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  1. The Beatles: Rock Band sets a new standard for how band-focused music games should be executed, one that will be very difficult to match. Beyond all the stylistic flairs and the fan-service touches, this is just an incredibly fun, incredibly accessible bunch of music, with very little filler in its track listing.
  2. There’s only one truly disappointing aspect to The Beatles: Rock Band: Future games made around your favorite band probably won’t be half as good.
  3. The Beatles: Rock Band does one thing extremely well: it brings The Beatles’ music to a very strong platform (the Rock Band platform) resulting in a game that is undeniably fun to play.
  4. 95
    Don't think for one moment that The Beatles Rock Band is just a new title in the series. The Beatles drew the masses in their time like no one before, and when you start playing this titles you feel yourself submerged in this sparkling sensation.
  5. If games like Pong and Super Mario Bros. managed to pique the interest of mom and dad to play with their kids in the living room, there’s no doubt that The Beatles: Rock Band will make the rest of the family join in and have a great time. Don’t get me wrong, the Guitar Hero and Rock Band games have done great things but I think The Beatles: Rock Band is the ultimate multi-generation gathering videogame.
  6. So right here, right now, I'm saying that everyone who isn't a sworn enemy of the Fab Four should try The Beatles: Rock Band, even if you could never get into them before or couldn't quite understand what some of your more rabid friends could see in them.
  7. 95
    There is a beautiful synthesis of creativity of the Beatles and creativity from Harmonix working together to make a chart topping game.
  8. In terms of actual gameplay, Beatles: Rock Band does nothing revolutionary. Where the revolution occurs, instead, is in the game's presentation, which brings new life -- and a new type of life -- to the static genre.
  9. As a complete package, I believe that The Beatles Rock Band is certainly something that the Beatles of the 60s would have been proud to attach their name to.
  10. Harmonix did a great job in crafting a fitting tribute to the Beatles, clearly one of the most significant bands in rock history—but, perhaps more importantly, dramatically raised the bar in the music-game genre.
  11. When push comes to shove, The Beatles: Rock Band is a fantastic addition to the genre and, it goes without saying, the music itself it out of this world.
  12. This game is successful in both drawing new players to the music game genre and exposing a new generation to the music of The Beatles.
  13. An excellent tribute to The Beatles, The Beatles Rock Band sets the standard for music games based on a single band.
  14. If there’s one music-oriented video game to buy this holiday season, it has to be The Beatles: Rock Band. Harmonix and MTV Games have created an exceptional representation of The Fab Four that needs to be lived by all music aficionados.
  15. The Beatles Rock Band is a real tribute to the band from Liverpool. Every detail in the game, from the arrangement of keys to the movies show a cure and a love that has no equal. Not to mention that we will hear one of the best soundtracks of all time. Harmonix does a Rock Band 2 formula's synthesis to provide an experience suitable for everyone, without distorting the brand. In few words: a game you must buy.
  16. Probably one of the best music games yet: if you're The Beatles fans you'll love its great psychedelic style, and atmosphere. A real musical-documentary of the 60s, that allows us to imagine the years of a worldwide music revolution.
  17. The Beatles: Rock Band is a must have game for Beatles fans. Harmonix has done an excellent job putting together a fun package that highlights the career of one of the most successful bands in our history.
  18. Only fans of the band need apply as it is strictly Beatles content on this one.
  19. 91
    An interesting conundrum. For what it is it is flawless. The representation of the famous foursome is impeccable and dripping with fan service. The selection of songs is disappointing, but with future DLC you will likely be able to enjoy all of your favorite tunes for a price. Beatles fans need not even hesitate; just buy the game.
  20. This game is one of the best music games around, although obviously you need to be a big Beatles fan to get the most out of this short game.
  21. Harmonix definitely revolutionizes the way band specific games are done. They’ve built a loving tribute to an iconic band which should provide hours of enjoyable gameplay and extras for fans of The Beatles, and Rockband a like!
  22. Once again the developers at Harmonix have shown the gaming industry how it’s done.
  23. I don't think I've ever seen a game do such a great job of catering to its target audience, and at every step Harmonix displays a deep understanding and appreciation for the Beatles license.
