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  1. LEVEL (Czech Republic)
    Dec 3, 2015
    Developers from 343 Industries have finally caught the right way and with the fifth part they fixed the mistakes which they made in the previous installment. So they provide the players with an absolutely perfect and catchy campaign. [Issue#258]
  2. Oct 30, 2015
    A superb campaign, particularly in its level design, coupled with the all-new Warzone mode and the return of arena multiplayer makes Halo 5 the best FPS game of this generation and possibly the best Halo title ever.
  3. Oct 28, 2015
    Top echelon storytelling, new gameplay mechanics, vast and beautiful landscapes, and a superbly designed multiplayer, has soared Halo 5: Guardians to my favorite in the series.
  4. 100
    The entire game is plenty of fun, and despite those light storytelling flaws, this is one of the finest games of 2015. Halo 5: Guardians held the pressure of the Xbox One on its shoulders, as well as the pressure of one of gaming’s most well-known and legendary franchises...The greatest compliment to Halo 5? It handles all that pressure just fine.
  5. Oct 26, 2015
    It’s a well-crafted Halo experience with enough new bells and whistles to turn around even the most jaded Halo fan, and feels exactly like what you’d want a next-gen Halo game to be. There’s a hefty amount of content to explore here across the campaign and multiplayer modes, with a large map variety at launch and an enjoyable story to uncover. And it all looks and sounds absolutely gorgeous, with fantastic enemy and map designs on top of the excellent technical groundwork behind it all.
  6. Oct 26, 2015
    A masterpiece, and quite possibly the best Halo game so far. The campaign is top-notch, even as Master Chief shares the spotlight, and the multiplayer is largely a return to everything that has made the franchise so beloved to begin with.
  7. Oct 26, 2015
    From the groundbreaking graphics to the adrenaline pumping campaign and the online component, this game is a must-own for any shooter fan that is looking to see what the ‘true’ next-gen gaming experience should be like. If you have an Xbox One (with Xbox Live) and love competitive shooters, Halo 5: Guardians is a must-own.
  8. Oct 26, 2015
    The combination of an excellent campaign and an amazing multiplayer makes Halo’s debut on Xbox One truly a must-have.
  9. Oct 26, 2015
    Though the story is a draw for longtime fans, most people will be stopping in to check out Halo 5's multiplayer, and it's there 343's direction really shines. Warzone is a lot of fun, and Arena's classic inspiration is made all the better thanks to 343's latest twists to core mechanics. It's gorgeous, it's fast-paced, and it's a blast to play regardless of your skill level. Halo 5 is absolutely the flagship title the Xbox One deserves.
  10. Oct 26, 2015
    Halo 5: Guardians stands up to all the hype with stunning battles, brilliant sound, hugely inspired campaign, dedicated servers and balanced gameplay. 343 Industries finally reached maturity just in time to give Xbox One its much needed top notch first person shooter.
  11. Oct 26, 2015
    Halo 5 is an outstanding game and one of the finest first-person shooters ever made. Its design is versatile, and it’s the best-playing entry in the series so far.
  12. Oct 26, 2015
    Halo 5: Guardians shines thanks to its great environments and level design; the story is satisfying and even surprising, but we would have liked a deeper characterization for the new Spartans, and while online co-op is great, we miss local split-screen. Where the game really flexes its muscles, though, is in the multiplayer modes: Warzone is a brilliant and addicting new addition, while Arena gets rid of many complexities of the past offering us a very straightforward, solid and rewarding competitive experience.
  13. Games Master UK
    Dec 1, 2015
    Although the story feels less of an event, Halo 4's campaign is a thoroughly satisfying spectacle. [Dec 2015, p.64]
  14. Oct 26, 2015
    Halo 5 is a game Xbox One users cannot miss. There are some aspects of it we haven't enjoyed so much, but in general terms it's an experience that lives up to the bar set by its predecessors.
  15. Oct 26, 2015
    Halo 5 Guardians has lost some good elements, like the split screen or the armor abilities on campaign mode but the perfect weapon balance, the excellent level design of the multiplayer maps and the Warzone mode are so good that nobody should care about those missing items. It has enough content to keep us playing for months.
