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  • Summary: A top-down battle racer filled with piñata stampedes, avocados, and mayhem for up to four players. Must Dash Amigos is a humorous, family friendly fun-fest with simple controls for anyone to play.
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  1. Aug 16, 2019
    This was a fun, inexpensive game that is easy to jump right into and play, yet very challenging on racing mode. If you’re buying this for a child, it’s probably better suited for bigger kids, as my five year old couldn’t keep up, and he’s very experienced gamer for his age. It would be a fun family co-op game, or to play at a party!
  2. Aug 9, 2019
    It’s not overly original, and it’s not ground-breaking, but there is plenty of fun to be had and if you have capable players around you then you can be sure to knock out a good few hours with this one.
  3. Aug 9, 2019
    Must Dash seems to have a framework of a decent game, and it’s clear that multiplayer is the way to go here; though there is just not enough content for this to remain appealing. With no interesting single-player options, no online multiplayer and very little content, you will be hard pushed inviting friends over to play this for more than a couple of goes before your amigos say “I would love to stay and play more, but I really must dash”.
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  1. Aug 11, 2019
    Must Dash Amigos! is a top down Wacky Race Runner full of humor! With a heavy Mexican theme you chose one of four runners and take to theMust Dash Amigos! is a top down Wacky Race Runner full of humor! With a heavy Mexican theme you chose one of four runners and take to the unique races. Couch and local live multiplayer lets you face off against your friends in zany races and wildly intense battles. If you're alone you can always race against the clock in single player timed trials and go for the gold to prove you have the fastest leggs. As you run around the track avoid the pinata stampedes, and especial, the Deadly Stampede! Use a host of insane weapons from getting everyone else drunk on tequila, throwing super powered burritos, or riding the Invici-Bull to victory. Watch out for the Bogey Bomb, press the 'discard' button when you have this aggravation to defuse it, but if you press the 'use' button it will blow you up! The action is fast paced and never misses an opportunity to make you chuckle even in defeat. Cartooney art and crazy antics mix together with the fun soundtrack to create an experience unlike anything else! The game play is a mixture of directional running, and well timed use of the many power-ups you collect from Pinatas spread around the track. The only thing that could make it more fun would be Online matchmaking! If you're after a unique racing game to add to your couch party games, Must Dash Amigos! is a definite grab! Expand