  24. The Beatles were fascinated by the number nine. 09/09/09 is no coincidence. So it's only fitting that the game gets...
  25. 90
    For those who have a love or even just a fondness for the Fab Four, Harmonix has created a fantastic tribute. It won't teach you the full history of the world's most celebrated band nor give you even a quarter of their extraordinary catalogue of music, but it's still great.
  26. 90
    There's an incredible amount of fun that comes from filing the shoes of some of the most inspiring musicians ever to walk the earth, and Harmonix captures this experience with same sense of magic that the Beatles were known for. It's well worth the price of admission, even if you forgo the replica instruments and stick to your stock Rock Band gear.
  27. 90
    Playing through the songs you've likely heard for your entire life gives you a new appreciation for the level of musicianship and songwriting on display. Somehow, Harmonix found a way to make the greatest band of all time even better.
  28. The Beatles are worth every penny, especially for fans of the Fab Four. This game delivers one of the most phenomenal music experiences, outside of hopping into a time machine and watching them perform live, we're likely to see during this phase of our digital age.
  29. Simply put, it's the best Rock Band experience to date.
  30. 90
    A peerless offering that blows any comparable 'band-only' music title out of the water. Doing justice to the greatest band of all time was always going to be a tough job, but The Beatles: Rock Band offers a beautiful tribute to an enduring act.
  31. There is no doubt that it is on the short side, and even though plenty of downloadable content is on the way, I really think there should have been more songs on the disc. Also, despite the additions and changes, this isn’t quite the “built from the ground up” gaming experience that was originally described. The Beatles: Rock Band is exactly what the title says: Rock Band infused by the music of The Beatles. In the end, it is a terrific game that Beatles fans, regardless of gaming experience, will want to play ceaselessly.
  32. Whether you're a casual fan or a Beatlemaniac, a Rock Band guitar god or a neophyte, Beatles: Rock Band is the game for you.
  33. The Beatles: Rock Band is in many ways a work of art. With stylish visuals, great sound, and that typical Rock Band formula, this game really does pay off in spades.
  34. What Harmonix have crafted here is a quite exceptional piece of work, raising the bar for single band releases to almost unreachable heights. It’s a gorgeous, reverential and respectful celebration of The Beatles. It is an event that transcends video games, it’s The Beatles finally stepping into the digital world.
  35. Harmonix has treated the band’s music, art, and history with a respect and reverence that sets it apart from other similar collections. The question is, how will anyone held responsible for a full band game -- Harmonix or otherwise -- ever really be able to clear the bar that’s been set?
  36. Not everyone will love The Beatles: Rock Band, but everyone should love it, because it’s amazing. It’s everything a Beatles fan could want, and even if you’re not a fan, you may find yourself converted after a few songs.
  37. Maybe The Beatles: Rock Band is just for fans, but it`s so good that every musical fan should take a look and test it. The only criticism is the cost of the whole pack, very expensive.
  38. The single and multi player experience are superb allowing total novices through to experts to play along and still enjoy the music and in my own honest opinion, that is what makes a game count!
  39. Fans of the Beatles will find here a great tribute to the band, an incredible track list, the best production values ever seen in this genre and many extras to satisfy their "beatlemania".
  40. Stellar presentation and vocal harmonies help make The Beatles: Rock Band something special in the world of music games.
  41. The Beatles: Rock Band goes above a simple add on. With an interesting set of new options, an emotional story mode and, of course, the irresistible sound of Fab Four it's more than a game, it's a musical experience. In two words: a Must Buy!
  42. The Beatles: Rock Band is a great tribute to music’s history. As such, it has an undeniably strong appeal that should suffice, alone, to obtain a wide consent. Fortunately, it’s a great game as well, with loads of extras and exclusive features such as the new replicas of the band’s original instruments!
  43. The bottom line here is that this is still The freakin’ Beatles in a triumphant rhythm game début. The music is fantastic, the presentation is out of this world (sometimes literally), and all done with the utmost respect and care.
