Paramount Pictures | Release Date: September 4, 1992
Summary: A conservative folk singer turns his hand to politics, running for the US Senate. He is not above dirty tricks and smear campaigns to gain an advantage over his opponent.
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Runtime: 102 min
Rating: Rated R for momentary language
Production: Working Title Films
Genres: Drama, Comedy
Countries: GB, US
Language: English
Home Release Date: Oct 17, 2000
Director Credit
Tim Robbins Director
Writer Credit
Tim Robbins Written By
Principal Cast Credit
Alan Rickman Lukas Hart III
Brian Murray Terry Manchester
Giancarlo Esposito Bugs Raplin
Gore Vidal Senator Brickley Paiste
Harry Lennix Franklin Dockett
John Ottavino Clark Anderson
Ray Wise Chet MacGregor
Rebecca Jenkins Delores Perrigrew
Robert Stanton Bart Macklerooney
Tim Robbins Bob Roberts
Cast Credit
David Strathairn Mack Laflin
James Spader Chuck Marlin
Kelly Willis Clarissa Flan
Merrilee Dale Polly Roberts
Tom Atkins Dr. Caleb Menck
Producer Credit
Allan F. Nicholls Associate Producer
Forrest Murray Producer
James Bigwood Associate Producer
Paul Webster Executive Producer
Ronna B. Wallace Executive Producer
Tim Bevan Executive Producer