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  1. May 16, 2019
    I highly recommend picking this collection up if you are a fan of classic games, or just gaming in general. You can also get this on The Switch (as mentioned earlier), and the PlayStation 4 if you have either of those systems. This might be the best classic game compilation I’ve played in a long time.
  2. May 15, 2019
    The SNK 40th Anniversary Collection had some classics in it, as well as some games that I have never seen before in my life. The addition of the extra content was brilliant, and makes the collection worth your time. If you’re an SNK fan, or you just like old games, then add this to the list.
  3. May 3, 2019
    This is a collection that has had a lot of care and thought put into its construction. It has all the features that you’d expect and more, and while it’s not quite the budget release that other retro compilations tend to be, you do get what you pay for.
  4. May 22, 2019
    For the collector or retro game enthusiast, this is a must have. Fans of SNK games will find a lot of history here, and some fun while they’re at it. Some games may turn off the more casual players, and I can’t help but notice there are a few games on here that are just not that fun to play, but knowing the history of these games and video games as a whole is important to me. Luckily, SNK didn’t skimp on the presentation and restoration of this collection. It’s an acquired taste, but for those that are interested in the games of yesteryear, this is a great collection to pick up.
  5. May 3, 2019
    The SNK 40th Anniversary Collection, despite a few stinkers, offers a solid blend of classics that will undoubtedly please those looking for a true old-school hit. There’s an experience for just about everyone here, and much more besides in the form of its vast history-rich museum, and its many added extras. The only real issue is that of its steep cost, which may be set a bit too high for even the most dedicated of retro fans.
  6. May 3, 2019
    The SNK 40th Anniversary Collection has a little something for everyone: adventure, rail shooting, bullet hell, and even a few sports games. Each one has that original arcade feeling you really can’t reproduce on home console anymore and for anyone who grew up with these games in the 80’s you are sure to have a blast. While these games were iconic trendsetters for their time, only a handful of them hold-up to today's standards of playability, ingenuity, and fun. While the library size is large, so many of these games feel like reskins that it doesn’t quite reflect the broader scope of SNK’s accomplishments over the years.
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  1. May 6, 2019
    SNK 40th Anniversary Collection was a dream come true to an avid Neo Geo MVS and Jamma coin-op collector like myself. I really love theSNK 40th Anniversary Collection was a dream come true to an avid Neo Geo MVS and Jamma coin-op collector like myself. I really love the nostalgia coming back playing each of the classics of the arcade era. Playing these games is wonderful arcade and console nostalgic experience packed into this glorious SNK collection. I was quite devastated when SNK stopped support of the MVS in 2005 when they closed their doors, thankfully SNK has lived on thru various other companies still releasing new games for a multi video system (MVS) created by the wonderful SNK back in 1989. With the vast collection of titles that can be re-released, every time a new retro faithful release or collection surfaces I am waiting eagerly to play it and reminisce of the days of old, even tho I own all of the real arcade boards for these and played all of the console games back in the day, it's still amazing to be able to sit in my recliner and enjoy these games on my Xbox One console as much as I always have since way back when. The release of SNK 40th Anniversary Collection on the Xbox One features a wide arrange of classics that have without a doubt been ported with a lot of care and attention to this collection bringing the best of SNK to never cross the Neo Geo side of SNK's business (Although there were games like baseball stars which did in fact make an appearance on Neo Geo MVS. In regards to technical perfection these games play exactly like the games you will remember, or now have the opportunity to enjoy for the 1st time ever. Frustration isn’t an issue either due to the skill of any player either, thanks to the fun rewind feature present in the collection. If you want to learn more about the games in the collection, then you can thanks to the museum that’s included which in is a fantastic touch for the collection to offer. SNK 40th Anniversary Collection doesn’t have any technical issues, and SNK 40th Anniversary Collection is a little bit pricy when you break it down in terms of price per game it's a no brainer for any retro fan to purchase for Their Xbox One library. There's a wide array of genres for you to dabble with, so sit back relax and enjoy the ride. I am overly pleased with this game as a mega fan and collector of SNK arcade games and this title is worth more than the asking price to enjoy this huge collection of SNK classics. Full Review »
  2. May 22, 2019
    "SNK 40th Anniversary Collection"
    Reviewed By: Carless Yen
    Developer: SNK Platforms: Xbox, PS4, Switch, Steam SNK 40th anniversary
    "SNK 40th Anniversary Collection"
    Reviewed By: Carless Yen
    Developer: SNK
    Platforms: Xbox, PS4, Switch, Steam

    SNK 40th anniversary collection includes 28 old retro SNK games I'll list them below. They include Console and Arcade editions.
    Alpha Mission,
    Ikari Warriors
    Ikari Warriors 2
    Ikari III: The Rescue
    Guerrilla War
    Prehistoric Isle
    Psycho Soldier
    Street Smart
    T.N.K. III
    Victory Road
    Chopper I
    Munch Mobile
    Sasuke vs. Commander
    Time Soldiers
    Bermuda Triangle
    Paddle Mania
    Ozma Wars
    Beast Busters
    SAR: Search and Rescue
    World Wars
    As you can see a lot of classics some games i love. SNK arcade machines used to be every where, and they made a ton of great NES games as well. This collection delivers a little bit of everything. Some are kind of a miss, but for the most part it's just a great list. Some of my favorites are. Alpha Mission, Ikari Warriors, Crystalis, Guerilla War, POW, Prehistoric Isle, Ikari Warriors is just one of those unforgettable COOP games like Jackal or Contra. Crystalis is a complete RPG title that delivers on so many aspects. POW is one of those games like Double Dragon that is a blast side scrolling beat em up. Most of these games will take you back I can see a lot of the younger generation maybe not getting into these, but retro fans who loved the old school arcade machines, and consoles will love it.
    There is tons of extras as well as you can look at old ads and videos for the games, and even listen to the soundtrack. There are also really cool side borders to make up for the smaller screen size. One of the cooler new options is a rewind button. These games are certainly challenging so that rewind button comes in handy especially if you want to complete these coin grabbing arcade games for the Achievements. All the Achievements are just for completion of the games.
    Is it for you? I think if you love the old school retros your gonna not be able to put this down. If you played these back in the days, or your just a video game historian you will fall in love with this. If your not into arcade and retro console games it isn't going to hold your interest. If your an Achievement hunter it might annoy you as these games aren't easy to achieve, but if you like feeling like you really earned them and like to grind for them it will be a blast.

    Pros: For Retros it Looks and Feels great this Gen
    Awesome Collection of bonus features
    Console and Arcade versions

    Cons: Few duds in the collection

    Overall: 7.2 A fun collection of historic SNK titles as well as a ton of bonus features. A must own for retro fans.
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