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  1. Neversoft and Activision have built on the successful design of Guitar Hero 5 and given it a fresh new look and replaced all that aggressive rock and pounding metal with fun and energetic pop music and the smooth sounds of classic rock from the past three decades that will certainly appeal to younger gamers and their parents.
  2. 91
    While some people might complain about being fatigued by the seemingly endless stream of similar music games, when they're tied to each other like Band Hero is tied to GH5, I see that as a positive direction for Activision's franchise. It's one of the strongest points of the Rock Band series, and is a very smart move for Hero as well.
  3. Band Hero is simply Guitar Hero 5 repackaged, and this is fine, but gamers should be aware of this before they think Activision has brought something new to the genre.
  4. 90
    If you're interested in even half the songs, I can almost guarantee you'll find at least a couple more surprisingly entertaining. And that pretty much sums up Band Hero for me: It's not a revolution for the genre, but it is a surprisingly solid, well thought-out, and just plain entertaining game.
  5. Band Hero guarantees great multiplayer fun for fans of music. The game is easy to learn and brings about enough excitement and variation.
  6. If you have been waiting for a music game that is a bit different than the others and includes the best playlist of pop-songs, put on a disguise and go pick-up Band Hero.
  7. For a game that Activision have said they want to stand on its own, it just doesn’t seem to change the formula enough to make it appeal to people who’ve played other games in the series. At least not yet, anyway. Really, this is just a gussied-up track pack for the casual market. That’s not to say that it isn’t a fun experience, it’s just certainly not a new one.
  8. There’s no doubt that Band Hero is fun to play, but Activision could have had so much more to show if it had evolved it better in relation to the other Hero games.
  9. It's not a revolution for the genre, but it is a solid and entertaining game.
  10. At the end of the day, Band Hero feels a little like that massive bag of cotton candy you buy at the fair. Nostalgia tells you that it tastes great, but reality leaves you with a pink mouth and a stomach ache.
  11. The Guitar Hero spin-off mania has hit the dance floor, positively introducing the pop genre to all its fans. Band Hero is a very enjoyable rhythm game, with great songs and loads of gameplay modes.
  12. Band Hero makes fake plastic rock easy to pick up, family friendly, and a whole lot of fun.
  13. The same Guitar Hero franchise, but now it's time for Pop music. Including all features of Guitar Hero 5 with different tracklist, stages, vocalists and musicians, and inviting casual gamers to play guitars, drums, or just singing. Activision presents this new style for all kind of families, introducing real Popstars like Taylor Swift or Adam Levine as unlockable characters.
  14. 80
    Guitar Hero focuses on a loyal public, but limited to certain ranges. Band Hero broadens the public offering a repertory rich and varied enough to attract anyone.
  15. 80
    The Top 40 music game is actually long overdue and I don't think it would be any more sensible to make this entire thing DLC as it would require people only wanting these songs to purchase both the original game and an entirely new pack.
  16. Neversoft did a good job of not dumbing the game down while trying to appeal to a younger audience, and as a result both new gamers and longtime fans will be able to enjoy Band Hero.
  17. AceGamez
    Band Hero is not the result of a series selling out or losing its identity. Instead it is proof that the developer has recognised a key gap in the market and has rather competently filled it.
  18. Overall, Band Hero plays and presents almost exactly like Guitar Hero 5.
  19. 80
    Band Hero can stand apart with being aimed squarely at the angsty tween crowd.
  20. The bottom line is Band Hero is going to be an awesome game to those who happen to fall neatly within its target demographic. However, the developers missed the opportunity to make Band Hero stand out as a unique offshoot of the main franchise with special features and additional content.
  21. In the end, Band Hero is a lot of fun. Your enjoyment of this title will depend on the track list.
  22. Band Hero is Guitar Hero 5's casual sister in almost every way. All the elements from her big brother can be found in this game, along with the new Sing Along-mode and Party Play. The new features, the casual style and matching tracklist have made this a game that can compete with SingStar on every party. Add the ability to import the songs from Guitar Hero 5 and World Tour into the game and Band Hero is a game that is truly for everyone.
  23. Guitar Hero with a pop twist. Easy to play, suitable for party play.
  24. Simply put, Band Hero is a more family-focused, pop-orientated version of Guitar Hero 5, with a new drum kit. It's just as much fun as you would expect, but we recommend you check the track listing carefully before you considering purchasing it.
  25. 80
    Ultimately, this all adds up to a disappointment for the vets. Band Hero, simply, is not for them. It is an introductory title, a gateway drug for those who are yet to experience the near-saturated market of music games.
  26. Overall Band Hero is basically everything we’ve already seen from Guitar Hero 5, however the music featured in the game opens the franchise up to a whole new audience of wannabe pop stars.
  27. Fans of the Guitar Hero franchise should have a look at Band Hero.
  28. 79
    Band Hero is a good game, but it lacks any kind of spark that makes it feel unique. In the end, this is one of the examples people will point to when they talk about Activision milking the Guitar Hero franchise for all it’s worth – even though this time the milk is quenching the thirst of every Taylor Swift fan out there with a plastic guitar.
  29. It’s hard to take Band Hero out of the context of its recent music game brethren. Band Hero is the least innovative of the bunch, but that certainly doesn’t make it bad. For players who found previous releases too hard-edged for their tastes, Band Hero is exactly what they’ve been waiting for.
