Columbia Pictures | Release Date: August 4, 1999
Summary: After taking a wrong turn on a White House tour, teens Betsy Jobs (Dunst) and Arlene Lorenzo (Williams) stumble across a room packed full of presidential secrets. To find out exactly what the girls know, "Tricky Dick" Nixon (Hedaya) himself appoints them as official White House dog walkers. Suddenly and accidentally, the two girls are swept up in the political intrigue of the world's most famous break-in: Watergate. [Columbia Tristar]
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Runtime: 94 min
Rating: Rated PG-13 for sex-related humor, drug content and language
Production: Phoenix Pictures
Genres: Comedy
Countries: USA, France, Canada
Language: English
Home Release Date: Dec 14, 1999
Director Credit
Andrew Fleming Director
Writer Credit
Andrew Fleming Written By
Sheryl Longin Written By
Principal Cast Credit
Dan Hedaya President Richard M. Nixon
Kirsten Dunst Betsy Jobs
Michelle Williams Arlene Lorenzo
Cast Credit
Ana Gasteyer Rose Mary Woods
Bruce McCulloch Carl Bernstein
Dave Foley Bob Haldeman
Devon Gummersall Larry Jobs
G.D. Spradlin Ben Bradlee
Harry Shearer G. Gordon Liddy
Jim Breuer John Dean
Ryan Reynolds Chip
Saul Rubinek Henry Kissinger
Ted McGinley Roderick
Teri Garr Helen Lorenzo
Will Ferrell Bob Woodward
Producer Credit
David Coatsworth Executive Producer
Gale Anne Hurd Producer