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  1. 100
    Scarlet Nexus is one of the most interesting new JRPGs that we’ve seen in a while from a big publisher. Combining a beautifully elegant, but also visceral combat system with rich and evocative theme, and hugely entertaining characters, this game is available on the previous generation, I know, bit in design and execution it’s very much the perfect new-generation experience.
  2. Jun 23, 2021
    Scarlet Nexus has phenomenal combat that stands tall above many other ARPGs, with a deep story and some gorgeous visuals.
  3. Jun 23, 2021
    Scarlet Nexus turned out to be a lovely combination of quick gameplay and an intriguing story of betrayal, conflict on a large scale full of plot twists and surprises. The interactions between the team members contribute to both story and diverse gameplay. The side-missions however don't add anything and could've been removed completely.
  4. Jul 5, 2021
    A triumphant new IP from Bandai Namco, Scarlet Nexus is probably the best RPG of the year so far. Its compellingly dark story will keep you guessing through two necessary playthroughs, while its engaging psychokinetic combat is in a class of its own, albeit with exceptionally streamlined progression. Throwing your toys around has never been so much fun.
  5. Jun 25, 2021
    The anime aesthetic may be a turn off for some players, but those people would be doing themselves a disservice. Scarlet Nexus is a game worth experiencing. It's a game that took me by total surprise and a world I hope to explore more in the future.
  6. Jun 24, 2021
    Scarlet Nexus reminds me a little of The Caligula Effect, in a way. Not in theme or style, but in tone, in energy, and the way it uses the JRPG format to go down some fascinating, thought-provoking paths. But where such games are not unusual from smaller developers, it’s a rare joy to see a publisher like Bandai Namco take the same risks, and to see those experimental ideas get the budget they need to truly shine. In a world where the “punk” suffix is often just a shallow aesthetic choice, Scarlet Nexus truly lives up to its “brainpunk” vision.
  7. Jun 23, 2021
    Scarlet Nexus is a must-play for any fan of Japanese action RPGs and standard JRPGs. If the story doesn’t grab your attention, the combat will. It has enough meat to its action to distract from its very minor blemishes. Its characters are a delight to interact with and seeing them grow together really had me fully invested in all of their arcs. I left the experience craving another title like it that takes its excellent action even further.
  8. Jun 23, 2021
    A deep combat system, great use of the DualSense in its version for PS5, complex narrative full of great moments and memorable characters, art direction that enchants and music that falls in love, are just some of the great virtues that one can find in it. Scarlet Nexus universe. Of course there are marked defects and everything, but it is undoubted that his successes far outweigh his mistakes. This new team at Bandai Namco Studios has earned significant respect, which I hope they can build on very soon with a sequel. Needless to say, if you are a fan of action games with RPG elements, this new proposal is one that you cannot miss.
  9. Jun 23, 2021
    Scarlet Nexus is slick, stylish, smartly executed, and just all-around cool. What I want most of all, having wrapped up Scarlet Nexus, is more.
  10. Jun 23, 2021
    A great launch for a new IP from Bandai Namco. Scarlet Nexus looks good, provides a great story, and the gameplay is even better. Definitively a success.
  11. 90
    I'm truly appreciative of the storytelling. Japanese sci-fi has long been a genre I enjoy. Last year players were spoiled with 13 Sentinels, and Scarlet Nexus has delivered another wonderfully woven narrative worth playing. Do not sleep on this game.
  12. Jun 24, 2021
    Scarlet Nexus shines for a simple but very complete and fun battle system, as well as having an organic concept that convinces. Its slow pace of the narrative and lack of exploration make the experience somewhat tiresome, however its well-developed story will keep you tuned until the end.
  13. Jun 23, 2021
    Great mix of Tales and Persona with refreshing, fun fights but far too linear social interaction.
  14. Aug 5, 2021
    An interesting story with well-developed characters and expert enemy design, that - however - does take a while to really get going. On top of that, not every sidequest is worth your attention. Don't let that stop you, though. Scarlet Nexus is a great game.