  16. Pelit (Finland)
    Jan 4, 2016
    With a more accessible and engaging story and solid new designs for the Prometheans, Halo 5 is a major improvement over Halo 4. Warzone is a great addition to the multiplayer, though the mode seems to have some game balance issues. [Nov 2015]
  17. Nov 11, 2015
    Halo 5 is a first-class sci-fi shooter with a great campaign and diverse multiplayer modes. The best shooter for Xbox One.
  18. Dec 16, 2015
    The story may well be confusing – especially for newcomers – and many characters are sadly lacking in depth, but that doesn’t detract from how fun shooting your way through the game’s fifteen missions is when playing solo and even more so with three friends.
  19. Nov 17, 2015
    Aside from some extremely minor hiccups in matchmaking that appear to have been quickly resolved, Halo 5 has been rock solid, and has also seen regular playlist updates and tweaks to address community concerns.
  20. Nov 1, 2015
    Guardians is a very good game. Campaign is very strong while adding a few items here and there that make it an independent experience. Multiplayer stands tall along side the best in series history, and time will tell where it ultimately ranks among H2 and H3.
  21. Nov 1, 2015
    There are some changes to the Halo franchise in terms of gameplay but overall 343 Industries have done a decent job to the series through its slight tweaks to gameplay. Sure, the campaign mode is a little dry but nonetheless I still enjoyed it and really wanted more Master Chief areas.
  22. Oct 31, 2015
    Another masterpiece by 343 Industries that retains and advances all those elements for which Halo became a beloved FPS series. While the perfunctory character of Locke could be described as a mishap the campaign nevertheless opens up exciting new prospects for the next installment of Halo. Moreover, the multiplayer remains as fresh as ever, especially due to the addition of the utterly enjoyable and hectic Warzone mode.
  23. Oct 30, 2015
    Halo 5 Guardians hits all the right notes in a campaign that is thrilling from end to end and delivers a multiplayer suite full of many delights that play impeccably.
  24. Oct 28, 2015
    Halo 5: Guardians is a fantastic step for the series. 343 Industries proves it knows the series, and this being the first official game on the Xbox One,
  25. GameTrailers
    Oct 27, 2015
    Halo 5: Guardians is a massive game that we intend to keep playing for the foreseeable future. There are parts that let us down, particularly the story, but it’s hard to feel too stung when there’s just so much fun to be had. Halo 5 has a lot to prove and it seems fully capable of doing just that. It’s a pleasure seeing the series in top form once again.
  26. Oct 27, 2015
    Guardians’ multiplayer harkens back to the Halo 2 glory days with tons of balanced maps and fun modes, and the tactical new Warzone mode absolutely steals the show.
  27. Oct 27, 2015
    Halo 5: Guardians isn't 343's first Halo game, but it's the first that really makes the series its own. This isn't a reflection of Bungie's efforts, or a remaster, or stage-setting. The studio has put its own identity on this Halo game with smart moves like a more identifiable story and a wider array of multiplayer options, along with increased polish like Guardians' incredible visual punch and impeccable multiplayer balance.
  28. Oct 27, 2015
    Halo 5: Guardians is a smashing success. The campaign isn’t the strongest of the series, but it’s still a fun space opera romp, and it’s ending transforms the Halo universe completely...The phenomenal multiplayer makes this a must-have game, and probably the most compelling Xbox One exclusive to date.
  29. Oct 26, 2015
    One nice return, despite leaving some core features behind. Halo 5: Guardians manages to entertain and sets the basis for the franchise's future.
  30. Official Xbox Magazine UK
    Oct 26, 2015
    The slavish devotion to co-op can cause Halo 5 as much grief as reward, but when it works with rather than against its teamwork mechanics the result is an epic, high-octane shooter. [Christmas 2015, p.55]
  31. Oct 26, 2015
    The story campaign is a mild disappointment but the multiplayer is a bold reinvention of the Halo experience, that should keep the series fresh for years to come.
