• Publisher: Capcom
  • Release Date: Aug 31, 2010

Generally favorable reviews - based on 53 Critic Reviews

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 41 out of 53
  2. Negative: 0 out of 53
  1. 100
    You might chafe a bit at having to pay for it -- I'd much rather have seen this as part of some sort of pre-order deal -- but you can't argue that Case Zero is not only an effective way to set the stage and build anticipation, it's also a meaty, satisfying slice of the zombie apocalypse.
  2. Xbox World 360 Magazine UK
    A ridiculously generous standalone game, bursting with unique content. [Nov 2010, p.116]
  3. While Dead Rising 2: Case Zero could be considered a glorified demo, with its level progression capped at only five and the ability to carry over character stats to the full game, it is exactly what it set out to be. It's a pint size version of Dead Rising 2 to give people a taste of what the sequel will be along with a little back story.
  4. Overall, the game is a solid taste of things to come and if the final game sticks the landing, then we're all in for a good zombie-killing time.
  5. Dead Rising 2: Case Zero gives Xbox 360 players a glimpse of what to expect from Dead Rising 2 and after playing it, Dead Rising 2 is looking really interesting so far!
  6. Case Zero throws on a fresh coat of paint, brings survivors you don't want to strangle, and lets you murder zombies with a pitchfork strapped to a shotgun. It's a lot of fun.
  7. It seems a bit odd still that this is an XBLA title, though for 400 Microsoft points, Achievements and a prequel to the sequel, this is most certainly worth the extra change and will provide countless hours of entertainment in zombie slaying and re-playability.
  8. This game is a little gem in the XBLA catalogue. A must have title especially for those who are planning to buy the sequel.
  9. That said, if you're a fan of this franchise who plans on buying the sequel, there's plenty here to sink your chainsaw-outfitted kayak paddle into. And, at just five bucks, the dead zombie to dollar ratio can't be beat, especially in this economy.
  10. An odd proposition. It straddles the line between being a standalone experience and a demo of its big brother, Dead Rising 2. The fact that it does both things so effectively is one of the bigger surprises of the year.
  11. Bottom line here is that not only has Capcom and Blue Castle Games delivered a quality game but they've done it at an incredible value that can be enjoyed not only by fans of the game, but those on the fence about picking up Dead Rising 2.
  12. We love the new ability to craft an extreme weapon out of a couple of items: you can sample a handful of the full game's countless possibilities - including a Spiked Bat (baseball bat + nails) and head-pulping Drill Bucket (bucket + electric drill) - and discovering new combos and unleashing gonzo gear like the Air Horn (pylon + spray paint) is a blast.
  13. Looking past the demo complaint, Dead Rising 2: Case Zero is more like a pre-release DLC, helping to bridge the gap between the two main installments with an enthralling story, and provides enough zombie skull-bashing that'll keep even the most sadistic of us pleased for hours to come.
  14. An addictive, fun and replayable experience that will make you circle September 28th on every calendar around the house. If you were waiting for Dead Rising 2, Case Zero is a must have. If not, it may make you change your mind.
  15. Though the game's identity seems to be caught somewhere between a demo on steroids and a pint-sized full game, Dead Rising 2: Case Zero finds the perfect balance with its immensely cheap price tag with a surprisingly large amount of content.
  16. Its fun, it'll help you pass some time while you wait for the game, and it does a solid job of introducing the new character and new weapon system, without giving too much away prior to DR2's release.
  17. With hours of gameplay, loads of weapons and a brand new city to explore, Case Zero is a no-brainer at five dollars. Mmm brains!
  18. Case Zero is an effective tie-in that enticed me to pay attention to a game I had little to no anticipation for, and introduced elements I want to explore further once Dead Rising 2 lands.
  19. It should provide answers about the sequel to those who with mixed feelings about the original, and provide a nice mid-meal-snack for hardcore fans that can't wait for the full sequel. For everyone else, it's a gory, thrilling zombie massacre that costs less than lunch at Wendy's, and it's well worth picking up.
  20. The improvement, polish and few additions made make this a must for any Dead Rising fan. It's only 400 MS Points and it may seem like a glorified demo but there is more than enough content here that it could pass as a standalone game which, with its prologue like story and an entirely separate world, it might as well be.
  21. For such a short game, there's quite a bit of fun to be had in Dead Rising: Case Zero. This is a definite improvement over the first title (plus you can actually read the font on a standard definition TV this time around) and has me completely excited for Dead Rising 2.
  22. Whacking zombies is always great fun and you get to do that a lot in Dead Rising 2: Case Zero. It fills the gap between Dead Rising and Dead Rising 2, and should be considered a must have for anyone interested in the sequel.
  23. For what actually could have turned out to be a paid demo, Capcom pretty much hit this one out of the park.
  24. The first case of Chuck Greene is quite interesting, a great way for enjoying the zombie slaughtering before the launch of Dead Rising 2. Overall it's a good game, fun, compelling and with a new focus on exploring that gives new ideas to the franchise, and they work rather well.
  25. Dead Rising 2: Case Zero does a great job of rekindling memories of the first game while paving the way for the upcoming sequel.
  26. 80
