• Publisher: SCEA
  • Release Date: Mar 16, 2005

Generally favorable reviews - based on 56 Critic Reviews

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 54 out of 56
  2. Negative: 0 out of 56
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  1. Shows off the beauty and horsepower of the PSP.
  2. Magnificent, all-encompassing presentation serves only to highlight the wholly engrossing game play.
  3. If you have gleaned even the slightest bit of enjoyment from the series down the years, youâ??ll never look back. Another awesome PSP game.
  4. AceGamez
    Well, I'm flabbergasted. What more can I say? Wipeout Pure has it all; edge of your seat racing, big explosions, challenging tracks, aggressive competitors, superb graphics, exemplary cutting edge sound and is altogether one of the most well thought out and brilliantly conceived titles that it has ever been my joy to come across.
  5. 100
    Offering a perfectly balanced mix of features, gameplay, and style, Wipeout Pure is one of those rare gems that fires on all cylinders.
  6. 100
    For racing fans who want a perfect mix of compelling gameplay, unequalled excellence of presentation, and a few sore thumbs, WipEout Pure will not disappoint. Ready? Go...
  7. This game has it all; stunning visuals, crisp and powerful sound, finely tuned gameplay for single and multiplayer, endless replay value and the promise of future content via download.
  8. Fast and frantic gameplay, unparalleled graphics and sound - this is the all out assault on the senses that Wipeout always should have been. Forget Fusion on the PS2, this is Wipeout gaming at its very best, a glorious gaming romp that really demonstrates the true power of the PSP console.
  9. I have never played a racing game on a portable system that had as much creativity and longevity as Wipeout Pure. Its addictiveness is indescribable.
  10. 93
    Each of the game's eight new standard racing circuits are marvelous to behold; while the course design in the series has always been wonderful, never has so much effort been spent to ensure that each track feel as though it's part of a vast, living world.
  11. This game absolutely rocks, with a significant exception being the relative shortness of each track.
  12. It is the most impressive game to use to show off the PSP's power, but it is also very, very fast and fun.
  13. You are going to be blown away when you see how much of the console version of the series they were able to stuff into this little 1.8 gig UMD disc.
  14. Playing Wipeout Pure on the large, crisp PSP screen is a thing of beauty. Visually, the game is damn gorgeous. An excellent, silky smooth framerate, impressive textures, and even better lighting and weather effects.
  15. A truly one-of-a-kind experience. Pioneering the PSPâ??s superior technology, itâ??s one of the first portable racing games to sport such amazing graphics.
  16. It isn't, you understand, that WipEout Pure is terribly revolutionary. No, the appeal of this game is that it returns to the roots of the franchise, and puts it in the palm of your hand with startling clarity.
  17. Wipeout Pure has the most impressive sound that I have ever experienced on a handheld by far.
  18. Offering vibrant graphics backed by precise controls, this iteration in the Wipeout series gets everything right. Sony should be applauded for executing subtle improvements on the original Wipeout formula, instead of "updating" all the fun out of a classic.
  19. PSM Magazine
    Due to the too-low placement of the analog stick, expect your thumb to get sore after an hour or two. [May 2005, p.79]
  20. From the way it controls, to the way it looks, to the wonderfully designed tracks and ship models, WipEout Pure is futuristic racing at its finest.
  21. Studio Liverpool has come up with a near-perfect equation for this sort of game, layering everything up in a manner that keeps you coming back hour after hour, with enough tracks to beat under subtly but crucially different circumstances that you never find yourself tiring of a well-beaten track.
  22. As a super secret, not explained bonus Wipeout Pure can also be used as a web browser for the PSP.
  23. Play Magazine
    It's challenging and furious fun, made only better by multiplayer. [May 2005, p.70]
  24. Combining the sense of speed that the franchise is known for with a ton of replayability and the option to continually update the game with new machines and tracks, Pure has plenty of gameplay for any racing fan.
  25. Hands down the best game in the series as well as one of the best games on PSP. From gorgeous graphics, to break neck speeds, Pure delivers with nary a hiccup.
  26. Pelaaja (Finland)
    PSP's WipEout Pure has one fault: bad AI, but that can be forgiven since the game pretty much excels in all other areas. WipEout Pure is, as the name suggests, a return to the roots of the series and this has been a excellent design choice. The gameâ??s fast and smooth featuring great visual design and also the best use of the PSPâ??s wireless functionality. Users can download loads of new tracks, craft and skins to expand the game experience. WipEout Pure is the perfect Zen practice. [Sept 2005, p.54]
  27. It's testament to the PSP's power that Wipeout looks and plays better now than it ever did on PS2. This classy remake rolls all the tastiest bits of this futuristic racing series into one glorious parcel of pixels.
  28. I'm genuinely struggling to overcome just how amazing WOP really is. To cram top-notch graphics, an enviably smooth control system, a soundtrack that would stand alone as a CD release and raw, unadulterated fun into a handheld game is beyond my comprehension.
  29. 90
    A joy to look at, and it's viscerally satisfying enough to please fans of the series and new players alike.
  30. Pure Magazine UK
    A credible conversion with very few flaws, should be in any futuristic race fan's library. [Feb 2007, p.79]
  31. 90
    The graphics are breathtaking, and the electronica soundtrack is well-done... The controls are impeccable.
  32. 90