  32. Warzone is actually the first Halo multiplayer mode I can see myself jumping into with strangers more than a few weeks after the game comes out. In the past, Halo multiplayer got so competitive so quickly after launch that it simply became no fun unless you had enough friends to fill out the teams.
  33. 90
    Flawless gameplay, one of the best multiplayer experiences on the market and a shiny, new coat of paint make Halo 5: Guardians an easy contender for Game of the Year.
  34. Oct 26, 2015
    Halo 5 Guardians is a great new iteration in the Halo franchise. Frantic and intense gunplay against a large number of enemies, though it could be better in vehicles missions. 343i's game shines with the new and great Warzone mode and balanced and intense Arena multiplayer.
  35. Oct 26, 2015
    Halo 5: Guardians might deliver a shaky story, but with fantastic gameplay and new abilities you've never felt more like a super soldier.
  36. Oct 26, 2015
    It's a shame that Halo 5's story is disappointing, because nearly everything else surrounding it is fantastic. The friendly AI definitely needs work, and there are a few too many enemy types that need to be attacked from behind in order to damage, but the level design is some of the best the series has ever seen, and the new abilities the player can use dramatically improve both the campaign and multiplayer. Throw in the robust Breakout and Warzone multiplayer modes and I think it's safe to say that you could find yourself wrapped in Halo 5 for quite some time.
  37. Oct 26, 2015
    The continuation of a new Master Chief saga, the refinement and additions to multiplayer for casual and pros alike, plus a gorgeous presentation made possible by current generation technology—all add up to the makings of a FPS worthy of the Halo series’ best iterations.
  38. Oct 26, 2015
    If you’re looking for a frag-fest, plus all the enticements of the new Warzone mode, Halo 5 is a must-own. All the new abilities and maps are terrific. Those who care about the single-player campaign might not find the story to be as compelling but will appreciate the treatment of lore and production value. Either way, In the coming months, Halo 5: Guardians will undoubtedly have both supporters and detractors playing and commenting about it for years.
  39. 90
    Any worry that Halo might be in the wrong hands with 343 Industries has been wiped out by Halo 5: Guardians. Taking what works, removing what didn't, and refining nearly every aspect of the experience, Halo 5 is an immediate classic that is on par with its predecessors.
  40. Nov 5, 2015
    Halo 5's single-player campaign is fun, but the game is at its best when you're coordinating with others and attacking objectives as a team.
  41. Oct 30, 2015
    Halo 5 has a short, albeit dramatic campaign, full of action and huge, visually striking environments that will leave you wanting for more, literally, because its ending is a little bit anticlimactic too. But, despite all of this, fans of the Halo Universe will have a great time playing through it, especially if they've got a team of friends at hand. And the multiplayer component might well be the best we've seen in all the series. Warzone will soon place itself among the most memorable and beloved game modes in the story of Halo.
  42. Oct 26, 2015
    Fantastic gameplay, vistas and multiplayer modes, with a story that’s on the cusp of being an epic.
  43. Oct 28, 2015
    For the first time, Halo is fully embracing the broader fiction established in other mediums, drawing in characters and concepts of greater complexity. As a result, the universe feels more nuanced, even if some less devoted players may get lost in the jargon. Beautiful cut scenes lend a cinematic vibe to the ongoing adventure, which sees Master Chief chasing the one thing that can make him turn away from his duty, and a new generation of Spartans ordered to bring him back.
  44. Oct 27, 2015
    Going through the campaign once by myself was fun. But doing it again on heroic or legendary with friends is even better. Plus Warzone is addictive.
  45. Oct 26, 2015
    The online really shines, since it's able to offer something new in Warzones and something really solid and classic with Arena mode. On the other hand, the campaign focuses too much on cooperative Covenant killing, and much less on the quality of the script, and that, considering the precious heritage of the saga, is a real shame.
  46. Oct 26, 2015
    It's not perfect, but this might be the best single-player Halo campaign ever written. 343 finally feels like it's taking the franchise in a new direction—and it's a good one. Just don't expect closure.
