was impossible to see that the best game of the already venerated series was yet to come, and yet somehow everything works wonderfully. I’d rather the dialogue didn’t pad things out as much as it did, but I was captivated from beginning to end, it brought back mechanics long thought out-dated, and introduced smart changes for the better. An essential RPG for 2017 that you should not miss out on.
  21. Mar 29, 2017
    Persona 5 is one of the best games I have had the pleasure of playing and something that managed topping my favourite game of all time Persona 4 Golden in almost every way.
  22. Playstation Official Magazine UK
    Mar 10, 2017
    Whether you’re a series fan, a JRPG evangelist or a total turn-based newcomer, this is an essential play. Persona 5 is packed with stuff to do, expertly put together and exquisite to the last pixel. An unabashed masterpiece. [Issue#134]
  23. Mar 29, 2017
    This is one of the best games we've ever played. We thought the series had peaked, but Atlus has proved us wrong. Unless you hate RPGs, you shouldn't miss it.
  24. Mar 29, 2017
    Persona 5 is a massive, gorgeous JRPG with well over 100 hours of gameplay for completionists. With more to do than ever and the series’ strongest story to date, it stands out as an extraordinary, memorable experience and easily one of the deepest JRPGs of the last decade. Its sprawling dungeon design and stylish, fully realized world are an absolute joy to explore, and even after three playthroughs and the Platinum trophy, I find myself itching to go back to try different dialogue options with Confidants or revisit particularly fun puzzles. This is a new gold standard for Japanese RPGs and by far the best entry in the series yet.
  25. Mar 29, 2017
    Persona 5 is full of style and confidence. Persona 5 knows that it's special, and you'll soon know it, too.
  26. Apr 8, 2017
    Surpassing its predecessors in every way, Persona 5 redefines the Japanese RPG with a stylish band of rogues that should please any fan of the genre.
  27. Mar 29, 2017
    Persona 5 is one of the best JRPGs ever: a must-have for fans and an incredible title for any neophyte who wants to approach the genre. A true masterpiece.
  28. Mar 29, 2017
    Persona 5 is not just a deep and competent role playing game but also one of the better written RPGs ever. Everything just clicks and resonates with players on different levels, depending on their private life and social experiences. Persona 5 is almost educational and, by the end, it makes you look at your life - and videogames alike - in a new, different way.
  29. Jun 8, 2017
    I'm glad to say that Persona 5 is everything I had hoped it would be and then some. The incremental improvements over the gameplay of Persona 4, the visuals, the soundtrack, all of it came together almost perfectly. That translation could have used a little bit more polish, but otherwise this is the finest work Atlus has ever produced.
  30. Games Master UK
    May 19, 2017
    A personality-filled, stylish adventure with gripping mechanics that drill deep into your brain. [Apr 2017, p.66]
  31. Apr 24, 2017
    Persona 5 has redefined a genre of gaming and is a must-play title for every RPG gamer. Much like Persona 4 Golden was a reason to own a PSVita, Persona 5 is a reason to own a PS4. Like FFVII made you fall in love with JRPG’s 20 years ago, Persona 5 will steal your heart.
  32. Apr 20, 2017
    Persona 5 tries to captivate the player in every possible way. Its masterful mix of genres, crisp art style, and music, as well as the glorious game mechanics won't let you drop the controller until the very end. This iteration of the franchise sets a new standard for the JRPG genre and it is, naturally, an excellent addition to the Best of 2017 games list.
  33. Apr 16, 2017
    Persona 5 is hands down the best game in the Persona series. Hell, it well may be the best JRPG of the last decade. Apart from small minor issues, the game itself is a JRPG masterpiece: The graphics and music compliment the style of the game beautifully, the story is the best in the series, the locations and palaces you visit are astounding and the battle system has been revitalized and feels fresh and new. This game didn't just match people's expectations – it created new ones for the future.
  34. Apr 13, 2017
    Persona 5 brings to light modern issues in a powerful, symbolic story of youthful rebellion. Outfitted with a stylish aesthetic and complex systems, it confidently pulls off moments of grandeur and intimate moments of character growth to create a remarkable experience.
  35. Apr 12, 2017
    Great game! The new Persona is not for everyone, but those who aren't averse to anime will be drawn to the characters and captivated by the adventure, which is one of the best in recent years in games of this type. I only hope that Atlus won't make us wait for over half a decade for the next installment in the series.
