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Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 9 out of 38
  2. Negative: 8 out of 38
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  1. Games Master UK
    Shocking for all the right reasons...Simply, it's never been so difficult to keep a Wii-mote still. [Sept 2007, p.79]
  2. Nintendo Gamer
    Punchy, cheap and cheerful splatter gaming. [Christmas 2008, p.60]
  3. Manhunt 2, rather hesitant in delivering its ulterior motif, is monstrously violent, extremely gory and smashingly bold when it comes to moral values. Suffered from procrastination along with other external factors, it manages to come to the spot and attract our attention, with much to yearn technically. Yet in terms of controversy, as the game intended when it started, success is the word. It is, so far, the most violent game in Wii line.
  4. For those of us that loved the original, Manhunt 2 is a trip that’s worth taking, even if it’s not nearly as memorable or enjoyable. While I applaud the series for it’s uncompromising take on morality and violence, it’s hard not to notice that recent titles like "Mass Effect" and "BioShock" have covered similar territory in a more mature – and much more enjoyable – fashion.
  5. 77
    The AI doesn't feel as good as the first game, the setting and environments don't feel as menacing, and the story is definitely weaker. That isn't to say that Manhunt 2 isn't a good game, because it is.
  6. Manhunt 2 struggles to break new ground, but will satisfy your blood-thirst and offer some new challenges that will keep you entertained, satisfied and disgusted all at the same time.
  7. The biggest draw for most will be the controls, but while you might enjoy the added effect that mimicking the executions with the remote can bring, I found it a bit tiresome later on, and distracting from the visuals.
  8. Nintendo Power
    Unfortunately, the story, while engaging, is predictable. [Holiday 2007, p.80]
  9. n-Revolution Magazine UK
    Not so much a great game as a gruesomely compelling experience. [Issue#22, p.72]
  10. It's hardly the pinnacle of stealth games - the enemies are dumb, and there's not much to do aside from sneaking and killing - but if you're in the mood for something creepy and horrific that'll leave you feeling a little dirty, Manhunt 2's still-shocking murders and eerie, is-it-real-or-am-I-just-insane storyline won't disappoint.
  11. It's not as shocking as you'd expect, but Manhunt 2 still satisfies your primal instincts.
  12. 70
    This is a game that's definitely for the hardcore stealth gamer, not the casual crowd. The violence is too edited for you to see anything clearly, so concerned parents need not obsessively worry.
  13. Manhunt 2 is a good game for it is, but the Wii just doesn't feel like the perfect fit for such a gruesome action game.
  14. The story will captivate you to till the end and the gameplay, while repetitive in nature, has enough to charm any fan of stealth games.
  15. Manhunt 2 has suffered many delays and lots of problems before release, but it's finally here. A game that is not suitable for everyone due to its gore and violent nature, but it has some charm for those Wii users who are looking for something different for their machine. Sadly, a confusing story and some problems like close combat controls make it not as good as it could have been.
  16. Manhunt 2 is an average stealth game with an extreme gimmick. The story’s what-the-hell-happened scenario mixed with the weird characters and scenes is enough to keep you shuffling along. But it quickly feels like busy work, when it should feel like, well, murder.
  17. Highly stylised, dark and immersive, Manhunt 2 is a study in brutality, depravity and the spiralling descent into madness. In terms of content, it’s no worse than the original, but it’s not really any better, either.
  18. The stupidity of the enemies and the inability to see what exactly you are doing when the time for an execution commences takes all the fun out of fighting. The game gives off a chilling vibe, but it’s for all the wrong reasons.
  19. Hiding in the shadows isn't as simple as dodging into the dark. When a hunter peers into the blackness, players must hold the Wii remote completely still. One twitch of the controller, and the jig is up.
  20. 65
    Only mildly amusing and the violence and gore gets tired after a while. If you're into movies like Eli Roth's Hostel then this game's right up your alley. But, if you're looking for a thriller with a little more substance, you might want to look elsewhere.
  21. Manhunt 2 doesn't quite live up to the hype of its predecessor. It is incredibly violent, but it doesn't have the same effect as the original due to the muted kill sequences.
  22. games(TM)
    Rather than providing the knockout punch they are intended to give, the comic extremity of the executions tends to diffuse the tension the game so effectively manages to build. [Aug 2007, p.106]
  23. When you add camera issues to the mediocre graphics and unreliable controls, you end up with a final package that is somewhat disappointing.
  24. All in all, I wouldn’t recommend this game to anybody as a purchase unless you really loved the first game and just couldn’t wait for another installment.