  47. Nov 3, 2015
    The multiplayer is worth the ticket price.
  48. Oct 30, 2015
    Halo 5: Guardians is one of the most fun shooters of this generation. It has some problems in the single-player, but emerges and petrifies its competitors in multiplayer.
  49. Oct 26, 2015
    Visually the game is pretty much a stunner.
  50. Nov 2, 2015
    Halo 5: Guardians is Halo evolved. The campaign ends with a whimper but is great until that point, and Warzone ably expands the series' peerless multiplayer.
  51. Oct 30, 2015
    Halo 5: Guardians is an exciting Halo package, marred only by some questionable design decisions, like microtransactions and some shoddy friendly-AI in the campaign. It’s not a classic Halo, but 343 is moving in a good direction with the franchise.
  52. It's a difficult verdict: For the first time, Halo has left its own roots and tried something different. The Campaign mode is below expectations but multiplayer modes and features are shining. Welcome back John-117.
  53. Oct 30, 2015
    The best Halo campaign since Reach, Guardians is a return to form - but more Chief next time, please, and less microtransactions.
  54. Oct 27, 2015
    Halo 5: Guardians it's a versatile FPS with a high value for any fan of the genre, including the campaign and the multiplayer equally. It definitely keeps most of the essence of the franchise, sadly, the split-screen is highly missed.
  55. Oct 26, 2015
    By staying steady on the steed 343 industries insures a nice game with Halo 5 Guardians. The solo offers a smooth ride and the new Warzone multiplayer mode is a great addition to the game as it offers a good option for more casual players.
  56. Oct 26, 2015
    ​343 Industries shows that it is not shy of renewing a franchise so familiar. Especially with Arena, it shows how much quicker and more precise Halo 5 feels. Thanks to the perfect combination of shooting, hitting and throwing grenades, it is still exactly what we have loved about this franchise over the last 15 years.
  57. Oct 26, 2015
    What 343 Industries did with the gameplay is definitely great. They had the balls to change a beloved formula, and finally hit their true mark in the series. Halo 5's competitive multiplayer is also an amazing experience, varied and fun, and the addition of Warzones is fantastic for those players who love chaotic battles in large maps. The campaign, though, is disappointing both in structure and in story. Characters, situations, and all the possibilities given by the presence of two different teams were completely wasted, and that's truly a pity. Get it for the multiplayer, not for the story.
  58. Oct 26, 2015
    ​343 Industries is not Bungie and that shows in Halo 5: Guardians. It is a unique Halo game that offers the series a new future. The single player has the feel of a triple A science fiction epic, while the addictive multiplayer often makes us reminisce about Halo 2 in those good old days.
  59. Oct 27, 2015
    Solid multiplayer action, but brought down a notch by a campaign that just doesn't live up to the hype.
  60. Oct 26, 2015
    On principle Halo 5: Guardians’ grade should be historically low due to the fact that 343 Industries left out the splitscreen co-op, but that would be unjust. Because its single player campaign has been improved from that of Halo 4 –although not narratively-, the multiplayer has been modernized (more than the single player) and the new Spartan skills are almost all great additions. Halo 5: Guardians is a great shooter, but once again not one of the greatest entries in the Halo saga.
  61. Nov 11, 2015
    Halo Moments are revelations of accidental mastery, happenstance perfection, the butterfly effect of a shock wave blooming out from the epicenter of a frag grenade. A grenade that only you could have thrown. It only matters that it happened, and that you and your friend, for a simultaneous second, remembered why it was you loved playing games in the first place.
  62. Nov 2, 2015
    While the campaign is rather bland in comparison to older Halos, the multiplayer shines brighter than ever and promises more fun than ever before – if you can live with the microtransactions.
  63. Oct 30, 2015
    The saving grace of this game is multiplayer.
