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Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 8 out of 21
  2. Negative: 0 out of 21
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  1. The woeful AI and a few clumsy sections detract from what's otherwise a really enjoyable arcade-style experience. But it looks and sounds great and there are enough unlockables to warrant a second and third playthrough.
  2. An interesting story, an outstanding cinematographic style and a good variety of genres like exploration, shooting or driving. These are the key ingredients of Disaster: Day of Crisis, a very enjoyable videogame very suitable for gamers looking for one of the best action games in Wii.
  3. After a long development time, Monolith has been able to offer a great adventure that makes a really convincing use of Wii controls. The game offers an impressive amount of situations, asking for different movements in each occasion which enriches the gameplay and makes it unique. Unfortunately, visuals are not on par with its quality and the scenarios are too linear and lack variety.
  4. 80
    Like the disaster movies it takes inspiration from though, Day of Crisis is ultimately more than the sum of its parts. When it works, it’s a relentless, thrilling assault on your senses; a huge grin of game. And when it doesn’t, when it starts to wobble precariously on its own flimsy parts, it’s still compulsive in its creativity, inexplicable in its uniqueness and, most importantly, one thoroughly fun ride.
  5. 80
    Day of Crisis is truly a fantastic pastiche of all the disaster movies currently out there, mixing cliché after cliché together, yet managing to just about tie all of its differing gameplay elements together to make one hell of a satisfying package that Wii owners should really not be without.
  6. If you’re after something dramatic that makes good use of Wii controls, Disaster is well worth a look.
  7. A fairly standard Hollywood-style game-movie crossover, but it’ll entertain those after some Wii drama.
  8. 75
    Disaster: Day of Crisis has a lot of different gameplay mechanics which provide a pleasant and unique experience to players.
  9. But the crowning glory is the fantastically naïve script, which attempts to ape gritty American cinema with its excessive use of swears. In attempting this, it succeeds only in being the most quintessentially Japanese thing that has ever been put to disc.
  10. Games Master UK
    Doesn't live up to the concept's potential, but it's simple, undemanding and enjoyable. [Christmas 2008, p.73]
  11. The game is situated in an interesting genre, but isn’t able to satisfy the needs of the user. Sometimes, it is too obvious that the game was designed for the Asian market.
  12. A great game that plays homage to every disaster and action movie ever. It's great fun, brilliantly atmospheric and is only dragged down slightly by some poor graphics and occasional poor pyshics.
  13. What really matters is that Disaster: Day of Crisis is a funny experience (and, in some way, can be also attractive) right from the beginning, offering an unexpected longevity, thanks to the many difficulty settings and the optional missions.
  14. If it had just been a bit more focused, perhaps sticking with the pleasing interchange of third-person exploring and first-person on-rails shooting, it would have succeeded. But the frenzy of different genres is only confusing, not letting any one element shine.
  15. This was supposed to be the game that convinced core gamers that the Wii is still a platform to be reckoned with. Unfortunately that's not the case since this is really not a great game for whomever the target audience might be. There is a vast collection of mini games that make out the core gameplay and since most of these are of poor quality the overall experience can't be saved by the few good ones in here.
  16. games(TM)
    Disaster: Day Of Crisis is good for a single playthrough with expectations adjusted accordingly, and can be enjoyed on the same level as a mindless blockbuster. [Dec 2008, p.130]
  17. Depsite being a serious game, Disaster offers a funny mixture of different gameplay elements. The game tries to trick the gamer into thinking he isn't playing a compilation of minigames and almost succeeds in his mission. Too bad the game lets you do to many times all at once so that it's hard for you to keep focused.
  18. Pelit (Finland)
    Just as the name implies. There is some serious camp value however. [Jan 2009]
  19. Wielding more Wii Remote-waggling moves than you can shake a quake at, Disaster's lack of clear gameplay focus has resulted in a game that is competent at best and never compelling.
  20. A distinctly underwhelming game. There's some fun to be had with this Wii action game, but it's far from good and certainly not what you should be expecting from Nintendo.
  21. At best, the fact that the game is not afraid to tackle such a broad range of genres is a good sign the developers are confident enough to branch out, and endeavour to create something truly different. However, to be successful they really need to stop being so random and haphazard, and attempt to refine their ideas into something worthwhile - particularly at a time when there are so many high quality games available elsewhere.

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  1. SamJ
    Apr 13, 2009
    Definitely a 10/10 The "official" reviews for this game were pathetic, i want whoever said an epic story based around terrorist attacks and Definitely a 10/10 The "official" reviews for this game were pathetic, i want whoever said an epic story based around terrorist attacks and natural disasters was hilarious to be ditched in the middle of a hurricane for him to see just how funny it is. The variation in gameplay is no way confusing, unless you have severe brain problems, as it is clear as day on how you do everything, driving, shooting, platforming, CPR, this game has the lot, but it all happens so naturally with clear instructions on how to do everything, it's just brilliant. Along with a pretty cool shooting gallery to unlock new weapons. Graphics? I have no idea how they are "lackluster" in some scenes I thought some characters were rel people, my friend got killed because he stopped to watch some of this game's beautiful graphics in action as a building collapsed, this game is just simply beautiful graphics-wise. I have no idea why the reviewers are giving this masterpiece a low score, they're probably nintendo haters or something, which I kinda think is pathetic, just buy this game, fi ish it, and see just how right these reviewers are. It's a shame that we cannot trust the majority of gaming critics on what game is good and what games are bad. Such as the "epic" 2 hour session of jumping through holes in portal. Full Review »
  2. TomR
    Feb 21, 2009
    Don't bother with the low scoring reviews! a great game and you can pick it up for £20 in the UK --> a STEAL! the storys really Don't bother with the low scoring reviews! a great game and you can pick it up for £20 in the UK --> a STEAL! the storys really good, cheesy but is still good, especially if you like American TV shows such as 24 *Warning uses the word Dammit a lot* lol the actions great, the stupid AI never once became apparent to me, an average gamer, maybe if yuo are a review company and spent a lot of time looking really close but really, just playing you dont notice!!! the graphics are really good, especially for wii ---> the weather effects are fantastic!! Full Review »
  3. CharlD.
    Nov 26, 2008
    Disaster: Day of Crisis sets a new precedent for 3rd party action titles on the Nintendo Wii. Overall, the game is a joy to play, and it Disaster: Day of Crisis sets a new precedent for 3rd party action titles on the Nintendo Wii. Overall, the game is a joy to play, and it proved to be a real time eater especially when you try and achieve S class scores for each level and unlock all the bonus content. It is arcadey and a bit silly at times, but there Full Review »