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    Variable State follows up the wordless weirdness of Virginia with a far more talkative, and more grounded, supernatural drama with Last Stop. The focus on its three protagonists’ everyday problems over the underlying odd phenomena helps to make each tale more engaging, and in turn, makes the stranger things that occur feel more captivatingly mysterious in their initially limited use. It’s a little light in terms of traditional player control, but Last Stop tells a hell of a good story that you still very much feel like you’re in the director’s chair for.
  2. Jul 26, 2021
    Last Stop’s anthology-based approach to storytelling is great and helps to keep you engaged throughout. Even though your choices don’t really impact the story, it’s a lovely journey that touches on some interesting themes. Unfortunately, the conclusion is disappointing as it delves a little too far into the realm of science fiction. Regardless of this, the grounded characters and interesting cast are worth meeting.
  3. Jul 27, 2021
    Last Stop is endearing with its story and characters with a Hollywood caliber narrative design. It just wants to be a movie more than it wants to be a game, but it is entertaining, nonetheless.
  4. Jul 26, 2021
    Last Stop is all about the story, making its three storylines the centrepiece of the experience. Characters introduced by them quickly become staples as their personalities and unfortunate predicaments take hold, all the while the overall plot takes shape and builds to a crescendo. It's disappointing that the vast majority of your decisions have little to no impact, but the ride Last Stop takes you on is worthwhile regardless.
  5. Jul 21, 2021
    Last Stop gave us an overall pleasant experience by concocting three distinct plots with fair flavors. Precise rhythm, convincing characters, story that keeps us in suspense: there is no doubt that the Variable State studio masters its pen. What a pity that the player's freedom is so compartmentalized by its lack of impact on events and that the technical quality tarnishes the experience. The adventure will however prove to be appreciable for fervent fans of narrative games who are just waiting to discover an entertaining story.
  6. PLAY
    Aug 24, 2021
    More of a playable movie than an adventure game, Last Stop boasts great characters and intriguing mysteries. Just don’t expect to have much of an impact on any of it. [Issue#5, p.87]
  7. Aug 11, 2021
    Last Stop is most enjoyable when it isn’t going anywhere. The end of each episode may hook you with a cliffhanger, but, when you look back on the game, the story fails to hang around. Instead, the scenes that stick in the memory don’t mean much at all.
  8. Jul 21, 2021
    Last Stop tells three interesting stories, but lacks enough meaningful choices or consequences to create investment in its drama.
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  1. Aug 2, 2021
    Last Stop
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    Last Stop is a 6 hour long interactive story adventure game.. much like a telltale game, Last stop is episodicor by
    Last Stop
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    Last Stop is a 6 hour long interactive story adventure game.. much like a telltale game, Last stop is episodicor by the chapter, but closer to tales from the borderlands, oyul lbe going across 3 different stories, each one with therir own unique feel and I loved everyone of them… gameplay wise youll be ocassionally doing quick time events, and choosing dialog.. there is only one section where you actually have to find an item to move on, and the choices here I feel don’t really matter, there are only 2 endings for each character, however those endings are only dependent on literally the last choice you make for each, whch is disappointing and kills any sort of replay value which is important in a game like this.. but I don’t even care, the story telling is so compelling that I didn’t mind my choices didn’t matter, I didn’t mind that this was basically a 6 hour long interctive movie, theres so much charm and intrigue here.. one story following the lives of 2 men that switch bodies, trying to figure out how to fix it and live this way forever just incase, a story of a young girl following this stranger that brings girls home tha never come back out, and a story of a woman having marriage issues whos also in some goverent program, Theres comedy, mystery, and sci fi, and I loved all 3, I love the charcters and the world here…
    Again the choices leave much to be desired as they just don’t feel like they matter, but I loved every moment spent with last stop and believe this is a must play for those that love a good story in their games.
    I give Last Stopp
    an 8.5/10
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