  64. Edge Magazine
    Dec 12, 2015
    Halo 5 is full of good decisions and fantastic multiplayer experiences, but in trying to catch up, it might have shown how far behind it really is. [Christmas 2015, p.98]
  65. Nov 19, 2015
    Chaotic story campaign which ends with a cruel cliffhanger is rescued by a gameplay and great cooperation. Plus, a perfect multiplayer with an amazing Warzone mode prevents any possible disappointment.
  66. Nov 18, 2015
    The narrative missteps and overly complicated lore intrude on what should have been another shining moment for Master Chief; while it sets up an intriguing future, the campaign is an unqualified disappointment. But even the greatest of heroes stumbles, and Halo 5’s stellar online play is certainly strong enough to pick up the Chief and keep him moving.
  67. Nov 10, 2015
    Halo 5: Guardians obviously isn’t meant to be played for its by the numbers campaign. If your love for Halo falls strictly within the realm of multiplayer, then prepare yourself for a grand old time.
  68. Nov 3, 2015
    Halo 5 has come through addressing a lot of the concerns that fans had leading up to its launch. The online multiplayer is stable, delivers classic Halo multiplayer, and freshens it up all at the same time. The single player campaign is enjoyable enough for those looking for a classic FPS experience, but not all too bothered about a strong story.
  69. 80
    Halo 5: Guardians deserves credit for taking chances and trying some new things. It would be safest and easiest to simply modify what has worked in the past and gloss it up and send it out, but modes like Warzone in multiplayer and the shift to a party structure in the campaign are chances that mostly work out well.
  70. Nov 2, 2015
    I’d worry I was being too harsh on Halo 5’s story if I didn’t know so well that the Halo universe is capable of supporting some great storytelling. It’s impossible for me not to reflect on games like Halo: ODST and Halo: Reach when I play the Halo 5 campaign. It feels like pastiche of earlier days that I hope Halo eventually returns to.
  71. Oct 31, 2015
    Halo 5's campaign will not be the groundbreaking adventure that sends players flocking to the Xbox One, but Warzone's sprawling battles twinned with the precision of Arena just might tempt competitive shooter fans to take the plunge. Work to be done for both 343 and the Xbox One, then, but this is a formidable start.
  72. Oct 30, 2015
    It’s not the best Halo game I’ve ever played, but it is good, delivering most of the Halo essentials without compromise.
  73. Oct 29, 2015
    While the multiplayer components are the best since Halo 3, the campaign disappoints in a few key areas. It's still enjoyable and exciting on the whole, but it lacks the narrative concentration and the memorable gameplay scenarios to stand neck and neck with the best entries in the series. Halo 5: Guardians still gets a massive recommendation from us for many reasons, though there's certainly room for 343 Industries to improve and evolve the campaign formula next time around.
  74. Oct 29, 2015
    Certainly not a bad Halo game, but one that succeeds despite its innovations, not because of them. With multiplayer the high point, Halo 5 is worthwhile, if not always truly convincing.
  75. Oct 28, 2015
    With so much at stake, Halo 5 needed to be a new perfection of old triumphs, or a landscape-altering revolution. In terms of its campaign it falls short of both of these ideals. Online, however, 343 has taken more significant risks, of the sort that first convinced Apple and Microsoft to place bets on the series. Warzone, in particular, is a kind of bold design that we almost never see in expensive FPS game-making any more.
  76. Oct 27, 2015
    In some ways, Halo 5 is the boldest Halo yet. The franchise's multiplayer is at its peak, with a mode I'm sure I'll return to several times over. But then there's the campaign, which introduces fluid new movement and open level design, yet can't tell a coherent story to match. There are signs of a phenomenal shooter here, but certain narrative aspects feel underdeveloped, holding the franchise's newest sequel back from true excellence.
  77. Oct 26, 2015
    Halo 5 lacks something fresh and surprising, a breath of new life. The campaign is interrupted in the wrong moment and the lack of split-screen is disappointing, but these cons are balanced out by addictive and satisfying multiplayer. The game is not without certain defects, but it's still worth recommending.
  78. Oct 26, 2015
    Halo 5’s campaign has the sleek, varied confidence of a guaranteed moneymaker.