  44. X-ONE Magazine UK
    A wonderfully crafted, artistically perfect interpretation of The Beatles' music, oozing with love from every pore. [Issue#50, p.80]
  45. A truly amazing game, visually and content wise. The Dreamscapes that accompany the songs are marvels that go well with the music and are amazing to watch on their own.
  46. You have to feel truly sorry for any future artist-specific rhythm games, because it would take an enormous amount of effort to top The Beatles: Rock Band, a game very nearly bigger than Jesus.
  47. Games Master UK
    A deep, authentic package for fans, but Rock Band 2 offers more variation and accessibility. [Nov 2009, p.82]
  48. The Beatles Rockband is the first rhythm game who'll have the chance to finally take over Karaokes from pubs and living rooms all over the world. No more impossible solos or songs that only Bruce Dickinson or Robert Plant can sing, but only a lot of fun for whomever will feel like grabbing a guitar or a microphone and sing songs almost everybody learned to love over the years. It's only about Beatles and it's a bit short, but if you get in the mood, it will last forever.
  49. The Beatles: Rock Band is the real deal and if you love The Beatles you going to love this game.
  50. AceGamez
    It's no longer all about that percentage score at the end of the track, it's about bringing you and your friends closer together and enjoying the experience of feeling what it may have been like to actually play in The Beatles, if only for a moment.
  51. games(TM)
    Little more could have been demanded of Harmonix, it has created a profoundly enriching way to experience the music of the world's most influential band. [Nov 2009, p.119]
  52. The Beatles: Rock Band is very much so geared towards fans of the band. Some aspects might not mean much to you if you don’t know the band very well, but you will still have fun playing through the songs themselves.
  53. Overall the Beatles Rockband is a fantastic title if you are a Beatles fan or even have a passing interest.
  54. If you are more a fan of music titles than the Fab Four, then you might be disappointed in the shorter songs and roughly half the songs you’d normally expect for the price. Any way you slice it though, this is good music that folks from almost any generation can relate to - I can’t think of a single band that has ever pulled that off, or ever will again.
  55. Harmonix has done a remarkable job of bringing the Beatles' music to life in an interactive setting, devoting enormous attention to the details of history and authenticity that Beatles fans demand. The developers also added their own flair to the game, making this the most aesthetically beautiful music game to yet release. [Sept 2009, p.80]
  56. Unless you're a huge Beatles fan, there's no need to go out any drop the additional $250 for Beatles-era instruments, because the existing Rock Band instruments work just fine. There's also no need to rush out and get the game today, because chances are you'll "beat" the game well before the weekend.
  57. With less than half the songs you'd normally get in a Rock Band release, The Beatles could use a lot more music. But for fans of the band, buying this game is a no-brainer.
  58. This game has so much detail at every level of production. It’s much more than a track pack (like AC-DC) and it blows away specific band-themed games like Metallica.
  59. So long as you don't mind a short, but sweet, experience, it's worth checking out. Just don't expect a revolution.
  60. 87
    By making The Beatles: Rock Band, Harmonix did a really good job and the game is certainly good in all ways. Unfortunately the few new things aren't all useful and the game doesn't support the other Rock Band content. However, this game is full of Flower Power and therefore you really need to play this at least once in your life.
  61. Xbox World 360 Magazine UK
    A must-have for any Fabs fan. [Dec 2009, p.86]
  62. Anyone interested in learning about The Beatles or anyone just looking for a nice, laid-back musical game should check this out.
  63. The Beatles: Rock Band surpasses the barrier of musical games, delivering a complete documentary experience with enticing, superb visuals and a well-built-for-fans Story Mode. In addition to that, peripherals are among the finest ever seen in the genre with the exception of the drums, very similar to those seen in Rock Band 2. This game sets a standard regarding what a one-band game should be.
  64. The Beatles Rock Band has become a very solid band-game. The game brings a unique and happy visual style, that offers a interesting setting for a wide audience. In fact it’s the ideal game for some father and son time. The tracks of the game are very entertaining, although some “click” with the Beatles music might be necessary.
  65. The gameplay and presentation are perfect and approachable for those who haven’t been introduced to music video games, especially families with wide generational gaps who have at least a remote interest in the Beatles. Though it is short and isolated from the other Rock Band titles, The Beatles: Rock Band is much better than your average day tripper.
