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  2. Negative: 0 out of 35
  1. Jul 27, 2020
    If you’ve never experienced Burnout Paradise before — or even if you just want the convenience of having an all-time classic racing game with you everywhere you go — you’re in for a treat with this Remastered version on the Switch. It may be more than a decade old, but time hasn’t diminished it in any way, and it’s still a must-play for anyone who likes a whole lot of destruction in their racing games.
  2. Jul 29, 2020
    In an era full of triple-A self-seriousness and open-world games that feel like they’re little more than busy work, Criterion reminds us that we don’t all need to follow the same template. Over a decade after release, Burnout Paradise is still the king of open-world racers, proving that a simple gameplay loop is often the most effective.
  3. Jun 22, 2020
    Burnout Paradise Remastered is nearly everything you would want from not only a racing game but a Switch port as well. Paradise City is a car playground and filled with fun. The Switch port looks, runs and sounds almost perfect. Glad to have Burnout back on a Nintendo system, and in such good form.
  4. Jul 2, 2020
    Despite its age, Burnout Paradise Remastered remains an absolute classic in the racing game genre. The size and breadth of Paradise City and Big Surf Island, combined with the plethora of events and secrets scattered throughout, give the game a long enough tail that it would be easy to sink high double-digit hours into the title. The multiplayer, both local and online, is just as jumping as ever, and the fact that the game matches up nicely with the original PS3 and Xbox 360 iterations of the title is further proof that the console can be a viable second home for these classics. Unless you've experienced the title and have no need for a portable iteration, Burnout Paradise Remastered is a real treat for Nintendo-based racing fans.
  5. 85
    Burnout Paradise Remastered brings a strong open-world racing playground to Switch. The smart port job means that you can play the game on Switch without any notable technical compromise. The repetitive design might be a bother for some, but the open world’s pick-up-and-play nature is so perfect on a portable system that it’s hard to get annoyed.
  6. Jun 24, 2020
    Burnout Paradise Remastered is fueled by its over-the-top arcade systems that consistently reward the player no matter how they tackle the races. This ease of access makes it a must-play, even to those who aren’t too familiar with the genre. Luckily for long time fans, the game has aged well over the years and still retains it’s core features on the Switch.
  7. Jun 23, 2020
    Lots of content, high framerates, a crisp port: Burnout Paradise still packs a punch and delivers tense arcade racing in an open world.
  8. Jun 22, 2020
    Burnout Paradise comes to Switch leaving nothing behind. Good performance, acceptable graphics and outstanding gameplay are the keys to the success of this new version of Burnout Paradise Remastered.
  9. Jun 19, 2020
    Still best in class, Burnout Paradise Remastered on Switch is a perfect fit that plays as well as you remember it, even if it's far too expensive.
  10. Jun 30, 2020
    The price is a bit steep considering this is not a new game, but there is probably no better car racing experience on the Switch right now. It may be pretty loose and free in its presentation, but there’s no shortage of fun to be had in Paradise City. When the rubber hits the road, Burnout Paradise Remastered on the Switch has what it takes under the hood.
  11. Jul 22, 2020
    No matter how good the game is — and make no mistake, it’s great — it’s hard not to scoff at the price. Yes, if you’re a fan of Burnout Paradise or open-world racers, this remaster is worth a look. But unless you’re craving a handheld experience, it might be wise to grab it elsewhere — or wait for a price drop.
  12. Ninty Fresh Magazine
    Jul 16, 2020
    Burnout Paradise Remastered is a fantastic open-world racer packed with brilliance. You’ll have to judge if the price is worth it, though. [Issue 1#1, p.46]
  13. Jul 6, 2020
    Burnout Paradise Remastered does not change the formula too much from what players will remember from the original, which is good news all around, despite missing the opportunity to insert a couple of quality of life improvements. Having Burnout Paradise Remastered on the Switch is highly refreshing and totally suited to handheld play, especially given the short mini bursts that this could be played in. Visuals do take a hit when compared to other platforms, but this is something that is quite the norm when opting for a Nintendo Switch port - and on the plus side the frame rate and overall performance is still highly reliable. Buyers are going to be more worried about the premium price tag, which is uncomfortably high at launch, and may unfortunately put off many players from ever taking this home.
  14. 80
    Overall Burnout Paradise Remastered is a solid game and an even more solid Switch port. If you like driving games and that’s all you really need, driving in Burnout feels really good regardless of what kind of car you’re using (my personal favorite was speed types). Those looking for a bit more than just the endless grind of races and stunts might still find themselves having fun for at least a couple hours, and even though you don’t actually interact with it at all Paradise City is still an interesting and varied setting to roll around in. If that sounds like your thing I can happily recommend this game on the Switch.
  15. Jun 25, 2020
    Burnout Paradise for the Nintendo Switch is a great port of a fantastic game, it’s just a shame how expensive it is. I can only hope that the popularity of these recent ports encourages Criterion and EA to finally commit to a full new entry in the series, or at the very least, a Burnout 3: Takedown remake.
  16. 80
    Despite the few flaws that exist for the game, it is truly great to see Burnout back on consoles, even if it is in the form of a remaster. Die-hard fans of the game can probably give it a miss if they already own it on other consoles, but if you’ve never played a game from the Burnout series and want to know what it’s all about, this is definitely worth your time.
  17. Jun 24, 2020
    It’s the fact that Burnout Paradise Remastered works so well with the Switch’s digital triggers that really seals the deal though. There’s no need for nuanced acceleration and braking; you just keep hold of the accelerator, tap the gas when you want to drift around a corner, and that’s it. Unlike many racing games available on the format, Burnout Paradise Remastered feels like it was made for Switch, which instantly propels it ahead of the competition. Factor in the attractive visuals, flawless performance and an abundance of content, and you have a package that’s not to be missed.
  18. Jun 23, 2020
    The essence of Burnout Paradise is still intact in its remastered version for the Nintendo Switch, from the positive points such as the fun of doing a takedown, to the negative ones such as the looped repetition of the Guns N 'Roses song.
  19. Jun 20, 2020
    Despite the years that have passed, Burnout Paradise Remastered is still a great driving game, with tons of vehicles and challenges. Its graphic section could have been improved, but its great gameplay, excellent soundtrack and a large amount of content make it an essential title for lovers of the genre.
  20. Jun 19, 2020
    Burnout Paradise and all its content are now available on Switch with a great adaptation that allows us to play the game that reimagined open-world racing anywhere. It would have been nice to see a more ambitious remaster, but it still holds up really well.
  21. Jun 19, 2020
    Burnout Paradise Remastered is one of the best driving arcades on Switch. If you come from PS4 or One you probably will notice the differences, but all the driving and joyful experiences remain intact: speed, control and even the mandatory 60 frames per second. Even if you already played it, it's a fun ride... although it's expensive.
  22. Jul 8, 2020
    Burnout Paradise Remastered offers the possibility of feeling the adrenaline and speed that we enjoyed so much a decade ago; And that is priceless.
  23. Jun 25, 2020
    A very interesting option to play a great arcade open world racing game. This remastered version for Nintendo Switch is far from being perfect, but it is still an enjoyable game.
  24. Jun 21, 2020
    Burnout Paradise Remastered doesn't care about time and in 2020, the title is still as effective, whether for its impressive graphics engine, its gargantuan content or its immediate fun.
  25. Jun 20, 2020
    Burnout paradise on Nintendo Switch is a fantastic port for a fantastic arcade racing game, ruined by an excessive market price.
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Generally favorable reviews- based on 54 Ratings