  36. 95
    Persona 5 is proof that few titles can compare to a truly great role-playing game. Over its 60 hour playtime I got to forge meaningful friendships with an eccentric cast of characters, discover the secrets of Tokyo, and even managed to find some nice restaurants to dine at. The time investment might seem like a lot, but rarely is time wasted when spent with friends. It doesn’t reinvent the genre, as it largely builds upon Persona 4‘s stellar base, but it adds a level of polish that is simply lacking from its contemporaries.
  37. Mar 31, 2017
    Persona 5 delivers on its lofty promises with an emotional story, deep and innovative gameplay elements, and a unique style. It's as good as the series has ever gotten - and perhaps even better.
  38. Mar 29, 2017
    Persona 5 is an essential play for all jRPG fans. Incredibly unique in its style, with a varied and deep battle system, Persona 5 will enchant you with its plot and its interweaving of perfectly designed Tokyo.
  39. Mar 29, 2017
    Starting from the art direction, following with the gameplay elements and ending with the plot and anything that comes to your mind, Persona 5 is an invaluable masterpiece. It doesn't redefine its genre but it's outstanding in all of his aspects.
  40. Mar 29, 2017
    The social criticism that Persona 5 shows is shocking, making the game industry more mature in the process and proving that deep game mechanics and narrative, even with their incompatibilities, can coexist and benefit from each other.
  41. Mar 29, 2017
    The new game made by Atlus is astonishing, mesmerizing and ambitious, characterized by a stunning art design, an intense storyline and an elaborate combat system. Without any doubt, Persona 5 is one of the greatest JRPGs of this generation.
  42. Apr 19, 2017
    With engaging social simulation gameplay, addictive turn-based combat systems and an unmatched visual style, Persona 5 is the ultimate Japanese role-playing game any PlayStation 4 owner, newbie or hardcore fan, should give a fair go in 2017.
  43. Apr 6, 2017
    Persona 5 is simply one of the greatest games and JRPGs in recent years. Atlus exceeded itself with one incredible title that not only offers an even better and perfected formula from its fantastic predecessor (Persona 4), but it also shows how a series can evolve with a few additions and accurate adjustments. With its unique, dark and enjoyable story; cast of memorable characters; a fluid and addictive battle system; and a wide variety of activities to engage in, it is simply impossible to find any reason to deprive yourself of this great experience. Even if you are not a fan of the genre, this is a title you should play at any cost.
  44. Oct 19, 2017
    Persona 5 beats every other turn-based RPG in terms of production values, combat, story, symbolics, character design, music, pace and variety. 2017 is a great year for gaming and Persona 5 confirms this with a load of unmatched swagger.
  45. Aug 25, 2017
    Persona 5 took the best parts of its predecessors and carefully evolved them without making any earth-shattering changes. The result is a more or less traditional Japanese RPG, but it’s so good that I’m ready to go on a limb and declare it one of the best JRPGs of the decade. If not *the* best.
  46. Apr 10, 2017
    Persona 5 is an incredible gaming experience. With so much to do, so many elements all perfectly balanced and perfected, it’s a showcase of great game design. After 10 years, the wait has been well worth it, and Persona 5 has somehow exceeded our expectations and shown us once again why this is the best JRPG series of all time.
  47. Mar 30, 2017
    Persona 5 could be the best JPRG you have ever played. An intriguing journey featuring themes like friendship, morality and justice. Satisfying turn-based combat and the creation of Personas make this game more than just a beautiful interactive novel.
  48. Mar 29, 2017
    Artistically refreshing, fun, deep and long. One of the best RPGs that we are going to see in 2017... But it's only in English, which is a mayor flaw in Spain.
  49. Mar 29, 2017
    If the opening hours of Persona 5 are like starting a massive novel, then the closing hours are like finishing one, complete with the bittersweet finality of turning the last page. But it also carries an immense sense of satisfaction. After 100 hours of playing, all of my big questions were answered. I understood the characters, I knew my way around the world, and I had fun almost every step of the journey. You become a resident of Persona 5 the more you play it, and it has the rare ability to transport in a way few games can.
