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  1. Nov 13, 2020
    Like Treyarch before them, it feels like Cold War is Raven’s break-free moment, and their “love letter” reads passionately and completely with this Black Ops entry. We’ve talked up Assassin’s Creed Valhalla maybe being the only real next-gen title this year, but with Cold War, Activision is making a cold case for Cold War to be considered in the same conversation. And so far, we’ve collected all the evidence we need to agree.
  2. Nov 24, 2020
    I am more than a little surprised at just how much I enjoyed Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War. Having skipped the series for a few years due to being a bit burnt out on it all, Cold War manages to feel fresh and exciting while familiar at the same time. The solo campaign is over too soon, but what’s there is excellent and offers more than a simple rollercoaster of action. Multiplayer is as solid as ever, with a great variety of modes to dip in to. The combat feel is still among the best out there, making even the worst defeats still enjoyable. Zombies has great potential if you’ve a crew to play with, and brings some welcome levity to proceedings. An excellent all round package then, and well worth a look.
  3. Nov 18, 2020
    Sure, this latest COD does not break any ground for bringing a new and innovative COD title; however, when you look as the game as a whole, and realize that a major chunk of it was developed during a Pandemic where everyone was working remotely, and you can appreciate the title including the story, the multiplayer and the Zombies mode. Given all of this, you will probably be playing this title for quite some time given that there will be free content arriving in the future that enhances both the multiplayer and Zombies mode. If you are a Call of Duty fan, Black Ops Cold War is a decent addition to add to your game library. If you are a casual fan of the series, or even new to the franchise, then this game will still be something you can enjoy too.
  4. Nov 18, 2020
    Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War is a strong start for the Xbox Series X/S and PS5 generation. It doesn’t have the same invigorating revival as last year’s Modern Warfare, but that would be an impossible expectation. Cold War delivers a very different campaign that’s more spy thriller than epic warfare, and it’s the first Call of Duty game to thrive in its quieter moments for more than a single mission. Multiplayer is still the highlight of the package, with a satisfying old meets new combat loop and a strong selection of modes. Now we’re just waiting for a few more maps. Come on, it’s been half a week already!
  5. Nov 16, 2020
    Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War aims for a more classic experience within the sub-saga, after the previous experiments. A very compact and complete game at its three levels: campaign, multiplayer and zombies. In addition it is well optimized for Xbox Series X and S, with special mention to the 120 fps.
  6. Nov 19, 2020
    The most interesting and inventive campaign in the franchise makes this well worth the price of entry. Sadly the multiplayer modes don’t live up to the high bar set by the single player mode.
  7. Nov 22, 2020
    Raven Software and Treyarch bring us a complete and satisfying CoD package, with a spectacular - even if fragmented - Campaign and many multiplayer modes. The new Zombi mode feels finally fleshed out and more integrated to the rest of the game and competitive multiplayer is more balanced even if missing some of last year's features, but the classical modes' maps are too few and sometimes limited. All in all, a solid CoD episode capable of keeping us engaged until the next one.
  8. Nov 17, 2020
    Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War is an interesting new beginning for the series: the campaign is balanced and compelling, and the multiplayer is rich and as captivating as ever.
  9. Nov 16, 2020
    Once again we find a CoD game with 3 separate ways of being enjoyed, and once again the zombies experience is the best part of the pack. Its campaign is not bad, and tries a couple of new things while being a bit short and shallow. The multiplayer part is the worst thing of the pack, due some balance issues and a lack of content. Fortunately that will be solved on the next few months, as CoD: Modern Warfare also managed to do one year ago.
  10. Nov 28, 2020
    With Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War on Xbox you get a hell of a lot of game for your money. It’s a game in which you could easily spend hundreds of hours in, and then you can throw Warzone on top. It's a great package and one that provides a thoroughly enjoyable campaign, a deep multiplayer mode, and tons of the usual Call of Duty theatrics.
  11. Nov 23, 2020
    A visually crisp shooter package with an interesting campaign, enthralling maps and intensive Zombie skirmishes. In each of these three areas a little more content overall would have worked wonders. A solid cohort, but definitely inferior to Infinity Wards Modern Warfare from last year.
  12. Nov 19, 2020
    There’s nothing revolutionary in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War. Nothing that screams “this is a must-buy”. But once again it’s a solid all-round package that has a little something for everybody – providing they like shooting in first-person. Its campaign is a nice little diversion with some exciting set-pieces and moments of thrilling stealth, while Zombies provides some solid fun when getting together with friends. And then there’s Multiplayer, which some will prefer over Modern Warfare‘s offerings and others will be less impressed with. Each element is far from extraordinary, but when all put together, it’s not a bad deal at all.
