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Summary: [Metacritic's 2007 Wii Game of the Year] The ultimate Nintendo hero is taking the ultimate step ... out into space. Join Mario as he ushers in a new era of video games, defying gravity across all the planets in the galaxy. When some creature escapes into space with Princess Peach, Mario gives chase, exploring bizarre planets all across the galaxy. Mario, Peach and enemies new and old are here. Players run, jump and battle enemies as they explore all the planets in the galaxy. Since this game makes full use of all the features of the Wii Remote, players have to do all kinds of things to succeed: pressing buttons, swinging the Wii Remote and the Nunchuk, and even pointing at and dragging things with the pointer. Since he's in space, Mario can perform mind-bending jumps unlike anything he's done before. He'll also have a wealth of new moves that are all based around tilting, pointing and shaking the Wii Remote. Shake, tilt and point! Mario takes advantage of all the unique aspects of the Wii Remote and Nunchuk controller, unleashing new moves as players shake the controller and even point at and drag items with the pointer. [Nintendo]
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Rating: E
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Developer: Nintendo
Genre(s): Action, Platformer, Platformer, 3D, 3D
Number of Players:1-2 Players
ESRB Descriptors:Mild Cartoon Violence
Number of Online Players:No Online Multiplayer
Cast Credit
Charles Martinet Voice Of Luigi
Charles Martinet Voice Of Luigi
Daisuke Watanabe Character Design
Yasuhiko Matsuzaki UI Design & Visual Concept
Yasuhiko Matsuzaki UI Design & Visual Concept
Atsushi Yamaguchi System Programming
Takao Shimizu Designer
Takao Shimizu Producer
Yoshiaki Koizumi Director
Yoshiaki Koizumi Director
Shigeru Miyamoto Director
Shigeru Miyamoto Producer
Shigeru Miyamoto Producer
Takashi Tezuka Producer
Satoru Iwata Producer
Satoru Iwata Producer
Masafumi Kawamura Sound Director
Nicole Mills Voice Of Peach
Koji Kondo Music Composer
Kenji Yamamoto Music Composer
Takayuki Ikkaku Script
Mahito Yokota Music Composer
Koichi Hayashida Level Design Director
Futoshi Shirai Level Design
Daisuke Tsujimura Level Design
Haruka Kakinuma Level Design
Ryutaro Kanno Level Design
Toshihiro Kawabata Level Design
Naoki Koga Program Director
Hideaki Shimizu Player Character Programming
Takeshi Hayakawa Game Programming Lead
Tatsuro Ota Movie Scene Programming
Katsuyasu Ando Camera Programming
Norihiro Aoyagi Boss Character Programming
Hirokazu Matsuda Collision System Programming
Kiyoshi Takeuchi Enemy Character Programming
Hideyuki Sugawara Event Programming
Takeshi Hosono Design Coordinator
Kenta Motokura Character Design Lead
Atsushi Mishima Character Design
Rikuto Yoshida Character Design
Masanori Esaki Character Design
Kazuhiro Saito Character Design
Takumi Ishii Character Design
Hiroko Ihara Character Animation Design
Masayuki Kawakita Character Animation Design
Tetsuro Horimizu Character Animation Design
Kazumi Yamaguchi Planet Design Lead
Hiromu Takemura Planet Design Manager
Kenji Ishii Planet Design
Kazunori Hashimoto Planet Design
Tauro Shimizu Planet Design
Sanae Suzuki Planet Design
Ritsuko Planet Design
Tetsu Shoji Planet Design
Noriko Urita Planet Design
Mei Ide UI Design
Yumiko Matsumiya Effect Design
Masaki Yokobe Movie Scene Director
Katsuki Hisanaga Movie Scene Animation
Kouichi Terasawa Movie Scene Animation
Naoyuki Yoshida Movie Scene Animation
Hisashi Tohyama Movie Scene Animation
Shinsuke Yamasaki Movie Scene Object Design
Haruyasu Ito Movie Scene Effect Design
Motoaki Fukuda Movie Scene Effect Design
Yuya Takezawa Sound Program & Effects
Yuya Takezawa Sound Program & Effects
Shigetoshi Gohara Sound Program & Effects
Shigetoshi Gohara Sound Program & Effects
Nanako Kinoshita Artwork
Kazuma Norisada Artwork
Shigehisa Nakaue Illustration
Ryusuke Yoshida Illustration
Yuri Adachi Illustration
Yusuke Nakano Illustration Supervisor
Kenneth W. James Voice
Samantha Kelly Voice
Mercedes Rose Voice
Catey Sagoian Voice
Andy Fey European Localisation Management
Martin Weers European Localisation Management
David Causseques Translation
Martina Deimel Translation
Emilio Gallego Translation
Kay Hermann Translation
Herve Lefranc Translation
Elena Nardo Translation
Barbara Pisani Translation
Aquiles Kei Takahashi Translation
Daniel Campbell Translation
Damien McBrindle Key Grip
Ritsuko Tanaka Planet Design
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