  50. Mar 29, 2017
    The last chapter of one of our favourite series improved over the previous chapters in every, possible way. The storyline is unique and much more consistent, and the production values (art direction, soundtrack, dubbing, graphics) are simply top-notch. The fact that the dungeons aren't randomly generated anymore is just the cherry on top.
  51. Mar 29, 2017
    A huge, weird, elaborate, gloomy, and thrilling masterpiece and the new king of JRPGs.
  52. Mar 29, 2017
    For the 20th anniversary of their role-playing saga, Atlus delivered a true masterpiece. All the elements, big or small or as trivial as they might seem sometimes, are well put together and interconnect in an almost unnoticeable manner. Plus: The presentation is plainly beautiful with a coherent colorful manga/anime art design that is a perfect fit for one of the best JRPGs out there.
  53. Jun 4, 2019
    Persona 5 is an absolutely amazing game that convinces with its art style, music and story. It has anything one could ask for such a game and more. The turn-based battle system offers a wide array of opportunities. While it may not be everyone's cup of tea, it is definitely recommended to give it a go.
  54. Feb 22, 2018
    Persona 5 is a great example of quality jRPG game, with a good story, great battle system and fabulous artistic style, this is a must have for the fans of the series and the genre.
  55. games(TM)
    Jun 14, 2017
    Ultimately, the rest of the Japanese RPG genre is still playing catch-up....It's stolen our hearts. [Issue#186, p.76]
  56. CD-Action
    Jun 7, 2017
    It’s the best Persona game to date and when you reach end credits after a hundred or so hours, it’s hard not to feel the pang of sorrow when you realize that the huge, multilayered story is over and you have to say goodbye to virtual friends you’ve made. [06/2017, p.34]
  57. May 24, 2017
    An excellent sequel of the series that will allow you to spend a year in the skin of a high school student and during that time shape the future of the world. It offers nearly a 100 hour experience that blends JRPG with adventure, logical puzzles, and dating simulation. It entertains all the time, even though sometimes it can frustrate with its cruelty. It’s a must have for the fans of the previous games, and an ideal startup title for the newcomers.
  58. May 15, 2017
    Persona 5 is an exquisitely put together RPG overflowing with incredible style and a main cast you will sorely miss when the game is done. It’s easily the best RPG I’ve played in a few years.
  59. May 10, 2017
    Persona 5 was worth the wait. The developers have delivered a classic and elegant Japanese RPG with the unique style that made Persona 5 a one of a kind game.
  60. May 7, 2017
    The fifth installment in the Persona series is one the best ever in JRPG genre. Everything the fans have expected, including great story, unforgettable characters, deep and satisfying gameplay and beautiful art design are on offer here. And though the game is suffering from some graphical and sound design issues, it still is one of the best JRPGs available on the market.
  61. May 4, 2017
    Persona 5 will be beautiful forever. Meticulous thought and consideration has been applied to Shin Megami Tensei's durable model of dungeon crawling and Persona's paragon of social simulation, creating a brilliant pulse visible through (almost) every aspect of its performance. Keeping this pace across a formidable length is Persona 5's most impressive trick, ensuring it will steal your heart without wasting your time.
  62. May 2, 2017
    Its Atlus's watershed moment—which is to say, the moment they allowed the Persona series to truly grow up and earn that “M for Mature” rating.
  63. Apr 30, 2017
    Persona 5 is certainly one of the sleekest and most polished JRPGs I’ve played in years, crowned by intriguing themes, enjoyable plot twists and uplifting moments that will make you smile. While the formula did not change that much since Persona 4: Golden, this is an instant classic that I’ll remember for a long, long time...Persona 5 made me fume, cry, smile and laugh all the way through the 166 hours I played it, and that is doubtlessly a testament to the exceptional experience this ultimate Japanese high schooler simulator provides.
  64. Apr 28, 2017
    It’s huge, but Persona 5 never outstays its welcome. If you’re a JRPG fan without a PS4, this is the game that fully justifies the purchase.
  65. Apr 27, 2017
    Although Persona 5 deals with the everyday angst of your average, magic-wielding teenagers, it is epic in almost every conceivable way, from its combat to its sprawling and surprise-laden story. While some of its large cast of characters strike a sour note and its gameplay can challenge the impatient player, Persona 5 somehow manages the improbable feat of being both an ultimate reward to fans of the franchise and a perfect gateway to newcomers.
