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  1. 85
    Oddly Shaped Pixels did a fantastic job with Super Rocket Shootout. Any fans of taking on your friends in frantic action-platformers should look into the game, as it’s a great title to play on your big screen TV at home, or on the daily bus ride from home to work.
  2. May 14, 2018
    The simplicity of Super Rocket Shootout cannot be understated. It’s a good ‘ol jump in and have fun sort of situation with the gameplay. It tosses in some goodies here and there for variety, but ultimately it just wants you to have quick bouts of fun. That’s a concept I grew up with in the arcade days of gaming and this is a concept that works for me with Super Rocket Shootout. That doesn’t mean that I don’t believe it can’t be more, and it should, but as it stands it’s fun.
  3. Apr 23, 2018
    If you don’t happen to be a billy no mates, then Super Rocket Shootout is a buzz to play in small bursts. It’s the sort of game you will itch to stick on for 10 minutes when you have enough friends over to fill the slots. It may be light on single player content, but it’s a game that’s simple enough to get to grips with, fun enough to have a laugh with, and cheap enough to buy for these sort of occasions. Just remember to beat the Story Mode first. Overwise you will be very limited on your gameplay options.
  4. 70
    This kind of game is perfect to kill some time with friends without worrying about spending hours on mastering different techniques. Overall, Super Rocket Shootout offers a frantic and fun fighting experience that anyone can pick up and play. With captivating visuals and simple yet fun gameplay, this is not one to glance over.
  5. Apr 3, 2018
    Super Rocket Shootout is a bit short on single-player content, but what it offers for the lone rocket-strapping, shotgun-wielding player is a welcome addition to what is, at its core, an excellent party game package. As such, if you happen to have one to three friends available feel free to bump that final review score by one. The over-the-top insane action and laughs you will get with your friends more than justifies it.
  6. May 30, 2018
    Super Rocket Shootout has a surprising concept that works in a way that's competent enough, despite its lack of a much needed online multiplayer mode. Thanks to a plot that's filled with humour, to a simple but addictive local multiplayer and to an overall gameplay that is rewarding and free of unnecessary difficulties, Super Rocket Shootout could really benefit from doing away with its compulsory tutorial mode and with a longer lifespan.
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  1. Apr 5, 2018
    Super Rocket Shootout originally released for the PC back in July of last year, and is now making its debut on the switch. The art style is inSuper Rocket Shootout originally released for the PC back in July of last year, and is now making its debut on the switch. The art style is in the style of the 16 bit era of game consoles like the SNES. In this game there are 3 modes to choose from, a story mode, and arcade mode, and Shootout mode. Let's start off with the story mode. In this mode you get to play in a series of levels based off the adventures of a group of robbers. In various levels you are usually put up against an enemy or enemies and need to fight to the death. The combat is actually very interesting. You fly around the stage in a jet pack trying to flee or go towards your enemy. Each character has a gun, that be charged up for super attacks depending on how many times you blocked an enemy attack. Once you hit a certain amount of blocking points, you can unleash super power that is unique to each character. There is also the option the melee attack your opponent if close enough. You can also gather grenades and other explosives by smashing nearby crates, that of course deal more damage than an average attack if thrown wisely. Along with that, some stages have hazards that can make the fight more of a challenge, however that adds to fun. Anyway, in Arcade mode, you basically do the same thing as you would in story mode, however just without a story and cutscenes. It's more like a quick fight’s without anymore hassle. Its very easy to just start an arcade session and play, that's what I love about it. You can just play a quick game, and then go back to your other things you need to do. Lastly there is Shootout mode, which is the best mode so far. You and up to 3 other players can duke it out in any stage with any character for one crazy fight. This mode reminds a bit of Super Smash bros, with the 4 player fighting and massive stage designs. This is a game that certainly satisfies me, a super smash bros fan, and I'm sure will satisfy others. I can really see this being a popular fighting game among smash fans, and will certainly keep us busy till smash 5.

    Super Rocket Shootout runs generally smooth while docked and undocked. The graphics are nicely 16 bit with a surprisingly good amount of detail. However there is one bug I have encountered with this game so far, and it can be a problem if not fixed soon. I noticed in whatever mode Im playing, usually 4 player co op, that sometimes the framerate will start to slow down and lot for a good amount of seconds before turning back to normal. It's not so terrible that it ruins the game, but is definitely an eye so at times. I have good confidence that this glitch will be fixed soon but i'm not the developers so I don't truly know. However besides that problem, the game runs pretty good as far as I can tell.

    A neat little thing that this game has, is achievements that you can get from doing certain task. Like killing a certain amount of enemies or destroy 1000 crates. Some of the achievements can also earn you new stages to fight on and new characters to play as. I love this inclusion, because it makes all the time you spent playing, feel rewarding. The switch currently has no achievement system like Playstation or xbox, I hope Nintendo decides to add this soon. Actually they have said they are working on some kind of thing, but only time will tell.

    Overall, Super Rocket Shootout is a great co op fighting game shouldn't be overlooked. The game’s style reminds me of super smash bros with a 16 bit twist. Yes, this game isn't as amazing as Smash bros, however if you are a fan of the Smash series or looking for a co op game on the switch, I really recommend this game. I gibe Super Rocket Shootout a 8.5 out of 10. For the games asking price of $10, this game certainly worth it!
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