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  • Summary: Snakeybus is an absurd arcade-driving game and frantic score-chasing experience where the biggest danger is yourself! Wind through city streets, pick up as many passengers as you can and deliver them to their destination to increase your score AND the length of your bus!
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  1. Apr 19, 2020
    Snakeybus lacks polish and variety and has got several technical issues, but it still manages to deliver an exhilarating, compelling and unique experience. It's worth a try.
  2. Apr 4, 2020
    When it comes to arcade-inspired fun, Snakeybus is definitely a fantastic game but it falls a little flat once the novelty wears off.
  3. Apr 6, 2020
    Snakeybus on Xbox One isn't exactly steeped in sophistication, but by god does it have a great USP. That alone makes it worth checking out. You can be certain of one thing here, and that is grinning like an idiot from start to finish.
  4. Mar 30, 2020
    Snakeybus is fun, for sure. Seeing our bus stretching out behind us, ever increasing as we drop passengers off and weaving in and out buildings is oddly satisfying. If only there had been a little something extra to alleviate the fact that it’s hook gets old far too quickly.
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  1. Apr 8, 2020
    Snakeybus is a driving re-imagining of the old mobile game Snake. You start with a two-part bus, and you travel around the stage picking upSnakeybus is a driving re-imagining of the old mobile game Snake. You start with a two-part bus, and you travel around the stage picking up passengers. By picking up passengers I mean they're magnetically yanked from the bus stops screaming as they're pulled into your bus. There are dropoff points along the stages, and when you pass through one of them you drop the passengers off for score, well eject them violently. There are 11 stages and six busses, all but the starting Transit bus, and the Hotwheels track filled Dorm you start with are unlocked with your score. You accumulate score as an overall as you play through the stages and you unlock the different levels and busses. As you pick up your passengers and drop them off, you get more segments to your bus. The longer you get the harder it becomes to navigate. You also have thrusters on your front bus, allowing you to "Jump" over obstacles including your own bus sections. The game has a global leaderboard, as well as your own personal accomplishments. The game is strangely addictive, and yields hours of amusement. Even if you aren't into driving games, this game isn't your average driving game. Overall I think most people will enjoy Snakeybus, as it's quirky gameplay is wildly fun. Expand