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  2. Negative: 1 out of 70
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  1. Innovative time-altering mechanics and a great story make Singularity a refreshing action experience that will stand the test of time - unlike those poor Russians we slaughter.
  2. Singularity arrived with very little fanfare, which is a shame because this is a very good game. I highly recommend Singularity to fans of FPS games and great science fiction stories.
  3. Singularity is a game that manages to feel like its own thing despite being pieced together from previous FPS games, and if you want a great Summer shooter full of violent toys and silly super powers, then you won't get much better than this. Quite possibly the best new FPS of the year so far.
  4. So where do we stand with Singularity? It's not going to set the world on fire with new features as a great many are borrowed from other games. That said, they are handled with care and given a new coat of polish courtesy of the Time Manipulation Device.
  5. 88
    What a waste of a perfectly decent videogame. Activision should hang its corporate head in shame, directly after it offers the development team at Raven a public apology for so savagely shafting its work on Singularity. If there were any justice in this world, and my opinion amounted to anything more than a whisper lost amid a crowd of screaming maniacs, every shooter fan would promptly purchase Singularity in order to drag it back from the depths of hell to which it has been so unfairly consigned.
  6. 87
    Singularity is a solid FPS with a working gimmick and a solid narrative.
  7. It may not be a AAA stunner, but Raven software has proven time and time again why they are one of the consistently superb shooter developers in the industry, a title that they've maintained for nearly 20 years now.
  8. A nice working mix of puzzles and action, with great rhythm and a varied formula. By focusing on the core themes of the first person shooter experience, Singularity is an excellent a quite surprising game.
  9. This is a time-travelling FPS done right and it's too bad that the game lacks any sort of hype, as it is a much stronger showing than a lot of recently released FPS titles, multiplayer aside. If you like guns, Soviet world domination, and a time-hopping protagonist, then I would recommend taking a peek at the game.
  10. The multiplayer experience is a good time – and quite different than single-player (most time powers have been excised) – but it doesn't have any depth or a progression for players to follow. At the most, it's a fun distraction. The single-player game, however, should not be missed.
  11. 85
    Singularity is a pleasant surprise. It could have been an average first person shooter game, but it has turned out to be a great game, with gameplay and visuals that deserve praise.
  12. I thought the game's pacing was good and I never got bored going through the campaign. I think the weapon variety helped with that as well as the fact that half way through the campaign I was still learning new ways to take out my opponent.
  13. 85
    An extremely solid action thriller that Activision probably should be more loud and proud about.
  14. You'll have a great time with the single-player campaign and the fairly limited, but entertaining, multiplayer component of Singularity is just icing on the cake.
  15. It's not Raven's best game, but it does very well for itself. I have no problem recommending this to any FPS gamer out there.
  16. Although the online may not last, the single player campaign is worth the price of entry alone, and if you can ignore the cheap rent-a-Communist voice acting and the blatant similarities to other games, you'll find a solid eight or ten hours of play time here. There are twists and turns, multiple endings, and when the credits roll, the enduring feeling is a positive one.
  17. Singularity is a great game, with good ideas, wrapped in mediocre visuals. Raven Software is a studio to watch, and hopefully we'll watch them get a bigger budget.
  18. 83
    Some repetitive puzzle design and a half-baked multiplayer component still aren't enough to completely tarnish Singularity, however. Beneath its flawed exterior lies a fine shooter that experiments with time manipulation more aptly than any game since Braid.
  19. But for a game released to little fanfare, one that's innovative only in an additive sense, Singularity is worth playing for its canny incorporation of the best ideas from the last decade of first-person shooters, and for providing a suitably chilling atmosphere in which to enjoy them.
  20. Singularity is revealed to be a very involving game, with some interesting ideas and capable of smoothly bringing us all the way to the end without ever being boring. The only letdown is its bare online multiplayer: we'd have preferred for Raven to focus on extending the single player experience, rather than delivering a too basic multiplayer.
  21. This entertaining and varied sci-fi shooter doesn't break new ground, it is linear and adopts a well-worn shooting and puzzle-solving format.
  22. Singularity won't win any end of year accolades, nor does it re-write the book on how shooters should be made; but it does stand up and is noticed in the winter period we often expect very little from in our industry of game.
  23. A frenetic and fun title that is held short of true greatness by a lack of imagination in places, with a story that is only so-so and a multiplayer that needs a few more modes (and players) to be truly satisfying.
  24. Xbox World 360 Magazine UK
    A decent shooter with smart time powers and enough atmos to hook you for the duration. [Oct 2010, p.101]
  25. 80
    The variety of weapons, abilities, enemies, and scenarios provided keep the game fresh throughout the entire experience, and the multiplayer - while flawed - can provide fans with more gameplay without them having to start the whole game over.
  26. It's the first game I've played in ages that realises first-person shooters can bundle in as much philosophy and as many moral dilemmas as they like, but fundamentally they're still about shooting monsters in the face, and so what it lacks in originality it makes up for in variety, pacing and exuberance.
  27. With Singularity, developer Raven Software combines solid FPS gameplay with an engrossing storyline revolving around time manipulation. The single player campaign's strong narrative and exciting firefights make Singularity a thrilling experience worthy of a place in your collection.
  28. Singularity isn't a groundbreaking shooter, but it's an incredibly fun one. This is an example of how fluid pacing and a tongue-in-cheek attitude can make old conventions exciting again.
  29. Another post-apocalyptic FPS with an incredibly immersive atmosphere that shines in its audio-visual narrative. Its good gameplay in battle has some problems, like simple puzzles and poor multiplayer.
  30. A decent shooter with smart time powers and enough atmosphere to keep you hooked for the duration.
  31. A surprisingly good and solid FPS from Raven Software. Time travels and manipulations, Russian setting, tons of bullets and a little touch of horror make Singularity an entertaining trip... maybe just a little too short!
  32. If you are one of those players that are looking for the innovative game of tomorrow, then I think this is probably the worst game you could purchase. Singularity is not about renovating the FPS genre, but more reinstating it with some well known mechanics and a common setting.
