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  2. Negative: 20 out of 57
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  1. The three main characters are very detailed and authentic to their film counterparts. Wolverine is bigger than the others; Ice Man retains that young look, while Nightcrawler looks as weird as usual. The animation is solid, as well.
  2. The game explains a lot about what fans may not see in the upcoming movie, and while this is a departure from the previous squad-based titles, it is still a wonderful and enjoyable bit of fun.
  3. Overall, X-Men: The Official Game offers up some great backstory and art direction as a title, along with a great roster of voice actors which are the same big names as in the franchise of movies.
  4. Some of his levels are filled with ridiculous amounts of enemies, and even though the levels appear to have multiple stages or sections, there isn’t a checkpoint in sight. I love a challenge, but I hate mindless repetition.
  5. It's not nearly as bad as others would have you believe, but it's also not quite out of the "average" realm.
  6. I'd be happier if Cyclops were at my fingertips, too. But all in all, the variety these three X-Men provide is adequate for one little video game.
  7. 75
    This game is a solid title for anyone who wants no holds barred brawling wit superheroes!
  8. It’s a game with a set purpose – give you lots of battles and lots of baddies to take down. But it doesn’t strike out into any brave new territory or define it’s own genre – sadly, not living up to the legacy of its source material.
  9. Official Xbox Magazine
    Still, you've got to be a real fanboy to want to mash your way through all two dozen or so of its missions. [July 2006, p.84]
  10. X-Men: The Official Game isn't a terrible game, but it's not any good, either. It managed to dip down below mediocre and into the realm of "Why bother?" It's short, uninteresting, and probably won't keep your attention based solely on the fighting, either. It's an odd mishmash that just doesn't work out the way it was supposed to.
  11. X-Men: The Official Game was built for fans of the X-Men and the movie but also offers some excellent third person action for the more casual fans of the series. It does have a lot of fan service and fans will be able to look past many of the games flaws, but for those who aren't fans per se, the flaws will become glaringly obvious quickly, especially on the 360 edition.
  12. Though it has a good story the horrible cuts-scenes, a dodgy camera, and rudimentary controls give me clarity of mind to say that this game isn’t worth the price tag it carries and joins the already full licensed game garbage bin.
  13. 65
    The disappointment comes from the fact that it simply feels average, especially for a next-gen title. I left the game feeling like I wanted more, whether it was better visuals, more diverse game play, or simply a fresh helping of innovation.
  14. Despite being able to control three very different characters, it lacks any sort of punch to make the game’s features stand out.
  15. The gameplay is definitely not worth the $59.99 price tag of a next generation title.
  16. Everything considered, the gameplay, the graphics, the dialog, the music, make X-Men: The Official Game an officially average game.
  17. It's nice to play as different characters, and the presentation is true to the comic book essence, but the whole thing feels like a condensed action affair that we've seen before, countless times.
  18. Wonderful in its mediocrity, it's not a bad game but you could easily lose it in a crowd, even if it had blue skin.
  19. Nice graphics and smooth gameplay are no substitute for imagination.
  20. 60
    More characters and multiplayer modes would have improved it a great deal, but as it is, there’s plenty of levels and engaging mutant action.
  21. 60
    The problem is the fact that it all feels average, like a game that’s only intention is to compliment the movie with a fun few hours of gaming. It pains me to see that done to such a license.
  22. 59
    The combat and stage design are substandard in every way, enemy AI is ordinary coin-op fare, and the presentation elements are nowhere near the level we've come to expect from Marvel or Activision.
  23. The killing part is fun when you find the special X-Men powers amusing, but that river runs dry approximately an hour into the game, which is actually a decent ratio when compared to the total playtime of about six hours.
  24. While I can appreciate trying to take the series in a new direction, it just does not work well at all. Comic book games work best when fans feel like they are in the world and in complete control. This one takes that away right from the start. What is left is a long “Brawler” instead of the first next-gen comic-themed game that allows fans to be part of the action. At best this one is a week rental even for die hard fans.
  25. Only controlling three characters, no multiplayer of any kind, and reverting to basically a 3rd-person "beat 'em up" is not the way to take this franchise.
