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  1. Positive: 44 out of 91
  2. Negative: 1 out of 91
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  1. May 7, 2022
    Delivering a cohesive game with addictive gameplay and mechanics, Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin brings back classic characters in an honorable way. It is a good choice for fans of the franchise and lovers of the genre.
  2. 90
    I have to wonder if the gaming audience is quite ready for the kind of metatextual experience that Stranger of Paradise presents. It’s not only a game that doesn’t take itself seriously, but it outright challenges players’ expectations on how games are made and how they should be played. It’s hugely entertaining and as experimental as Final Fantasy at its best, but I do wonder how well something so reflective will click and be remembered as a great in the longer term. I only hope that people realise that the nonsense of Jack, his iPod, and his obsession with Chaos is just the surface of this brilliantly smart, layered thing, and they then take the time to dig into what Stranger of Paradise is really saying as a work of metatextual satire.
  3. Mar 18, 2022
    “Final Fantasy meets Nioh” is in easy assumption to make about Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin, given appearances, and while that’s not exactly inaccurate, it’s an incomplete description. Team Ninja’s pedigree and inventive riffs on Final Fantasy staples makes for an action RPG that’s hard to put down, but what really sets Stranger of Paradise apart is the subversive way it approaches its source material. This isn’t your typical origin story; it’s a deconstruction of that first Final Fantasy and a reflection on the legacy it left in its wake—one that’s entertaining, often funny, sometimes biting, but above all, is willing to question its own canon in a way that you don’t often see from a series as high-profile as this.
  4. Mar 14, 2022
    Despite all the memes and jokes, Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin is a surprisingly earnest tale tied to an astounding combat system that is impossible to put down. Not only that, but it somehow manages to remain reverent to the original Final Fantasy and the series as a whole. I think anyone who enjoys both action RPGs and Final Fantasy will enjoy this game, too.
  5. 85
    Underneath cringeworthy writing and a nonsensical story, Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin leverages storied Final Fantasy fanservice with a fast and deep combat system to offer up fans a celebration of the franchise like no other. While the presentation is inconsistent and the equipment system sorely lacks focus, Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin is great fun from beginning to end.
  6. Mar 14, 2022
    It's a Team Ninja action game first, and an oddball isekai story second. It's also one of the weirdest games I've reviewed in a while because it speaks to me in a lot of ways, but it wears its flaws on its sleeve.
  7. Mar 14, 2022
    Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin is an undeniably stellar action game boasting addictive mechanics that will cater to a myriad of crowds. Even when accounting for a few minor critiques, the combat is some of the best the franchise has to offer. Further, its clever writing choices and conclusion will undoubtedly be lasting and impressionable for those engaged by the narrative.
  8. Mar 14, 2022
    Not at all what you would expect from a "Final Fantasy", but with action packed gameplay, buttery smooth battle choreography, RPG elements that are as sophisticated as they are challenging, and high replay value. However, those who want to be rewarded will have to live with a certain learning curve and unconvincing characters.
  9. Mar 14, 2022
    Stranger Of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin is a canon installment in the Final Fantasy franchise, but with the shell of Nioh. Its map, process and task modeling have clearly borrowed from Nioh, but it still seamlessly maintains the career and combat systems of the Final Fantasy tradition, which brings us a core gameplay style markedly distinguished from Nioh. The moderate death penalty and abundant skills make the exploring process less "painful". Similar to Nioh, however, the gaming experience after you have cleared the main story is a repetitious process of killing mob and collecting loots and does not feel like a hard-core action game. The game's graphics are unremarkable and its optimization has certain problems, but these do not significantly impact the gaming experience. The game is set in the world background of Final Fantasy 1 and integrates the elements of the previous installments of the Final Fantasy franchise, so its design will feel quite nostalgic to the die-hard fans of the franchise.
  10. Mar 18, 2022
    Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin is absurd, daring, and very entertaining, but its story takes a long time to start, which affects the playing experience from the beginning. You will notice that you shouldn't take the narrative so seriously because it doesn't get you anywhere. Nevertheless, the references and the combat system keep you wanting more because it's a challenging title.