  33. 80
    Raven's crafted a more than competent FPS, combining some great, if underutilized, ideas with a narrative that's a cut above most in the story-starved genre.
  34. The action is solid and the story is interesting enough to make Singularity worth checking out.
  35. It's just a good old fashioned first person shooter that has a fun story, entertaining gameplay and an experience that is enjoyable from start to finish.
  36. A solid product, with good story and nice graphics. It might not be perfect, but it's always fun and rewarding, although it's a shame that the game is not too long.
  37. It's not particularly original, occasionally gets repetitive, and the main storyline is fairly short, but it's a solid and entertaining effort that you'll probably enjoy more than you think you will.
  38. Singularity is a solid SP-Shooter with some technical issues and many good ideas that haven't been pushed to their limits. It's still worth your time if you're in search for a decent story and some nice new gameplay-elements, but definitely not something anyone HAS to own.
  39. Singularity is definitely not mindblowing. The story is very B-Movie like (although the multiple endings are pretty interesting), it borrows a lot from other games but there's just enough here, especially with the time manipulation, to set it apart.
  40. Singularity is an entertaining FPS, full of variety till the end credits. It lacks some personality and solid graphics, but if you like the genre, this game won't let you down.
  41. If you are a fan of first-person shooters, Singularity is worth look.
  42. It looks good, plays great, has an above average story, but never manages to be better than the game(s) that inspired it.
  43. The innovative time-altering gameplay falls a wee bit short of our expectations and there aren't any outstanding parts throughout the rest of the game either. But Raven Software know their trade and although their new game is lacking in absolute blasts, Singularity makes up for a nice pastime and satisfies with its plain good old-school gameplay.
  44. Official Xbox Magazine
    Multiplayer makes up for a lot. [Sept 2010, p.84]
  45. 75
    Singularity is better then the average shooter and has a lot of fun to offer. Thanks to a decent singleplayer campaign and a fine multiplayer, you won't regret spending your time on this game.
  46. Let's hope that Raven Software can put some creativity together and bring forth more of an expansive multiplayer for a possible sequel or download; I would hate to see such potential be forgotten and aged to dust.
  47. Overall, despite the lack of subtitles and some underwhelming uses for the TMD on the puzzle side of things, I still found myself really enjoying Singularity's campaign.
  48. Despite having every opportunity in the world to triumphantly succeed, Singularity, instead, falls right in line with previous titles by the developer. Raven has, yet again, fallen just short of brilliance. The game is flawed in a number of areas, many of which detract from the overall experience and come across as sloppy or lazy.
  49. games(TM)
    Singularity contains the sort of smart, fun gameplay ideas we assumed first-person shooters had given up on. [Issue#99, p.120]
  50. Official Xbox Magazine UK
    Dumb, derivative and gleefully enjoyable. [Sept 2010, p.87]
  51. 70
    Despite the glaring flaws, there's a huge amount of enjoyment to be had with Singularity. It's not an essential title, but it certainly brightens up this dull time of year.
  52. 70
    The gunplay is solid and there are a few memorable set pieces. It is a game ultimately limited by a lack of imagination where a neat time-manipulation idea is handcuffed to a by-the-numbers first-person shooter.
  53. A little undercooked, but this is still an enjoyable attempt to create a more cerebral shooter.
  54. Although its core shooter gameplay is enjoyable, Singularity suffers from being far more derivative than original, with elements appropriated from at least a dozen other, better games.
  55. Singularity has great promise yet Raven has not managed to fully harness the premise. What remains is an enjoyable first person romp set against a unique backdrop.
  56. More development time ultimately might have done wonderful things for this game, but Singularity is nonetheless fascinating if you actually take advantage of your full arsenal.
  57. With a bit more ingenuity in the puzzles, more made of the time travel and a little more graphical "oomph", Raven and Activision could have had a real gem on their hands. It's still well worth a look though.
  58. Singularity is a highly competent shooter crafted by the veterans at Raven Studios. The time manipulating mechanic is a cool addition to the first person shooter formula, but unfortunately it's not realised fully. Impressive presentation, great controls, an interesting storyline and epic bosses are enough to warrant a purchase though.
  59. With its varied combat, ridiculous story and outlandish weapons it's a fun and engaging title and it's a real pity that that Activision haven't given it the attention it deserves. If you're willing to overlook its shortcomings and enjoy old school running-and-gunning, Singularity is an immensely satisfying romp.
  60. Singularity is the kind of shooter we haven't seen in a while, one who doesn't take itself too seriously. The realism of games like Call of Duty or Battlefield: Bad Company is traded in for weird weapons and awesome powers. The TMD makes for some interesting moments, but should have been more elaborate. It's also a shame the game gets far too easy half way through. Still Singularity is a great pastime in these quiet periods.
  61. Singularity might not grab the collective gamer consciousness but it's a game worth playing, not just for the shooting and adventure of it, but to play the meta game of trying to identify the references and homage, intentional or not, from Half-Life 2 to Chronomaster to LOST to System Shock and many more.
  62. You'll get the average eight to twelve hours of single player depending on the difficulty, but it does drag on as the pacing just seems very off.
  63. 68
    There was a lot of meat here, and most of it never played out as it should've.
  64. In the end Singularity is a decidedly average shooter with a pretty novel storyline.
  65. X-ONE Magazine UK
    Can feel a little by the numbers. [Issue#62,p.86]
  66. 60
    There's a fun shooter, exciting powers and some neat weapons in there, but it never quite comes together thanks to dull levels and half-baked puzzles.
  67. For all Raven's efforts with temporal gimmicks, this is a game which is stuck in the FPS past – but, perversely, in its gun-metal and gore, in its most archaic respects, Raven proves it can just about stand the test of time.
  68. Even if it won't go down in history, Singularity will delight horrific shooter fans, especially those who are now fed up with Rapture and Black Mesa.
  69. Singularity is a game which uses the concept of time travel less as a game mechanic, plot driver or interesting concept and more as a distraction. This philosophy carries across the entire title - graphics, story and puzzles all seem to simply serve as filler to keep your attention between shooting things.
  70. Singularity is the very definition of average, and the lack of subtitles knocks it just below. It is the gaming equivalent of white rice, the Ford Focus, and black coffee. Its taste is decidedly bland, but it'll do its job.
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Generally favorable reviews- based on 182 Ratings