  26. One of the chief problems with X-Men lies in its mission structure. Branching paths are often a good thing, but when they are as disconnected to point where any semblance of an underlying plot is compromised at these are here, any benefit of such a feature is wasted.
  27. 55
    X-Men: The Official Game is officially a disaster.
  28. 55
    Offers nothing more than an average game inspired by a great movie.
  29. There’s nothing here that warrants a buy. Fans that want to know why Nightcrawler wasn’t in the movie will want to check out the game from your local video rental store.
  30. It's not that it's entirely broken, mind you, but X-Men's missions are entirely generic and devoid of captivating content, and there are enough annoying little glitches and other obnoxious things prevalent throughout to give the game that thrown-together feel.
  31. X-Men: The Official Game turns out to be three big mini-games rather than one fleshed out single-player game. No multiplayer is open to friends to join in, the replay value is only found in beating it on harder difficulty levels to gain more achievement points, and just about everything about this game feels wrong in every way. I can’t recommend buying this even if you are a fan of the franchise.
  32. Nightcrawler and his teleportation attacks are a definite highlight, but the majority of the game is a mundane romp from Point A to Point B, with a number of unintelligent enemies blocking the way.
  33. It's decent at first, but after a few hours of disarming endless bombs, slaying ninjas and flinging ice everywhere, you'll just want to power down the console and go see the movie instead.
  34. 50
    While the gameplay does have its high points (again, mostly surrounding Nightcrawler), it's also quite often littered with monotony thanks to seemingly nonexistent enemy A.I., confusion (poor level design), and frustration (glitches, a sometimes lack of checkpoints, and uneven challenges).
  35. As it stands, it's simply a mindless beat 'em up with a few unlockables and some formulaic gameplay.
  36. X-Men: The Official Game isn’t all bad, and I’ve probably made it sound a lot worse than it actually is, it’s just that if you’re looking for a yardstick for middle-of-the-road gameplay and average execution, you’ve found it.
  37. Official Xbox Magazine UK
    It's fun for a little while, but is precious more than a weekend's worth of entertainment. [July 2006, p.86]
  38. It feels rushed in so many aspects, and has virtually no replay value. What few positives the game does have are easily overshadowed by all that went wrong.
  39. It's a generic, cheap cash-in that is poorly executed, uninspired, and rarely even enjoyable.
  40. 45
    Thanks to some horribly generic gameplay and uninspired combat, it ends up continuing the disappointing trend of movie license video games.
  41. X-Men: The Official Game is too short, too bland and too rushed to be considered anything more than a three-day rental (and barely that).
  42. 40
    Perhaps the worst offense of all would have to be Wolverine. Not only has Z-Axis managed to take everyone's favorite adamantium-infused Canadian wildman and turn him into possibly the most boring hero ever, they've pinned a sizable majority of the action upon playing as him. Boring, you say? Yes.
  43. 40
    Like many games of this style, there is some vague, half-guilty pleasure in the mechanical repetitiveness of the game's combat. But ultimately, X-Men is in the time-honored tradition of licensed games -- rushed, derivative, and well worth avoiding.
  44. 40
    A below average title that has been rushed to the Xbox 360. The game features poor AI, no challenge, glitches, boring levels and a minimalistic moveset.
  45. Game Informer
    Unless you despise the X-Men movies and simply want more ammo that can be used to insult your friends, I strongly advise that you avoid this game like you would a French kissing toad. [July 2006, p.104]
  46. 360 Gamer Magazine UK
    The whole thing feels like a massive missed opportunity. [Issue #10]
  47. As it is, X-Men: The Official Game is “officially” a horse’s turd of an experience that’s approximately as painful as Wolverine’s claws inadvertently sliding out while he’s wiping his arse.
  48. Electronic Gaming Monthly
    The play-style variety may be decent--and you get to upgrade abilities--but each character's level sets grow horribly repetitive and pointless, with stingy checkpoint placement compounding the frustration [July 2006, p.91]
  49. Play Magazine
    X-Men: The Official Game is pretty awful. [July 2006, p.71]
  50. It's inexcusable that Activision didn't see fit to shave down the 360 price a little; 60 bucks is an outlandish request considering there is absolutely nothing extra in the next-gen version.
