Mixed or average reviews - based on 16 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 2 out of 16
  2. Negative: 2 out of 16
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  1. Feb 14, 2019
    If it wasn't for Jump Force's highly entertaining and thoroughly enjoyable combat, the game would be a disaster. But Jump Force is a fighting game, and so everything about it that's turgid and unnecessary can largely be avoided or overlooked. It's got a large roster of fighters, plenty of content, and looks great in action. Those are the things to focus on. Could it have been a hell of a lot better? Of course. But that doesn't mean you should write it off. Neither should you write it off for its unusual art style. Just engage in its unique brand of fighting, block out the rest, and enjoy.
  2. Feb 13, 2019
    Jump Force is a worthy celebration of the legacy of Shonen Jump manga, but it honors its source material a little too well with how filler-heavy the middle of its story arc is.
  3. Feb 26, 2019
    Jump Force is a game with some good and bad aspects. On the one hand, it comes with a great cast of characters that bring together the best Shōnen Jump manga combined with a spectacular combat system that will delight fans. On the other, the story is unoriginal with too many loading screens and weak scenes. So, it will certainly not be the best fighting game of the year, but we can always have fun with the spectacular attacks and customization of our avatar to create the ultimate Jump Force hero and beat the Venom.
  4. Feb 23, 2019
    The visuals and fighting system are worth the admission fee, but story, presentation and AI leave a lot of room for much needed improvement.
  5. Feb 27, 2019
    Jump Force celebrates 50 years of Shonen Jump with an overall rushed game that could have been so much more.
  6. Feb 18, 2019
    Given that Jump Force is supposed to be a celebration for Weekly Shonen Jump, I’d just cancel the party. The biggest names in manga have come together for a fast-paced, enjoyable fighting experience and instead it’s dragged down by a lacklustre narrative, repetitive missions and too many visual effects for its own good.
  7. Feb 15, 2019
    For all the harm the middling presentation does to Jump Force, the fighting does have satisfying explosive moments and the online versus mode does work well. There is depth to uncover in the combat, but it never truly sang to me or made me excited to tackle the next fight. Mostly I was just happy to not have to repeat a fight when I won, even if I was performing iconic attacks from some of my favorite anime.
  8. Feb 14, 2019
    40 playable characters and a huge fan service isn't enough for a fighting game. The game is technically disappointing with confusing camera management and a screen that often overdoses with visual effects.
  9. Feb 26, 2019
    Jump Force somehow only achieves mediocrity at best despite the star power found on its roster and the potential that comes with that cast. The characters are indeed faithfully recreated, stylish abilities and all, but nothing feels seamless. From the horrible cutscenes and choppy combat animations to the struggling frame rate, everything feels cut together haphazardly. Jump Force looks like an excellent idea on paper as a crossover containing over 40 characters from various Shonen Jump series, but in practice, the vision falls flat due to a serious lack of polish.
  10. Feb 19, 2019
    Boasting a roster of great Shonen Jump characters and a decent fighting game at its core, Jump Force forgets all of the other elements that you'd ordinarily take for granted. Fans might find something here to enjoy, but anyone who doesn't know their Frieza from their Vegeta might do well to steer clear.
  11. Feb 18, 2019
    Jump Force feels like a huge missed opportunity: a so impressive characters roster deserved more than a causal-oriented fighter with barely no difference between characters and a quickly boring combat system. Even the characters depiction ends up being disappointing, with a "realistic-ization" that does them no justice.
  12. Feb 13, 2019
    None of these issues are enough to bring a fighting game down on their own, but together they make for an excruciating exercise in patience, and I might have been able to find that patience if the game at large had more to offer. Its hyper-focus on gameplay does it no favors in that regard. Wait for a sharp discount if you must have it.
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Generally unfavorable reviews- based on 64 Ratings

User score distribution:
  1. Positive: 24 out of 64
  2. Negative: 32 out of 64
  1. Feb 19, 2019
    I enjoyed the sound and visual art design of the game, As a fan of the anime battle genre I was really looking forward to Jump Force. So I wasI enjoyed the sound and visual art design of the game, As a fan of the anime battle genre I was really looking forward to Jump Force. So I was also hoping that they did each franchise justice. Unfortunately there may be a few nice moments there’s some issues that hold it back. I came away feeling a little indifferent. As soon as you begin the game you notice the extended loading time, some of it quite extreme. This isn’t the only problem you contend with a few technical issues which in turn effect the immersion can become affected because of this. When It was nice to see that the game had quite a decent roster for you to play and there’s also a decent selection of play modes as well. I would however recommend that you play the online mode though because the story mode failed to make an impact and on the whole it’s standard. Thankfully the combat elements don’t fall short and I did enjoy doing flash, energy, and scale behind the moves with the different character’s. This however isn’t enough to save the game from the other issues present and when it’s all said and done, Jump Force just doesn’t stand up, when you factor in the price of the game and the shortcomings it has. Id recommend buying the base game before considering a season pass for those who are interested in checking it out. Full Review »
  2. Feb 13, 2019
    This is so so incredible game, one of best games of the year, Thank Cyberconnect2 and Bandai Namco, I LOVE YOU SOO MUCH.
  3. Feb 13, 2019
    Very well done and worked, Cyberconnect 2 made a great game with a great story and great characters.