  15. Jul 19, 2021
    Scarlet Nexus does a lot of things right, but it fails to offer a cohesive gameplay experience. I think it would be best described as a visual novel with action-RPG elements rather than vice-versa. While the story is compelling enough to keep you going until the end, the game is full of bloat that needs to be cut. Despite its shortcomings, Scarlet Nexus is one of the better action RPG titles coming from Bandai Namco. I just wish it would have more respect for the player's time, and do away with all the uninteresting fluff that doesn't tie in the story.
  16. Jul 7, 2021
    Scarlet Nexus is one of the better action RPGs to hit this current generation of consoles. It’s a gorgeous game with a complicated backend that makes you want to keep playing. The side-quests might be forgettable, but it certainly has a lot more to offer with its main story.
  17. Jun 27, 2021
    Even with some technical issues that the game is suffering from, Scarlet Nexus is still great and entertaining, and it can become one of the best JRPG/Hack 'n' Slash games if it can reach its true potential.
  18. For anime lovers and anyone who enjoyed “Fire Emblem: Three Houses,” the game will be a hit.
  19. Jun 23, 2021
    With a great story full of plot twists and a robust, varied and spectacular combat system, Scarlet Nexus is one of the best "anime style" video games Bandai Namco has ever made. If you like the genre or this kind fo stories, give it a chance.
  20. Jun 23, 2021
    Scarlet Nexus marries varied and unique action RPG combat to two extended campaigns featuring engaging protagonists and a cast of memorable supporting players. Using its brain punk conceit to power a range of extended combat techniques, Scarlet Nexus is at its best in the thick of the fight, when the player can mix and match melee weapons, telekinetic beatdowns, and whatever talents the team on hand has to share.
  21. Jun 24, 2021
    Scarlet Nexus combines intense combat with a twisting, turning storyline that comes in two parts, providing players two different perspectives to experience the weird and wonderful world of New Himuka.
  22. Jun 23, 2021
    Despite a slow start, a rough final dungeon, weak side content, and an ambition that surpasses its grasp, Scarlet Nexus manages to excel in the most important area for any game: being fun. Combat never gets old as you tear apart your enemies in glorious style, and the large cast of characters really grows on you. I hope we see more of this gameplay and setting. If you can forgive a few flaws, Scarlet Nexus is a joy to play and has the potential to become a beloved franchise.
  23. Jul 16, 2021
    Scarlet Nexus was quite an enjoyable experience. The game’s unique visuals and art design thankfully met my expectations and the fast paced combat was both fun and satisfying.
  24. Jun 25, 2021
    Scarlet Nexus is a nice beginning for a new franchise that offers an interesting new universe and some unique details, but still has room to improve. In the bright side you'll have some excellent combat mechanics, but lurking in the dark is a pretty static narrative and a world that claims to be explored... While you just can go following a straight line throught it.
  25. Jun 23, 2021
    I think the world of Scarlet Nexus has a lot to offer, and I enjoyed getting a significant taste of it. Its concepts on brain power and psionic combat feel fresh, at least artistically, and I want to see where it possibly goes. I'm still abuzz over the final boss confrontation. I don't think it's quite for everyone, but fans of the anime style of storytelling will find something to connect with here.
  26. Sep 9, 2021
    Scarlet Nexus is a fun action RPG-lite that has a complex story and a bunch of unnecessary gaming mechanics that somehow work. If you like games like Astral Chain, you will not go wrong with Scarlet Nexus, especially as it’s being set up as a potential future franchise. The combination of telekinesis and action elements are nothing new, but SN does it beautifully by combining it with other different skills and magics. If you like Anime and brainpunk themes, Scarlet Nexus is for you.
  27. Jul 22, 2021
    Scarlet Nexus offers an entertaining adventure, with a fast, fluid and challenging combat system, making it the ideal game to enjoy this summer. Perfect for anime and hack and slash lovers.
  28. Jul 14, 2021
    A decent action rpg with anime visuals and twisted story. But the starmain focus of the game are without a doubt the cool fights with their plentiful abilities.
