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  1. NCAA 10 is the most complete and competent football game ever to be loaded into a Microsoft console.
  2. If you love college football, you'll find hundreds of hours of quality content.
  3. There are plenty of other features to sink your teeth into, of course, including the return of online dynasties, a nationwide “meta” stats aggregator called Season Showdown, and an updated Road to Glory mode allowing you to take a created high school prospect through a college career. You won’t lack for things to do, that’s for sure.
  4. NCAA Football 10 is the complete college football experience, it has the depth, the style, and the substance that fans have been looking for. For the first time in years I am happy to report that the upgrades in NCAA Football 10 game were enough to make for one of the best NCAA Football titles in years.
  5. One thing is for certain, even with Madden 10 right around the corner, every football fan with an Xbox 360 should pick this one up as the college game has never been showcased in a better light.
  6. Year after year, the NCAA Football franchise has been improving to a point where it can no longer be seen as “Madden’s Little Brother” or a simple NFL Football appetizer game. NCAA Football 09 was certainly one of the most interesting titles in the franchise but NCAA Football 10 has now surpassed it. It still has a few minor annoyances but overall, this year’s game is worth checking out.
  7. 86
    NCAA Football 10 is no doubt the best college football game I have ever played. This year's outing still doesn't take the series to the next level like some were hoping it would (and it appears that Madden is doing), but it perfects the formula as much as possible.
  8. Between some innovative new online features and a mess of shrewd tuning, it’s the kind of compulsively playable game that sports fans will have a hard time tearing themselves away from.
  9. The features are there, and I’m glad that the on-the-field play is making strides forward and that it captures the excitement of a college football program that isn’t dominant, but which is more than capable of thrilling its fans.
  10. Overall, once again EA delivers with yet another awesome college experience video that any football fan should have in their game library.
  11. NCAA Football 10 isn’t really a huge improvement over 09, but manages to play as a more polished and complete experience, thanks to great new features like Teambuilder and Season Showdown.
  12. 83
    A more polished version of last year's game with some solid feature additions.
  13. All in all the best of what fans have loved about the NCAA Football series has honestly only gotten better with age.
  14. A solid football title that won’t shock or amaze anyone. It’s a by-the-numbers EA football experience with some new online features and a thin, college-flavored candy shell. It’s in no way a bad game, or even a mediocre one; it’s just that it fails to innovate in terms of gameplay.
  15. Season showdown strikes at the heart of the college football fan and running the ball feels much more natural. There are also tons of new features and no one can fault the developers for not trying. But many of them prove to be irrelevant for experienced players and there are still more quirks and cheap tricks than there should be for a franchise so long in the tooth.
  16. In the end, many of the same problems that plagued last year’s installment still exist, but that shouldn’t stop college football fans from buying this year’s edition of NCAA Football. The gameplay is still fun. It may not be Madden but this is still a must own for college football’s biggest fans and casual fans alike.
  17. NCAA Football 10 is a great football game that offers a new level of accessibility for newcomers, but keeps the core mechanics that veterans love.
  18. 80
    NCAA Football 10 is like an above average college football recruit: it plays hard, keeps its nose clean and eventually gets drafted in the second round. It doesn't make ESPN's Top 10 Plays segment on a weekly basis nor does it rack up the jersey sales but it works hard in the trenches and is a great locker room presence.
  19. NCAA Football 10 isn’t an earth shattering game, but is still very, very fun. For someone like myself who never watches football at all, it does a great job at sucking me in to the experience and leaving me thoroughly entertained.
  20. NCAA Football 10 isn’t really going to bring much that’s significantly new to any part of the game over its predecessor, but it does feature a well-polished game for those that are fine with that that makes it worth a purchase.
  21. But even with the new online options and, not to mention, the ability to create custom conferences in the dynasty modes, NCAA Football 10 isn’t a huge leap forward for the franchise – unless you want to count their suicide leap towards making gamers play for extra content and features already included on the disc.
  22. Team Builder and Season Showdown really make the game worth the money. Yes, it is a roster update. Yes, the mechanics appear to be 95% identical to ’09. But yes, it is worth the price if you are a fan of college football.
  23. 75
    While that all might be good enough to satisfy the core audience, it won't save NCAA 10 from being seen, like its predecessors, as a second-string Madden.
  24. What could've been a five-star prospect quickly became a solid backup. Unless you're a college football fanatic, we suggest waiting for Madden NFL 10.
  25. I stuck mostly with the on-field stuff, and it was solid enough for me to keep tinkering around with rivalries, tradition and the spread offense. But it won't make fans of the pros change their allegiance.
  26. In the end what you have is gameplay that is as good as it has ever been – not perfect and still with some frustrations but clearly NCAA 10 is the most respectable version of this series to date.
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  1. Aug 29, 2010
    these ea football games are good but there not great.Were not going to remember all the college and professional football games in a few yearsthese ea football games are good but there not great.Were not going to remember all the college and professional football games in a few years that's when you know you didn't make a superb product.Every year the graphics get better and they add a few things to ensure they get there 60 dollars from people,well not this guy I just got it now from a pawn shop for 10 dollars.It is a good game but ea you need to step up.Look critics are still referring to espn nfl 2k5 to madden 10 after all these years what does that tell you,now you know how I feel.barely an 8 Full Review »
  2. Sep 18, 2014
    I was at first gonna give this a 10, but then i realized you had to be logged into the servers to do most of the activities, so i could onlyI was at first gonna give this a 10, but then i realized you had to be logged into the servers to do most of the activities, so i could only do play now, RTG, and Dynasty. Change, EA, Change. Full Review »
  3. johnrutherford
    Aug 11, 2009
    This game sucks! By far the worse NCAA Football I have played. The one cool feature that is talked about is only on XBox Live. The Road toThis game sucks! By far the worse NCAA Football I have played. The one cool feature that is talked about is only on XBox Live. The Road to Glory is slow as all get out as you can only play if your player is on the field so you are left simming most of the first two years your in school unless you want to do boring practice drills over and over. Dynasty mode is not much better where there is little explained and the recruiting is hard to follow. Very disappointed in this years version. Full Review »