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  1. Apr 10, 2018
    All told, Lode Runner Legacy is the sort of game that fails to impress, but does enough things right to be properly satisfying. Even though the levels can feel rather stale after a while and the presentation is underwhelming, there's a huge amount of content on offer and the creative suite adds a meaningful dimension to the overall package. We’d give this game a recommendation, particularly for fans of puzzle games.
  2. Aug 21, 2018
    Lode Runner Legacy is a game that will test your skills and your mind to complete each phase. It also offers hours of entertainment thanks to its creative mode. Ideal to play alone or with friends.
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  1. Feb 19, 2020
    "Lode Runner"

    Reviewed by Ken Lutes (Ps4 version) Developer: Tozai Games, inc Publisher: Tozai games inc Platforms: PlayStation 4,
    "Lode Runner"

    Reviewed by Ken Lutes
    (Ps4 version)
    Developer: Tozai Games, inc
    Publisher: Tozai games inc
    Platforms: PlayStation 4, Steam, switch, windows and mac os
    Current price: 11.99

    Hey all, it's your friendly neighborhood PS4 guy. Coming at you with some history today. Are you into video game history? Do you remember the Apple II development days? If so I have something super special today if not it's still not a bad game today. For those of you not in the know, the Apple II was very special to early game development as it enables garage development (starting a game studio in your garage) this led to things such as wizardry which though itself was a huge leap in games and RPGs it led to another small game that started jrpgs, you might have heard of dragon quest? I heard it's kind of a small colt series of sorts or so I have heard.

    Lode runner legacy is a throwback to an important puzzle platformer that happened from back in the Apple II days. Lode runner may even be the first of it's kind adding puzzle elements to a platformer. It has stood the test of time over many years with many versions of the game. It was such a hit in its time that it had a championship edition and one of the first level editors

    Let's talk gameplay, lode runner is fairly straightforward. You can move left, right, climb up and fall down. This is how you will get around and gather coins solving movement. In addition to all of this you can drill away most bricks, there is a button for left and right but you can not dig straight down. Among all of this, there are special blocks, pitfall blocks you can fall through bu not pass through, steel which can not be dug through and trap blocks which hide enemy's within. Enemies are our list major obstacle they will chase you, steal the gold and if they touch time to start over. The only way to deal with them is to trap them to where a black will respawn over them burying alive be careful! You too can be buried alive.

    Lode Runner has various modes with adventure mode (story mode) it has cut scenes! Also, it's just the main gameplay in a story fashion. Puzzle mode in which it's a brain teaser with more complex layouts. A classic model is a very stylized version of the game designed to look like the dog that had the old school sound effects! Special shout out to all the original levels of lode runner and championship edition.Co-OP which is kind of like easy mode? As you work together in the new levels to achieve the same goal. Lastly, the level editor is back as it is a staple of the franchise using all of its tricks. What more is there to say, its Lode Runner very faithfully.

    Its Lode Runner

    Co-OP is neat

    Classic mode is an awesome addition

    There really are none

    With this all said I give this game a final rating of:

    It's Lode Runner not a lot to say about a legacy title like this., Just play it if you like classics or puzzle platformers and see it for yourself.
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