  79. Oct 26, 2015
    Everything looks and plays spectacularly in Halo 5: Guardians, and it was so close to having the complete package for a first-person shooter. Unfortunately, the hype oversold and underdelivered when it came to story, and the non-shooting missions should have been scrapped until the team figured out a more creative way to entice player exploration in the middle of a shooter.
  80. Oct 26, 2015
    Halo 5: Guardians is an entertaining action adventure whose fate rests on whether the online mode works or not (still to early to raise the green flag). Besides that, it's a really well made Halo game. The graphics are detailed, and the frame rate is smoother that ever. The campaign is solid enough, but lacks those memorable moments that defined the first couple of games in the series.
  81. Oct 26, 2015
    Halo 5 : Guardians is undoubtedly a game worthy of the Halo name. Its campaign opens an interesting new page in the Halo saga and its gameplay is, as always, on point. The game also benefits from the addition of the Warzone mode, a fun new twist on the classic Halo multiplayer experience. It really is too bad that local coop/multiplayer was taken out.
  82. Oct 26, 2015
    There will certainly be some players who find that the specific omissions in Halo 5 are extremely disappointing, and you'll see a rough edge or two, but all in all there's a fantastic big-budget shooter in Halo 5 with lots to see and enough multiplayer options to keep you going for quite some time.
  83. Oct 26, 2015
    Halo 5: Guardians may stumble in regards to split-screen multiplayer, but it’s still a game that’ll grow in the months proceeding its launch.
  84. Oct 26, 2015
    Halo 5: Guardians is a fine-tuned machine. It has a robust and highly addictive competitive multiplayer component, a large variety of aesthetically pleasing customizations and some of the tightest controls to ever grace a Halo title. Unfortunately, the campaign leaves much to be desired.
  85. Oct 26, 2015
    The campaign mode hits some great highs over its somewhat short 15-mission span, but also occasionally suffers from a lack of variety, and some boss fights that feel disappointingly one-note. Halo 5: Guardians' strength is found in its PvP. Arena and Warzone offer two distinctly different flavors of action, and both are solid, very well designed, and a lot of fun to play. Ultimately, campaign is a good way to ease you into the game - but it's the PvP that delivers the best of what this game has to offer.
  86. Oct 26, 2015
    What Halo fans should worry about is that Halo 5 drops best practice when it comes to gradually increasing campaign difficulty and replaces them with a formula that counts the number of mini bosses already defeated and respawns them all plus one more boss every few levels. Trust me, when you’re fighting 3 identical bosses at once, the whole encounter feels like it lacks originality.
  87. Oct 26, 2015
    Halo 5 Guardians is a great new installment in this massive series. The game mixes old and new elements resulting in an awesome gaming experience. However, the lack of couch co-op makes it less fun, and our iconic hero Master Chief seems to be a background character.
  88. Oct 26, 2015
    A short, disappointing tale makes nearly no progress in 343’s trilogy, and offers nothing that lives up to the billing of a tense showdown between Halo 5’s two protagonists. Thankfully the improved gameplay and consistently great multiplayer shine in Halo's uneven debut on the Xbox One. The multiplayer is fantastic, and the co-op is magical. Bring friends.
  89. CD-Action
    Jan 12, 2016
    The latest Halo is a big deal only for hardcore Halo fans. For me the single player campaign was unbearably pompous and despite 1080p and 60 fps the visuals are not as breathtaking as they once were in Halo 4. The game builds a solid foundation for Halo 6, but it’s not one of those games you absolutely have to play. [13/2015, p.48]
  90. Game World Navigator Magazine
    Nov 11, 2015
    343 Industries managed to rectify some of Halo 4’s mistakes, but most of its shortcomings are still present. [Issue#203, p.56]
  91. Nov 10, 2015
    What happens in Halo 5‘s story, by contrast, feels disappointingly by the numbers, the mysteries not so mysterious after all, the archetypes shuffled back to their starting blocks by the finale. The big plot twist, where the game finally tries to provoke an emotional crisis, feels strangely underwhelming, its sentiment too one-sided given how sanguine and taciturn the story’s heroes are. The novelty of poring ourselves as players into the emotionally blank space where a person ought to be in these games may no longer be working.