  25. Electronic Gaming Monthly
    I agree the premise isn't as intriguing as the first game's, but Manhunt 2's still got plenty of creeps and creepy atmosphere--it's the 8mm and Hostel of videogames. [Holiday 2007, p.69]
  26. 50
    The background material behind the storyline is well developed enough, and those with considerable tolerance for over-the-top gore and violence may derive some pleasure from it. But the game's execution as a bland third-person stealth adventure with sub-par combat and annoyingly stylized death sequences hamstrings what could have been a sleeper hit for mature audiences.
  27. 50
    Manhunt has turned from a violent, yet solid stealth game into a mediocre stealth game with a clichéd story and toned-down ultraviolence.
  28. There are just too many nagging gameplay problems for the story to overcome and once your reach one of the two final endings, you’ll be wondering why Danny didn’t get on that flight to Paraguay ten hours earlier.
  29. 50
    With the furore objectively moved aside, Manhunt 2 is left a game which has tremendous atmosphere but that unfortunately counts for nothing when hampered by sloppy controls and poor implementation.
  30. AceGamez
    Manhunt 2 is a weaker version of a five-year-old, slightly above average stealth game.
  31. It all comes down to the basic fact that a work of art, created specifically for a mature audience, should not have been forced to compromise the way that this game has been. Gamers who have been waiting a long time for this game to come out, or even just gamers in general, should definitely stay far away from Manhunt 2. While it is definitely not the worst game I have ever played, it is definitely one of the biggest letdowns.
  32. Far rougher around the edges than the first game. Since the game is built around broken and gutted execution mechanics, there’s nothing left to play but an emaciated and less-than-average stealth game. Even if the executions were restored to its original state, the game would still be a headless corpse wandering the dark streets searching for its missing gameplay.
  33. 40
    It's technically playable and, despite its best efforts, probably won't plunge the industry into a period of navel-gazing and political sanction. Everything else about it is largely forgettable.
  34. The levels are gruesomely themed, but their simplicity, brevity, and linearity are disappointing. The sheer amount of glitches, questionable controls, laughable AI, and easy stealth mechanics make the game seem like a poor rendition of "Splinter Cell."
  35. Edge Magazine
    Ditching the self-aware snuff-movie set-up for an unsubtle conspiracy story, Manhunt 2 lacks the redemption of a smart commentary on violence as entertainment. [Christmas 2008, p.98]
  36. Yes, it's an incredibly, borderline obscenely, brutal game, but within its own context it tells an interesting story and provides some great thrills for the player—or at least it would if it weren't so busy trying to give its players seizures.
  37. This belongs at the bottom of the bargain bins to rot for all eternity.
  38. As it stands now, Manhunt 2 acts as the worst of all worlds; its non-gameplay will irritate gamers who actually want to enjoy themselves, its presumed violence will send the media into a frenzy and send public opinion of videogaming back another five years, and its relatively low level of visually clear violence will disappoint gorehounds who just want to see a bad guy get his balls ripped off with a pair of pliers.

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Mixed or average reviews- based on 47 Ratings

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  1. Nov 10, 2016
    This game just makes me sick. I mean it has been banned in UK! I would rather play the original over this one at anytime. I don't know whatThis game just makes me sick. I mean it has been banned in UK! I would rather play the original over this one at anytime. I don't know what this game on other platforms are like but for this game on the Wii. THIS MAKES ME SICK. Some game mechanics do not even work either. So what do expect!!!!!!!!! This is a waste of my time to write up a review for a very sick game. 1/10. Full Review »
  2. Nov 21, 2011
    Ok this game got a bad rap and for what ever reason the kills had to be blurred out. First off I have seen alot worse so not sure why theyOk this game got a bad rap and for what ever reason the kills had to be blurred out. First off I have seen alot worse so not sure why they targeted this one but whatever. This game has some good elements the gaphics for a wii title are not horrible but by no means the best on the wii. The controls are ok but not always the most responsive. I liked the game and it is now a game you can get for under 10 bucks which is probably were it should be priced. I think for all its flaws it is worth taking a look at if your into this type of game. you cab buy or skip this one depending if your into this type of game. Full Review »
  3. andrewhaycockhaycock
    Sep 25, 2009
    this game is ok the story line is a bit weak compared 2 the first and the game play. but the worst thing about manhunt 2 is they have took thethis game is ok the story line is a bit weak compared 2 the first and the game play. but the worst thing about manhunt 2 is they have took the gore and killing out by makeing the screen go all funny when u do and this just totally killed the game Full Review »