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  • Summary: Conquer American mountains as you haul incredible tonnage with the workhorses of industry, get the British capital’s commuters to work in record time and race state-to-state aboard German high-speed traction. Master the machine with Train Sim World 3.
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  1. 80
    Train Sim World 3 is an ultra-realistic simulation title. You will not notice minor issues and technical faults if you have never driven a train. However, if you have, you will despise the mistakes that undermine the potential. Besides this, the routes are fantastic, the trains look realistic, and I adored the additional gameplay elements.
  2. Sep 6, 2022
    Train Sim World 3 is niche and so if you're not into the joys of the railway and don’t particularly get on with driving trains, then don’t expect much enjoyment from it. Veterans though will be delighted.
  3. Oct 3, 2022
    I’ll admit, I learned a substantial amount about the world of trains and locomotives thanks to Train Sim World 3, and while non-fans might not see the enjoyment of running a train for over an hour getting from point A to B, I oddly become quite addicted to the relaxing enjoyment it brought. Veterans are sure to be excited about all of the authentic content, though due to its niche audience, casual or new fans might find it difficult to understand at first.
  4. Sep 14, 2022
    The most approachable and the most realistic train simulator ever made, and it does a good job of making that more appealing than it sounds to non-fans.
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  1. Sep 12, 2022
    While the reveal of Train Sim World 3's content had received a mixed reception from fans of the series, it is clear that this new opus fully deserves its new number and is becoming the new benchmark for railway simulation on Xbox. Dovetail Games' title is all set for the ninth generation of consoles (and the arrival of multiple DLC), with the redesign of the user interface, the addition of a Training Center, both functional and well crafted, and the remarkable work done around the skybox, the lighting, the sound of the locos and the dynamic weather spread to all game modes. Only some technical issues tarnish the party a bit, but they don't spoil the captivating immersion and the intense passion for the train that Train Sim World brings.
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