    It's a beautiful game, with an enormous amount of gameplay to keep you occupied. If you want something that really shows what the PSP is capable of, there are few better demos than this.
  33. Cheat Code Central
    The whole package is a little overwhelming. The sleek lines of the PSP, the drop dead gorgeous visuals and the control.....ah, the control. While the analog stick placement is a little low for my liking, once you get used to it - and I mean, entirely for every game - the PSP handles like a Dual Shock with a screen.
  34. Although the game does not include online play it has enough modes in it to really keep most of us satisfied for quite a long time.
  35. A handful of new gameplay tweaks, new hovercraft racing classes and a PSP-worthy visual overhaul make WipeOut Pure the best installment in the series since 1996â??s "WipeOut XL."
  36. Game Informer
    Several tweaks have helped to streamline the racing experience, but there really isn't a lot I'd label as innovative beyond its excellent appearance on the new handheld. [May 2005, p.132]
  37. The high-speed gameplay that has always characterized the Wipeout series is still incredibly engaging, and the visuals simply impress, both on an artistic and a technical level. Wipeout Pure is a joy to look at.
  38. It's a great game to pass around so "everyone can play" and offers a real nice long term gaming experience with all the levels and future downloadable content.
  39. An incredibly polished package that veterans and newcomers alike will quickly fall in love with.
  40. So is Wipeout Pure a must-have PSP title? Weâ??d have to say yes â?? for now.
  41. 85
    With quite a bit to unlock and more to download off of the net, this is a completionist's paradise. Though some may eventually baulk at the higher challenges, and some may tire of the slight lack of variety, multiplayer only makes the final package stronger.
  42. The lack of online play and the sheer difficulty for newbies keeps it from attaining GR gold, but we're just happy to see it back on the podium where it belongs.
  43. Weekly Famitsu
    8 / 8 / 8 / 9 - gold [Vol 852]
  44. It was a little heartbreaking to notice that Pure's controls were stiffer than XL; the aircrafts aren't quite as floaty and they don't respond as instantly either. So once again, those who were wishing for an XL-feeling WipeOut are left out in the dark.
  45. Electronic Gaming Monthly
    Every few minutes, I have to remind myself: Relax the death grip. Unclench the jaw. Wipeout is that intense. [June 2005, p.108]
  46. There's no question that Wipeout Pure is a very fine Wipeout game and, thanks to its lively, dynamic soundscape and its distinct, exhilarating handling, it deserves three out of three just as much as a score out of ten.
  47. games(TM)
    Visually, stylistically and technically, Pure is nothing short of breathtaking. If the guy sat behind you on the bus doesn't peer over your shoulder in a slightly creepy manner while youâ??re tearing through the skies of Sol 2, you can pretty much assume heâ??s blind - that kind of breathtaking. [May 2005, p.92]
  48. Pure is like a highly paid runway model: heartbreakingly gorgeous and dangerously thin.
  49. 80
    There lies the juxtaposition within Wipeout Pure: on the one hand, it's fan service of the highest order, returning to the roots that helped them fall in love with the series in the first place, while also suffering from rife conservatism intent on keeping the structure and handling of the play predictable.
  50. 80
    The slick presentation, great gameplay, and nostalgia factor all combine to create a package you simply shouldn't pass up.
  51. This is a back-to-basics affair for Liverpool Studio, but that doesn't mean that gameplay is thin on the ground or simplified - this is literally WipEout in its purest form and SCEE couldn't have summed up the gameplay better. WipEout. Pure.
  52. 80
    While it isn't as fast as other titles in its genre such as "F-Zero GX," it more than makes up for its lack of quickness with dreamy visuals, a fabulous artistic style, memorable music, tight analog controls, and promised downloadable content, making it one of the few absolute must-have PSP launch titles.
  53. 78
    Thatâ??s the thing about Pure, once you get going and start hitting all the turbo zips, it is one hell of a fast and exhilarating experience. However, the moment you tap a wall, your machine slows to a crawl. This took me a while to overcome.
  54. 72
    Itâ??s a great launch title, but generally speaking a mediocre game. I just couldnâ??t get over the terrible third-person view, which forces players to deal with clunky and wholly frustrating gameplay due to poor design.
  55. Reaching the end of Wipeout Pure is certainly a challenge, but once the higher ground has been breached (without PSP owning friends) there is little reason to return to the game.

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Generally favorable reviews- based on 116 Ratings

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  2. Negative: 11 out of 116
  1. Aug 11, 2010
    I'm a bit of a white-knuckler flyer, so handheld gaming is a must. I bought my PSP for this game (and bought 3 more copies for my friends soI'm a bit of a white-knuckler flyer, so handheld gaming is a must. I bought my PSP for this game (and bought 3 more copies for my friends so we could play it in ad-hoc multiplayer). Great fun - good for smack talk. Still play it. In my mind, it's far superior to its successor Pulse. I have no idea how to finish this game, it's so tough in the faster classes, but I've had a great time trying. This game and Lumines were a promising start for the system. Full Review »
  2. Apr 8, 2022
    its ok for psp game............................................................
  3. Jul 18, 2019
    Buen juego, pero muy frustrante conforme avanza. La IA además no me gusta para nada, siendo capaces de doblar perfectamente a toda velocidad,Buen juego, pero muy frustrante conforme avanza. La IA además no me gusta para nada, siendo capaces de doblar perfectamente a toda velocidad, cosa que uno no es capaz de hacer lo mismo. Full Review »