  66. Apr 14, 2017
    It may have taken Atlus quite a long time to complete the fifth Persona game, but this was time well spent! Persona 5 is a superb JRPG filled with social messages, great gameplay and some new ideas that take the franchise to the next level.
  67. Apr 14, 2017
    Persona 5 is an improvement over the last two games in almost every way. There may be some arguments over which game has the best cast, but the mechanics, visuals and general style can't be denied. It fixes a lot of nagging flaws and adds a bunch of features that are so useful it's difficult to imagine ever playing without them. Some minor issues, including a sometimes-stiff translation and a low difficulty level, hurt the experience slightly but should only be considered minor flaws. If you're a fan of RPGs, you have to get Persona 5, which is easily one of the best games available on the PS4.
  68. Apr 13, 2017
    With all the issues I had with the game, it doesn’t take away from the fact that Persona 5 is one of the best games in the series, as well as one of the best JRPGs to come out in years. The story is well told and exciting while still being emotional, the combat is fun and really engrossing and allows for some great combinations, and the presentation is both stylish and really fun. There is so much to do in this game that it would take another three pages to go over it all, and in the end, if I haven’t convinced you to pick this game up by now, I have nothing else to give you. If you’re an RPG fan by any means, you need to get this game. It’s a great time with both deep mechanics and a deep story. Not to mention, it oozes style the entire time.
  69. 90
    Persona 5 smoothly surpasses previous entries in the franchise with its stylish coat of paint and emotive storytelling.
  70. Apr 11, 2017
    Persona 5 is a game that contains all of the brilliant elements from the series. It also has made the series' most irritating concept into something that you don’t have to play, and you’ll be totally fine without it.
  71. Persona 5 is by far the best JRPG of the last decade. It gives a fresh sense of gameplay while still maintaining its core elements. A true masterpiece of fine arts.
  72. Apr 3, 2017
    Persona 5 is more than a mix of life sim and JRPG: the game combines everything to tell an amazing story. Persona-fans expect this already, but Persona 5 takes things to the next level thanks to its intimate atmosphere.
  73. Apr 3, 2017
    The Phantom Thieves did not just steal the hearts of their targets: also our hearts are stolen. The new cast, carefully designed dungeons and tweaks on the existing mechanics make Persona 5 the best game in the franchise.
  74. 90
    It’s a spectacular RPG experience that is truly in a league of its own, and fans of the series and the genre in general owe it to themselves to check it out.
  75. Mar 31, 2017
    For many people, Persona 5 is the best JRPG in years. It is a wonderful and psychological journey to the dark side of humans, with dynamic combat by turns and aesthetics that are very colorful and alive. Here you have many hours of play, activities, social links and elegance. Atlus must continue this series: it can go very far.
  76. Mar 30, 2017
    What makes this weird game so irresistible is how well it juggles being a social simulator and a dungeon crawler.
  77. Mar 29, 2017
    It’s hard not to wish that Persona 5 had taken more influence from Catherine than it did, but as the culmination of the past ten years of the Persona series, it still stands as one of the best Japanese RPGs to exist—and a visual masterpiece whose style has no equal.
  78. Mar 29, 2017
    Weighing in at over 100 hours of gameplay, Persona 5 is one that you will want to spend time with. Brilliant voice work, a decent translation and solid gameplay mechanics make this one of the best RPGs I’ve played in a long time.
  79. Mar 29, 2017
    After more than eight years Persona 5 is finally here – and it is well-worth the wait. The lengthy adventure never gets boring thanks to a fantastic combat system, great characters and lots of different things to do. While it may not be perfect, it is the best and most accessible Persona game yet – and the best Japanese role playing game in many years.
  80. Mar 29, 2017
    It successfully pushes this series to new heights of polish, allure and charm. It has a few blemishes, enough to distract a bit from the intriguing and weighty themes that the game wrestles with. But even through the rough patches, Persona 5 doesn’t give up a drop of its colorful personality.
  81. Mar 29, 2017
    Persona 5 is one of the best JRPGs in recent memory, overflowing with originality, entertainment and straight up weirdness. It’s pretty damn good.
  82. Mar 29, 2017
    It's stuffed to bursting point with gameplay ideas and presentation flourishes--there's an overwhelming level of artistry in every part of Persona 5, making it a truly standout entry in the series. It's a refined, effortlessly stylish RPG that will be talked about for years to come.
