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  1. Apr 20, 2018
    The whole money-making exercise being such a prominent feature of Dead Ahead: Zombie Warfare takes away from what is good about the game – fun, addictive, zombie beating madness with plenty of content and challenge.
  2. Apr 8, 2018
    The steep price tag and the inclusion of microtransactions will certainly raise eyebrows, especially for a game that’s as repetitive and as bland as this. There’s heaps of content to get through and no shortage of interesting characters and upgrades to unlock, but due to the lack of evolving functionality, the game fails to maintain its initial allure.
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  1. Apr 7, 2018
    Zombie games have been going for a great deal of years now and there are a huge amount to choose from, and despite the genre feeling saturatedZombie games have been going for a great deal of years now and there are a huge amount to choose from, and despite the genre feeling saturated somewhat I still get excited when a new zombie game comes out. The new zombie game that’s made its way to the Xbox One is called Dead Ahead: Zombie Warfare and it offers a different take on the normal zombie formula. The different take comes in the form of a strategy element and despite it’s shortcomings the different element actually makes the game very enjoyable. The gameplay that’s on offer is very simple to grasp and it never gets complicated so without a doubt it’s accessible to a lot of different gamers. You will notice however that the gameplay does get repetetive quite quickly so the game is best enjoyed when played in short bursts because there isn’t enough variety to keep things fresh for long periods. There is however a decent amount of content for you to sink your teeth into and the content that’s present will keep you coming back for more quite a bit because it does have an addictive side to it. You will notice though that the difficulty does ramp up quite considerably as you progress and this can become a problem because you will no doubt get frustrated from time to time and this can harm the fun factor at times. In order to combat the high difficulty curve the game does offer you a generous amount of upgrades and unlockables, and thankfully you will notice a significant improvement from these upgrades. You can literally upgrade everything and this gives the game even more replay value because there is a decent amount of variety when it comes to the unlockables. Unfortunately the same can’t be said about the level design and the lack of variety here can make things become boring. Thankfully though there are a number of different zombies for you to tackle and I thought the different zombie designs were actually pretty good which was pleasantly surprising. Another thing that pleasantly surprised me was the presentation side of the game. Don’t get me wrong there isn’t anything amazing here but what is here is something that combines with the gameplay extremely well and it does nothing wrong, which is great. At the end of the day Dead Ahead: Zombie Warfare isn’t going to win any awards but it’s a game that’s great to pass a few hours every now and then. It gets a few things wrong here and there but considering it started its life on mobile devices its made the transition to the Xbox One with no serious problems, which is great. This game won’t be for everybody but if you like zombies and strategy style games then it does enough to get a recommendation from me. Full Review »