  92. Nov 2, 2015
    Halo 5 has a run-of-the-mill campaign that isn't as interesting or exciting as the one from Halo 4. Of course, that doesn't make the game weak - you can play with pleasure and impatiently wait for the final chapter of the new trilogy. But Guardians shines in a different aspect: the multiplayer portion of the game is phenomenal and will keep you glued to the screen for hundreds of hours.
  93. Oct 26, 2015
    The ultimate irony here is that what gets our species in trouble in the campaign's narrative is ultimately the kind of needless combat that the game excels at.
  94. Oct 26, 2015
    I think die-hard Halo fans will love Halo 5: Guardians, as it’s a game made almost exclusively with them in mind. The rest of us might find ourselves a little lost, a bit let down and wistful for an old horizon that once reached for the heavens.
  95. Oct 26, 2015
    If it weren't for Warzone, Halo 5: Guardians would probably be somewhere on the lower end of the franchise's spectrum for me. It's still a fantastic and well-oiled machine, but the story falls flat, and the shift in gameplay mechanics result in the loss of some elements that made the series so unique in the first place. Still, if you're looking to shoot some dudes online, Guardians is your huckleberry.
  96. Jan 20, 2016
    Halo 5: Guardians is okay. Its campaign is rubbish, but the multiplayer is solid thanks to the foundation it’s built upon. Warzone is a really enjoyable experience, and while combat is still mostly about tossing grenades and hitting the melee button, the whole Requisition gimmick adds some much-needed flavor to proceedings.
  97. Dec 4, 2015
    Halo 5: Guardians exists only because it had to. It isn’t a bad game, it’s just a catastrophically uninteresting one.
  98. Nov 15, 2015
    343 Industries is clearly passionate, but it’s shown a criminal misunderstanding of what makes the franchise work. Halo 5: Guardians has moments of greatness, but it’s a shadow of its former self.
  99. Oct 29, 2015
    For the most part, Bungie achieved this lofty balance with its Halo games, but after an impressive first shot at the sci-fi series with Halo 4, 343 Industries has fumbled with one of the most important parts of a Halo experience: the solo campaign.
  100. Oct 26, 2015
    Halo 5: Guardians features an underwhelming, confusing and surprisingly banal campaign that's not actively bad, but equally not quite good enough to warrant a purchase on its own.
  101. Nov 13, 2015
    343 Industries made a terrific impression with their first dip into the franchise, but with a lackluster campaign and multiplayer that still needs tuning, Halo 5: Guardians makes them look like one-hit wonders.
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  1. Dec 9, 2015
    Currently, there's still a lot of Halo 5 to love—and just about as much to raise our eyebrows at—but the multiplayer is the winner here. Even Warzone's card-collecting gimmick hasn't stopped us from loving the series' biggest battles yet, while our experiences in Arena have ranged from solid, standard Spartan blasting to some of the most eye-bulging fun we've had dueling on Xbox Live in years.
  2. Dec 8, 2015
    Guardians feels like a huge missed opportunity to evolve Halo beyond simple combat.
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  1. Oct 27, 2015
    So Fun, Smooth & Tight. Halo 5 is a masterpiece in design and execution. Moving and gunning mechanics are top-notch, Warzone is superSo Fun, Smooth & Tight. Halo 5 is a masterpiece in design and execution. Moving and gunning mechanics are top-notch, Warzone is super addictive & the campaign is riveting. Even the UI is slick…you can really tell that 343i put a ton of love into this one. I’m already looking forward to all of the post-launch support coming our way. This is hands down the best FPS I have ever played. Full Review »
  2. Oct 27, 2015
    General game play:
    -Movement feels decently fast and fluid.
    -Almost every gun is viable and worth using in a variety of encounters, yet lack
    General game play:
    -Movement feels decently fast and fluid.
