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Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 22 out of 27
  2. Negative: 0 out of 27
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  1. Whatever notes Ys Seven is hitting, it's doing it right and marrying every smart mechanic in action-RPG gameplay between themselves to create an actually intuitive system that never tires nor lets up - even if it's more of a throwback than anything out today.
  2. Ys Seven is a great looking game that offers huge boss battles, fast-paced gameplay and a lengthy single-player experience.
  3. 90
    Get through the boring intro, and then enjoy 30 solid hours of what is easily Falcom's most ambitious title to date. Cheers to XSEED for the solid localization and for taking a chance on the series.
  4. The simple fact is that Ys Seven is one of the best RPGs on this or any other console, and it's a true hidden gem for PSP owners.
  5. 83
    Given the white-knuckle speed and immediacy of Ys Seven's action, it's strange to think the game requires so much patience.
  6. games(TM)
    Jan 23, 2011
    Along with being better suited to the PSP's capabilities than the previous Ys VI port, Seven also overhauls some major aspects of the series. [Issue#105, p.120]
  7. Oct 25, 2010
    Despite these minor miscues, Ys Seven proves that you can tweak a classic game series without ruining it in the process.
  8. Ys SEVEN's simple nature, light (and clichéd) story elements, and uber-traditional feel makes for a title that won't be the one to catapult the series into RPG stardom. However, if you're already a fan of the franchise, then Ys SEVEN shouldn't disappoint.
  9. Again, don't expect Ys Seven to blow your mind. It won't. But you may be surprised at just how pleasing it is to play. I couldn't put it down after I got started.
  10. 80
    It's sadly not often that a gem pops up for the PSP, and Ys Seven definitely falls into this category.
  11. In the end Ys Seven is a surprisingly good Japanese RPG. If you like JRPG's, then this one will not disappoint. If you don't like JRPG's, then this one will probably surprise you.
  12. It has some of the best action-RPG gameplay you can find anywhere with a fantastic soundtrack, a lengthy adventure, tons of monsters to kill and lots of places to explore.
  13. A knockout soundtrack, fun combat and interesting characters, along with close to 20-40 hours of game play make this a great pickup for the RPG fan out there.
  14. 80
    The speedy combat is addictive and goes beyond mere button mashing, so while Ys Seven might not be a AAA release, it is a solid title that deserves a shot.
  15. Playstation: The Official Magazine (US)
    Still, this is a heaping, delicious serving of an action-RPG meal with a recipe that's new and improved enough to keep even prior noshers coming back for seconds. [Oct 2010, p.78]
  16. 80
    The real fun comes from the game's battle system, which features plenty of action, special moves and enough coins to make Mario jealous.
  17. An old style adventure, carved out a fast paced combat system and a retro feeling that will seduce anyone who ever played a former game starring the red-haired Adol. Not a masterpice for the ones who don't know the series, though.
  18. It throws clunky mechanics to the side and opts for something more fluid, which is definitely worth the purchase if you don't expect a revolutionary storyline or funky-fresh graphics.
  19. While we still might be in need of an injection in the J-RPG landscape, it is nice to see one that does stand on its own instead simply being a generic wannabe that is a blatant cut and paste of past glory.
  20. The simple purity of hack-and-slash gameplay is Ys Seven's most realized and compelling feature.
  21. Ys Seven is a well-balanced JRPG featuring terrific AI and a combat system that is a blast to play. While the story is very thin for an RPG, you'll be entertained through the depth of gameplay.
  22. For a title entrenched in the amorphous mutation of JRPGs into turn-based but real-time, single-player but MMORPG confusion, Ys Seven treads the line between classic and cliché with refreshing ease. Despite its occasional potboiler plot twists, it is a reminder that well-executed simplicity is all you need for an addictive title.
  23. Always good, occasionally great, and never regrettable, Ys Seven is another notable title in the PSP's increasingly impressive RPG stable.
  24. Dec 21, 2010
    One of the best action role-players on any portable - if it wasn't for the appallingly banal plot and characters.
  25. 70
    But what Ys Seven lacks in depth it makes up with energy. There's little downtime, making it a good fit for a portable platform, and the boss fights are just fun enough to keep things from getting tedious.
  26. While the story leaves quite a bit to be desired, the nut-and-bolts RPG gameplay and fun combat system make this a perfectly serviceable JPRG that genre fans will enjoy.
  27. If you're willing to use the wonderful fast-forward button and focus your attention on the important parts of the game, then YS SEVEN is well worth the money and your time. On the other hand, if you are foolish enough to take in the entire story, please don't blame me – I tried to warn you.

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Generally favorable reviews- based on 76 Ratings

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  1. Aug 18, 2010
    A lot of the PSP RPGs you pick up at your local game store are ports from other platforms. So, as soon as I heard that Ys Seven was beingA lot of the PSP RPGs you pick up at your local game store are ports from other platforms. So, as soon as I heard that Ys Seven was being made from the ground up for the PSP, it became an instant day one purchase for me. What's the difference between a port and an original game for the PSP? Load times are fast, the graphics look amazing, and gameplay designs can be implemented with the PSP in mind. That's the case with Ys Seven. Ys (pronounced like the eace in peace) Seven is actually the 7th game in the line of Ys games, but you don't have to play the prior ones. It's a standalone title made for people who may not be familiar with the series. The gameplay is fun and takes place in real time. You will travel the world and encounter and fight with enemies without any changes. You swing by hitting X, open up menu by hitting triangle, etc. The game is sort of an action RPG that's more RPG than action.

    If you are an RPG fan looking for something new to play on your PSP, you can't go wrong with Ys Seven. For 30 bucks, the amount of game you get is astounding especially considering it's an RPG and built solely for the PSP.
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  2. Aug 17, 2010
    Great game. On a technical level, loading times are nil, framerate is smooth, menus and buttons are user-friendly. The gameplay is the starGreat game. On a technical level, loading times are nil, framerate is smooth, menus and buttons are user-friendly. The gameplay is the star here and it's fast, furious and fun, and perfect for a portable system. Think Secret of Mana but refined and much faster, and you have an idea of the gameplay. Quick-switching between characters is a breeze and very fun, and the boss battles are epic. Music, as with most Falcom games, is excellent, though not quite up to the standard set by Ys I & II Complete. Only negatives would be slightly grainy visuals and a slightly saggy plot, but Ys games have never been about huge narratives, instead focusing on tight gameplay and great music. Full Review »
  3. Nov 3, 2010
    Ys Seven is a great addition to a great series: not only does it manage to preserve the fast paced action and great dungeon crawling of theYs Seven is a great addition to a great series: not only does it manage to preserve the fast paced action and great dungeon crawling of the previous Ys games, it also successfully adds to the proven formula many new elements such as multiple party members, skills learned from weapons and a nice item crafting system. The land of Altago with its massive overworld is a joy to explore, and the capital city as well as the villages are all fascinating locales to a great adventure. The OST, while not as great as Felghana, is still gorgeous, and the boss fights are some of the best in the series thanks to the beautiful battle system and to new options such as the flash guard. If you like action-JRPG Ys Seven is right up your alley, and if you have never had a chance to enjoy this genre this game could very well be a surprise. Full Review »