  30. If you've already played Guitar Hero 5, Band Hero is the exact same thing, just with brighter lights and an easier setting.
  31. Frankly, Band Hero could have easily been called Guitar Hero 5 Part 2 and no one would have cared.
  32. It might be a joke to hardcore gamers, but Band Hero does an admirable job of playing the right tune for its intended audience.
  33. Band Hero definitely will bring the “band” back to together, but it ultimately it can still be considered a clone of GH5 only with a more kid friendly soundtrack. But only with minor gameplay complaints, Band Hero could be the best option for beginning modern day music game players or parents looking to start a family band.
  34. Will not doubt appeal to all the pop fans out there despite it being a Guitar Hero 5 clone.
    Although the game is quite easy and The Spice Girls are present in the game, Band Hero is still a fine game within the Guitar Hero series. The game looks stunning, the set list has some really nice highlights and practically all the little annoyances are gone. Kudos!
  36. Band Hero isn't much different from Guitar Hero 5, but it does have a track list that will appeal to a slightly younger age group.
  37. XGN
    Although Band Hero is not a bad game, it misses lots of new possibilities. Don't expect a new game, it's more of a Guitar Hero Light.
  38. If you are looking for a solid entry point into the rhythm game craze or have some youngsters running around that you don’t exactly want to expose to some of the more mature music in other rhythm games Band Hero is a solid choice.
  39. Official Xbox Magazine
    As with Lego Rock Band, however, Band Hero is essentially a track pack. In this case, it's a $60 one, but you get over 60 songs--most of which are exportable to GH5 for just $5. [Jan 2010, p.72]
  40. If you haven't played the latest Guitar Hero or are looking for something that all ages of players can get into, it's a respectable choice. However, its mostly flat song list and almost complete lack of anything significantly new may have you feeling a sense of deja vu that can't be shaken.
  41. It may just be a cynical re-branding of Guitar Hero 5 but if you prefer pop to rock this is still fun.
  42. It's a game that comes across more as GH with a different musical focus, rather than as a new IP in its own right. Band Hero is far from being a bad game, but somewhere along the line it seems the new franchise's focus became a little confused.
  43. Technically, features and presentation are well executed and bug free. However, we have some issues recommending it unconditionally due to missing that something that makes a player take the experience seriously and invest effort to earn progression.
  44. Guitar Hero franchise is known for this concept and band Hero is a spin-off no different. This is a game you can take to parties and everyone can join in no matter how much experience they have. Pop music is nice but rock is better and developers have now shown that they have run out of ideas.
  45. Official Xbox Magazine UK
    Karaoke strong, but guitar weak. [Jan 2010, p.109]
  46. X-ONE Magazine UK
    Band Hero will tick every box for the audience it's intended for. [Issue#54, p.91]
  47. If you’re not exactly keen on the songs contained within then there’s no reason to own this. But if there are enough songs that you like on the disc then there’s no harm in picking it up.
  48. Xbox World 360 Magazine UK
    Good skins, though. [Feb 2010, p.87]
  49. Band Hero is a product that feels like a commodity, something assembled by a marketing team concerned only with the market demands currently not met by the existing Guitar Hero brand. But that cold, calculated feeling doesn't make it a bad game.
  50. Band Hero does not add anything to what we already saw in Guitar Hero 5, so in the end buying it just depends on your opinion about its track list.
  51. The game is sound on the technical side, and if you were still a big fan of the stuff, then I'd say Band Hero would be right up your alley once again. However, if you're feeling more than a little burned out at this point, and hoping for something particularly awesome from this release, prepare to be disappointed.
  52. A Guitar Hero-game for kids, girls and people who love American Idol. Based on the Guitar Hero-core, it’s technicalyl a good game, but the horrible setlist and “girly” design are too much.
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  1. Jun 3, 2012
    I actually enjoyed Band Hero, the music isn't for everyone but there is a few great tracks on there. I like the fact that neversoft mixed NewI actually enjoyed Band Hero, the music isn't for everyone but there is a few great tracks on there. I like the fact that neversoft mixed New music with the old ( which they always do) so that kids can discover new music. If it wasn't for Band Hero, I wouldn't be into The Kooks, The Airbourne Toxic Event, Everclear or OK Go. The layout is exactly like Guitar Hero 5 except the background is Pink and Purple and not Brick and Blue but don't be turned off about that. It also keeps the same game modes and features 5 had like Party Play and the different combinations of instruments. Best part about the game is that you can export most of the tracklist to GH 5 and import songs from other GH Games into Band Hero as well. The game is really cheap now so search the bargin bins for it and start rocking out providing you have the instruments for it :P Full Review »
  2. May 11, 2012
    I just picked this game up at EB Games for $9.99 and it was the biggest waste of money I have ever spent. I quite literally made this accountI just picked this game up at EB Games for $9.99 and it was the biggest waste of money I have ever spent. I quite literally made this account a few moments ago just to display my disgust for this absolutely atrocious game. Full Review »
  3. Oct 15, 2010
    It's not a bad game to play. Just a bad game to listen to, at least for me. It's definitely an alternative if you've got a younger crowd toIt's not a bad game to play. Just a bad game to listen to, at least for me. It's definitely an alternative if you've got a younger crowd to attend to that doesn't need to hear inappropriate lyrics. It may be a little tedious to be surrounded by mainly one genre, but it still plays pretty well. Full Review »