  11. Mar 14, 2022
    Final Fantasy Origin: Stranger of Paradise is a chaotic alternative retelling of the very first Final Fantasy, following the story beat by beat until it transforms into something unique in its own way.
  12. May 11, 2022
    Team Ninja delivered on Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin. Maybe the visuals are not that good, but gameplay is good enough to keep the players hooked up to the game. You can truly feel the differences between the classes and the character progression. The multiplayer is also pretty fun.
  13. Apr 7, 2022
    It started out as a collection of the looser story ideas that seemed to go nowhere, but slowly but surely Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin pulled it all together and managed to keep it level - although you want to make sure you scour it for collectibles. If you want the full effect of your revelations, a solid and immersive action combat system can be tweaked to be as challenging as it is rewarding. Along with versatile character customization that lets you mix and match dozens of interchangeable jobs, your character fights as you see fit and gives you the ability to experiment and find a winning combination in one or three player co-op. There's significant room for improvement in the tools it offers to manage the avalanche of gear that drops on every mission, but the nods to Final Fantasy history sprinkled throughout its levels are enough to deflect attention from this sort of thing.
  14. Apr 6, 2022
    Stranger of Paradise is a mechanically rich and satisfying action RPG marred by poor balancing and performance issues.
  15. Mar 31, 2022
    Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin is a game that if we can see beyond the spare parts, is a title that will entertain us all along the adventure. What stands out is its artwork system and gameplay, which make it a very deep and very fun game.
  16. Mar 21, 2022
    An absurd game in the spectrum of Final Fantasy, but in a positive sense. The many boss fights, the cool combat, good AI and more make it more than worth it. You have to love it, as it is anything but a traditional Final Fantasy game, but in what it tries to do, it succeeds in its mission. The gameplay is engaging and manages to entertain, which is ultimately the most important thing.
  17. Mar 18, 2022
    Badass fights, a great score and some tough as nails bossfights make Strangers of Paradise a worthy Final Fantasy spin-off. If you’re in for a great story, look elsewhere.
  18. Mar 18, 2022
    Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin does a fantastic job on the gameplay department, but fails at almost everything else. The combat is fun, and the class system gives the player an immense amount of freedom to play however they want, but the lackluster graphics and pretty straightforward levels certainly ruin some of its most epic moments.
  19. Mar 15, 2022
    Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origins is a strange, ridiculous, and largely delightful game. You have to accept a game that is almost painfully free of irony and self-awareness, but if you do, you'll find one of the most enjoyable spin-offs to carry the Final Fantasy name. The combat is fast, frantic, and fun, and the customization options are through the roof. The only thing that holds it back is if players enjoy the story in the same campy way as Resident Evil 4 or only find it to be frustratingly unfun.
  20. Mar 14, 2022
    Narratively speaking, Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin would be a badly written JRPG, but luckily Square Enix and Koei Tecmo’s latest game is more than anything a very engaging action game that is very faithful to its source. Not perfect by any means but still enjoyable, the Nioh “soulslike” formula applied to the epic of Final Fantasy gives flesh to an interesting action game with a surprisingly deep learning curve and accessibility options that welcome any kind of player to the party.
  21. Mar 14, 2022
    Take its unfortunate performance issues in your stride – which will hopefully be ironed out by Team Ninja post-launch – and you’ll have a hell of a lot of fun with Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin. Its story may be ridiculous and not particularly easy to follow, but you’ll enjoy trying. And besides, the real draw here is the combat, which is not only highly entertaining but so, so deep thanks to the brilliant job system. This is a new type of Final Fantasy game, one that puts action at the front and centre, and it’s a blast from beginning to end.
  22. Mar 14, 2022
    The story of Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin doesn't really come together until the last few hours, but when it does it blends nicely with a solid and engaging action combat system and a heavy dose of nostalgia for the series.