User score distribution:
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  2. Negative: 7 out of 54
  1. Jun 19, 2020
    I would give this game a 10/10 if the game was not THIS expensive, EA has no respect for Switch owners

    They could not even be bothered to
    I would give this game a 10/10 if the game was not THIS expensive, EA has no respect for Switch owners

    They could not even be bothered to port FIFA (on the frost engine) to the Switch, they keep giving us **** LEGACY edition
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  2. Jun 23, 2020
    This game is wonderful. I don't have nostalgia for it because I've never played the game prior to the Switch port. The love and praise forThis game is wonderful. I don't have nostalgia for it because I've never played the game prior to the Switch port. The love and praise for this game is totally deserved. Every event and secret is centered around and takes place in a masterfully designed open world city. I was really surprised at how much variety there can be in a racing game. It's easily the best racing game I've ever played and is one of the best arcade games as well. I love it so much and plan to 100% it. The price is egregious compared to other consoles, but even at $50usd, it's worth it. (I'm giving it a 10 because it so perfectly executes it's vision). Full Review »
  3. Jun 21, 2020
    An amazing port of Burnout Paradise, but then it's a game that's getting on in years, that has been ported to lesser systems too and stillAn amazing port of Burnout Paradise, but then it's a game that's getting on in years, that has been ported to lesser systems too and still been great, so no surprise there. What is surprising is the price, it's more expensive on the Switch, than it ever was on any other system at it's original launch, you would have hoped for the price, EA might have included Burnout 1, 2, 3, Dominator or all of them on the same cart or as a download code, hopefully they'll port other versions of the Burnout series in the future that will be discounted or free to owners of Paradise, I can always dream! Full Review »