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  1. 90
    The tendency toward newer tracks, and the neglect of excellent older ones, is a bit disappointing, but as a whole, Green Day: Rock Band plays like a big, wet kiss for its fans.
  2. 'Green Day: Rock Band' is a success, although I wouldn't put it on the same level as 'The Beatles' edition.
  3. A great addition for someone who plays musical games regularly, especially for that music game junkie that has downloaded every single track out of the Music Store and wants to expand its Rock Band DLC library even more. But, if you're looking to experience Green Day's career vicariously through this game, you may be left a bit disappointed.
  4. 83
    It's not as polished or as lovingly handcrafted at the Beatles: Rock Band, but a lot of the songs are way more fun to play. Now, if only there were more of them.
  5. 80
    If you're a big fan, of course, you can stop reading now and go buy this thing.
  6. A good collection of music, from a great band that translate well to Rock Band. Buy it if you like the Boys from Berkeley.
  7. As far as Rock Band games go, Green Day doesn't have the creativity of The Beatles and it isn't doesn't have the same breadth as Rock Band 2. Aspects of its sloppy presentation are a big disappointment, but when the game gets it right (and it often does) it's as good as Rock Band has ever been.
  8. If you don't like Green Day, and you don't want to play their music in a Rock Band game, you're not going to get a whole lot out of Green Day: Rock Band.
  9. It's Rock Band, but with Green Day songs. If you like Green Day and you like Rock Band, you're going to like Green Day: Rock Band. Go figure.
  10. Fun as any Rock Band game could be, but only if you're already invested in both brands.
  11. 80
    By this point, potential buyers already know if they are going to run out and get this game. Either the sound of a Green Day Rock Band game is something to get enthusiastic about or it will put burnt-out music genre gamers back into their coma.
  12. If you love Green Day and have followed their career from the beginning, you won't be disappointed. If you're a fan of Rock Band with only a passing interest in Green Day, there's some enjoyment to be had here, but it doesn't have the same lasting value as The Beatles: Rock Band.
  13. But there are times when it all comes together majestically.
  14. As a single player, you won't get much out of Green Day: Rock Band. The career mode isn't nearly as excessive as it was in The Beatles: Rock Band, and so it's just another great multiplayer game.
  15. There is not much to be said about Green Day Rock Band that isn't covered by the simple fact that if you enjoy Green Day as a band, you will likely enjoy what the game has to offer.
  16. You probably already know if Green Day: Rock Band is something for you. If you're a fan of the band you won't have to think twice to get rocking with this insane amount of Green Day-tracks. If you're not a fan, you can easily skip this edition. It brings little to nothing new to the table and isn't a full step forward in the series.
  17. 78
    The track list is certainly strong enough to recommend the game for even the most casual of Green Day fans, but Rock Band virgins and those that detest the pop-punk trio will undoubtedly be better served by Rock Band 2 or the forthcoming Rock Band 3 and its keytars, due later in the year.
  18. With the focus 100% on Green Day and the included extras, fans of Green Day have a no brainer decision on their hands. That being said, casual fans who want more bands and varying types of music might want to wait for Rock Band 3 given the wide range of music and artists that it will offer.
  19. I enjoyed it a fair bit and, for any Green Day fan, it's an essential purchase but I don't feel it is worth the money.
  20. Strong enough to be a no-brainer for ardent fans, but other music-game junkies may find this $60 pill very hard to swallow, especially with Rock Band 3 lingering on the horizon. [July 2010, p.73]
  21. Coming hot on the heels of The Beatles, Green Day: Rock Band feels like a big step down. But don't let that get you down, because Harmonix's newest installment of their popular Rock Band franchise is still worth playing through.
  22. If, like me, you’ve cooled on the music genre in recent months, I don’t think Green Day is the band to reignite your love affair with Rock Band. In the future, maybe Harmonix could attempt a single band title based around a more complex – and more fun to play – band like Muse or Rush.
  23. 75
    The game avoids taking any necessary risks, focusing instead on presenting raucous concerts in the same carefully constructed way all of the Rock Band games have. But, honestly, both lapsed and longtime Green Day fans should enjoy this brief tour through the band's hits.
  24. The package doesn't reach the bar raised by Harmonix's first single-band outing.
  25. Green Day: Rock Band is exactly what the name would imply; nothing more and nothing less.
  26. Green Day: Rock Band is a respectable game, but you don't need a review to tell you whether you should pick it up or not. If you like Green Day, you don't need to ask any more questions: Go pick up Green Day: Rock Band today.
  27. While it doesn't spring any surprises, Green Day: Rock Band packs high-energy rock into a solid package.
  28. The late-career renaissance of American Idiot's punk-rock operas opens up the gameplay a bit, as intense riffage gives way to greater complexity and song structures that are more rewarding, whatever the instrument.
  29. 75
    Watching the unlocked videos was nice, but not enough to make me care about this game as much as I wanted to.
  30. I wouldn't go so far as to call Rock Band: Green Day a ripoff, because the set list is deep and certainly catches the spirit and energy of the band. But the total lack of innovation and the minimalistic presentation-at least compared to the visual and musical feast of The Beatles: Rock Band-makes this feel like a generous helping of DLC rather than a stand-alone game.