  51. While the voice work is fine, the whole thing just comes off as so low rent, it’s hard to take it seriously. It’s a shame too because the filler story isn’t that bad.
  52. The idea of giving the player three fairly unique characters to play as is good one, but the game design verges on plain stupid at times.
  53. Edge Magazine
    Had The Official Game provided a consistent overall challenge, it would have been bearable, if unexciting. But it hasn’t, and it isn’t. [July 2006, p.88]
  54. There's nothing wrong with using a brand name to sell you game, unless that game happens to be among the most uninspired beat 'em ups released in several years. If you remember Activision's "Minority Report" game, then this is about as good as that.
  55. games(TM)
    When accurately describing videogames, we tend to use the word ‘dross’ rarely, but this particular X-Men title has forced the word from us in a spectacular fashion. [July 2006, p.130]
  56. X-ONE Magazine UK
    This would be embarrassing on a Dreamcast, let alone the hulking next-gen monster console we call Xbox 360. This is not a next-gen game and it's not fun either. [Issue 8, p.98]
  57. Almost everything about this movie cash-in is cheap and incompetent, from the short, forgettable levels to the poor control system to the hand-crampingly repetitive action.
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Mixed or average reviews- based on 21 Ratings

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  1. Oct 30, 2016
    A really good game.First grim and realistic game about the x-men.Many missions for the coolest character - Wolverine.Good graphics for itsA really good game.First grim and realistic game about the x-men.Many missions for the coolest character - Wolverine.Good graphics for its time and a good variety of missions for different characters,so a high level of complexity.Versions for PC and Playstation much worse. Full Review »
  2. Dec 12, 2012
    Where should I begin with X-Men: The Official Game? Should I start off by telling you about the terrible story line this game tries to tell?Where should I begin with X-Men: The Official Game? Should I start off by telling you about the terrible story line this game tries to tell? How about the graphics that are extremely outdated even for 2006? This game is a joke to anyone who is a fan of the X-Men series. The only reason I have given it a four is because the controls were responsive, at least. Much of the rest of the game is unable to live up to the expectations of even a nine year old. The story is butchered and is hardly able to be pieced together, the graphics are blurry and have no texture or substance, scenes during the game look cheesy and laughable at best. Every fighting scene in the game is repetitive and boring. Even people who love the X-Men series should steer clear of this game. Keep the dignity you deserve and please do not purchase or rent this title. Full Review »
  3. GioD
    Feb 22, 2008
    X-Men: The Official Game, where to begin??? Developed by Z-Axis (who did all of Acclaims extreme sports titles like BMX XXX, and AggresiveX-Men: The Official Game, where to begin??? Developed by Z-Axis (who did all of Acclaims extreme sports titles like BMX XXX, and Aggresive Inline) got the reins to make this title. Well personally, i didnt think it was bad but it wasnt great either. You get to control 3 X-Men Wolverine, Iceman, and Nightcrawler. Whats cool is that all 3 play tremendously different from one another. Right off the bat my least favorite character to play with was Wolverine and it doesnt make it any better that he is the the one you play with the most. Now i can understand that since your Wolverine your missions would consist of destroying and brawling, but would it be too much trouble if maybe Wolvie had more than 3-4 combos? The guy has barely any moves whatsoever. What the hells up with that?! Yeah definately my least favorite. Moving on to Iceman, i actually enjoyed Icemans levels, his levels remind me of Panzer Dragoon in which you stay airborn (courtesy of your forever forming ice slide), shooting down enemies and the like. What i didnt like about his levels is that there freakin' timed! God i hate timed levels...but otherwise there pretty fun. Which brings us to Nightcrawler. Loved playin with 'crawler. His levels are very fun cause you can "bamf" pretty much anywhere you like and kick the hell out of bad guys. Pros- Graphics are very good, contol is tight, voice overs are done by the actual actors, Iceman levels, Nightcrawler levels. Cons-Wolverine has barely any moves, Wolverine levels, anytime you play with Wolverine, game consist mostly of Wolvierine. Overall, decent first try for Z-Axis. Decent time killer...just prepare yourself for those Wolverine levels... Full Review »