  66. Vocally and visually brilliant, but lacks story.
  67. Despite the superior presentation and excellence of the subject matter, there aren't a lot of game modes to play and the music selection leaves a lot to be desired. I wish DLC wasn't such an important factor.
  68. Undeniably about as brilliant as a band specific music title can get, The Beatles Rock Band easily outstretches the confines of just being a music game into something that guarantees great times for all - provided of course you're not one of the strange type of folk who just doesn't like them.
  69. 80
    Gorgeous, Beatles-themed graphics make the game more than just a list of songs, although the short track list (and some questionable song choices) keep it from being the perfect Fab Four experience.
  70. 80
    Brimming with quality and class, The Beatles Rock Band is a game worthy of the band it pays tribute to.
  71. Whilst The Beatles: Rock Band doesn’t make any major leaps or bounds forward for the series, the game does pay a fitting tribute to the band opening up some of their greatest hits to a new generation of fans.
  72. The Beatles: Rock band is a slick package with beautiful presentation, a fantastic roster of songs and the welcome addition of multiple vocal melodies. There are only 46 songs available on the disc and songs can't be imported from previous Rock Band titles, an omission that's somewhat remedied by tons of upcoming DLC songs. Playing The Beatles: Rock Band is a fantastic journey through the career of the Liverpool fab four. If you're a fan you won't want to miss out on the experience.
  73. The Beatles: Rock Band is a decent party game and the best choice for everyone who is new to music games. The overall presentation is charming, but there are only 45 songs to enjoy.
  74. The Beatles: Rock Band has become the ultimate Beatles experience. You can feel the passion Harmonix has put into this game by looking at it. It provides a feeling of Beatlemania for everyone who weren’t around when The Fabulous Four were so popular. Despite the more casual approach compared to previous Rock Band titles and the lack of some favourite songs, The Beatles: Rock Band is an example of how music games centered around specific bands should be.
  75. 75
    But affixing "Rock Band" to the title leads to certain expectations -- as a Rock Band player who still gets plenty of use out of Rock Band 2 and its ever-expanding setlist, I feel a little cheated that none of these songs are available online for the other Rock Band games.
  76. A dream come true for Beatles fans, but viewed purely as a game it's not a patch on Rock Band 2.
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  1. EvanB.
    Sep 14, 2009
    Marco D., are you kidding me? 80-89% has always been a "B" grade, and I've gone to over 20 years of schooling as a student and aMarco D., are you kidding me? 80-89% has always been a "B" grade, and I've gone to over 20 years of schooling as a student and a teacher! When has a 75% ever been a "B"? Can anyone else back me on this? That 1UP score should definitely be in the 80's range. What an amazing game...I play it every day! Full Review »
  2. Sep 3, 2012
    And alas, The Beatles Rockband... for Xbox 360. Ok, If you've read my review for the Wii version, you know that I don't own it for Xbox 360.And alas, The Beatles Rockband... for Xbox 360. Ok, If you've read my review for the Wii version, you know that I don't own it for Xbox 360. But, my uncle bought this before me, and that's where I got a chance to try it on Xbox 360. Same as the Wii... Studio recordings, Online gameplay, DLC, wonderful dreamscapes... The only difference is the graphics. The Xbox 360 really brings out the game with It's "fab" graphics and beautifully animated dreamscapes and characters (This includes the crowd). It will absolutely delight any Beatles fan out there. In the end, The Xbox 360 version receives an outstanding score of 10 from me. Full Review »
  3. DeanA
    Sep 16, 2009
    A wonderful and compelling presentation. Obviously any Beatles fan will find the replay value on this game to be very high. Unfortunately, I A wonderful and compelling presentation. Obviously any Beatles fan will find the replay value on this game to be very high. Unfortunately, I think it will be difficult for any other Rock Band game devoted to one band to be able to live up to the level of this title. For the person that claims 75% constitutes a B grade: I must be old, but I came from a time when anything below 70% was an F. I don't feel bad for any students who are encouraged to perform at a higher level- I feel bad for those that can't get a decent education because the bar is set too low. Full Review »