    -Almost every gun is viable and worth using in a variety of encounters, yet lack the "oomph" that makes firing a gun fun.
    -Vehicles are durable and easy to control, with the exception of the Scorpion tank, which has awkward turning.
    -The HUD is very clean and informative, but some of the HUD's sound elements are annoying. Too many bleeps and bloops for dealing and receiving damage.

    -You will need to download a 9 GP patch on day one.
    -The game runs at a consistent 60 frames per second for the most part. Unfortunately it sacrifices resolution, texture quality and animation to achieve this.
    -The textures themselves are pretty bad, texture popping is everywhere and things in the distance are blurry.
    -Load times are surprisingly fast.

    -Halo 5's music has no identity. Most songs are either poorly made remixes of older Halo music, or just wander aimlessly until they end.
    -Voice acting is poor. This is not the fault of the voice actors, they clearly have talent, but whoever directed them did a poor job to capture my attention.
    -Grunt voices are annoyingly high pitched and try too hard to copy the humor of the grunts from the original trilogy. Jackals sound like cartoon birds.
    -General sound effects are pretty good.

    -Halo 5's story is a confusing mess. It relies far too heavily on the assumption that the player is familiar with the expanded universe from the novels.
    If you haven't read any of the books, you wont have a clue who half the characters are. It just meanders along until it ends abruptly, almost as if a final level was cut.
    -The characters in the story are boring and lifeless, they never have anything clever or memorable to say and provide little reason to care about them.
    -Level design is mediocre. Most environments consist of hallways that lead into large open hallways with platforms to climb on.
    -There is a very good amount of enemy variety. The Forerunner enemies are especially improved since Halo 4, as are their weapons.
    -Enemy AI is nothing particularly impressive, yet some mechanics are very welcome. For example, a Hunter will now go berserk when their bond brother dies, becoming much more aggressive and powerful.
    -The 3 AI teammates are incredibly stupid and basically worthless.
    -You only play as Master Chief for 3 levels out of 15.

    -Most maps are too small and have poor map flow.
    -Spawning needs some work, especially for FFA. Too often have I spawned right next to an enemy player, or even in the middle of a gunfight and gotten killed.
    -Warzone is very fun. The maps for this gametype are very large and have a variety of paths to choose from to reach the objective.
    Fighting NPCs along with enemy players is a refreshing experience and very tense. Teamwork is especially important in this mode, though almost nobody every uses a mic to communicate with their teammates.
    -The matchmaking lobby is awful. When you join a lobby, nobody's name is visible, only their emblem. It's impossible to mute players in the lobby as well, so if someone is eating their mic, you have to wait for the game to start to mute them.
    -Matchmaking is pretty fast and runs on dedicated servers, so game ruining lag is rare.
    -Forge will not be in the game until December.

    Overall, Halo 5 is an alright game by itself, but a poor addition to the Halo series.
    It lacks the love and care that was put into the original trilogy and suffers from 343 Industries' attempts to make their version of Halo unique to the original Halo.
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  3. cdd
    Oct 27, 2015
    Halo 5 has lost everything that was halo, playing with your friends in one room and yelling at the guy next to you for assassinating you orHalo 5 has lost everything that was halo, playing with your friends in one room and yelling at the guy next to you for assassinating you or screen peeking. and 2 people jumping on the guy with the tank so the other guy can kill the tank in game. its fun to play for one single person but because you cannot play splitscreen, in my opinion 343 industries you have ruined the HALO experience. Just go back and look at your favorite halo games, halo 2 and halo 3, halo 2 had one of the best stories ever and this story doesnt match up, not even close. halo 3 has forge and crazy splitscreen local playability. i remember the first map me and my brother made and played together, he was always building these intricate race courses and i would test them for him. but it never got boring. there was always something different. and you could always call a friend to come over and have a game night and play some halo together, not anymore. HALO 5 is no longer HALO it is now RANDOM SPACE-AGE SHOOTER 5. I will not be buying this after playing it at a friends house expecting to play halo, was extremely dissapointed. Full Review »