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  1. 47
    The biggest disappointment of Ready 2 Rumble Revolution is its wasted potential. There is a quality arcade boxing game buried under that motion-controlled mess, and you really never get a chance to experience it.
  2. All in all, I probably would have liked Ready 2 Rumble Revolution a whole lot better had the game featured button-based controls. I’m all for reminiscing on the past, but this is one remake that did not benefit from its Wii makeover.
  3. Don't buy this game. It's not worth your time, much less your $30. If you're a Wii owner who really wants a boxing challenge beyond that of Wii Sports, there's nothing to do but wait.
  4. games(TM)
    You’ll likely find that the motions are easily confused and unresponsive, with some situational moves, such as weaving, next to impossible to pull off with the degree of consistency that would make their inclusion worthwhile. [Apr 2009, p.122]
  5. Ready 2 Rumble Revolution was could have been a real contender but the controls make it unplayable for long periods. No amount of good graphics and fun modes can save it.
  6. Ready 2 Rumble Revolution looks fine...and that’s about it. The controls are awful and the whole ‘RUMBLE’ thing is waaaay overpowered. It’s matter of who activates it first, it has nothing to do with a fun party game in which you whack away at your friends.
  7. The concept behind Ready 2 Rumble: Revolution sounds great but in reality the game is far from good. The good things the game has to offer are overshadowed by the horrible controls and the uninspiring characters. If you are planning to buy this game, make sure that you also buy a punching bag. Just in case if you want to unleash your frustrations.
  8. The main problem of the game is an awful and unresponsive control system: if only developers spent a little time in creating an alternate option involving pushing buttons instead of waving arms, Ready 2 Rumble Revolution could've been saved. Instead, poor motion-sensor controls killed another potentially decent title.
  9. Games Master UK
    Needs a control pad option or a gameplay rethink. At the moment it just doesn't work. [May 2009, p.74]
  10. 35
    Ready 2 Rumble Revolution isn't one of the worst looking games on the Wii, but it certainly is one of the worst playing games on the system.
  11. Broken controls destroy any fun that could have been had in this arcade boxer.
  12. Ready 2 Rumble Revolution has botched controls, faulty technology and unsympathetic style, but I suspect there's a half-decent arcade fighter residing somewhere underneath it all. Even if there is, though, it'll need to go back to the gym for some serious work before showing its face in the ring again. As it is, it dances like a buffalo and stings like wet cabbage.
  13. It's awful. As it is it's a disaster of a fighting game. If the boxing in Wii Sports is Amir Khan, then Ready 2 Rumble Revolution is Frank Bruno.
  14. Many punched and beaten, but all give the air. Ready 2 Rumble Revolution try to propose something fun in Wii boxing, but handle it wrong. The motion sensor is not the best ally when it comes to climbing into the ring. However, humor and cartoons are still present in this saga.
  15. Ultimately, the game is so bad that even extremely fond memories of the original cannot redeem the wretched controls and dull character design. Do yourself a favor and don’t go anywhere near this catastrophe.
  16. Basically, Ready 2 Rumble Revolution for the Wii is nearly unplayable. I love the idea of having an arcade boxer on the Wii, and while boxing on Wii Sports didn't exactly blow my socks off, it worked out far better than this game did. I'm not sure that complicated controls for an arcade boxer are the way to go on the Wii, and Ready 2 Rumble proves that more punch types don't necessarily translate into a better boxing experience.
  17. 30
    A concept that is good and can work, but unfortunately not on the Wii. The game is poorly developed and has no real story. You're getting frustrated over and over again. If you want a great Wii boxing game, we think it's better to wait for Punch Out!
  18. At a glance this could actually be a really fun game. Everything from graphics to characters look really great and entertaining. The problems turn up in numbers as soon as you try to actually control the game. The controls are utterly broken, making it impossible to actually do anything intentionally with the controls. Flailing about randomly is no recipe for a fun experience.
  19. Ready 2 Rumble: Revolution should have been a good rebirth of quite an entertaining boxing series. Unfortunately, the developer and publisher have fallen victim to the temptation of making a quick buck on the Wii while it’s still selling like crazy.
  20. The gameplay amounts to ferociously throwing your arms through the air as the unreliable motion controls keep you from ever pulling off specific punches. Playing it once will leave you with no urge to come back for more.
  21. So go ahead, close your eyes and imagine a world where Wiimotes work flawlessly. Even in this paradise, Ready 2 Rumble Revolution would be nowhere near perfect. But at least everyone could enjoy a few relatively engaging rounds of boxing before tossing the controller out the window.
  22. If you must Rumble, stick with the older games. They're far more entertaining than this sloppy brawler.
  23. An awful game that no one should consider buying or even renting. You’ll get pretty much the same experience watching a bad boxing match on an old UHF TV while wildly swinging two turkey legs around.
  24. Instead of another great arcade-style boxing game, we get the worst fighting game since Mortal Kombat Advance. Whatever you do, avoid Ready 2 Rumble Revolution at all cost!
  25. Never in my wildest dreams did I think I’d encounter a game so thoroughly terrible. Where do I even start? The racial stereotypes? The positively broken controls? The revolting art design? Ready 2 Rumble sucks in every conceivable way.

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  1. Jun 29, 2020
    Funny game lol. Very enjoyable plus very cheap. It is a good thing this game exists or else I'd have nothing to do