  23. Mar 14, 2022
    Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin is undoubtedly a fun chaotic romp that will delight number crunchers and action RPG aficionados. Even though I found the characters and some of the story lacking, I still had a really good time testing out new jobs, exploring the various levels, seeing all the easter eggs, and devising strategies to tackle the level bosses. I’m looking forward to grinding gear with friends and finding out what the future holds with this new spinoff series of Final Fantasy.
  24. Mar 14, 2022
    Self-aware humor permeates throughout Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin, and by and large, it works really, really well. Any fears I had about Stranger of Paradise were dispelled after a dozen or so hours with its phenomenal combat system, strange but genuine story, and a surprising commitment to celebrating everything Final Fantasy — all through the eyes of an angry edgelord named Jack.
  25. Mar 14, 2022
    Stranger of Paradise is a peanut butter and chocolate combination of Final Fantasy XV and Nioh. The beauty of it is that you don’t even have to be a fan of Final Fantasy I to enjoy Stranger of Paradise. The story explains everything you need to know and anything you bring into it from previous knowledge is just extra. The combat is just spicy enough that you can feel like a powerhouse, but lets the players somewhat tweak the difficulty to their own desires if they’d rather face a tougher challenge. If this is the way that Square Enix will be remaking the early Final Fantasy games I am entirely in. This iteration takes modernization to the best possible level.
  26. Mar 14, 2022
    Stranger of Paradise is violent, dark, and brilliantly captivating. It’s a must-play for Final Fantasy fans. Steeped in sentiment and lovingly crafted homages to our favourite games, it offers a new mystery to unravel and breaks the mould of what you’d expect from the series. You might miss having a wide world to explore, proper side quests, and all the usual trimmings, but there’s a lot to love about Stranger of Paradise that you won’t find in your back catalogue of FF games.
  27. Mar 14, 2022
    Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin's story doesn't come together until the final hours, but when it does it pairs nicely with a solid and engaging action combat system and a strong dose of FF nostalgia.
  28. Mar 14, 2022
    Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin is a decent action RPG, but it's occasionally weighed down by unnecessary mechanics and inconsistent difficulty.
  29. Mar 14, 2022
    Certainly a title for Final Fantasy fans to dive into, even if it’s just to experience the story and read up on the lore, Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin has something for many gamers to enjoy.
  30. Mar 14, 2022
    So, yeah, Stranger of Paradise doesn't look good. Its story is a bunch of nonsense. Maybe you'll find that amusing, maybe you'll find it annoying. But all of that doesn't matter as much as you might imagine. Because you spend the bulk of the experience fighting monsters. Stranger of Paradise makes fighting monsters fun.
  31. Stranger of Paradise, despite its poor story presentation, manages to be a great spinoff for the Final Fantasy series, with gameplay beyond my expectations. It's time to destroy the Chaos! Wherever it is!
  32. Mar 27, 2022
    To my delight, I had an impressive amount of fun with Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin. Thankfully, its awesome stage designs and intricate character customization component ended up shining brighter than the humdrum story and disappointing visuals.
  33. Jun 26, 2022
    Although the action is extremely enjoyable, game stumbles in other areas. It's a direct purchase for the fans of the series, but others can wait for discounts.
  34. Apr 22, 2022
    This is not full-fledge Final Fantasy as you know it, but good spin-off to remember. It gives you another shot at Souls genre and is accessible to more players. Action hack-and-slash system is solid and you can spend 30-40 hours in dungeons, fierce battles, grab plenty of loot – and it is fun.
  35. Mar 24, 2022
    This game tries to do a lot. It re-tells the story of the very first Final Fantasy, but is also an Origin story. It tries to pay homage to 35 years of FF games, but also provide a new experience. It wants to be a Souls game, but without the Souls difficulty, a hacker-slasher and a loot game. Against a backdrop of sub-par graphics, some choices work, some don't. The combat is pretty good, while the graphics, level design and story let down. This entry to the Final Fantasy multiverse won't be for the ages.
  36. Mar 22, 2022
    Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin is an enjoyable experiment in melding Soulslike conventions onto a Final Fantasy skeleton. However it undercuts itself by not daring for more complexity, setting up great narrative and gameplay turns that never come to pass.
