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  1. Oct 13, 2020
    Ride 4 is a racing game made only for racers. This isn’t your casual “have a few friends over, have a couple drinks and mess around” type of game like Mario Kart, it’s a picky, sensitive, intricate, realistic, and truly beautiful game. It is tough to play. It’s not friendly to new players, but to the experienced racer, it would be tough to imagine what improvements could be made to a completed work of art such as this. To them, it’s nigh on perfection.
  2. Oct 18, 2020
    Milestone brings us Ride 4, an example that motorcycle racing has a lot to give. A simulator with all the letters with a great catalog of motorcycles and an extraordinary visual section.
  3. Oct 5, 2020
    We could say that RIDE 4 is the game that this license wanted to offer years ago. After a game that prioritized quantity over quality, in this game they become more demanding with the driving experience. Closer to a simulation, it isn’t an unreachable game for those wants to race in motorcycles. But becomes a challenge when turns off the aids. The most important shortcoming now is the quantity of motorcycles and circuits, but almost, RIDE 4 gives the most impressive experience on a motorcycle.
  4. Oct 12, 2020
    A deeply customizable driving experience, good technical production values and some welcome additions like endurance races and dynamic weather and day/night cycle make RIDE 4 one of the best moto racers around, even if some flaws and a reduced bikes list keep it from reaching higher spots.
  5. Oct 8, 2020
    As a representation of the speed and danger of bike racing, RIDE 4 is pretty bang on. The races are hard, the Time Attack is brutally unforgiving, and the online component holds its end up, with no difference in the way the game plays. For fans of two-wheeled death machines, there is a lot to like here and Milestone have, once more, made a good fist of the various difficulties of bike racing.
  6. Oct 5, 2020
    While I found the first-person cameras lead me to slower lap times, they were my preferred way to crash the bikes. I’ve still yet to win at the Isle of Man on a modern bike, but hopefully, that time arrives soon. 8/10 Ninja wheelies
  7. Oct 5, 2020
    It may have issues, but in RIDE 4, Milestone has finally created the two-wheeled Gran Turismo that fans have always wanted.
  8. Oct 5, 2020
    A dearth of online multiplayer modes is about the only real blemish on RIDE 4’s rap sheet; if serious online competition is your thing, this may not be the game for you. If getting stuck into a chunky single-player career floats your boat, however, then you’ll be more than pleased with it. RIDE 4 is the best-looking bike-based racing game yet, and the visuals are backed-up by handling and physics that have been noticeably fine-tuned. This is about as good as it gets for those who like donning virtual leather and tearing up a track on just two wheels, providing they’re not too fussed about human competition.
  9. Oct 4, 2020
    Ride 4 is the definitive motorcycle title, confirming Milestone's talent that has learned from its mistakes. Despite some uncertainties, the fourth chapter will manage to hit the hearts of the players.
  10. Oct 5, 2020
    Ride 4 delivers a great amount of content and noticeable enhancements and gameplay improvements, which makes it, even with a few shortcomings, the best entires in the series so far.
  11. Oct 6, 2020
    Ride 4 is more complete than its predecessor in terms of gameplay possibilities, that's a fact. It retains its qualities in the finesse of the grip, will delight fans of the first hour without totally putting off the neophytes, and adds several strings to its bow...On the other hand, Ride does not advance in its staging, tasteless on the track and in the off-circuit events, and even regresses in the career. The latter is running out of fuel in terms of originality, even showing itself to be frustrating in its construction.
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  1. Oct 5, 2020
    For all its problems and occasional lack of polish, the greatest compliment that can be paid to RIDE 4 is that it feels like a truly premium product–a racing game that deserves its $50 price tag. The fact it’ll get a free upgrade for PS5 and Xbox Series X owners in January 2021 only adds long-term value, especially given how good it looks already.
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  1. Oct 13, 2020
    Ride 4 overall the game itself is quite solid. It's the little things that bother me as I have always found the Ride franchise to be theRide 4 overall the game itself is quite solid. It's the little things that bother me as I have always found the Ride franchise to be the weakest in Milestone's catalog while still remaining strong overall. There are many motorcycles missing that were previously in Ride 2. Overall the bugs in the game are limited thanks to an early patch. What I do find somewhat strange is that while driving and you look at the motorcycle from the side, you see several rear tires offset one behind the other possibly to give a shadow effect? The seams of the gloves also glow excessively in neon green or yellow, which takes away from the realism. They just need to have a very slight yellow tinge. As far as the sound, you can tell from some sounds from which motorcycles they could be, but many of them just sound very generic in style. Unfortunately, I can also say something negative about the driving physics as in the other games in the franchise. While playing the highest simulation level, I can hardly crash some bikes in a high lean angle and full throttle, which is obviously unrealistic being in full on simulation. With ABS off and the wheels also hardly lock up. You can't crash a wheelie by giving too much throttle and you can’t brake too much when doing a stoppie either. The AI has definitely improved this time around, but it may be too realistic for some players, because you can easily make too many mistakes. In nearly every race the AI rams into you with a lot of speed. The Milestone signature rewind function also makes its way to Ride 4, no big surprise there so that's a plus for players who want to play in simulation without too much worry or frustration in the end. In general, it's fun to drive around with the motorcycles, especially because there are no real alternatives to the Ride franchise. Ride 4 like the rest of the franchise I feel are a bit over on the price of admission for the overall content of the game. For me, even as Ride is Milestone's weakest franchise as I mentioned earlier it's still a great game. I may have pointed out a lot of negatives but there are all the Ride positives in place as well for fans of the franchise. If you enjoy motorcycle games or Milestone's franchises in general you should defintely enjoy what Ride 4 has to offer you for your Xbox One and upcoming Xbox Series X library. Full Review »
  2. Oct 23, 2020
    Lack of customization from previous title and if you fail the license test on the slow stock bike you can't start career mode. A waste of $80.
  3. Oct 20, 2020
    Worst Ride game ever. This game is not fun simply put. I don't know who makes the career mode. But they need to be fired and hire someone toWorst Ride game ever. This game is not fun simply put. I don't know who makes the career mode. But they need to be fired and hire someone to make this game fun. Sucked any fun that this game used to be. They think improving graphics each year makes up for the lack of bikes and courses each year. They need to re think the development team on this game, especially the creative side. Full Review »