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  1. Sep 16, 2021
    When Lost Judgment stumbles, it never recovers. While there's a lot to love in the story and gameplay, at the end of the day, its issues become too much to ignore – especially when those issues are messy and irresponsible.
  2. Oct 2, 2021
    As a whole, Lost Judgment is yet another strong outing for developer RGG Studio. Although this sequel is largely only a half step up compared to its predecessor, there's still so much to do in this world that can easily keep you entertained for hours on end. Even though I would have loved to see some more drastic improvements to many aspects of Lost Judgment, I still can't deny that I've had a great time in this second outing with Yagami, and I hope to see the series continue well into the future.
  3. Sep 25, 2021
    Lost Judgment is another great entry in the Yakuza franchise, but one shadowed by better entries. The combat is incredible, the world still exciting and full of character, and the story is a worthwhile telling - but please, please don't make me tail anyone anymore.
  4. Sep 23, 2021
    While Lost Judgment’s many systems might not look like much separately, together they succeed in creating a varied experience like no other. With the new setting of a Japanese high school and a story about bullying, the game depicts modern Japanese society in an exaggerated way similar to the Yakuza series while feeling fresh at the same time. However, shallow yet frequent battles and a story that starts to drag in the second half exhaust the player way more than necessary.
  5. Sep 22, 2021
    There’s so much reused content it barely feels like a new game at times but the storytelling in Lost Judgment is some of the best, and most thoughtful, the Yakuza series has ever known.
  6. Sep 16, 2021
    Lost Judgment improves on its predecessor by cutting down on some of the more tedious elements of its design rather than outright changing the mechanics to make the investigative side of the equation more engaging. In this sense, it's disappointing that it doesn't lean into what makes Judgment unique compared to the Yakuza series and instead remains at its best when sticking close to those origins. The story is compelling with an endearing cast of characters, the sheer amount of stuff to do is astounding, and there's still an inherent joy that comes from pummelling the city's delinquents into the ground. But it's hard not to feel disappointed that you still feel like a passenger when it breaks away from the Yakuza mould. If this is indeed our last time with Yagami and co., then it's one to cherish. There will just always be a nagging feeling that this was a missed opportunity to do something truly special.
  7. Sep 16, 2021
    Sega is clearly capable of making a compelling mystery game that could stand in league with the work we see out of studios like Naughty Dog, but that will require a more focused, better-paced approach that Lost Judgement seems eager to avoid.
  8. Sep 16, 2021
    Lost Judgment is a hell of a game, mess and all. Passing its predecessor in some regards and lagging behind in others, it at least has solid bang for your buck and brings the franchise goods that have been built upon over recent years. However, I'm disappointed by some of the shortfalls. Female character treatment remains a problem in-game and the mystery or detective gameplay don't feel as solid as the one prior. Still, if you're after a living breathing world with plenty to do and some of the best combat the series has seen yet, then this is a mystery adventure that still manages to hit hard.
  9. Sep 16, 2021
    Lost Judgment is a good follow-up to 2019's excellent Judgment. It's more of the same, but that doesn't matter too much when the core is already great.
  10. Oct 19, 2021
    Lost Judgment is a combination of a thriller movie with a smoothly playing and well-furnished action-adventure game, where you will easily need twenty to forty hours to reach the end. So much for the good news. The game suffers from the same disease as many Japanese genre rivals: it wants to cram too much into one game. A little more focus would do the series good.
  11. PLAY
    Oct 17, 2021
    Fans will love another outing with Tak and the gang. Despite improved combat, worse stealth and stripped back exploration can overshadow it. [Issue#7, p.88]
  12. Sep 16, 2021
    Lost Judgment is a mechanically sound Yakuza spin-off, but its convoluted story makes it feel like a TV show that's gone on a few seasons too long.
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  1. Sep 16, 2021
    His exploration of bullying from many angles and the fragility of the laws and the judicial system is an example of courage. [Recommended]
  2. Sep 24, 2021
    RGG Studio's broadest, most packed open world is matched by mediocre additions and an ill-fitting story.
  3. Oct 5, 2021
    You can look at Lost Judgment in two ways: an often clumsy attempt at serious storytelling, or a technically accomplished sequel that much improves on its predecessor. It’s both, really. The plot doesn’t fully land, and I found there to be more awkward moments than in Judgment or other Yakuza games. But I also can’t ignore the big leaps this game makes in other areas, and it still keeps up the irreverent charm of the series for much of its running time. Overall, I think this is a much better game than Judgment and I would like to see where it goes next.
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Generally favorable reviews- based on 119 Ratings

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  1. Sep 25, 2021
    The combat is the best in the series. Infact it's tge best 3D beat em up I've ever played The world is as lively as you'd expect from an RGGThe combat is the best in the series. Infact it's tge best 3D beat em up I've ever played The world is as lively as you'd expect from an RGG studio. Story is intriguing Side missions are great
    Everything has been improved from the previous games
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  2. Sep 25, 2021
    Personally, this game was better than the first one as the story and combat was better. I also liked the main antagonist more than the molePersonally, this game was better than the first one as the story and combat was better. I also liked the main antagonist more than the mole from judgment. I also enjoy the side content a lot more especially with the dancing and all. Full Review »
  3. Oct 5, 2021
    Best game in the year 2021 I don’t know why they don’t give the studio game of the year they deserve it