  37. Mar 20, 2022
    If you want a game to be fun above all else, then Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin might be for you. However, it is necessary to have a certain distance on the whole of the new production of Team Ninja, since it is filled witch clichés that should absolutely not be taken at face value in order to be appreciated as it should be. Skillfully mixing the gameplay of Nioh with the jobs and worlds of Final Fantasy in settings unworthy of our time, FFO is the very definition of guilty pleasure. A good game, not to be put in all hands.
  38. Mar 18, 2022
    While our initial reaction to Stranger of Paradise was one of indifference, the game managed to charm us once we gave it more time. It then became an enjoyable and relaxing experience that didn’t outstay its welcome or descend into too much of a grind. It delivers a fluid and engaging combat system that borrows from other successful games in Team Ninja and Square-Enix’s back catalog of hits. Stranger of Paradise is not the game that’s going to pull most players away from Horizon Forbidden West or Elden Ring, However, it’s a nice distraction to keep Final Fantasy fans occupied until the sixteenth main entry arrives -- whenever that may be.
  39. Mar 17, 2022
    With Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin, Team Ninja has produced yet another rather good Final Fantasy action game. With its deep yet more forgiving combat system, it can appeal to those not seeking the challenging experiences of something like Nioh. Furthermore, with its complex mix-and-match Jobs system, it brings a uniquely Final Fantasy flair to the hack-and-slash genre. Unfortunately, its dull protagonist and plot may struggle to keep the attention of anyone curious about the backstory it is trying to create for the original Final Fantasy. The loot system could also do with some overhauls. Still, you can certainly do worse than Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin if you’re looking for a new multiplayer action game with some clever Final Fantasy twists.
  40. Mar 16, 2022
    Strangers of Paradise is a loveable action-RPG despite its best efforts to spoil itself with a story that only becomes interesting in the last hour. The action is a little messy and not all of the moving parts gel together perfectly, but it's got a compelling janky charm that is hard to ignore.
  41. Mar 15, 2022
    Trashy final fantasy spinoff with a dull story but also with an ingenious combat system and online coop.
  42. Mar 14, 2022
    It remains a very effective action game that pays homage to games in the Final Fantasy franchise and promises to be even more enjoyable to play in multiplayer.
  43. 75
    Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin is a wacky game that will end up being a cult classic. The devs were not afraid to march to the beat of their own drum, and the result is the type of slightly messy, unique AA game that we used to get in the late 2000s and early 2010s. It’s goofy, flawed, and fabulous, and I hope Square Enix continues to lean into publishing more experimental titles like this.
  44. Mar 14, 2022
    It’s a mouthful of a title and it’s a weird game. It’s Nioh to the core with Final Fantasy nostalgia smeared all over it. Laugh at the dialogue, stay for the great combat system. It’s not perfect by far, but all it takes is a single great thing to make something shine.
  45. Mar 14, 2022
    Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin looks like a Nioh reskin with some Final Fantasy add-on like classes and monsters. Is a step backward due to an uninspired level design and a shallow story.
  46. Jul 12, 2022
    Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin attempts to fuse the original’s sensibility into a fast-paced action RPG. For the most part, it is successful with intense action gameplay and beautiful music. Adjustable difficulty options and online co-op make the game accessible to a myriad of gamers without diminishing challenge or sacrificing replayability. It’s somewhat fitting that in this topsy-turvy action spin-off, the only thing that’s truly upside-down is the presentation of the original game’s story. Even as the narrative stumbles, the core gameplay is strong enough to motivate to see this story through to completion, no matter how chaotic.
  47. Apr 15, 2022
    Team Ninja created a hardcore action-RPG with an interesting combat system, but some missteps -like the awful dialogue, the mediocre level design and the bland story- keep it from achieving greatness.