  31. It's more of a Green Day track pack than a successor to The Beatles: Rock Band.
  32. Even the biggest fan of the band, I would still caution buyer beware and wait to find this on the cheap, if only to have the ability to bring the songs to your current Rock Band 2 collection and the upcoming Rock Band 3.
  33. Another year, another Rock Band release. Following on from the success that was The Beatles: Rock Band, it's back to basics for this Green Day homage.
  34. As a band tribute, Green Day: Rock Band falls considerably short of The Beatles: Rock Band's lofty ambition and execution, but hardcore fans of the band are safely catered for by its mammoth bulk of musical content spanning Green Day's most notable hits.
  35. Lacking some of the magic that made Beatles Rock Band great, Green Day Rock Band by comparison feels like a pedestrian effort.
  36. Green Day Rock Band is an enjoyable distraction but wholly unnecessary especially when you look at the features announced for Rock Band 3.
  37. For real Green Day fans, this is a justified purchase. But for those of us on the periphery, the lack of content and full-price tag may be enough to deter us from joining the party.
  38. Niche products like Green Day: Rock Band have an obvious audience – Green Day fans. If you are a fan of the band, you’ve probably already got a copy of the game. If you aren’t a fan of the band, this product likely won’t make you one.
  39. Xbox World 360 Magazine UK
    Another great Rock Band outing - but half of Green Day's classic content is missing. Uh? [Sept 2010, p.101]
  40. 70
    It might be a little bit strange to bring out a Rock Band game that focuses only on Green Day. The game might lack some innovation, but proves that the Rock Band formula still works great.
  41. Green Day: Rock Band has a more rock feel to it than The Beatles game did and provides fans of the band with a mostly solid set list to play through. It doesn't introduce anything new to the Rock Band formula we've come to know and to sum up all I can say is, it does what it say on the box. Gives fans of the band access to their songs.
  42. Its hard to justify GDRB as a full game as opposed to nothing more than just a DLC pack that it could have been. At a RRP of £40 it doesn't really seem to be worth the money but some Green Day fans will be tearing at the bit to play through Dookie and American Idiot, but for anyone else this game will be worth a play if/when it drops down to around £20.
  43. Aside from being a given purchase for fans of the Band this Green Day flavoured Rock Band edition is actually quite a nice package from everyone else as well. The main caveat is that Harmonix haven't really put in an effort to truly capture the look and animations of the real life band members, a feat they pulled of beautifully in The Beatles: Rock Band.
  44. It's not quite the ultimate Green Day experience that you might have hoped for, but there is nothing else out there in the videogame world that supports the American Trio as much as this.
  45. Green Day: Rock Band is everything you would expect: the great concept of Rock Band, combined with a soundtrack of Green Day-songs. A solid game.
  46. X-ONE Magazine UK
    Simply for fans of the band only. [Issue#61, p.92]
  47. As fan service it crowd surfs into the living room with ample generosity and verve. But, irrespective of one's tastes, next to the breathtaking attention to detail of The Beatles project, as a celebration of a group's creative output the package feels a little insubstantial.
  48. Green Day Rock Band is a solid music game, but if you played The Beatles Rock Band you'll notice an evident step backward. Anyway, the gameplay is as good as usual, and if you love the band you can buy this game with no reserve. If you are just a generic music games player, the Rock Band 2 DLC should suffice.
  49. Fans may feel a little short-changed but this still features some of Rock Band's most effective moments.
  50. I'm not a hater, but I'm certainly not a Green Day groupie, so much of what little charm this game has to offer is completely lost on me. If you followed the band around while they were touring and still wear their T-shirts then by all means, add two points to my score and go grab this game and rock out.
  51. 60
    If you think about it, you probably like more of their songs than you know. "Basket Case," "Longview," "When I Come Around".
  52. games(TM)
    There's enough challenge in their three chord-heavy songs to keep you amused for a good few hours, but the overall product just doesn't feel as much a revelation as that which Harmonix achieved with The Beatles. [Aug 2010, p.112]
  53. It's not their fault, but Green Day doesn't (yet) have the songs to carry a game like Green Day: Rock Band. Uneven songs and low difficulty makes this a game for Green Day fans only.
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  1. Apr 14, 2011
    As a HUGE fan of green day im gonna oviously gonna give it a good store but not jusy because of that because they have old and new classicsAs a HUGE fan of green day im gonna oviously gonna give it a good store but not jusy because of that because they have old and new classics and they also have the real places they preformed at making it a good fun experience. Full Review »
  2. Apr 11, 2013
    If you like Green Day, you'll love this. It's sorely lacking some pre-Dookie tunes, and some of the Insomniac/Nimrod/Warning songs areIf you like Green Day, you'll love this. It's sorely lacking some pre-Dookie tunes, and some of the Insomniac/Nimrod/Warning songs are criminally absent, but on the whole, it's a good time for any Green Day fan. Full Review »
  3. Feb 27, 2013
    OK so if you like real punk (the kind that was all anti-capitalism, anti-racism etc) then you hate Green Day. But I think they're fun! AndOK so if you like real punk (the kind that was all anti-capitalism, anti-racism etc) then you hate Green Day. But I think they're fun! And this game is totally interactive and keeps you jamming for hours with your friends! I'm stoked on it! Full Review »