  29. Jul 13, 2021
    Scarlet Nexus’ stylish psychokinesis-based action is tons of fun. That being said, the player’s attacks tend to leave big openings for the opponent, and with many enemies that have a specific weakness you need to strike, it can become quite stressful. While I had some issues on the story side as well, the well realized characters and great pacing were enough to make me overlook its shortcomings.
  30. Jun 29, 2021
    Scarlet Nexus is a charming new IP from Bandai Namco. It looks fine, has a solid background and some good gameplay mechanics. If you are looking for a good anime style action-RPG, it's definitely worth your time.
  31. Power Unlimited
    Jun 28, 2021
    For fans of anime-style action RPGs, Scarlet Nexus is highly recommended, but you have to be able to withstand the typical Japanese vagueness in the story. This doesn't fully release the potential, but the combat system makes up for a lot.
  32. Jun 27, 2021
    Scarlet Nexus does so much right that it’s a shame some of these troubles hold it back. They feel like the sort of things tied up in creating something new, problems that exist due to a lack of budget or different groups working on the game not being entirely on the same page until later in development. Still, despite these flaws, Scarlet Nexus brings an impressive new world to life while featuring deeply engaging combat. That’s no small thing. Fans of the genre will find a game well worth their time. I only hope that in a few years, we’ll be playing an even stronger sequel which irons out these nagging issues.
  33. Jun 25, 2021
    It’s understandable to take a look at Scarlet Nexus and write it off as “just another anime game,” but doing so would be a big mistake. This is an ambitious undertaking from Bandai Namco, one that attempts to blend the two disparate genres of character-action game and large-scale JRPG, and achieves an impressive level of success. Its combat and thin enemy variety don’t hold up all the way to the end of the combined 40 hours of its dual campaigns, but its story and characters absolutely do, and make for a surprise breakout hit of 2021.
  34. Jun 24, 2021
    Scarlet Nexus is an excellent way to get your JRPG fix. It’s stylish, has an evolving storyline, unique characters, and a wicked fun battle system. It does try to do a lot, and in doing so falls a little short at times, but this is something that will only bog you down if you let it. The game has a lot to offer and boredom is the last thing you’ll feel when you’re running around swinging buses at enemies. If you’ve ever wondered what can be done when truly using the power of the mind, this title offer you a fresh perspective.
  35. Jun 24, 2021
    Scarlet Nexus is an addictive action RPG. Combat is fast-paced, visuals are bright and colourful and the story is so wonderfully bizarre that it will keep you wanting to keep playing. It may not be a game for everyone and it may not be without its flaws but those flaws are counteracted by what it does right. There’s a lot of mileage in the game for those that it clicks with.
  36. Jun 24, 2021
    There is a lot to love about Scarlet Nexus. From cool gameplay systems and engaging plot, to memorable music and stylish visuals. But sadly the game lacks much-needed polish. Let's hope that problems will be ironed out in the potential sequel.
  37. Jun 23, 2021
    Scarlet Nexus is, ultimately, some gorgeous, action-heavy comfort food. It is Saturday morning anime in game form, and while it will struggle to hold your attention from a story perspective, it’s also a good way to lose 30 hours in a fun combat system. It’s not a narrative powerhouse, but if you need a vehicle for bashing monsters with the might of your brain, it’ll suit that need just fine.
  38. Jun 23, 2021
    While we expected more exploration and presence of the (amazing) scifi urban enviroment, we can't deny that Scarlet Nexus delivers in the action part. Fans of shonen anime will especially enjoy many of its moments in and out of combat.
  39. Jun 23, 2021
    Scarlet Nexus more than delivers on the action with its impressive combat system, which alone almost makes it worth the price of admission. Surrounded by an intriguing world and strong cast of characters, it has the makings of a solid new series for Bandai Namco, though exploration leaves something to be desired. Offering up two similar campaigns might seem like a huge misstep, but completing either protagonist’s story provides a satisfying narrative and conclusion on its own, and the intimidating task of a second playthrough is tempered by the inclusion of new game plus. At the end of this journey, we’re left fulfilled, but strangely still yearning for more, wondering at the possibilities the future might hold for this striking new endeavor.
