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Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 35 out of 36
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  3. Negative: 1 out of 36
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  1. 100
    If you love fighting games and want to play a fighter that continually unveils new wrinkles day in and day out and rewards dedication like no other, this is the game to get. Virtua Fighter 5 may not have kangaroos or weapons or bridges to fall off of, but it has unmatched playability as its calling card, and that's the only thing that counts.
  2. 100
    There's never a strong sense of "oh, you picked the crutch character" that there are in other fighters. Instead, it's a pure fighting experience that gamers who've only played Tekken, Dead or Alive, or Soul Calibur will be able to jump in and appreciate.
  3. 100
    If the most important aspect of a 3D fighting game is the depth and balanced nature of the gameplay, then Virtua Fighter 5 has no rival.
  4. I can't possibly recommend this game any higher. Assuming you don't have some unnatural slant against fighting games, VF5 Online is neck and neck with "The Orange Box" in the race for finest game on the system. If you have ever enjoyed a fighting title, punching someone, or ninjas in general, you'll be a fan.
  5. Games Master UK
    Looks, skill, depth, balance. Virtua Fighter 5 has got it all. [Dec 2007, p.85]
  6. 93
    Virtua Fighter 5 isn't a perfect fighting game, but its damn close. It's easily the best fighting game available on the Xbox 360. Fans of the genre owe it to themselves to pick this game up, along with an arcade stick.
  7. Overall, I’d say that Virtua Fighter 5 Online is a remarkable game with a few missteps, but no fatal flaws. The intricate gameplay is better than ever, while the addition of online play adds an incredible amount of replay value to the game, even if it does need some improvement.
  8. A must buy for fans of the series and a serious look for those that have always wondered why the series is regarded by many as the best fighting game out there.
  9. Is the most ballanced, prettiest, deepest fighting game ever made perfection? No, but being the most balanced, prettiest and deepest fighting game is more than enough. [Nov 2007, p.94]
  10. X-ONE Magazine UK
    The most accomplished, perfectly balanced and dazzlingly polished fighting game ever made - but watch out, it punishes infidels unwilling to invest the time to learn the 'art.' [Issue#25, p.88]
  11. Veterans and newbies alike will be impressed with how sumptuous the game looks. It's easily the best looking fighter on a console.
  12. 360 Gamer Magazine UK
    While not miles away from "VF4: Evolution," the new features, characters and possibilities here propel this to the top of the genre with style, poise and unending potential. Once you get a taste, you’ll never want to go back to the simplicity of DOA or the retro charms of the XBLA fighters – the finest fighter known to man is here in one definitive 360 package.
  13. With an online mode that actually works and a wealth of new goodies to round up (not to mention the lure of Gamerpoints making us more likely to push for the higher ranks or actually play through arcade mode for once), we love it even more. Best fighting game on the 360, easily. Best fighting game of this generation, easily. Best version of this sterling beat-'em-up, easily.
  14. Not only does this Xbox 360 edition of Virtua Fighter 5 have the online multiplayer support that was sadly missing from the PlayStation 3 iteration released earlier this year, it also features the latest arcade code, so it is the most balanced home edition you can play.
  15. 90
    A fantastic fighting game. The fighting system is deep, complex, and wonderful. If only the other elements surrounding VF5 were of equal measure.
  16. Despite a few corny audio samples, Virtua Fighter 5 offers hard-hitting fighting perfection that no one should miss.
  17. Even on the Xbox 360, Virtua Fighter 5’s controls work beautifully and proving that the series remains to be the best fighting series in the next-generation of consoles as well.
  18. 90
    And this is where the 360 version has a distinct edge over the PlayStation 3 version; you can actually show off your customized creation in online fighting, which gives players an all-new reason to play the quest mode religiously.
  19. There are a few weak points, such as clumsy menu navigation, great but lacking online support, and reliance on the Microsoft D-pad, but overall VF5 is a very strong title, and fans of fighting games are going to love this game.