  48. Apr 14, 2022
    Credit should be given to Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin for trying something different, and nobody could argue that it certainly is that. With a distinct lack of the plot and character polish, players approaching this as an RPG can easily overlook this. With such excellent combat options and a real sense of fun throughout, though, it more than stands alongside its peers in both the role-playing and Souls-like genres. Why it looks so bad, that's a mystery in itself…
  49. Apr 8, 2022
    Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin will continue splitting opinions. If anything, all this division is a testament to the passion that this series has cultivated since 1987. Ate the end of the day, we have a mechanically sane, yet narratively inconsistent game, with meme culture contributing to the heavy criticism for a plot that is, in truth, very confusing.
  50. Apr 7, 2022
    Stranger of Paradise is one of the strangest Final Fantasy spinoffs I have ever played, but it does not necessarily mean it’s a bad game. Yes, it has a remarkably bad cast of characters and story, but still has strong points that make it a decent game. Packed with some truly enjoyable combat and nostalgia, it’s a game any fan of the series will know how to appreciate.
  51. PLAY
    Apr 1, 2022
    A series celebration that rides the line between edgy mature and camp humour, it’s great to hack through even if others do it better. [Issue#13, p.88]
  52. Mar 29, 2022
    If you look at Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin as a hack-and-slash action RPG, it’s a roughly balanced game with problematic endgame content that isn’t any better in the visual department either, and even its story seems to be a huge disappointment at first. However, if you stick with it, the well crafted battle system and the job system that allows for a wide array of fighting styles should win you over, and eventually you’ll be rewarded by an extremely passionate and overwhelming finale to the story.
  53. Mar 29, 2022
    If you're curious about what Final Fantasy would look like as a Souls or Nioh-style action game, Stranger of Paradise is a solid effort. It's just a shame that it's bogged down by its oddball narrative choices and its cumbersome loot system, which makes the total package such a mixed bag. I suppose it's the nature of this chaotic beast.
  54. Mar 25, 2022
    Stranger of Paradise gives Florian a bit of an inclination to wash his eyeballs with bleach, so he gives the game a tight 6, but Samuel enjoyed the unique twist on the Souls action so much that he wanted to give it a big thumbs up. heeds. There is a good chance that the 'truth' for you lies somewhere in the middle.
  55. Mar 25, 2022
    As much as I want to love this game as a whole, the story lets it down. As a newcomer to the Final Fantasy franchise, the storyline would put me off of playing any more if I didn’t know that some of the other games are renowned for being incredible. Having a story that I can be invested in from the very beginning is what makes a great RPG. That being said, the combat and build up to the various boss fights were unarguably brilliant. I haven’t experienced such joy from the intelligent use of repetition in any other fighting game. From being able to tailor the intensity of each battle to my own experience level to building Jack to be a character I enjoyed, combat is truly where this game shines.
  56. Mar 24, 2022
    This new flavor of Final Fantasy is mostly created with borrowed ideas, but still implements them well enough to be genuinely fun and addicting most of the time.
  57. Mar 22, 2022
    With a good combat model and outdated visuals, Stranger of Paradise is a mixed bag of a title that has a lot of fun gameplay. If you want to see what the predecessor of NIOH would look like - this game is definitely for you.
  58. Mar 20, 2022
    Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin will go down in history for being memorable for better and for worse. Many of its sections are a mess, but if you can get past its flaws and learn to enjoy them you'll find a game that will entertain you immensely. Especially if you love action RPGs with rewarding combat and progression systems.
  59. Mar 17, 2022
    For those looking for a fast paced, chaotic (CHAOS) cheesy b-movie style action game, Stranger of Paradise has a lot to offer. For Final Fantasy fans, it may miss the mark of what they love most about the series.
  60. Mar 16, 2022
    When paired with the “so bad, it’s good” story and dialogue, Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin is a good time for the partly the wrong reasons. Critically, it’s not great. You’ve still got a car crash of a game on your hands. But, it’s a car crash you can’t look away from. In the meantime, the combat and job system is a rollercoaster ride which takes you right past it, being a wild ride in its own right.