  83. Mar 29, 2017
    Persona 5 is a beautiful balancing act; one that feels eternally stressful unless you give in and enjoy it rather than aiming for the perfect run.
  84. Mar 29, 2017
    If you didn't dig Persona 4, this is your gateway back into the Velvet Room. Persona 5 manages to differentiate itself not only from the rest of the market, but its own franchise in a lot of standout ways.
  85. Mar 29, 2017
    Persona 5 is an amazing experience. It mixes dark and mature stories with light-hearted settings and characters, some deep game mechanics and lots of stuff that helps the player to suit more the game. In few words: one of the best JRPGs this generation.
  86. Mar 29, 2017
    Not everything is perfect, though as many of the characters and their roles too closely resemble that of how Persona 4 is set up, and managing so many relationships at once can occasionally feel like busy work.
  87. Mar 29, 2017
    One of the best role-playing games ever made, Japanese or otherwise, and beyond that simply one of the most stylishly told interactive stories you’ll ever experience.
  88. Game World Navigator Magazine
    Jun 5, 2017
    Persona 5 is an incredibly rich, detailed and nuanced fantasy JRPG/school-life sim that may very well take more than 100 hours to complete. A must-see for everyone except people with strongest aversion to Japanese culture. [Issue#220, p.78]
  89. May 9, 2017
    Persona 5 is not nearly as subversive nor as smart as it wishes it was, but it's stylish as hell and a gripping ride. Worth the wait, and worth your time.
  90. Apr 20, 2017
    I must say, The Phantom Thieves surely stole my heart as I've had a ton of fun with Persona 5. However, a few nagging features and the fact that the dungeons could use a little more complexity means that it doesn't quite top my list of favourite JRPGs.
  91. May 2, 2017
    There’s an excellent 50-hour game in here, but being needlessly stretched out to the three-digit mark waters down the whole experience. If it earned its size and made good use of the time, that’d be one thing, but Persona 5 spends far too much time treading water. In trying to be more, Persona 5 ends up being less, and we’re left with a game that’s simply very good, rather than the masterpiece it deserves to be.
  92. Apr 3, 2017
    It’s an easier experience with a story that’s markedly simpler than past entries, but Persona 5 is still operating on a whole different level than its peers. A simplistic yet ultimately winning JRPG with loads of content.
  93. Mar 31, 2017
    Persona 5 is clearly one of the best J-RPGs of its generation with a reworked combat system that adds a lot of rhythm, and the whole side of the student life at the academy. The only drawback is the dated visuals.
  94. Mar 29, 2017
    As someone who has spent a lot of time with the Switch recently, and who loved the hell out of the Vita during that year or two it was getting regular games released on it, I really did find myself at times wishing this game had some kind of portable version. It just felt like the social life aspects of the game might have been more at home when I experienced them on the Vita in P4G...Still, the fact that’s my biggest complaint in 120 hours of JRPG says a lot. I was damn impressed by Persona 5, and will certainly be returning to it once I’ve had a few months to decompress from this super concise playthrough. I played 120 hours in just a couple of weeks and damn it was a lot of fun.
  95. Apr 24, 2017
    Persona 5 is a fantastic journey to embark on, full of well-realized characters, serviceable if a little archaic level design, and more than enough activities and distractions to keep you pushing through until its conclusion.
  96. Edge Magazine
    Apr 16, 2017
    The focus on the rebellious, non-conformist side of youth has its drawbacks, but means Persona 5 is something to which its predecessors could never lay claim. It is, simply put, cool. Everything, from the intro movie's disco house to the battle-mode cutaways and even the basic UI, is achingly, confidently stylish. Criminally, the DualShock 4's Share button functionality is blocked for the duration, but this is one of few true blemishes on a game that, while at times a bit too familiar, never comes close to breeding contempt. [May 2017, p.110]
  97. Apr 12, 2017
    The game’s core message feels weak at times, but Persona 5 more than makes up for that with its style, and by showing players a damn good time. Is it the best Persona game we’ve seen yet? Not quite, but it sure is the best-looking one to date.
  98. Jun 12, 2017
    Persona 5 is periodically fascinating, but it’s unable to maintain the required level of interest and energy over such an extended running time. If it were half as long and cut out most of the repetition, it’d be a much tighter, more enjoyable experience. As it stands, adventuring with the Phantom Thieves sags way too often to be a heartfelt recommendation.
