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Summary: Season Two continues the story that began in Season One. You are Clementine, a young survivor in a world gone to hell. The dead have risen to feast on the living, and the living cannot be trusted. The story you experience in The Walking Dead Season Two is driven by the choices that you make. Because of that, your story could be very different from someone else’s. If you played Season One and the DLC episode ‘400 Days’, the choices you made there will affect Season Two.
Rating: M
Developer: Telltale Games
Genre(s): General, Action, Adventure, General, Point-and-Click
Cast Credit
Dave Grossman Director Of Writing
Kevin Bruner Executive Producer
Kevin Bruner Telltale Tools
Julian Kwasneski Voice Direction
Julian Kwasneski Voice: Johnny
Julian Kwasneski Voice: Johnny
Randy Tudor Telltale Tools
Randy Tudor Telltale Tools
Derek Sakai Art Direction
Marcus Whitlock Telltale Tools
Ryan Kaufman Director Of Design
Jason Kim Content Programming
Jared Emerson-Johnson Music
Jared Emerson-Johnson Music
Shawn Shain Additional Art
Alex Montgomery Telltale Tools
David T. Potter Content Programming
Guy Somberg Telltale Tools
Steven Moore Character Artist
Brian Sommer Voice: Pete
Dan Connors Executive Producer
Sara Guinness Producer
Gavin Hammon Voice: Kenny
Melissa Hutchison Voice: Clementine
Jeff Parrott Environment Artist
Molly Denmark Concept Artist
Mark Darin Additional Design
Chris Bauer Telltale Tools
Michael Madsen Voice: Carver
Scott Porter Voice: Luke
David Bromberg Telltale Tools
Brian Bremer Voice: Nick
Jesse Maccabe Lead Concept Artist
Kevin Boyle Executive Producer
Jonathan Sgro Director Of Production Technologies
Jonathan Sgro Telltale Tools
Mark Gabby Build And Distribution
Carl Muckenhoupt Content Programming
Eric Parsons Additional Design
Eric Parsons Director
Eric Parsons Director
Vahram Antonian Cinematic Artist
Dennis Lenart Cinematic Artist
Dennis Lenart Director Of Cinematography
Nick Mastroianni Cinematic Artist
Nick Mastroianni Sound Design
Graham Ross Cinematic Artist
Drew Di Domenico Environment Artist
Erik Ose Lead Environment Artist
Nora Magyar Technical Art And Effects
Michael Perretta Lead Technical Art And Effects
Michael Perretta Technical Director
Justin Rosenthal-Kambic Animation
Janel Drewis Animation
Tyler Helton Animation
Mike Hollander Animation
Bridget Bougan Cinematic Artist
Airyque Ervin Cinematic Artist
Scott Hammack Cinematic Artist
Martin Montgomery Cinematic Artist
Kent Mudle Cinematic Artist
Grady Standard Content Programming
Jonathan Stauder Cinematic Artist
Eric Stirpe Cinematic Artist
Megan Gritzfeld Character Artist
D. Reed Monroe Lead User Interface
Todd Colby User Interface
Hain Lee User Interface
Lazar Levine Lead Sound Design
Jack Fusting Sound Design
Brian Eby Technical Art And Effects
Juan Vaca Assistant Producer
Mike Sherak Additional Art
Alex Jacobs Technical Art And Effects
Erin Yvette Voice: Bonnie
Kid Beyond Voice: Carlos
Anthony Tso Cinematic Artist
Zacariah Litton Telltale Tools
Ben Ingram Telltale Tools
David Brady Telltale Tools
Tim Ingram Telltale Tools
Dave Bogan Director Of Art Department
Matthew Pedonti Product Support
Evan Koepf Product Support
Patrick Bryan Additional Animation
Adam Waters Cinematic Artist
Ashley Ruhl Cinematic Artist
Jason Pyke Cinematic Artist
Rogelio Gonzalez Cinematic Artist
Sean Manning Cinematic Artist
Crystal Rogers User Interface
Scott Gilmore Sound Design
Mario Valencia Build And Distribution
Tim Galida Voice Recording
Connor Stock Dialog Editing
Michael Eads Telltale Tools
Michael Vallejo Product Support
Jessica Brezzo Lead Animation
Ryan Rasmussen Animation
Mike Tjosvold Animation
Javier Espinoza Cinematic Artist
Rebekah Gamin Arcovitch Lead Cinematic Artist
David Ramirez Cinematic Artist
Christopher Reiser Cinematic Artist
Ryann Weller Cinematic Artist
Kirsten Kennedy Producer
Bryan Roth Associate Producer
Meghan Lee Assistant Producer
Larry Winer 740 Sound Design
Henrick Jacobsson 740 Sound Design
Spencer Herzog Creative Sound Concept
Dorian Lockett Voice: Alvin
Shay Moore Voice: Rebecca
Louisa Mackintosh Voice: Sarah
Nick Breckon Additional Design
Nick Breckon Writer
Stephen McManus Designer
Patrick Algermissen Content Programming
Julia Lichtblau Environment Artist
Wylie Herman Voice: Matthew
Julia Farmer Voice: Sarita
Kiff VanderHeuvel Voice: Walter
Stephan Vladmir Bugaj Creative Development Director
Scott Porter Voice: Luke
Brian Bremer Voice: Nick
David Bromberg Telltale Tools
Chris Bauer Telltale Tools
Michael Madsen Voice: Carver
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