  61. Mar 16, 2022
    Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin is an action-oriented RPG whose gameplay mechanics are almost entirely based on those of Nioh, one of the most prominent Dark Souls clones. The game is a bit outdated in its layout and it seems to come from another age.
  62. Mar 15, 2022
    Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin is a rough gem: it reinterprets the videogame approach already seen in the Nioh games, declining it in a “Final Fantasy way”; it presents an antithetical narrative to every possible trope of the genre and, above all, of the saga in question. The game lacks however of that polish and, perhaps, of the courage that would have made the difference between a good game and a little masterpiece.
  63. Mar 14, 2022
    Thanks to a level of difficulty calibrated downwards, we recommend purchasing it to those who up to now have kept away from Nioh and more generally from soulslike ones, as they are intimidated by the high level of challenge that distinguishes the genre. With the support of companions and the difficulty selector, on the contrary Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin could be the perfect opportunity to try something new and broaden your gaming horizons.
  64. Mar 14, 2022
    We finally got to thoroughly test the particular Square Enix experiment in collaboration with Team Ninja. Despite some good ideas, Stranger of Paradise is a mediocre action game, not really inspired and with not in depth mechanics.
  65. Mar 14, 2022
    While it might be confusing and memey, disjointed and weird, Stranger of Paradise is also a lot of fun. It's full of cool combat with a wide variety of options, and a job system that lets you customize your playstyle or just try out what feels like 30 different ones. Its challenge makes every fight a battle of skill, while also giving you the tools to feel like a ludicrously powerful Final Fantasy badass. And despite being bizarrely delivered and wildly strange, there is a delight in uncovering what the hell is actually going on in the game's story and the weird ideas it brings to bear on the Final Fantasy series. Stranger of Paradise is mostly a more focused version of Final Fantasy that shows some different directions for the series from its traditional games, even if those directions take it down paths that are sometimes a bit...stranger.
  66. Mar 14, 2022
    Stranger of Paradise is the strangest Final Fantasy game yet, bounding wildly between awful and fantastic. If you can tolerate Jack (and that’s a big ask), the excellently crafted combat is worth a look. You may be coming to this game for the story and Final Fantasy experience, but it’s all about combat and little else.
  67. Mar 14, 2022
    Stranger of Paradise is one of “those” games - a scuffed diamond that's a joy to play, yet has unmissable imperfections. However, while annoying, a poor story and bland visuals don't diminish its punchy RPG action, nor its rewarding web of character customisation options. Needless to say, we’re pretty eager to see how Stranger is received by the Final Fantasy fandom.
  68. Mar 14, 2022
    Final Fantasy Origin will enthrall players with its dumb, but awesome story and approachable Soulslike gameplay.
  69. Mar 14, 2022
    Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin seems to prove that the Final Fantasy franchise can thrive in the action game scene with this first franchise venture from Team Ninja and Koei Tecmo. The title isn't a true home run, but it is an exciting adventure that expands the franchise lore in a unique direction. The Final Fantasy Job system is as interesting and exciting as ever and adds a unique twist on the action game format as players grind through each challenging dungeon and fill in all the Job talent trees one by one.
  70. Mar 14, 2022
    It can be challenging to wrap one's head around Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin. On the one hand, it is utterly steeped in Final Fantasy mythology. And yet, it's a far cry from a traditional Final Fantasy game. In a way, it feels like an attempt to apply the Final Fantasy VII Remake approach to a game much less suited to such treatment, with fascinating, if not entirely successful, results. Fans of heavily customizable action games will find a lot to love but might be divorced from the nods and homages to Final Fantasy history. It'll be the players who have a foot in both worlds that will most enjoy Stranger of Paradise, but despite some narrative pacing issues and a bit of bloat, most players will find it an enjoyable, action-packed fantasy adventure.
  71. Mar 14, 2022
    We're not sure if it will be remembered as a huge disaster or as a cult classic. But we're sure of one thing: Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin is pure and absolute chaos.
  72. Mar 14, 2022
    It delivers a tight, action-heavy experience where you tear through hordes of enemies, earn loot and level up. Sadly, I was unable to test the multiplayer mode during my review, but overall Stranger Of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin is a very good game in its own right.