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  1. Jun 14, 2011
    This is a great game. It may take its ques from Bioshock, and be your traditional first person shooter, but believe me, its worth playing.This is a great game. It may take its ques from Bioshock, and be your traditional first person shooter, but believe me, its worth playing. The story my sound corny, and honestly, it is a little, but while you are playing it, you will have great fun. Full Review »
  2. Aug 20, 2010
    Let me get this out of the way straight away: Don't expect a revolutionary new shooter that completely redefines the genre. What you insteadLet me get this out of the way straight away: Don't expect a revolutionary new shooter that completely redefines the genre. What you instead find with Singularity is a finely tuned and well thought out shooter that innovates on certain existing aspects of most games. For example, all of the guns to be found are also commonly found in most other shooters, but they all have a unique twist in Singularity: The grenades from the grenade launcher can be manually rolled around on the floor for those hard to reach enemies; one rifle allows cool bullet control (like in wanted). The same goes for the time-altering abilities: all are fresh and satisfying. Gun-play does feel a little spongy and soft, but nothing too serious. Enemies are a little dim, but do provide intelligent enough encounters. Bosses are somewhat lacklustre. Even though I may point out some negatives here, one must realise that this game shines as a package, where the sum of its parts come together. Plus the story is very interesting and worthwhile, and will keep you coming back until the end. I can highly recommend this, especially as a second hand game. Seriously, give this game a shot - it may just surprise you. Full Review »
  3. Nov 29, 2013
    HIGHLY underrated game to start with.
    And yes, sure i can admit that Singularity borrows alot from previous FPS games. There's a touch of
    HIGHLY underrated game to start with.
    And yes, sure i can admit that Singularity borrows alot from previous FPS games. There's a touch of HL2, Bioshock and Prey but they mix it all together and leaving it to be a fantastic candymix.

    The story is innovative and impressive. Its very free-spirit. Its not very often i really care about a story but you really gets sucked into it.

    Highlight of this game is the gameplay. So far the best FPS game i've ever played. And it knocks HL2.
    (inb4 fanbase rage)

    You can alter time, use portals and do alot of fancy stuff, wont spoiler much but i'll be suprised if you wont be having a blast.

    The enemy AI is also one of the highlights here, they are actually very intelligent and impressive.
    Its not often you see a good AI these days.

    Cons on this game is mostly the subtitles. You have no subtitles in the game and its very frustrating at the time since they are speaking russian-english and you wont be understand until you raise the volume.

    And i wish the weapons upgrade would be more intrestng. You can also increase your clip, damage and reload. Which is effective but kinda boring.

    It's sad that Singularity received so bad critics. I saw that it got a 9 on Gamereactor Sweden and i bought a used copy and im really happy i did it too. Replay value is high and the gameplay is just wow.
    Full Review »