  13. 80
    Although the campaign is only a small slice of the larger package in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War, it’s great that it counters its ‘blink and you’ll miss it’ length with a bit of replay value and some memorable missions you’re bound to want to play again. Raven Software’s more subtle approach to Cold War espionage feels like viewing Call of Duty through a new, exciting lens.
  14. Feb 11, 2021
    The beating heart of the Call of Duty experience in terms of multiplayer feels like a solid return to the classic formula, but abundant technical issues make this a worrying stumble into a new generation.
  15. Dec 1, 2020
    Overall, despite some performance issues, I rather enjoyed the mercenaries, spies and private eyes campaign that is Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War. I’d like to see the development team get a chance to really flesh out a longer campaign in this style, but you know…the call of duty.
  16. Nov 17, 2020
    Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War combines a bombastic campaign that desperately attempts to shoehorn as much classic CoD action as it can into its rather short running time, with a solid multiplayer suite that feels a little light on exciting new modes and content at launch. However, what's here is still undeniably fun, the campaign introduces a few neat ideas along the way and multiplayer has got its classic modes, the safety net of Warzone and returning Zombies chaos to fall back on, resulting in a Call of Duty offering that may not throw up any big surprises but manages to scrape a pass regardless.
  17. Nov 17, 2020
    Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War is a decent entry in the series, but it feels like it doesn't quite know what it wants to be. The campaign is full of underused ideas, while the multiplayer misses some of the magical charm of Modern Warfare, opting for faster paced aggressive battles which just don’t feel as satisfying. While still enjoyable, Black Ops Cold War fails to recapture the magic of Black Ops 1 and 2.
  18. Nov 19, 2020
    While its campaign is very fun and features great gameplay ideas wrapped in 1980s action movie codes, its multiplayer is disappointing. The weapons lack punch, the cards are few and unequal, the new modes are anecdotal, the whole is unbalanced.
  19. Nov 30, 2020
    With an entertaining campaign, great online opportunities and panic-stricken zombie slaughter, Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War is an impressive package. Still, we can not help but feel disappointed. The best parts of the campaign could have been developed much more and the online modes feel well stripped down. Cold War still impresses, but with more development time, it could have been so much more than "this year's Call of Duty game".
  20. Nov 19, 2020
    Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War does everything it needs to with polish and zeal, and those who plan to spend the next year levelling up through its multiplayer ranks won’t be disappointed if they get this for Christmas (although they might have liked a few more maps than the currently available eight). But given how disruptive March’s battle-royale Call of Duty game Warzone has been, both as a competitor to Fortnite and Apex Legends and as a new meeting place for CoD fans, Cold War could definitely have used some more innovation. The campaign hints at it, and the 1981 setting offered so much promise, but, sadly, this is not the subversive goth-punk krautrock shooter I was waiting for.
  21. Nov 16, 2020
    With time, Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War's technical issues will be ironed out and the game will undoubtedly get a ton of new content. Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War Season 1 alone is promising new maps, modes, playable characters, and even some content for Warzone. But at launch, Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War is disappointing, and so fans may want to give the developers some time to smooth things over before picking it up.
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  1. Nov 18, 2020
    The reason why i give this game 1 point is because of the decent zombies mode. Everything else is pretty bad and the multiplayer is not reallyThe reason why i give this game 1 point is because of the decent zombies mode. Everything else is pretty bad and the multiplayer is not really enjoyable because of the sweaters i have to play against. Full Review »
  2. Feb 22, 2021
    Fun game that was bugged at launch but now has more modes, content, and the game runs great.
  3. Feb 3, 2021
    Well, I have been a long time player of cod games such as World at war Black ops 1 Black ops 2, and black ops 3, but I've got to say this gameWell, I have been a long time player of cod games such as World at war Black ops 1 Black ops 2, and black ops 3, but I've got to say this game isn't too bad. For one the multiplayer is well a work in progress but at the moment I don't favor it at all. Activision makes matchmaking seem like an impossible task and this can be proven by the fact anytime you are in a lobby you have players who are much higher levels than you are like level 500 against level 1 makes no sense. Also, the game modes for multiplayer are just too over-complicated, and navigating around all of it can seem clunky. Now on the other end of the spectrum is the Campaign which to me is where this game shines. This campaign impressed me and shows that a lot of new innovative features can be added and still make the game fun. such as sneaking around and silently taking out enemies instead of like Rambo. The zombies were well fun but Activision is giving us DLC as slow as mud, we only have one map but for the most part, Firebase z is coming out on the 4th and well let's just say it can get quite repetitive doing the same thing over and over again because of the lack of maps, however aside from that the Easter eggs are good and a lot easier not requiring a Ph.D. to solve them. All in all, I do not think this is the best Call of Duty, however, it is far from the worst. While the multiplayer may suck at the moment the campaign and zombies are fun. I recommend giving it a shot especially when it's on sale. Full Review »