  73. Mar 14, 2022
    Ultimately, Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin will please those who are willing to buy into the ideas it presents wholesale and is a solid action game. However, despite all of the praises I have to sing for it, it’s obvious that this game was made for a very specific audience in mind and won’t be for everyone.
  74. Mar 14, 2022
    Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origins re-imagines the earliest Final Fantasy in a manner befitting of a popcorn action film and for the most part succeeds. The story is an interesting re-interpretation of the Warriors of Light even if there are a few elements that seem nonsensical and shoehorned in. Like most things involving a timeloop, it’s just better for one’s sanity not to contemplate the finer points of the story too much. A lot of the story wants to be taken seriously, but Jack’s over-the-top obsession with killing Chaos brings the overall tone into comedic territory. The gameplay is frenetic action with several difficulty options to make it accessible to newcomers and challenging to veterans of the genre. Approaching Stranger of Paradise with any sort of expectations of what a Final Fantasy game should be will likely lead to disappointment. When viewed through the lens of a campy B-movie, however, killing Chaos can be a thrill.
  75. Mar 14, 2022
    As a spin-off, it has some interesting ideas, but the execution is not good enough for the franchise it’s based on.
  76. Apr 14, 2022
    Stranger of Paradise tries to marry Final Fantasy with a soulslike, while also often reaching outside this genre. The whole idea was great, which makes the poor execution (uninspired level design, run-of-the-mill story, mediocre graphics, boring boss fights) even more disappointing. However, if you’re able to turn a blind eye to the game’s many flaws, you might find it moderately enjoyable.
  77. Apr 3, 2022
    It's clearly Team Ninja's gameplay expertise that saves Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin from disaster. It takes a monster foot to move from one class to another while becoming familiar with the finesse they abound. Because yes, given the low technical level, we have the impression of dealing with a PS3 / Xbox 360 game. It goes hand in hand with the story which is being demolished by this constant silliness.
  78. Mar 17, 2022
    The story of Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin is so bad it almost gets good again. Almost, but not quite. Underneath that ugly fever dream is an interesting and deep combat system, which pulls the game from doom.
  79. 65
    Stranger of Paradise is the perfect example of gameplay towering above the sum of its parts. I loved the combat and job system, which allows for dynamic battles and strategy. It's just a shame that the rest of the game feels low budget and unfinished. If you're looking for an origin story to the original Final Fantasy, you'll get it here, but chances are you may want to forget it as soon as you're done.
  80. Mar 14, 2022
    Quotation forthcoming.
  81. Mar 14, 2022
    You should play Stranger of Paradise for its combat and not its story. While there are nuggets available for series fans, this isn’t the pinnacle of storytelling by any means. It’s best to dive into the gore rather than the lore; fight for fun, be like Jack and focus on the Chaos. Certainly don’t expect this to be a brilliant subversion of the original Final Fantasy’s narrative.
  82. May 17, 2022
    Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin constantly balances between homage to the series and bombastic kitsch. The new gameplay - it feels more like a soulslike game than your typical action-RPG - is refreshing at times, but not spectacular enough to make the game rise above mediocrity.
  83. May 3, 2022
    This action RPG boasts a good combat system and impressive freedom in designing your own hero class. The story is awful, however, as are the loot and the graphics. Stranger of Paradise isn’t a waste of time - but that time could still be spent playing much better games.
  84. Edge Magazine
    Apr 21, 2022
    Regrets? Team Ninja may have a few. It's chartered course doesn't seem particularly well planned, nor its steps along the byway especially careful - and it certainly bites off more than it can chew. Yet while this curious, distinctive spin-off may not be close to the finest hour for its developer nor this storied series, its' makers can stand tall knowing that, to paraphrase Ol' Blue Eyes, they did it their way. [Issue#371, p.108]
  85. Mar 17, 2022
    There’s not much by the way of emotional connection to this game. It’s old-fashioned, cliched in its storytelling and I found myself constantly hitting the skip button to get to the actual fighting. But overall, Stranger of Paradise is a nice brawler on the Playstation and Xbox.
