Mixed or average reviews - based on 12 Critic Reviews

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 1 out of 12
  2. Negative: 2 out of 12
  1. Feb 10, 2017
    There are a lot of RPG elements built into this little indie game, but as I wasn't sure what to expect, and in the end I wound up actually enjoying this game quite a bit. I loved the roadside interactions and felt that the comical atmosphere made the game more enjoyable, and in the end that's one of the main reasons, if not the main reason, we play games in the first place, because we want to enjoy them. Sure, there are some faults with this game, it's a few years old, and the $10 price point may seem steep for the content you're getting. If you really enjoy retro styled pixelated games that cram RPG elements and humor into a mesmerizing mix that will result in you spending hours in trying to get everything just right, then this game is for you.
  2. Feb 8, 2017
    What works in Pixel Heroes is a successful blending of that classic, turn-based RPG gameplay with a modern, rogue-like twist. The shoddy UI, lack of a "stash" feature, and general lack of polish hold it back from being a resounding recommendation, but those who look back fondly on the realms of Alefgard and Corneria should definitely check it out.
  3. Feb 21, 2017
    Whilst it's held back by irritating music and the lack of a stash, Pixel Heroes is still an enjoyable wee game.
  4. Feb 11, 2017
    If you miss old-school role-playing games and you have a good level of English, Pixel Heroes: Byte and Magic is meant for you and although it is very entertaining and fun it inconveniently falls too quickly into repetitiveness. Also the game has got a great variety of characters and enemies and a lot of humor which is something to be thankful for.
  5. Feb 10, 2017
    Pixel Heroes: Byte & Magic has got some nice ideas behind it. For the first few hours, it's an interesting and challenging take on retro RPGs. However, it's eagerness to make you suffer is ill-placed and more of an annoyance than a lesson learned. There's an achievement to wipe your party 100 times, but I'm pretty sure I would have experienced some mental breakdown if it got to that point.
  6. Feb 3, 2017
    Pixel Heroes: Byte and Magic is made for those who really cherish RPGs from the past. It has got its flaws, but is definitely a game for fans of the genre and time period.
  7. Feb 10, 2017
    Unless you’re really looking for that blast from the past, stay away from Pixel Heroes on console. It offers all of the classic RPG tropes, but all of the problems that came with retro games so long ago as well.
  8. Sep 5, 2017
    Pixel Heroes has playful writing and art, but there isn’t enough here to warrant sticking around for more than a few hours of retro-themed dalliance.
  9. Mar 12, 2017
    For what it is, Pixel Heroes: Byte & Magic succeeds in accomplishing what it sets out to do. It’s an unapologetic retro game that looks to capture the nostalgia of an era in gaming long gone. But while it does succeed in doing that, it remains to be seen if many gamers will actually find that enjoyable.

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