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  1. Mar 29, 2017
    Persona 5 weaves engaging JRPG combat around a thoughtful, exquisitely stylish tale of thieves and the struggle to survive in an unfair society.
  2. Mar 29, 2017
    Persona 5 is unconscionably sublime. Every beat, every subtlety, every movement of the camera - it all translates into a kinetic masterpiece, strung together with the best visuals this side of Atlus. Persona 5 won't change your mind on JRPGs if you lack a taste for the genre, but if you're in any way a fan, well -Why the hell are you still reading this? Go forth and damn well purchase. [Essential]
  3. Mar 29, 2017
    So stylish...I am diggin' it. [Quick look]
  4. Mar 29, 2017
    For me, it has more soul, passion, humor, and panache packed into one percent of its 100-hour odyssey into thiefhood and triumph than any major release of the past year. Persona 4 brought my love of video games back from the dead. Persona 3 sustained it. And now, Persona 5 proves that it's a love still worth keeping, nearly a decade later.
  5. Mar 29, 2017
    This game will take many, many hours of your time. In exchange, you’ll get a terrific, pulpy story told with style to spare. Persona 5 took nearly 100 hours of my time, and I gave it gladly.
  6. May 23, 2017
    A featherweight should not be 100 hours. For all the game’s beauty and brilliance, it’s twice as long as it should be, a pompous sense of inflation that it can’t come close to fulfilling. I’d rather have bled out back in that interrogation room, a few dozen hours earlier.
  7. Mar 29, 2017
    For those who love the formula laid down by past games in the series, Persona 5 represents the franchise’s apex. And for newcomers, it’s a chance to enjoy one of gaming’s best treasures — with little of its baggage. It defiantly ignores the open-world trend and instead holds steadfast to the idea that a more guided, linear RPG can still work in 2017. As for me, well, the story is over. And yet, after 100 hours, I just wish I had more time.
  8. Apr 14, 2017
    It occupies that role of a wronged young person immaculately, giving you control of a group of teenagers who see the cruelties of adults around them with severe clarity. Then it opens a door to a supernatural world of magic and treasure, and it gives you the one thing none of us had at that age: the means to fight back.
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  1. Apr 4, 2017
    Nowhere near done but truly one of the best jrpg's ive ever played. Perfectly executed. The art style the combat everything is so engrossing.Nowhere near done but truly one of the best jrpg's ive ever played. Perfectly executed. The art style the combat everything is so engrossing. Top of the list for 2017 for sure. Full Review »
  2. Apr 19, 2017
    A great game. I loved P3 and P4 maybe a bit more but what a ride this game has been. A solid 9 is totally deserved for all the hard work theyA great game. I loved P3 and P4 maybe a bit more but what a ride this game has been. A solid 9 is totally deserved for all the hard work they did making this awesome game. Full Review »
  3. Apr 16, 2017
    Game could easily be a 10 but i don't think anything is perfect but as my first persona game, holy **** this game consumed me currently at 80Game could easily be a 10 but i don't think anything is perfect but as my first persona game, holy **** this game consumed me currently at 80 hours play time and still not finished, literally i have played nothing but P5 since it released. Then there's has New game + which i feel is encouraged as i don't think you can max everything on one play-through unless you follow a guide, there's so much to do each day from building Social links with other characters and your party, grinding your social attributes and smaller tasks like training to build up HP or crafting tools for dungeons.

    There are so many personas too, i love finding a new one and capturing it or fusing personas i already have to get a new one. Each of the party members/other characters are interesting (personally some more than others feel fleshed out or likeable). I love the themes that come up in this game in each story arc, they're pretty twisted like the first dungeon being a Teacher who thinks the school is his own castle and thinks of the female students as his playthings.

    At first i thought the time restrictions was annoying as it holds your hand quite a bit at least until after the first dungeon or palace as they're called in game but once it passed this point i had this "need to just get to the next day" because i could rank up a character social link or a twist in the story happened like that "one more episode" feeling when you watch a TV series and before i realised it was 3am....

    P5 is easily worth its price for the time it will take to complete if you're into J-RPGs i feel i could play through it at least a 2nd time upon my first completion but possibly even a 3rd with everything maxed out as it is just so addictive.
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