  86. Mar 17, 2022
    Enjoyable Souls-lite combat can’t make up for the tedious loot system and laughably bad storytelling, in this misconceived Final Fantasy spin-off.
  87. Mar 14, 2022
    Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin is a B-movie game. It’s loud, dumb, and full of fun. You have to ignore a lot – a lot – of issues if you want to extract the joy from its chaotic heart, but once you commit, toy around with the weapons, penetrate its poorly-explained mechanics and forgive Jack for his one-dimensional personality, you’re left with a game that’s part Devil May Cry, part Nioh, and part Face/Off. And let’s be honest, who doesn’t want to play that?
  88. Mar 14, 2022
    Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin thinks that it's Daniel Craig's James Bond but it's actually Austin Powers. There's barely a moment in the game that isn't stretching credulity, be it the absurd writing, bewildering story, or inane characters. There's a host of technical issues, too. But somehow, despite everything, it manages to fail upwards and be a pretty good time. Maybe we've lost the plot but we liked it.
  89. Mar 14, 2022
    A story that struggles to convince, an archaic and technically outdated game structure... Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin largely misses its rendez-vous with the saga's origin.
  90. Mar 14, 2022
    There's a half-decent time to be had bashing your way around Stranger of Paradise's dungeons, but routine level design, rough edges and messy narrative delivery stop the experience evolving into a compelling adventure. Despite its efforts to create ordered systems, chaos has the final word.
  91. Mar 14, 2022
    Stranger of Paradise is mostly just a mess. When the gameplay works, it works surprisingly well, but that wasn’t often enough to make it fun for its entire runtime. It’s hard to make a judgement on the story, mostly because there isn’t much of a narrative, but it’s even more disappointing because I wanted to spend more time with the characters, because they’re far from unlikeable. A grand ode to Final Fantasy it is not, and it fails to appeal to the JRPG lover in me on most counts.
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  1. Mar 23, 2022
    Stranger of Paradise is an experiment to create a Nioh-like game with the RPG elements of Final Fantasy. The result is passable, but not the great game it could be.
  2. Mar 14, 2022
    I almost have to admire the audacity of how blasé Square Enix is with its own history, and wonder how much of Stranger of Paradise was intended as comedy. Is it irreverence or just laxity? If you thought Final Fantasy 7 Remake took liberties with its source material, at least there seemed to be a purpose and intent behind it. Stranger of Paradise meanwhile feels like an ill-thought fanfic, given free rein to ransack the back catalogue.
  3. Mar 14, 2022
    I didn’t expect to enjoy smashing the heads of monsters like this. I also didn’t expect to enjoy a story about a hyper-masculine man like Jack. But what I’ve come to learn in my time with Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin is that Jack isn’t a knight in shining armor. He’s better. [Review in Progress]
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  1. Mar 16, 2022
    final fantasy rocks, and this game is no different. long live final fantasy
  2. Mar 18, 2022
    It’s a very mediocre game. The story and dialogue is strange. Lots of cutscenes and “funny” talking moments. Haven’t completed it yet l, IIt’s a very mediocre game. The story and dialogue is strange. Lots of cutscenes and “funny” talking moments. Haven’t completed it yet l, I think about half way through, and I have no idea what the story is about. I recommend staying away with this one. Full Review »
  3. Mar 18, 2022
    This project should have been cancelled,besides some decent ideas the rest should have been discarded.Poor story design,characters areThis project should have been cancelled,besides some decent ideas the rest should have been discarded.Poor story design,characters are mediocre at best,lacking personality and charisma. If this game didn't have any final fantasy asset nobody would even know about this game.Team Ninja you just ruined your reputation in the industry.Nioh is a good game,why releasing an unfinished project with a bunch of ideas mostly that should have been discarded.
    The game can be completed in roughly 8 hours and a half.
    avoid this game if you want to save 60$ it's a total waste of money.
    Full Review »