    For one low price it manages to offer a hefty slice of what to expect from the full title, fill out the back story of Dead Rising 2, add more depth to the overall experience and, at the very least, give eager fans something to do until Dead Rising 2 hits the shelves...And seriously, try out the pitchfork-shotgun.
  27. The cheap cost for a lot of replayability, achievements, and the ability to get a head start on Dead Rising 2 with your save is worth the price.
  28. Case Zero is a delightful appetizer to still your craving for Dead Rising 2. The game gives you insight in what happens before Chuck reaches Fortune City and shows you perfectly what you can expect when you're in doubt of getting the game at the end of September.
  29. 80
    Case Zero does a fine job of illustrating the tension between the pure fun of offing the undead and the time-sensitive tasks that Chuck must accomplish to get his daughter her medicine.
  30. 80
    More than just a glorified demo, Dead Rising 2: Case Zero is a great little Arcade game in its own right and may prove to be better than the intended sequel.
  31. 80
    Dead Rising 2: Case Zero has a few errors but none of that matters because the game has a lot of hidden depth to offer. Killing zombies has never been this fun and for only 400 Microsoft Points you can experience a taste of the upcoming game Dead Rising 2.
  32. So, if you loved the first game and/or intend on buying the next then this is a must have really, and for the measly price of only 400 Microsoft points how can you say no?
  33. 80
    Dead Rising 2: Case 0 is remarkable for being a downloadable sample of a game coming to retail in a month. It is a fresh concept, as it is not a demo, but it seems its objective is just to show what Dead Rising 2 is going to offer. The story closes in a reasonably good way, although it does so in order to be linked with the story of the main game, which of course may not be liked by part of the public.
  34. For all its originality, Dead Rising 2 smacks of old-school design. Perhaps I should be more critical of that, but it's hard to be stern when the game offers such a good time.
  35. Considering its price, Dead Rising 2: Case Zero proves to be an absolute must buy for both fans and potential newcomers to the horrific franchise developed by Capcom. The fast paced experience is in fact a great starter for anyone willing to buy the upcoming DR2.
  36. The ride may be short, but it's a thrilling demonstration of the full game. The small town of Still Creek is an excellent example of the variation that can be had with the Dead Rising-formula.
  37. The shorter experience and low asking price is traded in for a more accessible game than its predecessor; and whilst that may not be something neither Capcom nor Blue Castle had intended to encourage, it's certainly puts a positive spin on a concept that undoubtedly holds its fair share of entertaining sway.
  38. All in all, though, even though Case Zero may seem like a cheap cash-grab by Capcom by some, it's really an original way to market content, and entice fans of the series to stick with it.
  39. Dead Rising 2: Case Zero does a good job of filling the gap between Dead Rising and Dead Rising 2, and should be considered a must have for anyone interested in the sequel.
  40. At five dollars for three hours, this isn't a bad deal, and there's a lot of replay value for achievement hunters and those who want to see all the endings. The fact that you'll probably miss your deadline and have to start over is annoying, though.
  41. 78
    The game is not very lengthy, but if you have had an itch to dive into Dead Rising 2 early, this is your best chance to get excited for it, and get your hands on the closest thing to the final product.
  42. An interesting halfway house between demo and full game, whose brevity may even save it from some of the criticisms of the main release.
  43. The new combo weapons adds an extra dimension to the always consistent fun of killing zombies. An excellent appetizer for the full game, but also one that's over just as you get really into it. But that's probably the point. Great fun while it lasts, and well worth the price.
  44. Case Zero makes a lasting impression when it comes to slaughtering the undead. However, given its short two hour duration and the oppressive race-against-the-clock structure, it's hard to recommend without qualification.
  45. It's a nice little slice of Dead Rising which stands perfectly fine on its own and I can honestly recommend it to people who want to kill zombies for a few hours but would not otherwise enjoy the time-based mechanics and rigid scheduling necessary to complete a longer Dead Rising title.
  46. Despite a dozen little annoyances, despite that sluggish pace and some dated visuals, Case Zero remains a lazy pleasure to plod through as you divide your time between story missions and a therapeutic culling of the masses.
  47. Dead Rising 2: Case Zero offers us a great taste of what we'll find in Dead Rising 2, even if it ends up being too short.
  48. 65
    I think it's cool that they took this route and there are fun parts to the download, but that doesn't make Case Zero a great game. The load times and the lack of stuff to do in Still Creek really keep this one from being anything other than a place to tool around in while you wait for the full-fledged sequel.
  49. games(TM)
    A strange beast. [Issue#100, p.132]
  50. I do think Dead Rising 2: Case Zero has actually done more harm than good because after playing through this DLC, it's safe to say that many will leave with a sour look on their face and may question the purchase of Dead Rising 2 next month.
  51. For about five euros offers a good perspective of what lies ahead and above all, offers more features to the fans who are waiting for the sequel.
  52. Fun in many ways, but showing a number of defects that are likely to be in the final Dead Rising 2, Case Zero offers enough playing time to make a first review. This kind of "demo" (worth 400 Microsoft Points) has good things to offer, but do not expect to learn a lot of juicy details about the past of Chuck Greene or that kind of stuff, you would be disappointed.
User Score