  20. There's a lot to do in VF5, which will keep offline players entertained for quite some time, and is always good to break out if you have friends round. The game does have a lot of depth for those who wish to devote much time to learning and mastering characters, but at the same time, beginners can button mash and be reasonably successful - or by learning a few simple moves.
  21. But here it is: the finest version of the finest fighting game series, and with spot-on Xbox Live play. [Holiday 2007, p.64]
  22. Not only are the graphics as good as they can be, but the game sports some of the most compelling game modes found in a fighting game.
  23. It can not be debated that this is a hardcore gamers' fighting game, but even those looking to just pick up and play will find more than enough to enjoy in this title.
  24. Virtua Fighter 5 continues the success of the VF franchise by adding an online mode and providing enough single-player modes to keep even the most avid fighting fan enthralled for quite a while.
  25. Virtua Fighter has been successful as long as it has by catering to an audience that could serve as the definition of the word hardcore.
  26. If you're a fighting game fan, you'll find it hard not fall in love with the depth of control and fantastic presentation of Virtua Fighter 5 Online.
  27. With all that being said Virtua Fighter 5 Online for the Xbox 360 is most definitely a buy. That is of course, if you didn’t buy it for the PS3 already. It’s arguable though. The added content and online functionality may be the push you need to make up your mind.
  28. Silky smooth graphics accompany spot-on controls.
  29. Xbox World 360 Magazine UK
    Virtua Fighter 5 runs effortlessly on Xbox. But it's definitely an acquired taste. [Christmas 2007, p.74]
  30. To answer your two questions: Yes, this is a solid port of Virtua Fighter 5, and yes, the online play works just fine.
  31. Virtua Fighter 5 is a great game overall, and one of the finest fighters available. This is a game that will take time and patience to become decent at. The mechanics of this fighter is extensively complicated and deep, yet it offers extreme satisfaction once one has learned the ropes.
  32. There’s no doubt that Virtua Fighter is an excellent fighting game, very solid, but leaves something to be desired in terms of contents.
  33. Overall, VF5 would've been a completely average fighter, but with the inclusion of a good online mode, it's brilliant.
  34. Fans of the Virtua Fighter arcade series take for granted that playing a real person is necessary to truly take in the experience.
  35. This is essentially the same game they’ve been making for years with a couple new characters and updated graphics.
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Generally favorable reviews- based on 67 Ratings

User score distribution:
  1. Positive: 47 out of 67
  2. Negative: 11 out of 67
  1. Nydrin
    Nov 3, 2007
    One of the deepest and most beautiful fighters ever. With smooth online play and customization options, you'll be playing this one for a One of the deepest and most beautiful fighters ever. With smooth online play and customization options, you'll be playing this one for a long time to come. Full Review »
  2. Aug 13, 2019
    Virtua FIghter 5 is a master class fighting game. It has the action, depth, accessibility, and enough single player experience to learn theVirtua FIghter 5 is a master class fighting game. It has the action, depth, accessibility, and enough single player experience to learn the game and thoroughly enjoy at all skill levels. Quest mode makes it's much welcomed return and has even more character customization than Virtua Fighter 4 did. The combos are cranked up to 11, and the game play is fluid and solid as always. With the online and offline modes available, this game has hours upon hours of fun to be had in it, and has something for everyone interested in the fighting genre. Full Review »
  3. Mar 16, 2017
    Pas mal du tout graphiquement ce VF5, on regrette d'autant plus les effets sonores pourraves, la musique d'ascenseur et les temps dePas mal du tout graphiquement ce VF5, on regrette d'autant plus les effets sonores pourraves, la musique d'ascenseur et les temps de chargement trop longs. A part ça la maniabilité est convenable et la personnalisation des plus correctes ; reste tout de même ce problème de l'IA qui triche et la fatigue des pouces qui en découle : bobo relou le jeu idiot pif paf bam patatrac. Full Review »