  40. Jun 23, 2021
    Scarlet Nexus is a complex creature, the mirror reflection of a layered and mysterious imaginary that hides a small rough diamond under a blanket of arcana.
  41. Jun 23, 2021
    Scarlet Nexus is a visually remarkable anime-style action RPG, with an awesome cel shading implementation for both the characters and some of the maps, and some of the craziest enemies we've ever seen.
  42. 80
    Whether you latch on to the interesting technological tale of Scarlet Nexus or dig into its intricate combat system, Scarlet Nexus is well worth your time and effort. It's full of beautiful characters, strange creatures and plot twists. The camera can be irksome and some of the environments can look dated but overall the experience is a pleasant one. There is a fair amount of content for your hard-earned cash and the game never outstays its welcome. I can recommend it to most players, even people who rarely dip into the genre, such as myself.
  43. Jun 23, 2021
    What Scarlet Nexus lacks in character development and story, it more than makes up for with its excellent combat system, which has some of the best representations of superpowers in modern gaming.
  44. Jun 23, 2021
    Scarlet Nexus provided an enjoyable and distinctive experience with an elaborate combat system and an interesting story, and it may be a step towards launching a series of Scarlet nexus games in the future.
  45. Jun 23, 2021
    Scarlet Nexus combines an enthralling story with fascinating characters and an addictive combat system that demands your attention. As you slowly peel back the layers of its cast, the twists and turns of the narrative will keep you engaged throughout its lengthy adventure, and as your skills increase, battles become a chaotic dance of exploding enemy bits, crazy finishing movies and endorphin increasing pleasure. While there are some areas that can feel repetitive at times and the visual novel presentation of its cutscenes might not be for everyone, there's a lot packed into this dual protagonist story that begs for an extra playthrough as soon as you finish your first. Scarlet Nexus is unmatched when it comes to style and oomph. It manages to incorporate so many clever and creative combat systems that are slick and exciting that it far outweighs the slower pace of its narrative with in-your-face, over-the-top action that simply must be played to be believed.
  46. Jun 23, 2021
    Scarlet Nexus is one of the most memorable anime video games by Bandai Namco Studios. The story is compelling, the lore is great, and the pure action combat formula works just right. It still retains some flaws from the past, like a forgettable level design and enemies that may feel repetitive, but it remains an excellent battle shonen, a good action RPG and, overall, a great video game.
  47. Jun 23, 2021
    Scarlet Nexus convinces with a great story, which is meaningfully interwoven with the abilities of the characters and the unique opponent design.
  48. Jun 23, 2021
    Ultimately, Bandai Namco’s done a fine job with Scarlet Nexus and there’s an entertaining action RPG within. There are small flaws like a lacking side quest system and those minor story issues, but thanks to in-depth combat and an engaging story, it kept me invested until the end. It’s a step up from Code Vein and whichever playthrough you end up choosing (if not both), Scarlet Nexus comes highly recommended.
  49. Jun 23, 2021
    Scarlet Nexus offers a fascinating game universe and frames a deep and well-crafted action-RPG, despite some exposure naiveties.
  50. Jun 23, 2021
    Scarlet Nexus is a huge surprise. His combat is wonderful and his story, despite having less inspired moments, knows how to generate interest. The differences between the two protagonists and the surprises are enough to please any fan of the genre.
  51. Jun 23, 2021
    Scarlet Nexus takes a more is more approach to its design, which suits the game’s visuals and action very well. It’s loud, sumptuous and thrilling, with layers of complexity and some amazing monsters to fight. It’s just a shame it also has to battle so hard against a less accomplished story that’s desperate to steal top billing.
  52. Jun 23, 2021
    Scarlet Nexus shines thanks to its combat and universe, but it feels like it should have been more ambitious, particularly with the depth of the combat and the level design.
  53. Jun 23, 2021
    Scarlet Nexus is an intriguing new IP that definitely shows promise for a potential sequel so if you enjoy anime-infused action RPGs then you likely won't regret slaying the many gnarly mutants within its unique futuristic game world.