Generally favorable reviews- based on 83 Ratings

User score distribution:
  1. Positive: 51 out of 83
  2. Negative: 6 out of 83
  1. Sep 14, 2010
    Value for dollar you get so much here that it would be a shame to pass it up if you were a Dead Rising fan. I've payed 1200 points for gamesValue for dollar you get so much here that it would be a shame to pass it up if you were a Dead Rising fan. I've payed 1200 points for games that last 1/4 as long and that weren't nearly as good either. Best game on XBLA, for sure. Full Review »
  2. Sep 1, 2010
    Meet Chuck Greene. He's trying to save his daughter from being infected, among other things. He has to go to point A and bring item back toMeet Chuck Greene. He's trying to save his daughter from being infected, among other things. He has to go to point A and bring item back to point B. Also rescue people, because he's a nice guy.
    That's the story. The prologue's story sucks, I'll admit. The added 4 endings, with one "True" ending is nice, but whatever.
    Buy this game now though because it is FUN.
    Take Dead Rising 1. Give you 1/10th the time limit. Give you the same amount of weapons PLUS weapon combos. Insert thousands of zombies. You have to add and subtract here and there, but you end up with one solid game.
    Seriously, this game is better than a demo, because it gives you a full case (level) to play through, and you can carry over progress. It gives you 200 more achievement points, some extra backstory, and hours of replayability. I can play through this entire game in one sitting nice and quick and then go do something else. Perfect to show a friend

    If you like zombie stuff, this game's worth the 5 dollars. Let's compare it to critically acclaimed game "Limbo". 1/3 the price. Same 200 achievement points. Limbo is maybe twice as long on your first playthrough (whereas you get better when you know where you'll die and the game gets quicker). Limbo is linear, whereas DR2 has multiple endings and a sanboxy enough feel to just go about finding new ways to kill zombies.

    If you can buy any of the Summer of Arcade games this summer, then you can definitely afford this. Stop whining that it's a glorified demo. It's awesome. Buy it. Go make your Electric Rake and have some fun.
    Full Review »
  3. Sep 14, 2010
    No offense, but JackyBeans has no concept of what a good game is with a rating of 5/10 for this and 9/10 for Kane and Lynch 2. They alsoNo offense, but JackyBeans has no concept of what a good game is with a rating of 5/10 for this and 9/10 for Kane and Lynch 2. They also don't seem to get the concept that this is a MINI $5 PREQUEL to the full game that comes out on September 28th. Amazing update to the original game. Great weapons combo system. Increased zombie count from 800 to 7000 on screen at once. What's not to love? Dead Rising is back, baby! Full Review »