  54. Jun 23, 2021
    Scarlet Nexus is a video game that, despite the fact that in the long run it can become repetitive and has a complex story with some inconsistencies, it has a really well-designed combat system that is fun. Technically it is a step forward in anime titles, so Bandai Namco has created a new work more than worthy and with good ideas.
  55. 75
    Despite some glaring flaws in its pacing and length, I’ve come away from Scarlet Nexus enjoying what it had to offer. It delivers on the promise a brain-punk inspired world with an enjoyable narrative and a stylish albeit simple combat system. The result is a title that’s greater than the sum of its parts and is worth experiencing if you can look past its problems.
  56. Jun 23, 2021
    Scarlet Nexus is a big hit when it comes to the action. With its nervous and supercharged fights, you quickly become powerful controller in hand, especially when you can borrow the power of your allies on the fly. This action is helped by framerate which does not falter on next-gen consoles despite the deluge of effects on the screen which can cause readability concerns. If the proposed universe is visually attractive, we regret not being able to enjoy it anymore because of a cruel lack of additional content. Ditto for the story which is certainly interesting but which is served by a more than minimalist staging. A good first draft which, we hope, will serve as a solid basis for a more ambitious sequel in the years to come.
  57. Jun 23, 2021
    Scarlet Nexus could have easily become a new IP used to test a few systems as the studio focuses on larger projects. However, there's an awesome battle system here that evolves throughout the entire campaign. Each fight has a brilliant rhythm to it as you take advantage of enemy weaknesses and use the environments to your advantage. The team introduces a large cast of characters but still manages to provide insight into their goals to make it worth seeing through to the end. Sadly, not everything works, but you might forget about floaty controls and convoluted narrative as you ride atop a bus into the battlefield.
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  1. Jun 23, 2021
    Scarlet Nexus has surprised me. Not everything is perfect, but what I was most interested in it more than delivers. [Recommended]
  2. Jun 23, 2021
    Though I thought I knew what it was all about, Scarlet Nexus has consistently surprised me at every turn. Even though I played the demo—which showcased some of the various powers you could activate in combat—I did not expect combat to be as deep and varied as it is. No spoilers, but I’ve even found myself caught completely off-guard by plot twists at points. If the game keeps up the surprises, I’d be confident defending it as one of the greats. If it doesn’t, well, it’s been fun. [Impressions]
  3. Jun 23, 2021
    Scarlet Nexus has a colorful cast of characters and an impressive variety of gameplay mechanics, but for me, the unexpected cherry on top was its story. The chapters are very well-paced, and none of them overstays its welcome. 2021 is seeing quite a lot of JRPGs, with many of them being continuations of existing franchises or just remasters. But after having played through both of Scarlet Nexus’ storylines, I believe it has the potential to be a surprise hit this year for fans of the genre. Don’t let this brand-new futuristic brainpunk adventure slip past you.
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  1. Negative: 29 out of 290
  1. Jun 26, 2021
    Good plot, good characters, pretty good soundtrack and great combat. Level design is meh thought. If you like anime games, I'm sure you gonna love it!
  2. Jun 26, 2021
    One of the best Stories and Combat in Anime games!. The Comic book style of storytelling is hit or miss and kinda takes getting used toOne of the best Stories and Combat in Anime games!. The Comic book style of storytelling is hit or miss and kinda takes getting used to however the Cinematics that do happen is very well done and The writing and the twists and turns of the story is Excellently done! The combat Is absolutely brilliant and very well polished and has alot of thought put into it, also i love the Cast of characters! Biggest criticism is the level design is very meh most the time... Some absolutely beautiful areas but most are Okish or meh. Totally worth picking this up these devs deserve it tbh game is like 50 hours worth of story if ya play both stories (which has alot of differences to warrent the diff playthroughs. So this game is definitely a 9/10 for me. Hope More Anime games of this quality comes out! Full Review »
  3. Jun 27, 2021
    It's a very good game with very good combat and a decent story that gets you to like the characters very well, maybe you don't like the storyIt's a very good game with very good combat and a decent story that gets you to like the characters very well, maybe you don't like the story was told if don't like that visual novel style way of storytelling, overall it's a very good game that has a good story and great combat that make want to comeback to this game. Full Review »